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  • Theodrid's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 PM · 80 replies and 1070 views.
    No, what about pack hounds and mines? :P
  • Punished Mobius's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 PM · 22 replies and 421 views.
    Oh god forbid they betray us and do something else with their time. These traitors need to be punished! Take away their power play (ugh) pledges! That will show them...
  • JesusRocks1988's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 PM · 6 replies and 169 views.
    I wonder if Dale, as he has been around frequently these last few weeks, will have a look at the linked thread and will provide some kind of comment here? After all, he has not shied away from saying that legitimately good ideas are good in the past, and said he'd pass them along to the relevant team to have a look over. I think that thread, locked though it is, deserves some kind of FD acknowledgment. A lot of love clearly went into those concepts, and they are fantastic.
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 PM · 6 replies and 28 views.
    I wouldn't mind if they had a different set of ranks, based on threat level. But I'd rather not see a Harmless Thargoid. Lol Maybe just a few threat levels. Like Thargoid Scout Threat Level: High/Severe/Extreme. Each can be silently assigned to the top 3 combat ranks or something...?
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 PM · 6 replies and 28 views.
    And killing Thargies will reduce your alliance Rep*, since they are big buddies. * Maybe
  • Whitmann's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 PM · 59 replies and 2328 views.
    There are no guidelines as such. A conversation by PM is how I've recruited all contributors so far. :)
  • ZenBones's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 PM · 18 replies and 321 views.
    This is my thinking as well. Even though I already own the VR-Labs lenses, I'm probably going to order one of these as well. If no one has tried it with the VR-Covers faceplate, maybe I'll be the first to try?
  • CMDR-AD's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 PM · 6 replies and 169 views.
    Some good ideas in there.
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 9569 replies and 961781 views.
    Great episode. Never knew how old prof. A was. :)
  • Droidling's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM
    When I was trying to get my Elite Explorer I saw a post that claimed whatever type of rank the mission was rated for would be the type that it would increase. I noticed that I could make millions running passengers that required an explorer rank like Pathfinder, but it never seemed to effect my explorer rank. Making similar amounts of money selling cartographic data quickly got me to Elite. I'm still working on Combat, Trade, and Federal rank. The preferred method to grind Federal rank seems to be to run Boom Data missions. I would think this would be a form of trade, but it doesn't seem to effect my trade rank at all. I've been doing CGs. The actual cargo I sell and the bounties I turn in seem to apply to trade and combat respectively. When I go to turn in the CG missions I make 10 to 25 million credits, but I can't see any effect on my rank. How can I tell what will effect each of the different types of rank?
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  • Theodrid's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 205 replies and 11437 views.
    Let's face it, a PVP player/players or group entering a PVE group like Mobius to shoot players does not happen by accident. It is and has been a deliberate targeting of specific players, (be that individuals or simply because they are members of said group), with the sole intention of being disruptive and causing problems for others. In my book, doing this even once is borderline harassment and no lame excuses of fake roleplay, it was an accident or 'I/we didn't know' is ever going to convince me otherwise.
  • Cyberathlete's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 3 replies and 97 views.
    I'm having exactly the same issue, only here at Trophy Camp and only in Open play. Logged into a Private group and it works just fine.
  • Dutchman141's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    Mobius is providing a much wanted game mode for a considerable time by now, FD is aware of that no doubt. If FD had any interest in providing a pve only mode by themselves they would have done so already me thinks. No matter what you do, open will remain the pvp mode within ED, no karma system will change that unless the penalties become so harsh that certain groups of people will stop playing al together. And I don't think that's something FD would prefer.
  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    Before this thread inevitably ends up merging with Hotel California (which given the subject matter, I have no doubt it will), I'd like to remind everyone of a simple fact- Nature abhors a vacuum. This is how a "power vacuum" originates. The Mobius PvE group was an eventual response to the lack of a PvE mode for Open when Elite Dangerous was released. If Frontier Developments had included game mechanics that separated the two modes (PvP/PvE) then there would have been no need to introduce a private group that excluded PvP. The responsibility here does not lie with Mobius, nor the Mobius PvE group itself- it lies exactly where it originated... with Frontier's decision to release the game without a proper C&P/Karma or even basic PvP/PvE flagging mechanics to prevent abuse of players in Open. That said, until either PvE Open or PvP/PvE flagging mechanics are introduced, Private groups like Mobius are here to stay- might as well grab a straw and suck it up.
  • TiberiusMaximus's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 6 replies and 28 views.
    I don't think we have an official answer, but logically, yes. Destroying a thargoid ship will most likely contribute to combat and aegis rank, in my opinion. Although this is Frontier we're talking about.....
  • MichifuII's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 47 replies and 1398 views.
    Especialmente le tengo rabia a recomendaciones que hagan perderse buena parte de la experiencia de Elite: Dangerous a jugadores noveles. Tampoco trago con los que recomiendan directamente irse al exploit de moda a los nuevos a sacar pasta como pollos sin cabeza, pero bueno, cada uno es mayorcito y disfruta a su manera.
  • PeLucheuh's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    Well this is not the beginning anymore...
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    If by nice you mean ridiculous, both for the reason you pointed out and others, I agree.
  • Arkadi's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 22 replies and 421 views.
    It's a two-edged blade. * Unpledge all inactive: get complaints from those out exploring wanting to stay pledged for what ever reason. * Do nothing: get complaints from people getting theire ships destroyed in powerplay. Oh wait. This is nothing new. People could have theire ships handed to them wrecked by other players pre 1.4 anytime... so... well let's rephrase: face complaints of players who complain that theire ships gotten destroyed by other players AND the other player did NOT get a galaxy wide pilots federation bounty! Geee! Shock!!! I am getting sarcastic here ofc. --> maybe there would be no problem at all if FDev would manage it to get a ingame message to the players in question that would inform them of the rule-changes and leave the decission of consequnce to the players (that would be to unpldedger or not). In my opinion it is a total overreaction to simply unpldege all "inactive" powerplayers only becouse some newly implemented galaxy wide palyer killer bounty will not affect...
  • Shadowdancer's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    Oh man if only we had a thread for that. Oh wait, we do!
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    Moved to suggestions and updated the thread title to better reflect the subject matter.
  • Andovar's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 2 replies and 26 views.
    I'm always in support of more interactive scanning. Though in this case, given the current game mechanics, I'm not sure it would do much. Mission signal sources don't exist until they spawn, so you wouldn't be able to detect them until they spawned. At which time, they'd already be visible by normal means anyway. Not saying i don't like the idea. I do. But I think it would require a significant amount of dev time/effort to make things work as described.
  • Siobhan's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 24 replies and 260 views.
    There was something back in the beginning about "rare and meaningful pvp"... How this matches what we have now, I can't imagine.
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Today, 5:54 PM · 14 replies and 204 views.
    The struggle is real. I find keeping the roid above the nose of the Anaconda and even plowing the nose up into the roid to make sure the limpets don't go that way works pretty well, mostly. It's a nightmare when you don't see that second roid, and all your limpets plow into it.
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