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  • Hans v. Volldampf's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 PM · 801 replies and 29660 views.
    It is relatively easy to build a PvE combat worthy Krait. You should have G5 dirty/drag drives, a decent shield with balanced resistances, maybe some SCBs (stock will do fine) and weapons that do not eat too much energy. It flies best with 4 pips to ENG. Add a charge enhanced distributor for perma boost ability, and you're good to go :cool: Hull/module reinforcements are optional as long as you don't let the shields drop. It can be made quite tanky if you stuff it with reinforcements, but gets a little bit heavy then. Once you go to town with combat, feel free to ask myself or the A.R.C. for any training, escorted RES practice or whatever assistance you may need ;)
  • Marklar4408's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    Right, that's what I meant by a soft cap.
  • Amargosa's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 PM · 8 replies and 109 views.
    If it was real, all kinds of projectile weapons would be banned.
  • Vedmo's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 PM · 5 replies and 74 views.
    The only exploration motivation that's ever worked for me has been seeing something in space and trying to get to it. I won't say how long I chased that little ringed pinkish blob in the distance before finding out it is Andromeda...
  • Cervantes01's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 PM · 9 replies and 188 views.
    I've seen photos of orcas under water visiting high tech aquatic cities.
  • TopCat160's Avatar
    Today, 11:29 PM · 161 replies and 4226 views.
    As one with a comparatively low skill level in combat, I very much agree with this.
  • EternalSorrow's Avatar
    Today, 11:29 PM · 880 replies and 17774 views.
    Для ухода лучше призма, для копки бивив. В копке ядер хватает возможностей получить урон, особенно на такой барже. Иногда, кстати, кучу фантомного урона получаешь и щит почти в ноль. P.S. Вытесняющие ракеты - мусор.
  • Deejayeff145's Avatar
    Today, 11:29 PM · 161 replies and 4226 views.
    I remember first looking at combat advice and this was that starting small was key. Nav beacons in High/ medium systems were the place to go and even then, only target Sidewinders, Eagles, Adders and Haulers. Once these become easy, start looking in High res and only engage if the system authorities are already firing. From there you can get more independent once you're comfortable. Once you're able to solo a Python, you know you've made it. I'd imagine that an Anaconda is a horrible ship to learn to play the game in.
  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    I only know of a stacking penalty leading to diminishing returns.
  • MK_Regular's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 PM · 1 replies and 52 views.
    MK_Regular replied to a thread Imperial Short Range Fighter [CQC] Do SLFs have official hull mass? in Ships
    As far as I know, there is no "official" mass for any of the SLFs or the SRV. That said, I suspect that the SRV is about 2-3 tons, while the SLFs have a mass of less than 2 tons (probably closer to 1 ton each).
  • Marklar4408's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    Isn't there a soft cap at 50%, or did I read something wrong a long time ago?
  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 11:26 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    I'd probably go with two thermal resist, one resistance amplified and three heavy duty. Add thermo block experimental to the shields and boosters after taste and the heavy duty get super capacitors. Someone else should be able to min-max it better, but from my experience what I proposed is at least solid.
  • Muskoka's Avatar
    Today, 11:26 PM · 82 replies and 3130 views.
    Ya, I thought that was the whole point of the hard mode? I may not want to stay with it, but would like to try it out. Just to see what it's like, sounds like fun. When I target something in the Nav panel, and align myself using the compass, I'm still seeing the circle with the name and distance. I'm assuming that's what I shouldn't be seeing with hard mods enabled?
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 11:25 PM · 161 replies and 4226 views.
    The only thing missing from the OP where the immortal words: "And I didn't have enough credits for a rebuy" - that would have been the icing on the proverbial cake. So kudos to the OP for at least having the rebuys covered, most threads like this don't even have that covered :D
  • 60mm's Avatar
    Today, 11:24 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    Soft caps? I am unaware, do tell!
  • cmdrrdmc's Avatar
    Today, 11:23 PM · 82 replies and 3130 views.
    Wait you WANT to get rid of the targeting circle? Disabling 74a61bc54382d4d9 will do that. It also affects nebulae visibility unfortunately. Combined with disabling 4db942934cad0b29 it also makes the cockpit window completely clean so that's one upside.
  • kilvenny's Avatar
    Today, 11:22 PM · 22 replies and 235 views.
    None of the above. I dreamed of being a space pilot in my childhood. Elite Dangerous was what I imagined when I was playing Elite in the eighties what being space pilot might be.
  • D3rv1sh's Avatar
    Today, 11:20 PM · 22 replies and 235 views.
    7 Which I sincerely hope will be soon, since Frontier prefers to boast about their grown to a 100 man Elite Dangerous team instead of actually using that 100 man strong team and making this game great. Which it can be, since it has much potential.. but yeah... Despite my attitude towards Frontier I'm one of those (idiots) that supported them through and through. But seeing the rate at which this game 'improves' makes me think twice of supporting them any longer.
  • Branithar's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 PM · 13 replies and 1423 views.
    The chances of someone coming across you when you’re mining is virtually impossible, unless it’s a well trodden system, and you mine directly in the middle of the hotspot. If you submit to an interdiction, you’ll have a lot of trouble outrunning a commander with a PvP ship, regardless of what you’re flying (even if you do outrun them, you’ll probably need some repairs). The real game is being smart in supercruise.
  • S~P's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    Anaconda with 6 boosters and reinforced shields (currently 3 upgrades).
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