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  • Bashy81's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM · 610 replies and 16480 views.
    Come again? theyve already said the server usage of the carriers mean not everyone can have one. The fairest way to give most people access to the content is to restrict it to open. Otherwise, one player in solo can ultimately deny dozens of players from using that same content in open. Why should you get a discount if you choose to not use some of the game, why should anyone else pay more because they do? I dont 'do' exploration. This means im restricted to the bubble pretty much. I get access to the 100'000 systems in the bubble. The rest of the milky way is locked behind an 'exploration gate', so I dont have access to it. Thats 100 billion stars. I only get 1/10000th of the systems that someone willing to explore gets, so that is how much I should have to pay. Ill settle for 0.35p. Tell me how to get my 34.9865 refund fdev. I demand the exact amount or nothing at all, but will see you in court at Nuremburg. (I accept Tears of Sandro at an exchange rate of 0.001p. They better not be...
  • MickyG1982's Avatar
    Today, 8:03 AM · 2 replies and 68 views.
    MickyG1982 replied to a thread [PC - 1.3.3] I can't play this game. in PC Bug Reports
    And, of course ensure your PC is actually capable of running the game Minimum requirements: OS: Windows 7 64-bit. CPU: Intel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz or AMD FX-4300 3.8 GHz. RAM: 8 GB System Memory. GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory. GPU: GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB or Radeon HD 7850 2GB. HDD: 8GB Available Hard Drive Space.
  • ChaseBears's Avatar
    Today, 8:03 AM · 43 replies and 653 views.
    there's nothing wrong with less efficiency at the high end. That's a very normal balancing mechanism for better stuff. Higher payouts, but much more financial risk, so don't up.
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 8:03 AM · 44 replies and 711 views.
    And again, that's pond water and a piece of old shoe leather; it's not tea and a bacon sandwich.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Today, 8:02 AM · 44 replies and 847 views.
    I'll definitely be flying The Nomad at this one, but I'm with Bruski here - as a regular Asp-X racer who switched to the DBX for the first time ever for Close Encounters - the DBX super-cruise manoeuvrability is magestic compared to the Asp-X. The fuel scoop sucks though (well actually it doesn't - and that's the problem!), I've been flying around in my new DBX Darkside ever since Close Encounters, but I've not managed to master topping up, unmasking the next star and keeping the heat below 100% yet. It's faster than an Asp-X in an A* run though - in the right hands - so I guess others have mastered this. :D I had a busy weekend, so no runs from me yet, but I scouted out the course a little on Friday evening and I should have time for a few runs before the end. :) This is the first time I've ever took a look at Spansh as well. Congrats Inodoro for managing to put together a quick race with a real long-range element included. I definitely plan to make use Spansh for planning, as I hope to make a new...
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 8:01 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Just wondering - is the "cheat" with teleportation into the bubble still possible - do crime in Colonia (or at whatever station out there), hand yourself in, be transported into a detention centre in the bubble? Or are detention centres in Colonia now, too? It is taking me ages to get to Colonia as I am unable to just honk'n'jump... So detention or neutrons?
  • MickyG1982's Avatar
    Today, 7:59 AM · 10 replies and 345 views.
    But whatever you do - read the minimum requirements BEFORE buying the game! (Obviously XBOX & PS4 are not incuded in that statement). There are a number of bug reports & support requests from folk in the PC section that completely failed to do that & therefore spent X amount of cash on a game that will not work on their system because they failed to even do the most basic check of "Can My System Run It?"
  • optimal_909's Avatar
    Today, 7:54 AM · 30 replies and 740 views.
    Thanks for all the answers, I have a 600W PSU, which I guess should be enough for a top-tier card.
  • Tyres O'Flaherty's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 AM · 44 replies and 711 views.
    Can I just reiterate that I was NOT looking for a fight nor was I trying out combat. The interdiction got me . A quick attempt at fighting was made but, yes, the Keelback isn't built for it; I know that now. And I did run away. Twice. As for writing off combat on this experience and the tutorial, well, I've tried the tutorial a few times . I''ve made a few attempts in my AspX and Sidey and I was once pulled from SC and blown away as the escape was invisible to me (details in a thread I wrote about it). So I am basing my feelings about combat on - albeit on not much experience but some - what has gone before. It's just not my cup of tea nor the bacon sandwich with it. :D o7
  • EidLeWeise's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 AM · 3340 replies and 408570 views.
    Yeah I've long wished we could get that... Even better if they could do some of the screens to act as video / audio displays for twitch streams etc. Eid
  • Cinderelli's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 AM · 13 replies and 782 views.
    The addition of the full icons key is a welcome addition indeed. The lists of the region's installations and megaships is sure to be quite useful as well. Thanks for your dedication and hard work. Cheers
  • Shiro Akai's Avatar
    Today, 7:52 AM · 30 replies and 1282 views.
    We all know it will happen. FDEVs just need some time to pick proper texture for that. And I don't see anything wrong with my Krait. Engines up, nose down, ideal for low altitude planetary races.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 7:50 AM · 738 replies and 45317 views.
    Quick tip for everyone who sees IMG] tags around their images in this thread, if you're copying the "bbcode" from your image sharing site then you don't need to use the "Insert image" button, you can just paste that "bbcode" directly into your post (the bbcode is simply the URL of the image surrounded by IMG].../IMG] so you can either copy the "bbcode" and paste it straight into your post or copy your image's direct URL and then use the "Insert image" button (which adds those tags for you) ... but no need to do both as this just leaves the superfluous tags visible.
  • Bob McBobblehead's Avatar
    Today, 7:50 AM · 12 replies and 281 views.
    All Thargoids are female, it must be the Lynx effect.
  • Exiton's Avatar
    Today, 7:49 AM · 4209 replies and 373870 views.
    Я победял на Наконечнике ценой потери половины поля, правда, только лорда валил, потом улетал - не вижу смысла ковыряться со Стервятниками.
  • NorMonsta's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 AM · 11 replies and 191 views.
    oh dear...I hope you don't ever run into into me pottling about in my deep space asp explorer the KLUMC -"KOLONOS KOPPI". I hate to be responsible for a rage murder (mine)
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 AM · 43 replies and 653 views.
    To me anything that pays less than 15-20 mil/hr isn't worthwhile because of the costs of covering a large ship rebuy. My Anaconda and Type-10 are 20 mil rebuy, my Corvette is 30 mil rebuy and my Cutter is 35 mil rebuy and they are "budget" builds that use gimballed weapons, military armor and regular shields and some of them even use an undersized PP as well. If they had turrets, reactive composite armor, prismatics and full-sized PPs they would be easily 5-10 mil higher rebuys. Really anything that doesn't earn at least 15-20 mil/hr isn't worthwhile to me because it isn't commensurate with the "risk" of flying a large ship in Open. There's also the issue that it's hard to go back to lower incomes after using methods that are more lucrative. I used to do Sothis runs averaging 12-15 mil/hr, massacre missions averaging 10-15 mil/hr and Palin misisons averaging 30-35 mil/hr. I never did the ridiculous "goldrush" methods that earned 100-200 mil/hr but once you are used to an average of 15-20 mil/hr it is...
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