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  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 AM · 20 replies and 335 views.
    The radar .... it appears to be ... jammed!
  • WesULVD's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 AM · 31 replies and 1069 views.
    Yes, we're on a roll here! That's a brilliant idea! Right, does anyone live near Cambridge? Print off this thread, run over and go and bash on their doors to get this in! :)
  • Rambojambo's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 AM · 20 replies and 335 views.
    Are you sure about this? In the release note i see nothing about finding aliens and doing weather forecasts with them. It says they're used for surface scanning and points of interest.....
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 8:52 AM · 12 replies and 252 views.
    Don't forget the humble T-6 and T-7s. Excellent cockpit view, nippy in SC and actually look like space ships. edit: great minds :D
  • Rollo's Avatar
    Today, 8:51 AM · 2801 replies and 333707 views.
    At last! :) Edit, when do you update Marx? Would I have time to get back to bubble-space in a few days? Say before the end of October?
  • osser's Avatar
    Today, 8:51 AM · 833 replies and 24205 views.
    osser replied to a thread Q4 Exploration Reveal in Exploration
    exactly my point. FD have never been on a long range exploration trip from the looks of this mini golf game, we're gonna have to do this thousands of times... I have spent a modest amount of hours in this game (nearly 8,000) {allitnil would you care to share your hours? hehe} my 1st trip was 18 months. This trip will be measured in years I'm 1 month away from year 1 we'll see what it looks like in beta. I like some of what I saw. I did. but not all. I'm worried.
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 8:50 AM · 12 replies and 252 views.
    Use a T7! Amazing supercruise agility, wonderful lakon cockpit, third-most optionals. If you want to know more, dial 777-LAKON :D
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 8:50 AM · 14 replies and 123 views.
    It isn't. The DC takes a size 1 slot, the SRVs start at size 2. So the OP could as well put the DC in one of the size 1 slots of the Sidey (no idea what's in them by default, my guess would be the basic scanner and a small cargo rack) and keep the SRV.
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    Today, 8:49 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    The new exploration mechanics would perfectly fit also on smartphones and the exploration game could also advertise the full game. Elite Dangerous: Exploration Division Context You're an explorer and your task is to reach Sagittarius A*. Setup You have a 2D galaxy map, reduced in stars of course compared to ED, this is a smartphone arcade game. All systems are unexplored, no BGS, no powerplay, just exploration. You can't fly the ship, you just play the exploration mini-games. You can see your ship during the jump animation: it's an Asp-X.
  • Zak Gordon's Avatar
    Today, 8:48 AM · 346 replies and 17075 views.
    The science (98% of it) tells us yes, very, very specifically yes. Human CO2 production from burning/using fossil fuels is 100% the issue here. Where have you been to not know this? It's as clear as the light of day. That might be flawed to the extent you made that sentence up, as it was not what the article was talking about, or what i'd mentioned in relation to the subject? The world has a historical marker we can track based on levels of CO2 in the atmosphere (what the article went into great scientific detail on btw). No where in that record (going back billions of years) does it show that 'natural' CO2 production (let's call it CO2 output from living organisms) is a threat to the general 'balance' that the worlds natural systems (flora and the oceans mostly) can adapt to. The whole central issue around AGW (man made global warming) is that what we have been seeing in relation to CO2 levels since the industrial revolution (most specifically much more recently than that) is that we are way...
  • Just Oleg's Avatar
    Today, 8:48 AM · 2818 replies and 110172 views.
    Да, в меню модулей будет написано отдача 104%. не фонтан, но очень удобно, не нужно инженерить. Довольно сносные показатели
  • Rollo's Avatar
    Today, 8:48 AM · 833 replies and 24205 views.
    Rollo replied to a thread Q4 Exploration Reveal in Exploration
    Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Sigh… Drink! Drink! Drink! etc...
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 810 replies and 14562 views.
    Mad Mike replied to a thread ∞ probes? in Dangerous Discussion
    Give that man a....... Probe ;) This is spot on. I wonder how many saying now don't complain until after beta actually complained when FD announced 200 probes and craftable a few months back. I know those who want finite are in the minority and maybe infinite is the way to go for this for the good of the majority) but I too believe there is a lot of dishonesty going on. Put it this way IF in beta FD gave finite a go, how many of those saying "just wait till beta" would suddenly rage
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 31 replies and 981 views.
    Only if you fit a >4D FSD - otherwise it doesn't matter :D
  • Shiro Akai's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 12 replies and 252 views.
    Hard to give facts where there are almost none. We must wait for more official info from FDEVs, DBX is awesome explorer tho it may require some tradeoffs. Asp is better DBX in my eye, allows more flexibility. But since you're not keen of that ship - rule out. Anaconda is next logical step but it's large ship so again - rule out. One may think there's nothing viable between Asp and Anaconda - later I'll show you something. As for Krait - awesome ship. Bought one at release, made it my main ship. Period. You should get it back.
  • NewkTV's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 9 replies and 319 views.
    NewkTV replied to a thread [IC] The Unknown Transmission in Lore & Roleplay
    We have confirmed with Canonn that this is not their creation. We are in the process of confirming with Sagittarius Eye. I'm not sure if this is solely OP's original creation.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 8:46 AM · 8 replies and 205 views.
    Yeah, I've been dreaming of those as well. In the best case scenario, geological procedural generated POIs could entertain me for quite some time. So those are very high on the wishlist. Plus, I'd like to see the rarity of shipwrecks and the return of escape pods being more of an event. After all, you're saving someone's life who was lost in space for Zeus knows how long. Might have another Buck Rodgers on our hands.
  • WesULVD's Avatar
    Today, 8:46 AM · 6 replies and 83 views.
    Now that's interesting. I am that high up at the moment. Will try that. Thanks!
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 8:45 AM · 149 replies and 4051 views.
    I agree. Leave the Conda and Cutter alone. Buff the Corvette and T10.
  • MiiC's Avatar
    Today, 8:44 AM · 1938 replies and 109618 views.
    MiiC replied to a thread Star Citizen in Otros Temas
    Cierto que será un gran añadido pero obviamente no me voy a conformar solo con eso en cuanto a espacio jugable. Igual que me enfado con lo que pasa en ED me enfado con lo que pasa en SC, ganas tengo de ver este parche en el live y poder decir si realmente es un placebo por estar en el PTU o no. Mucha gente no descargar ambas versiones y eso hace que el de pruebas tenga un rendimiento mejor, esta semana con suerte sabremos si es así o no :D
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