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  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 AM · 15 replies and 187 views.
    Nope, unnecessary fix to a non existent problem. Which would also render Nav beacons redundant.
  • CMDR Redcrest's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 AM · 15 replies and 187 views.
    My understanding of how things will work - which could turn out to be wrong - is that all signal sources including the ones for the new interactions and high grades for material gathering will require the scanner. So if nearly all play styles require one fit it like they did with the thing you use for scanning mega ships. Done. As I say though this might turn out not to be necessary from further evidence in beta.
  • askavir's Avatar
    Today, 9:59 AM · 604 replies and 13468 views.
    Well that's the thing, for others, finding a system topology is neither the fun part nor the most interesting, the fun and the most interesting part is what comes next. Or should be anyway, as I thought this would be the part which was going to be developed upon in beyond, not just adding a fog of war minigame before exploring the system starts.
  • K M Butler's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 19 replies and 370 views.
    Thank you, Brett C for the consideration.
  • RymdLazer's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 10 replies and 310 views.
    I love Elite! Headphones on and into the black (with lazers).
  • KW001's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 49 replies and 2286 views.
    Incorrect. Pirate massacre missions are what you're looking for (also Engage & Destroy, new mission type that seems to have popped up during my break from ED. These missions will direct you to locations looking for mission objective USS where target pirates can be found. Ignore the USS and head to the HAZ), targeting the Ant Hill Mob in Maia. They can be generally collected from Alcazars Hope/ Reeds Rest in Merope, Stargazer in Pleione, Malthus Terminal in HR-W D1-41, and Agricola's Ascent in DL-Y D65. Massacre mission availability is dependant on minor faction/system/BGS states. So last week when I was doing these, just about every faction at each of those stations had numerous pirate massacre missions available. You stack the missions by accepting 1 from every different faction that offers them. This week, it seems only Agricolas Ascent has a worthwhile amount of missions on offer every time I visit. It changes week to week, but Ive been doing these missions down here in Maia for 8 months. There...
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 AM · 73 replies and 2147 views.
    The vast majority of orbits in ED have low eccentricity, less than 0.01. You wouldn't notice them not being circles, it doesn't mean the orrery can't represent elliptical orbits. Of course we can't know for sure until we can test it, but I wouldn't worry it about it as it's a trivial matter for Frontier to do. Frontier brought in SC because jumping from poi to poi would be a shameful waste of the universe they have created. An orrery view is clearly a lot more convenient than relying on supercruise: it's much faster and easier to manipulate, and you're not limited by the awful visibility out of the cockpit of most ship.
  • Darkfyre99's Avatar
    Today, 9:54 AM · 604 replies and 13468 views.
    Exactly. The current system reveals the most interesting part of learning about a new system right away: its topology. You don't actually get to go through the process of discovering it, the fun part has already been done for you! All that remains is deciding whether or not its worth flying up to a planet, throttle down, and wait passively for the detailed surface scanner (glares darkly at the current iteration) to complete its job. You don't even need to be in visual range to do it, but I've always felt its a waste not to at least do a close orbit of any world that's peaked my interest.
  • Yata_PL's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 AM · 5 replies and 109 views.
    I like idea of 1000~10000 limit of reusable probes (5 up to 10 times uses) and then syntesis posiblity with easy to find material like carbon or iron should not be a problem. I would like to see how probes coming back to our ship in VR I don't like idea of magical probes which are visualy great but weight is 0 and are unlimited. Even small caliber ammo need to be synthesized. Creating probes &material finding would deepen our exploration lore .The current probes decision looks like a devs shortcut. For thouse who says infinity probes are great I say yeah, but why miners have to worry about limpets ? and Frontier said that mining outside of the buble will more profitable. I do not like inconsistency and arcade game style.
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 AM · 73 replies and 2069 views.
    I thought you didn't watch it? Mocking doesn't bother me.
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 750 replies and 22207 views.
    Zeeman replied to a thread Q4 Exploration Reveal in Exploration
    I bought shares in your local bottle shop. I'm RICH!!! Z...
  • FrogsFriend's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 AM · 15 replies and 187 views.
    So you're proposing we remove one optional slot from all ships and replace it with a core-internal slot for a Discovery Scanner? And of course increasing ship/insurance costs to account for the DS that comes pre-installed. .... or perhaps you were just thinking of it as affectively adding a free extra optional slot to all currently owned player ships, and getting a free DS installed in any that didn't have one already :p But seriously, as far as I can tell from the info available so far, you'll still be able to fly around and come across USS as usual, using the DS to find them all without moving around the system is just an added bonus. Otherwise, not having a DS while flying around in general gameplay will be a little better than it is now. You'll still be able to see the stations by default with the added bonus of seeing all the planets too. Currently you need to use a DS or to scan the Nav Beacon to reveal the planets, but as all the Bubble Systems have been previously scanned, everyone will get...
  • CMDR Esmart's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 1029 replies and 49843 views.
    - Думается, в будущем трассеры для мультиков обязательны, иначе фиксами было бы невозможно пользоваться. Есть же в арсенале зажигалки? - Торпедам/ракетам еще нужно разогнаться, в момент выстрела по начальной скорости они проигрывают кинетике. Хотя при отсутствии атмосферы и тяготения разница должна быть незначительная. - Силовое поле всегда было козырем фантастов, очень выручало по сюжетам, этакая волшебная палочка. И оно могло служить или простой оградой от диких животных или защищать "Непобедимый" от лазеров и пучков антипротонов. Так что тут фронтиры в своем праве ) тем паче они подкрепляют это технически - бививы/призмы/бустеры сильно завязаны на возможности силовой корабля. - Звук как имитация - допустим. Просто в игре он сделан настолько круто, что невольно сравниваешь его с звездновоинскими пиу-пиу ) Кстати, ни у кого нет wav-ок или готовых рингтонов? Я бы еще добавил противоперегрузочные ложементы, в которые трасформируются кресла пилотов во время боя. Автоматически, при активации оружия. А...
  • Dommarraa's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 2 replies and 44 views.
    If you really want to stick with in game tools, go to Extraction systems, check out the rings using a detailed surface scanner if the data is not already visible
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 1 replies and 107 views.
    Make ED great again ! ;)
  • Komemiute's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 AM · 6955 replies and 367825 views.
    Speaking of which... How's SC wikipage?
  • biohazard15's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 AM · 4513 replies and 397111 views.
    Факт. Что это именно - баг или задумка - неизвестно. Впрочем, это неважно - тем фитам, где чит-ребут эффективен и является неотъемлемым их элементом, гвардианские бустеры малополезны. Ну напихаю я их взамен ХРП и МРП - а смысл, если это даст мне ну условно 7.7 ГДж вместо 6.6? Это всего лишь несколько оттянет момент, когда нужно передернуть рубильник.
  • Wyldwiisel's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 AM · 83 replies and 2624 views.
    Three of nine a legend among pirates
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 AM · 19 replies and 370 views.
    It's 3.30am. This very thing happened...
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 AM · 29 replies and 782 views.
    Maintain the competence until the liberation of Q4. ;)
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