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  • Jayridium's Avatar
    18/06/2018, 8:42 PM · 273 replies and 9052 views.
    Watch this video from Kornelius Breidon, he sounds exasperated, I know there has been zero inclination as to what 3.2 & 3.3 will bring to the game, but words cannot describe how much following Kornelius' suggestions about fulfilling interactive and persistent NPC's as per Design Decision Forum would add to the game and its galaxy. While we are at it can we let SJA give her minions teeth, make them proper scary? The link to Kornelius video:
  • Jakester13's Avatar
    15/06/2018, 8:47 AM · 272 replies and 8346 views.
    Can't find any mention of this elsewhere, but if it's a double posting, then I do apologise. :D Anyway, here's the link to the article, a quite lengthy read, and very interesting, too! o7
  • rp198419's Avatar
    17/06/2018, 5:32 PM · 223 replies and 7364 views.
    Let me say at the outset, I do not own JPE. I have however been following the forum, mainly because I see no reason to currently play ED in its present state. I am astonished by the similarity of the negative posts in JWE forum (allowing for the different context) and that of ED. I was actually going to buy JWE (even though there is no VR) but I think I'll give it a miss. Is the dissatisfaction demonstrated in the JWE forum evidence of the fact that FD are only capable of using the same 'Skinner Box' design of ED in JWE, or indeed any other game they may produce? If so, that does not bode well for the future of ED, imo of course.
  • Hooplah's Avatar
    15/06/2018, 3:26 AM · 198 replies and 9337 views.
    Greetings, Elite Dangerous 2? Hmm...Let's speculate. 1. A solo offline mode. We don't need billions of systems. 2. The ability to save multiple Commanders. 3. Huge and complex 10 hour hard coded missions with celebrity voice actors (I love Ricky Gervais but maybe too adult). 4. Leave and return to hard coded missions back to where you left off. 5. Amazing cut scenes. Get those people making ED promotional trailers (having little to do with the actual game) to make them amazing. 6. Server/Client software so users can run their own MMO version.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    15/06/2018, 10:58 AM · 123 replies and 5383 views.
    I was buoyed up by the first video snippets of what we might expect in Q4 - it's all looking quite promising. However there was no mention of premium content coming, and as best I know there has been none since Zac assured us early in the year in October 2017 that there is to be premium (aka paid-for) content this year. So I was wondering, given we're basically half way through the year now, if we could get an update on what premium content is coming. At the very least can you tell us broadly when we might expect to hear some details? Or, if there is to be none, just come out and say it.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 142 replies and 3480 views.
    See here Also very good comment how it does not impact their design decision regarding PP Open only. Also cool your jets, it might not even come in Beyond.
  • Barry Clark's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:13 PM · 105 replies and 2259 views.
    Hello Commanders! Please remember this thread is for feedback directed at developers, not other posters. Please post suggestions for improvements with this feature here. We are not likely to respond directly to posts in this thread, but that doesn’t make it any less useful – we will definitely be reading it! As per usual, we certainly can’t promise to action any suggestions and we’re mainly interested in ideas that work with the feature rather than against it, in general, the more ideas we get, the better we can make the game. Again, this is also the place where you can add your voice of support for the feature, with qualifiers if necessary.
  • john willi's Avatar
    17/06/2018, 3:35 PM · 123 replies and 3686 views.
    I read more and more posts about communication on these forums, those about your clients being unhappy about the length and breadth of your communications. Yes you may have been stung a few times over about over boldened ideas and unachievable ideas, but it's no reason to stop communicating all together! We all know your standard disclaimer these days of no promises, though there is some ground between communicating the fantastic and not being bold enough to communicate at all. Talk to us dudes, we will not en-mass reject you for this. However not discussing any future of the game here on the forum is creating some bad feeling.
  • Heater's Avatar
    17/06/2018, 3:07 PM · 129 replies and 3475 views.
    With all the discussions going on about the modes of play, it would be interesting to see the actual numbers of people playing in which mode. I think it may add some merit to both sides of the fence if FD would just publish the numbers. How about it FD???
  • Maro-Val's Avatar
    15/06/2018, 1:58 PM · 98 replies and 4191 views.
    Now that some time has passed, i can see that the Salome event was one of the best happenings in Elite Dangerous. It was for all, it was open only, it had preperations to be done long before the day of the event, teams and discord channels were formed, people were preparing ships for the day, there were speculations and discussions.. The day of the event was magnificent as some magic was done to the servers and me and two of my friends boarded on the same ship, we were following Salome's path while at the same time we were getting real time info from others (discord, live streams). At every jump the scanner was full of commanders in each system as we made way towards Salome's destination. And then we heard that she was dead. Then there was the moments were no one knew if it was true, everyone was asking what happened, it was sweet madness!! We did however made it to the right system and learned about how the story progressed. Salome was at that point dead for sure. No one was talking much. The news of...
  • Yamiks's Avatar
    19/06/2018, 6:20 PM · 84 replies and 3242 views.
    Here's a question for you all: In elite - what would you say is the most important ting to DO or DO NOT!? (name maybe 3 examples if you got more things to mention!)
  • A D's Avatar
    16/06/2018, 1:42 AM · 125 replies and 2287 views.
    Just wanted to make the point. The argument for keeping PP in solo seems to boil down to one point which has been repeated in many different ways - FD should not remove PP from solo because it is taking something (insert the something) away from players. PP in open only is NOT taking anything away from players. It is just making PP accessible in an environment where it can work as intended. Be honest with yourself and others before having a shot at me. If you want PP in solo because of the perks (modules, credits, gameplay, etc) without player interaction (P v P) then maybe PP isn't for you and it is not really a good reason to keep PP in solo. If you realise that PP involves player interaction and want to play it, then choosing open wont worry you in the least.
  • StephanieABT's Avatar
    17/06/2018, 1:28 PM · 126 replies and 2458 views.
    I know this is not strictly applicable to the PS4 only but since I play on the Ps4 Im posting here. Please for the love all things holy make the docking computer able to also undock. I had over a billion credits but now down to 24 million simply because of my Beluga rebuy costs. It is nigh impossible to get one of these things out of a space station slot without getting it stuck! I have been playing since day one of release and been trying this since soon after...After a year I admit to giving up on this ship without a docking computer that also undocks. After all it does take one whole slot as well. Thank you for your consideration to this request.
  • raptor236's Avatar
    20/06/2018, 4:53 PM · 118 replies and 2731 views.
    So i was a massive fan of JPOG and still played up to this year. When i first learned abou JPE i was mega excited and having played it now for 25 hours, and having 5 starred all the islands apart from Isla Sorna (Which i have not yet started) i wanted to give my thoughts on the game as it is right now...and im guessing a lot of this has already been talked about but its my first post so whatever...I do want to start by making it clear that i think this is a good game that COULD become a great game if they make some major changes and patches. Initial Thoughts on the Dino List So we start very positive. I like the variation in dinosaur species massvily. I was pleased to see some lesser known animals here like Polacanthus (Being a brit i like seeing our unique dinosaurs here) and Nodosaurus. I liked that the old cast where here (Although stegosaurus looks awful. The tail needs to be higher up and straighter like oddly is present on the other stegosaurs). The addition of some famus creatures like...
  • Crimson Kaim's Avatar
    18/06/2018, 3:05 PM · 83 replies and 2311 views.
    Straight forward, I am kinda interested in what players want in Elite: Dangerous. Do you want a new ship? Do you want to battle a Thargoid? Or maybe just a huge pile of credits? Do you want to become good in combat and/or PvP? Do you want to fully engineer a ship/fleet? Do you want to get all the ranks to Elite and Admiral/Knight? maybe discover distant, unseen stars and planets so you can put your name on it? And the next but most important question: Do you feel you are progressing towards that? How do you get there or what keeps you from getting there? Aiming towards the discovery of a general problem (or multiple) here (if they exist) so guides and advice will be more helpful for a greater audience.
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    18/06/2018, 3:00 PM · 94 replies and 3459 views.
    So today is the day the mining focused feedback should've launched (actually they said approximately, which could mean anything from today to next month...). We could just wait until they post it, but where is the fun in that?!
  • wesmacdon's Avatar
    18/06/2018, 7:57 AM · 79 replies and 3458 views.
    So my notoriety was at 6 from skimmer missions. I want to do the cg so plan (as advised by others in this forum) was to just leave my ship flying slowly in the middle of nowhere overnight to get notoriety down. Check this morning and ship has been destroyed resulting in a 7m rebuy. Killed by what?? I was in the middle of nowhere!!!
  • Threeofseven's Avatar
    17/06/2018, 9:33 AM · 83 replies and 1507 views.
    I was under the impression that the majority of players preferred multiplayer games, but I saw a poll where something like 60% of respondents said they prefer single player. I was quite shocked by that. To me single player is extremely boring and shallow. There are a lot of good space games out there, but most are single player and therefore I have no interest in them. No man's sky is one example but I hear they are adding more multiplayer activities, and even PVP, so I will probably give it a second look. It appears that I am in the minority, but is there anyone else here that just cannot force themselves to play, even a good, game if it's single player only?
  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    Today, 8:00 AM · 20 replies and 10650 views.
    Hold onto your butts! The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur update is here! This update introduces three new dig sites, a cast of new dinosaurs which you can bring to your island, new InGen database entries and a number of fixes and improvements to the base game. Guests will be pouring onto your island to see two brand new herbivores, the feisty Stygimoloch, and the horn-adorned Sinoceratops. Each will have their own comfort requirements, so get those enclosures ready! And, if you feel like you’re an expert in crisis management, you’ll also see the arrival of three new carnivores, the terrific and terrifying Baryonyx, Carnotaurus and Allosaurus. Don’t put them too close to your guests though. They bite, chew and swallow whole.
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