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  • Valethar's Avatar
    Today, 7:19 AM · 58 replies and 2148 views.
    Old pic of Kira on her 'bed', hanging out watching me goof off on the computer. Decided to grab the webcam and snap a pic, since I was fairly sure she wouldn't wait around for me to get the 35mm. :D
  • Calcilis's Avatar
    Today, 7:19 AM · 48 replies and 5604 views.
    Its a marker......
  • TatankaPrime's Avatar
    Today, 7:18 AM · 111 replies and 12315 views.
    Might sound like an odd question, but with all this tonnage we're delivering, wouldn't the amount of tonage at 8/8 be far beyond the displacement of a single Wells class carrier? Why build one when you can build two at twice the price!
  • Miklos Atreides's Avatar
    Today, 7:17 AM · 40 replies and 816 views.
    Yes, I believe most of us are willing to pay a certain amount to a station to buy or rent a storage box. (If time bound, fee is claimed on docking) Only binding the storage to your home will get complicated the day you decide to switch home. Once you declare you have swithced home the old one jettons you stored valuables?. Nice idea, eh? Did it move by magical transfer? Things are to be coded and tested. Too much effort, I think. Keep it simple if you can. Buy or rent a piece of storage at a station. I won't bother too much if FD sets up a fee for stored ship also. I am fine with. It simply is reasonable because stations need to make some money from something. Regards, Miklos
  • Roqinn's Avatar
    Today, 7:17 AM · 890 replies and 25535 views.
    Is it fair to kill innocents in Open? Yes, it is. Now this is coming from a person that plays in Open and does not PvP very often (only did it for access to an Engineer.) I think it is fair because that is the way FD wanted it to be. It is allowed and meant to happen. Just like it is your option to play in Solo to get away from people that want to kill you. I take it as a necessary evil. I do not like being killed as it is a waste of my creds and time, but like I said, it is allowed.
  • hunvagy's Avatar
    Today, 7:17 AM · 4 replies and 139 views.
    Well according to the Gamescom directory, they do have a stand: I was kinda hoping for a bit of info before their own Expo,but oh well.
  • zZCannonFoddaZz's Avatar
    Today, 7:16 AM · 41 replies and 775 views.
    the 3 mission limit is on all formats. You can take as many missions as you can from one board but if you take 3 or more then flip game modes no more missions of the same type will spawn. That's for the scan and massacre missions at least.
  • raeat's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 AM · 4 replies and 1189 views.
    raeat replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.02] Tick Error in ownership of HIP 17819 in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Well, after an extended conversation with CMDR Tronador in customer service, it is now clear that FDev absolutely refuses to re-examine this matter and is determined to deny us the victory and the system, despite that we covered the spread. Despite months, the devs *refuse* to communicate with the customer service personel and hence to me. No surprise really. The fix has always been in for ALD, from fixing Power Play to remove turmoil (at least twice) when ALD players over-reached in the beginning, to fixing the BGS in favour of "Superpowers," to denying players victories they've earned and the implications thereof. Must be nice to be an ALD player - never facing any risk of loss. That would sour the game for me, knowing there is no possible way to fail, but player integrities vary. Fine. Since we will never be able to flip the trigger (Fdev will step in every time to protect ALD), I think I will install an anarchy in the control system and declare open season of ALD supply ships - which I can maintain...
  • Andy BitOff's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 AM · 7192 replies and 595733 views.
    А что его когда-то убирали?
  • Doktor Molotov's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 AM · 4 replies and 65 views.
    Yeah, what is it with that? Half the time when I'm chilling in the station and then I see the turrets extend and shoot something behind me and then all I see is some debris floating past.
  • zZCannonFoddaZz's Avatar
    Today, 7:13 AM · 41 replies and 775 views.
    it is true! Once you have accepted 3 missions of the same type no more will spawn if you flip the board. If you get lucky with loads in one spawn you can take them all. The thing to do is if you get less than 8 missions only take the two highest paid and keep flipping the board until you get 8+ then take the rest.
  • wenkman's Avatar
    Today, 7:12 AM · 244 replies and 37900 views.
    i mean maybe it is was in game. but they also include a new way to gain access to ships? maybe not the old way: ship is listed in many ports and always in founder-world but marked as inaccessible because of conditions. maybe: ship is accessible in only one port and never in founders-world that port can be in a permission system or in a system way out of the bubble, maybe this eagle station
  • Susanna's Avatar
    Today, 7:11 AM · 15 replies and 697 views.
    I'd call that healthy ED cynicism... You know, like when you are hyped to expect an amazing experience and what you get in reality is a bugged bit of software running on flaky servers, that is a collection of placeholder mechanics and mini-games, thrown together and called a Game. After 3 years or so they might throw in a few QoL improvements and after 5 years they may get around to actually putting in something better than just placeholder game mechanics... like a 'proper' game...
  • CMDR S. Russell's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 AM · 164 replies and 2863 views.
    Fair argument; hadn't thought that. Apologies for the sarcasm.
  • Zach Drachenherz's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 AM · 1 replies and 22 views.
    I experienced the same. I had it more when I launched the game via steam, and only very randomly when I use the FDev launcher directly. Made me only use the FDev launcher and not running steam at all. SteamVR is launched automatically when I start the game from the FDev launcher. And I have actually no clue what is causing this. And yes, it is very jarring indeed.
  • C4R1TON's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 AM · 5 replies and 78 views.
    From a business perspective, you want a game that can be enjoyed by many different playing styles. Maybe the name might be misleading to those hard core players , but to those who aren't interested in the PVP aspect or choose to boost away from an interdiction rather than fight, it might be enough. And we still have a new playstyle being introduced into the game that may appeal to what your looking for but then again they explained a player can choose to be involved in Thargoid activity or not....trying to appeal to the masses.
  • Mithos09's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 AM · 30 replies and 2729 views.
    I wrote ls, not ly. I don't want to supercruise for more than 5k ls to a mission destination, that's just boring.
  • Tom Melegaris's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 AM · 10 replies and 144 views.
    its a good idea. wonders if a voice attack macro would be good too... *ninjaed by arry... :p
  • smiths121's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 AM · 3158 replies and 304194 views.
    Interesting podcast from 22/8. I think Psychocow needs to remember that BGS is for everyone and not just for player groups. Changing the mechanics to be player group focus is not a change I would like to see in the game, and I have been BGS'ing on and off for a couple of years now, all this "declaration to other player groups" is just too large group focussed for my taste of game. Of course, that is an opinion, and FD can do whatever they wish with their IP, it might be that guilds are the future, I doubt it though. Simon
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