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  • _Flin_'s Avatar
    09/08/2018, 2:06 PM · 359 replies and 11547 views.
    For half a year now, leading BGS player groups* have brainstormed, discussed, disputed and agreed on a way to have the BGS players voice be added to the development process. This document has already been made available to Frontier Development. This is a joint effort and where we disagreed we have made it clear to state both sides of the view. I will quote the executive summary and have a link ready to the full document at the bottom. Things we want to see in ED : Pledging to factions Colonization Diplomacy system for squadrons
  • shustas's Avatar
    11/08/2018, 10:51 PM · 216 replies and 6883 views.
    Jesus, I login, get my anaconda size 4 prismatics reinforced hi cap shields, route to robigo, see 14 loading screens, arrive, setup for pass missions, because thats the only thing pays good... out of breath... not that I need credits but whatever and... I log off. I go play DE free game, spend about 10£ play for the rest of the day. Because that game is fun. Thanks for reading. I just cant bring myself to do... this game. Thanks. Bye
  • Metal Angel's Avatar
    13/08/2018, 6:04 AM · 198 replies and 4134 views.
    I got interdicted today on Xbox in Sol by an Elite CMDR. This was my first experience getting interdicted by a real human and I kind of panicked a little. He probably wasnít even a griefer, after all, I am pledged to AD and Iím in Sol. I didnít catch what he was in as I was too busy panicking, but by the blip movements on my radar it seemed like it was probably fast. What I did notice right away is that he had target lock breaker, which meant my turrets were not going to work at all. I had recently downgraded my Anacondaís defenses for more cargo space as I am grinding ranks for a Corvette, so I wasnít even that well fitted for PVE, much less PVP. On top of target lock breaker, something was causing my thrusters to malfunction. Not sure which special effect this is, but my shields were still up so it was working through my shields. He wasnít taking my shields down fast, but with malfunctioning thrusters and no target lock against a faster ship, I could quickly see that I was a rock, and he was paper. It...
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    10/08/2018, 2:22 AM · 183 replies and 3344 views.
    It's not the sand. The sand is just the building blocks. It's the toys, and friends to play with. Frontier built the building blocks but forgot the toys. Sure, you can argue that they did add some toys. But a broken shovel and a leaking bucket is no fun in a sandbox. Especially the friends you're supposed to play with kick sand in your face, destroy your creations (whatever you can create with a broken shovel and a leaking bucket), then finally kick you out of the sandbox to take it for their own. So, what do you think? Did Frontier forget the toys?
  • Gabbatek's Avatar
    10/08/2018, 9:16 AM · 165 replies and 3935 views.
    Welcome one and all, today we join together for our mutual hate of this tedious and life wasting grind. Tell us your harrowing tales of how much of your precious life you wasted flying around looking for that mysterious high grade only to be spammed with degraded and distress signals. I wonder who thought up the idea 'hey let's make it so the player flies around deep space for hours it will be amazing'
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    09/08/2018, 10:12 PM · 135 replies and 3650 views.
    OK folks, I'm waiting for the overnight sleeper train to Edinburgh, I'm insanely drunk, I'm bored, I've played for over 3yrs and there's nothing I don't know about Elite Damgerous (apart from the stuff I don't know abkut Elote Dangeeous) ... ask me utterly anything you fancy and I will answer in the next hour
  • Kietrax's Avatar
    09/08/2018, 12:28 AM · 109 replies and 4715 views.
    Summary System: Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 Station: Donar's Oak (Ocellus Starport, large pads available, 1,257 Ls from main star, 357.20 Ly from Sol) Objective: Deliver Occupied Escape Pods and Damaged Escape Pods Time limit: 16th August 3304 @ 15:00 UTC Description After sustained Thargoid attacks on civilian targets in the Pleiades Nebula, system authorities have launched a rescue operation to locate and recover survivors.
  • Noctover's Avatar
    10/08/2018, 1:14 AM · 113 replies and 2659 views.
    What the actual.... Literally just come back from a 6 month break in the game and i've spent the best part of 3 hours trying to figure out what Frontier were smoking when they created THIS C&P system clear my bounty. So, i did a mission, a perfectly legal "our equipment is damage please scan this post on a lifeless rock in the middle of nowhere quest". Lets gloss over the fact i received a bounty for doing a job for someone in the first place. I got a bounty for doing the scan, figured id clear it but hey, no large landing pads in the system so went back to hand the mission in, figured id do it later like usual, BOY WAS I WRONG! So at this point; i have a bounty, which is apparently attached to my ship not me, i cannot land in the system because well, no large pads, and every system with an IF i have been too has; you guessed it! NO LARGE PADS!
  • Johnny Cyclops's Avatar
    11/08/2018, 7:21 AM · 86 replies and 3204 views.
    I was just interdicted by another CMDR, first time in a long time, and effectively 'inst-deathed' and I simply don't know how or why. I was in a Python, the other CMDR in an Alliance Chieftain. I did what I usually do (mostly with NPCs) and surrendered to the interdiction, figuring I'd boost-boost-boost-high-wake. First I try to boost and get a message like "Engines capped at reduced thrust". That's weird. How, inside of two seconds of interdiction are my engines damaged? I've got fast cool down on the FSD, so as soon as it's available I turn it on for SC (as I have no other system locked), and the FSD is 2/3rds through charging and I get an "FSD offline" meesage. Total time now around eight-nine seconds. Ok, now I think I have to fight, so open hardpoints and start to come around, and get a "weapons malfunction" - not just one, but all five - beam lasers and multi-cannon.
  • M00ka's Avatar
    13/08/2018, 5:37 AM · 100 replies and 1650 views.
    Space Legs, ah the two dreaded words of the forum. Well we haven't had a good SL post for a few days so I decided to 'guess' what I think FD will eventually delivery, at least in the first iteration. So here goes :D Your ship: Finally, all those complaining of deep vein thrombosis can finally stand and even do a highland jig around their cockpit. Not that there will be a lot to do, but I am sure the forums will be full of wonderful selfies of Commanders standing next to everything. Apart from that, I would expect a Commander's room, with a bed, toilet/shower (hey got to be realistic here). Additionally I would like to see a display cabinet (more on that later), and a wardrobe with your uniforms for Federation and Empire showing your rank. But that is about it for furniture. Next you would see the exit door, this would have to be a standard double door airlock to make sense. About the only other thing I might see is a hatch to enter the SRV bay, naturally can only be operated if you have one...
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    08/08/2018, 12:16 PM · 84 replies and 1547 views.
    When it comes to Engineers, I think that FDEV missed the mark with the actual implementation vs lore. They missed the mark quite a bit in fact. Engineers were supposed to be these "mysterious strangers" living on their own in hidden bases, where only few have access to and they were supposed to exchange their services for "favours". The way it's implemented is... well, everybody knows where they are and all you need to do to get their attention is to bring them bazzilion tonnes of Kamitra Cigars or some other stuff like that. There is nothing "mysterious" about them, there are no "favours" to do (apart from a one-off initial request) and they are not particularly "hidden" from the public, not to mention the fact that some time ago they officially joined the galaxy-wide "discount" initiative... Now - let's talk about "personal narrative". FDEV called that the gathering of materials for gadgets from Tech Brokers. The only "personal" part here is that the player can choose which gadget they want to...
  • anumist's Avatar
    09/08/2018, 10:02 PM · 67 replies and 2233 views.
    for those who know, mister braben used to make progress diaries of elite dangerous in videos where he talked about the game in progress... i kinda miss those, that would be cool if sir braben could do progress videos again, where he would talk of future of ED , what to come , what to expect, etc what do you think ?
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    09/08/2018, 5:45 AM · 72 replies and 1824 views.
    For me personally I've drifted away from ED and there's really one core reason for that. A sense of ownership. The whole idea of a inch deep, a million miles wide has been espoused for years, really ever since ED was released. Frankly it didn't bother me, I was getting the game I always wanted. More, I got a massive amount more than what I wanted. I was after FE2 but pretty. Man did Frontier deliver... OVER deliver. It's stunning visually and aurally. It has a whole raft of things that I never expected and from the original scope of my imagination they blew that out of the water. Unfortunately when you over deliver you start to feed the imagination and lets be honest, at the age of 40 I'm no longer that teenager playing on my old 386 doing the same milk run repeatedly and engaging in protracted jousting sessions all whilst listening to whichever CD happened to be in the stereo at the time (usually something like Leftfield or Soundgarden or something inbetween). I don't have that innate ability to fill...
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:14 AM · 71 replies and 1521 views.
    Okay, way too much doom and gloom on the first page, time for a light hearted post I think :D Being an avid forumite plus still actively playing the game for way more hours than I probably should be, I have come to a realisation that after 1,600 odd game hours there are still significant aspects of the game I have never touched - I have never mined an asteroid: Yep, this core activity is probably the one I will never do, just doesn't interest me in the slightest. Hat's off to those who enjoy it, just not my cup of tea. I have never killed another Commander: But by god I have killed a lot of those nasty and naughty NPCs. Even though I avoided Open for a while, I have started playing in the big kids playground for the last couple of weeks. Don't know what I will do if I find myself in conflict with another Commander, meh probably end up in a cloud of cosmic dust then the rebuy screen. But yes, as it currently stands, I have not killed a fellow player. I have never used a limpet: Probably...
  • Phisto Sobanii's Avatar
    11/08/2018, 4:59 PM · 98 replies and 1344 views.
    Since that infamous attack on Mobius and my own experience since joining Loren's Legion I've been thinking a lot about competition in Elite and how it relates to the Modes. Of course, I'm known now as an 'Opener' and have attempted to promote playing in that mode as much as possible. Probably said some things I wouldn't now, but hey, that's the price of evolving your position ain't it? So here's the thing. The game is what the game is. It's Frontier's baby and they're gonna do what they see fit. We can say what we like of course and things will go from there. I get that. All good. When it comes to me as a player though I just can't get all that worked up about what Mode people choose to play in. You do you, pick what's appropriate to the experience you want, and have some fun. That said. Do I think Open provides the superior Elite experience and the chance to tell stories you just can't in Solo and Private Group? Yes.
  • Cmdr Delmonte's Avatar
    13/08/2018, 3:09 PM · 83 replies and 2005 views.
    Attention all explorers The Gnosis is planning a jump through a permit locked area of space to reach the "CONE Sector" This is a relativity pristine area of space, and the Gnosis will be on station for 4 weeks ONLY . YOU MUST be aboard and docked within the Gnosis to make the jump. and you MUST be aboard to get out of the Zone! . This is a rare opportunity to scan and bag new Systems and Planets. Once the Gnosis exits the permit locked system, she will be heading towards "The Rift" for an extended deep space voyage
  • wesmacdon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:31 AM · 78 replies and 1341 views.
    Have there been ant clues on how the fleet carrier will work? I'm keen that my small player faction gets one so if it's going to cost several billion credits we should probably start saving up for one now.....
  • CMDR Kyle Donovan's Avatar
    09/08/2018, 7:23 AM · 62 replies and 1939 views.
    Three major points: 1: Risk vs Reward. Example: Cargo missions pay significantly higher. "Hey, want to make 8 million credits? Haul 120 tons of platinum 14 light years and 1500 light seconds. Oh, you have a wing? How about thirty million credits for this 'mining' mission where you can just buy in bulk." "Want to make 2 million credits? Go kill this pirate. He might send buddies after you. Oh, you have a wing? It used to be three and a half mil but you won't mind. Go kill three, four, or five engineered ships." How is it that the more risky venture pays so much less? 2: Why did Darnielle's Progress get nerfed? I've heard tell that it was because FDev thought it was too easy for big groups to fix bombed stations. Well... it's still just as easy to get UAs, and small groups just get to take it up the thermal exhaust port. Stopping UA bombers is like trying to catch soup with a pitchfork. So the obvious solution was ... take away the tools to fix the damage you can't stop in the first...
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    11/08/2018, 8:49 AM · 64 replies and 1520 views.
    Is it me? Or does anyone feel this is what we get after each update? Update 3.whatever should be coming in the near future but I've stopped getting excited for it. Why? We keep seeing the same silly bugs, the same grinding gameplay, the same rng biowaste, etc. Everybody has spoken out about this malaise in ED but FD doesn't seem to listen. Bugs, bug, bugs; ED has so many bugs that I stopped asking for them to be fixed anymore. And most are simple bugs. One example is closing the role panel on the crew tab. When you open the role panel again it shows ships but the active tab is still the roll tab. how difficult is it to set the default tab to the ship tab every time you open the roll tab? Do you know how long this bug has been around and has never been fixed? The grind is real, people. FD seems to think that grinding is valid gameplay. It's not. It's busy work and it drives people nuts. If an engineer needs parts to unlock a blueprint or engineer a part then those blueprints should be...
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    11/08/2018, 8:27 PM · 70 replies and 1251 views.
    Something I was thinking about while bolting various random bits of ship-kit to another Krait.... If ED introduces planetary landings, presumably there's be some variety of aerodynamic performance throughout the range of ships. You might get, perhaps, T9s being a bit sluggish and unwieldy during atmo' flight whereas something like an FdL will be far more agile. You can currently improve almost every aspect of your ship, first by fitting new or improved modules and then by engineering. I just wonder whether the same might be true of devices to improve atmo' flight, and how they might be incorporated. I mean, we already have ship-kits which would appear to be capable of creating ships with massively different aerodynamic characteristics but they're purely cosmetic.
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