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  • Gimi's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM · 191 replies and 5806 views.
    Yes I did. I don't know where/when he was on Discord or what he read, but there is a discussion going on Discord about this where the developer confirms that he has recived a spreadsheet from FDev. It could be a bluff, but I doubt it. As a guest on that particular Discord, I don't want to put an invite here, but there is an invite link on the Coriolis GIThub page.
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM · 53 replies and 1753 views.
    Wow, seriously? I mean, did FDev send them some numbers? If so, that's wonderful.
  • Wyldwiisel's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM · 7 replies and 123 views.
    Let them be used as Dumfires or allow dumbfires to be used for mining
  • Chrystoph's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM · 5 replies and 69 views.
    I suppose that would depend on whether or not we have sufficient nano-tech to produce technologically sophisticated goods directly from raw materials and blueprints. I would tend to think that would not be the case, though, because that level of capability would basically eliminate the need for non-luxury trade.
  • Flight Assist's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 6 replies and 75 views.
    thx man
  • Kubicide's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 54 replies and 1255 views.
    Is this for the 2.8% of players that use VR? :D Have to agree that they need to make sure the VR world is properly supported in the update unless they have decided to abandon support for this which, in that case, they should announce. But also note that those of us using wide screen displays >16:9 aspect ratio still have problems with the galaxy map view and cursor position scaling. It's been broken for, what, ever? Or at least 2 years...
  • Cloud Breaker's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 244 replies and 4686 views.
    You can play the entire game first person if you choose. I use first person when I'm playing poker and hunting with a rifle. In first person if you press down arrow while aiming you aim down the iron sights of the weapon, really adds to the weight of the moment when your trying to make that crucial shot on a 3 star animal that you've been tracking through the woods on foot ( I use free aim on foot and lock targeting on horseback with the weakest auto aim setting). I prefer the third person close default camera because it helps make me feel like its Arthur Morgans world and I just live in it.
  • ExoForce's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 26 replies and 736 views.
    This news kinda reminds me on "Docking is difficult" Elite book. Famous artist and weird fans. Edit: google says
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 12:04 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    From not being interested in the new mining changes, over the beta i've kept exploring and after that many sessions last it really hit home that for out of bubble exploration, the majority of minutes spent in game has gone from in your ship to the FSS now. While there are metrics related advantages, the core experience is literally a different game. I've tried every way possible to fit my new play style. Basically changing it from what i was doing to what frontier has not explicitly but by implication designed, breaking it up, adding in flight. Achieved a reasonable amount of success with it but at the same time i can't shake a huge sinking feeling. If you don't make a real effort to adapt the fss to your playstyle and just use it as available, its excruciating. If you regress from your roleplay usage back into just using it its excruciating. The 360 degree surface area makes the new gameplay dumb in many fss scenarios. The replacement of your ship with blue during the initial "feedback" phase of the...
  • Пепелац и Гравиц's Avatar
    Today, 12:04 AM · 413 replies and 12918 views.
    ох, осталось дождаться Игру Мечты. Я б купил ещё раз.
  • Wyldwiisel's Avatar
    Today, 12:04 AM · 6 replies and 108 views.
    You can priotise devices so that when you plug in a headset that becomes the default device and when you unplug it it then reverts back to whatever device you had before
  • Jack Schitt's Avatar
    Today, 12:03 AM · 31 replies and 418 views.
    They've never used those exact words, but it's implicit in this to some degree which clearly suggests consoles and maybe mouse/KB users: As I said elsewhere, I think the answer for mining might be tools that only fire when you have a relevant target selected. So the seismic charges will only fire if you're targeting a fissure, the abrasion cannon will only fire if you're targeting a surface deposit, the drill missiles will only fire if you're targeting a subsurface seam, and the mining laser will only fire if you're targeting anything else (or nothing). If FD did that, we could put all four devices on the same trigger in a single fire group without needing to cycle them.
  • jasonbirder's Avatar
    Today, 12:03 AM · 34 replies and 673 views.
    Because we should lift the limit...get Huge Gauss/Plasma Chargers/Remote Release Flak...and make combat vs Thargoids be as boring and uninspiring as combat vs ordinary NPCs...Turning Interceptor Hunting into the new Scout Hunting (oh...just wracked up 100 kills best go and reload i'm running low on synthesis mats) is DEFINITELY the way to drive the Thargoid narrative...
  • Mephane's Avatar
    Today, 12:02 AM · 111 replies and 5805 views.
    Don't forget that a squadron can only have 500 members. If you have more people, you need to divide them across multiple separate squadrons.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 12:01 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I would really like to see galaxy map links on the faction page for squadrons, so you can look up your supported factions over their systems and then click on the system and jump to the galaxy map, much like you can do with missions and the codex.
  • EliotXII's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM · 70 replies and 2316 views.
    I put both with the same configuration, and I did not think it was worth it besides the cost besides the excessive, if it were to take a damage so I would get an Anaconda, I am really sad that it will probably be another useless ship that hardly anyone will use playing in the trash a disigner who is really beautiful and she fixes the problem of the cabin of the Fer-De-Lance!
  • Kubicide's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM · 51 replies and 1180 views.
    Yep, totally agree. And also agree! It seems as though there's three or four little things that make such a big difference. The "big changes" being hyped - to me - make things worse. Also like that finally the scanner is part of the ship. Folks say FDev listens but, really, this scanner change has been almost 4 years of waiting - we asked for this in beta. Oh, and a 'lights on' indicator too also asked for back in beta.
  • Miko's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM · 67 replies and 1409 views.
    Yes, let's charge for everything. Does 1000 Frontier points sound cheap enough for FD to change the name of a Planet using Wordpad?
  • Mephane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:59 PM · 31 replies and 465 views.
    Why don't we then lose a rank? I am so tired of these arguments that seek some kind of "compromise" as if negotiating with FD. The answer to all of this is very simple. Your NPC crew should survive together with you, period. No strings attached. No rescue-your-crew minigame. No "NPC rebuy cost". No NPC level loss. You survive and don't lose ranks, and the explanation is that you got an escape pod and are rescued etc. There is no reason why your crew would not sit in the same escape pod or another one.
  • Chrystoph's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:59 PM · 12 replies and 114 views.
    Trying to decide whether to laugh or take this seriously... 1 MCr = 1,000,000 Cr
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