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  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 AM · 71 replies and 1740 views.
    Currently a honk in a system which others have explored (i.e. no first discovered) still nets you your own discovery pay out. I don't think this has changed.
  • Batterby76's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 AM · 7 replies and 81 views.
    I usually prefer to have the disc. I maybe a bit old skool but i still like it when i have a physical copy with all the maps and qr codes. Hope its all going well there uni 👍
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 AM · 32 replies and 995 views.
    Integrated fuel scoops should indeed be a thing. I'd actually prefer something else though... Grade 2 Exploration package - has a ADS and DSS in one size 2 module. Grade 3 Exploration package - ADS, DSS, 3A Fuel Scoop in one size 3 module. Grade 4 Exploratoin package - ADS, DSS, 4A Fuel Scoop, 4A AFMU in one size 4 module. Grade 5 Exploration package - ADS, DSS, 5A Fuel Scoop, 5G SRV bay in one size 5 module Grade 6 Exploratoin package - ADS, DSS, 6A Fuel Scoop, 5G SRV bay, 4A AFMU in one size 6 module Grade 7 Exploration package - ADS, DSS, 7A Fuel Scoop, 2G SRV bay, 4A AFMU, 5D fighter hangar in one size 7 module.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 AM · 86 replies and 2751 views.
    Yeah, I was going to add this ... to clarify, you program a macro to do something like: right panel, next group, next group, down, down, down, select ... it would be a pain if that sequence wasn't always the same and I'm sure FD took this into consideration.
  • taotoo's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 AM · 18 replies and 331 views.
    If only...
  • Misty_Dark's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 AM · 37 replies and 807 views.
    How much would you expect to make from these extra tasks? would there be a limit to how many ships you could set out on tasks? You already talk about % that fails..... and rebuys costs (insurance), so now players need a huge fleet of "cheap" ships, to manage.... This is suggestion that favours all those who have it all, and cans spend ALOT of time doing this "passive" would this benefit the average player that has limited playtime? As those players who are still struggling to get to their first Python/Krait would not have much spare cash to spend on cheap cargo ships to begin with.... so you would need to grind to create your fleet in the first place.... unless you already have over a billion in spare cash and owns every single ship in the game.... then what is a couple of cheap ships send out for easy money.... so those players would just sit there and gobble up even more money...
  • dreampage's Avatar
    Today, 9:23 AM · 71 replies and 1740 views.
    dreampage replied to a thread after stream discussion in Xbox One
    When you arrive in a system that has already been explored, all the bodies will be revealed, I assume even without the "honk". So how does honking net you money anymore? Everything's there, it would not change anything. I think the "honk will pay as much as before" only applies to completely unexplored systems. But we all know that while traveling, most systems have been explored by someone. Due to the way the route plotter works (and most ships have similar jump ranges) it's most possible to jump into already explored systems. Also, now that exploration will be mutual (whenever someone sells data anywhere, on any platform, your map will be filled with it) the update will radically reduce the number of unexplored systems. I watched the video and know what Adam said but I still don't understand how honking an already explored system would net any money. The only systems to give money should be completely uncharted systems if I'm right. And yes I know it's still 99.8% of the galaxy but we all know traditional...
  • Rambojambo's Avatar
    Today, 9:22 AM · 22 replies and 419 views.
    Still seems like stuff we could find with more sophisticated means (and still radar) than trying to aim and lob a prob around a planet. Tbh mate, it's tenuous to suggest the probes are for alien lifeforms and weather patterns and then use brain trees as the example. The probes are for stationary poi. We can find that stuff remotely now (we were mapping features on the sea bed with radar 50 years ago). Whether there are infinite or limited numbers of probes seems superfluous to me in terms of realism given the entire system is daft.
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 9:22 AM · 18 replies and 331 views.
    I'll send you a postcard when I'm there again. Perhaps I'll take some screenshots while overtaking you in three or four weeks :D
  • krautbernd's Avatar
    Today, 9:22 AM · 5 replies and 100 views.
    @QA I'd ask you pass this along to whoever is responsible for reviewing game mechanics. As clunky and time consuming as the "new" depot mechanic is (it works just fine for dedicated wing missions), it should not be this broken.
  • Dragon Darko's Avatar
    Today, 9:22 AM · 1473 replies and 196753 views.
    Im calling it on a new mining dedicated ship as the new mining update is huge.
  • Basyan's Avatar
    Today, 9:21 AM · 4517 replies and 397860 views.
    Что-то я совсем не понял, что случилось... Нырнул то ли в "distress call", то ли в "weapon fire detected" уровня, кажись, 4. Там баттлшип "зелёный", то бишь союзный, (как потом оказалось их было два) и куча всякой шелупони (сайдики, вайперы, кобры). Стал пинать тех, кто в розыске. Отпинав всех, оказалось отлетел от шипа. Подлетаю. Тут и оказалось, что шипа два: один союзный, другой якобы враг. И они, вися рядышком, лениво перепуливаются. Стал "вражескому" колупать турели. Когда те кончились перешёл к пушкам. Следом очередь дошла до "heat relay". С уничтожением последней "релюшки" вражина сквозанул куда-то... :S:S:S
  • Spaceman Si's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 AM · 469 replies and 9355 views.
    Having never fired anything other than my trusty mining laser at a few rocks for a bit of fun, I've not noticed weapon marks yet! Not something I intend to encounter in the Asp though, she isn't built for it :)
  • Conte_Vincero's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 AM · 507 replies and 83803 views.
    I'll be around tonight if you want some fun?
  • Painbeaver's Avatar
    Today, 9:18 AM · 98 replies and 9557 views.
    Угу, абсолютно верно. Молния тоже абсолютным уроном долбит. А на вики не советую ничего кроме картинок смотреть, там по Таргойдам инфу заполняют зачастую люди, которые их в живую то ни разу не видели, не то что тестили что-то там. По рою работают только флаки. Флечеты, дробовики и прочая муть, которая "чисто логически должна их сбивать" не влияет на них вообще никак.
  • n34257's Avatar
    Today, 9:15 AM · 18 replies and 331 views.
    Y'all worry too much. I'm on my way to Colonia in a Vulture...
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 3 replies and 10 views.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 469 replies and 9355 views.
    It's a shame that the weapon marks don't stay, as well. It would be great to have a combat ship full of bulletholes and laser burns. :)
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 59 replies and 3529 views.
    Judgin by their site, I'd venture FD are better at PHP than they are at html. At least I would hope so. :P
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