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  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 AM · 2048 replies and 95687 views.
    1) No idea who cyanide is or why its special he is playing SC again. Some sort of miracle? 2) You love his content, great! But why did you have to write that you'll be in chat there? You don't want to get called a shill, its really important not to write like a shill. You're basically setting yourself up as some sort of spokesperson for CIG. "Come into chat, ill be there, and we can talk positive things about the game!" 3) He's mainly doing trading recently? How many hours have you been sat watching the guy already doing trading to know this? You want others to come and watch some guy doing in trading in SC? I mean... trading? Fly to A, buying something. Putting in ship. Flying to B. Selling something. And considering travel times in SC, you think this is going to get people interested in the game or something? Trading, in any game, is probably the most boring activity to watch. In SC with its long QT times, you might as well watch paint dry.
  • Goooost's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 AM · 13 replies and 175 views.
    I heard something about how anything they develop for that game is property of universal studios
  • Ahernar's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 AM · 21 replies and 273 views.
    I passed this milestone recently and i was playing on and off since closed beta . Until last summer i was playing in open , avoiding money honeypots and i was never killed doing trade runs then after getting killed twice in a row , on first run at a comunity goal and first run at a specific engineer in a quick succesion i realised that open had turn to be just not desirable anymore . Old habits die slow so i'm still making money my own way , not the latest fotm . LE - i remember beeing killed near our sun when i was having a trading ASP-X but that was a fair fight , one on one , same type of ship , his was PVP , mine trading stuff , as fair that ELITE would ever allow . Now i value more the engineering materials and my precious modded modules /ships than mere money .
  • through the hole backwards's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 AM · 132 replies and 2658 views.
    Perhaps a new ranking set, Moaning, linked to forum activity ?
  • kostyarico's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 77 replies and 4847 views.
    kostyarico replied to a thread [Distant Worlds II Event] Geology and Organics Department in Distant Worlds II
    Questions in principle are common. Executives, please answer
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 21 replies and 273 views.
    Need anything more be said?
  • kostyarico's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 AM · 77 replies and 4847 views.
    kostyarico replied to a thread [Distant Worlds II Event] Geology and Organics Department in Distant Worlds II
    I got to Blu Thua GI-B b55-2 (Cycladia). Data on geology are accumulating. Where to report on them, in which table / form to fill out? Well, there were a lot of questions about the mechanics of research. In short, I will tell my technology. It seems to be getting used slowly. But I would like to improve it or even change it. So. From the way point I try not to fly directly to the next point, but fly 500ly down or up. Then pave the route to the next point. Since I play in a vr-helmet, I do not change the route. This is not very convenient in VR. The EDMarketConnector, EDDiscovery and Captaine Log programs have been launched, in which I keep a manual record of all geological finds. I usually visit no more than two geological signals on the planet. I choose chaotically (the bright side of the planet is more convenient). Arriving at the geological point, scan the find. Without taking off the vr, I record it on a handheld voice recorder: 1) planet number 2) coordinates
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 AM · 2 replies and 62 views.
    It's been a very long time since I've sat down to run a tabletop campaign of any sort. I generally try to stay away from running any of my own characters, as I have plenty of NPC's, both semi-permanent and transient to occupy my time. I also have a particular means of incorporating my players' characters, in the form of "kits", meaning I know that the story in question will ultimately require certain skills and abilities to progress through, and I offer these to my players, as an option. If a particular story requires the skills and abilities of an investigator, I will offer an "Investigator Kit" to whomever wants that particular role. These kits include a few "free" abilities, contacts, equipment, or the like suitable for that role. As for managing the nearly inevitable player power creep - this is where I tend to rely on plain old GM cunning. If the players are meeting the challenges before them too easily, it's a simple enough matter for me to shift those challenges towards their weaknesses instead. If...
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 AM · 26 replies and 871 views.
    I didn't realize you didn't say "it's actually quite easy," In reply to a post about how difficult it is to acquire G5 data, or indeed any particular engineering materials, without endlessly derping around on the Internet looking up solutions.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:29 AM · 2048 replies and 95687 views.
    1) You see how dated that actually looks already? Actually, it looked dated back them. 2) We saw an awesome looking demo/trailer in 2012 as well, that was made by Crytek. It didn't mean CIG had some sort of amazing build already in the pipeline. 3) Someone at CIG even went on record saying how much time and effort went into preparing those demos for major events. The Morrow Tour video was specially development for marketing purposes and in no way can anyone be certain how much that really reflected what they had working or how much effort was required to set everything up to make this video just for that single run through of "gameplay".
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 6:27 AM · 13 replies and 175 views.
    No I haven't played it. Isn't that essentially just tile sets though? Having a creative tool and letting a human guide that tool to create a result is the opposite of procedural generation. I guess if they developed a system to use/modify those tools to create realistic and varied landscapes automatically, that would be something, but at that point the tech to apply the tools would be more impressive, and a bigger project, than the tools themselves.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:24 AM · 2048 replies and 95687 views.
    You seem to be avoiding the point. Let's try again. For years CIG was saying SQ42 is just around the corner. For years they were saying it just needs some polish, just a little bit more, its almost ready, but don't worry, its looking great. By the way, here is another concept sale. Oh, sorry, its going to be just a little bit longer. Then they give us a 1 hour long video of SQ42 "gameplay" (after years of saying there would be no such videos because "spoilers"), which in my opinion was pretty bland and could have simply been pushed together from the materials they had and not even really show off the real state of the game. But that's by the by. It was used to hype the game and they probably made more money off that, giving players hope that developing is going somewhere, despite being years late. Then almost a years worth of silence on the topic, until finally the "roadmap" is released, which, if to be believed, shows that either they scrapped almost everything or never had it in the first place.
  • flamenkosh's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I just spent 3 HOURS in multicrew exploration trying to get my friend some beginning credits. I turn them in and he gets nothing, zilch, nada. Is there something that I did wrong? why didn't he get any of my profit (39 million)? Thank you for any kind of help.
  • Plankton1975's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 AM · 72 replies and 6226 views.
    Still Tier 9, almost at 10, 1,334,371t contributed when I made my last delivery about 15 mins ago.
  • mossfoot's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 AM · 281 replies and 4356 views.
    Now you're just jibbering. The difference between the dedicated combat ships and anything else is so great that it is for all practical purposes insurmountable. And you're saying that's the way it should be? You've reduced the nature of Elite too "if you're not loaded 100% for combat, run." Do you just want targets that can't fight back? My position has always been about balance and that the imbalance is weight so much in favor of the dedicated ships that it makes no sense to get in a fight with one unless you are also in one. It goes far beyond pilot skill for all but the 1%ers out there who live and breath PvP. But for the vast majority, that imbalance stands out so much that it sucks out the fun out any possible confrontation. Unless, of course, you're on the delivering end of it. Everyone else is left with the options of run or die. Ideally, the balance should be that a dedicated multipurpose ship stands a chance. Not even odds, of course. Nothing like that. (though a dedicated cargo, mining,...
  • jpjeffrey's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    (NB I posted this in the Newcomers Forum; hoping someone here can provide a few answers) Exploring for Codex Geological Discoveries - Gas, Liquid and Freezing points 1. When searching for 'water-based' discoveries - it is relatively easy to identify target planets; the Freezing, liquid and Gas points of water are commonly known Freezinig = less than 0 degrees C Liquid = between 0 degrees and 100 degrees C Gas = more than 100 degrees C In the System screen, the surface temperature is given in Kelvin, so just subtracting 273 from the surface temperature does a rough and ready conversion to Celsius.
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