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  • Goose4291's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 PM · 90 replies and 1632 views.
    I imagine it’s not too bad. D-Pad for helm and manoeuvring orders. One analogue stick for left right And up down, the other for zoom. I’ve not played for a few weeks now, the UK event tired me out for a bit.
  • Thepirateorc's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 PM · 4 replies and 148 views.
    Thepirateorc replied to a thread Calling him out in Xbox One
    well that explains it, hope you get better bud
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 PM · 16 replies and 176 views.
    Magazine publishers.
  • MQC's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 PM · 2103 replies and 116155 views.
    MQC replied to a thread Star Citizen in Otros Temas
    Por el momento, en Loreville se puede sobrevolar casi todo el escenario, con ciertas limitaciones y a cierta altura, ya que de lo contrario salta el mensaje de que estas en una zona no permitida. Aterrizar, por el momento, solo en la zona habilitada para ello con los hangares. Para cuando esté terminada la 3.3.5 se supone que habrán más zonas donde aterrizar y con escenarios a los que se podrá acceder, enlatados, como es lógico. Eso ya lo dejarón meridianamente claro en su momento cuando hicieron el video de presentación de Hurston (corrigiendo rapidamente a Chris Roberts que, como siempre, ya había metido la pata hypenado a la peña de la conferencia diciendo que se iba a poder aterrizar en cualquier parte). Yo, sinceramente, quitando el agua que me ha parecido simplemente "normal" (pero sabiendo que CIG tiene alto interes en crear mecánicas submarinas y que siempre hace continuas mejoras sobre los gráficos, no dudo que más tarde o más temprano quedará asombrosa) el resto del planeta, y la ciudad de...
    Today, 5:50 PM · 24 replies and 783 views.
    The size of the Mamba needs to be reduced by at least 50% for the size of its modules to make any sense. I doubt this will happen, but I can hope. Frontier has already said it will be less hot in the next beta release. The Mamba is not a replacement for anything. I doubt I will fly it much. It seams quite useless as it is now!
  • Cloud Breaker's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 PM · 8222 replies and 446323 views.
    Modern EA and Chris Roberts *Shudders*. Thank god that duo parted ways, gamers couldn't afford that combination.
  • LeinhartKUF's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Hola compañeros, viendo que aquí hay bastantes profesionales del combate, necesito ayuda, consejos... Quiero preparar una Clipper para combate, que sea capaz de aguantar con todos los piratas y que únicamente cambiando las armas, me pueda enfrentar sin problema a los Exploradores Thargoide (Interceptores ni de broma). Cómo no sé si es posible, os pido ayuda sobre qué equipar, como ingenierizar etc. Si no es posible, pues me hago dos naves, aunque preferiría que no. Mi experiencia en combate es baja, básicamente es mi Correo vs Vipers y Cobras inofensivas o como mucho, novatos (PVE todo), más arriba de eso suelo ir con alguien y con la Cúter. Gracias.
  • Comandante's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM · 28 replies and 444 views.
    Just don't ever grind. Try not to care about becoming ---- ELITE ----. Play and enjoy the game. If you can afford it, get VR - I bought an Oculus Rift at the start of September and I've gone up +32% in my Dangerous rank. It's amazing - like being in a movie - highly recommended!
  • Tyres O'Flaherty's Avatar
    Today, 5:46 PM · 868 replies and 15848 views.
    Hope that gunk isn't acidic like that other well-known xenomorph.
  • Han Zulu's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 PM · 30 replies and 784 views.
    We know, but we don't want to be reminded of it. Just like you need the suspension of disbelief for a movie. You want to be involved and engaged in the story and not having the actors suddenly look at you, breaking the fourth wall, and tell you, "by the way, viewers, this is a movie, just so you know." Sometimes its used to create an effect, but if the movie isn't that kind of movie, you don't want it. It'll ruin it. Elite is a game you get moved into, into its own world and existence, where you become one with the stories you make. If it was just a game, there's no need for the elaborate real life lookalike graphics and mimicking physics and whatnot. People's emotions are engaged in Elite because of the attempted realism, and anything that breaks that is a sore thumb every time they see it.
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 PM · 65 replies and 3599 views.
    Mengy replied to a thread So... Raxxla Found? in Exploration
    Good luck with all that you do! :)
  • Toastclaimer's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    As a VR player a way to just select responses would be a godsend. Theres no real way to type effectively with the headset on and i always feel bad that i cant really reply to hails from commanders and such
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 PM · 9 replies and 418 views.
    Aw dude, that's harsh, thanks for doing my learning for me. :D
  • Rubbernuke's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 PM · 29 replies and 437 views.
    Rubbernuke replied to a thread [LORE] Lore questions. :) in Lore & Roleplay
    I always thought Exo controls exploration info to guide and monitor what commanders are seeing and where they go. LYR seeded the galaxy with monitoring probes, and offers twice the going rate so indeed data most likely would go through him. The Pilots Fed lock out specific places, so its possible Exo is one of them but I'm not convinced. Also, LYRs family has been involved with Sirius for over 800 years, and with the use of clones being stated its not a stretch to imagine Li being one as well. Plus, in Premonition, Exo's replies seemed eerily similar to Lis way of thinking.
  • npcole's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence Always Frequency 1 VR?
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 PM · 17 replies and 176 views.
    Then I suspect my humble 1080p needs will be beyond met! :D
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 PM · 46 replies and 617 views.
    Only update the history tab after you've jumped.
  • Toastclaimer's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 PM · 46 replies and 617 views.
    I like this idea but i could see issues arising. What about pirates who just want to attack NPCs and not annoy or fight players? Theyre kinda screwed with somthing like this. It could also be a serious problem for things such as PvE groups or just players who want to be friendly; how are they supposed to know when to hold fire. Furthermore you wouldnt know when your with another player so communication between players would be dead, youd think its just another player. There's just too many issues to make this ever really work
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 PM · 46 replies and 617 views.
    Even if it just slows down the GGMH's it would be worth it.
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