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  • TrailBlazer 143's Avatar
    16/09/2018, 6:54 PM · 468 replies and 6800 views.
    I know the community has voted but I wanted to know how players feel about the transfer system now. Also, why did you vote for which system? Of course, I feel the system is a waste of the players time as it has players either log off, switch to a website or just not play the game the way they initially wanted. I feel a ship now means more gameplay and a ship later means a time sync/waste of the players time (which Time is something we can't get back). I know people's fear was players instantly transporting their fleet or it not making sense with the lore, but the fleet of ships are going to get there anyway and lore should not be more important than accessability/playability of a game, but that's just me.
  • Touch of Grey's Avatar
    15/09/2018, 5:50 PM · 426 replies and 10326 views.
    I was reading this thread: and decided to try out the timer at the CG when sure enough, immediately griefed non-stop by wanted players who want me to be their content. Not wanting to spend 12M a pop on rebuys, I used the timer. It worked as advertised, normally followed up by "friend" requests that turned out to be anything but, and threats to send the video to something called "elite combat loggers" (that's like a shaming site i guess). Why am I only finding out about this wonderful piece of kit now?
  • StuartGT's Avatar
    15/09/2018, 5:00 AM · 326 replies and 5995 views.
    There are a fair few long-time explorers vocally expressing their disappointment of the planned removal of the Advanced Discovery Scanner's blanket instascan, thereby removing their ability to immediately determine whether a system held any personally-interesting formations/sights. Currently they would use this to either further investigate and explore closer, or skip on to the next star system. After arrival in a new star system, what many of those explorers seek is quick high-level information on the planetary bodies: The number and layout of planetary bodies Distances between them Their types, i.e. rare (ELW, WW, HMC) or common (ice, rocky) Whether ringed or not
  • Aaron T's Avatar
    15/09/2018, 2:33 PM · 278 replies and 4956 views.
    In ED they hang around noob game starting points, and CG's, etc, in SC they basically ram folks ships on the landing pads in the armistice zone, and they exist in every online game. Do they shoot folks up out in the open, no, folks who engage you in the open whether you are expecting it or not are fine, they are playing as intended, a loss to them might cause a momentary bit of salt, but as far as actual griefers and gankers, I despise them as much as anyone can be despised. And one thing I have noticed, during times where most youth are in school in the US region, and you are on a US server, same for EU, AUS, etc, you see very little ganking at all, if any. I shall preface the rest with not all kids are gankers, many kids are excellent kids and will be great future leaders, and most are average and will provide great homes for their families later on, then there are those destined for prison. There is a small window on a week day where on a USS server it is likely that most kids are in school,...
  • psefergr's Avatar
    14/09/2018, 8:25 AM · 198 replies and 5000 views.
    Despite he's recent comment about VR , he couldn't be more wrong.I can't disagree that the VR technology could use/require some improvements but after all ED is space sim and nothing i repeat NOTHING makes you feel that you are out there (in space) like VR does.So i think that a seperate department in FD should work to improve the VR experience.If you haven't tried VR with a good PC then you don't know what you are missing.
  • Crusina Luachra's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 5:12 AM · 204 replies and 5422 views.
    NO NO NO NO FD YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. A VALUABLE PLANET IS NOT THE SAME AS A INTERESTING PLANET. This negates a lot of possible montage creation (Due to the drastic time increase) and makes it incredibly difficult to find unique or interesting planets by the details given so far. And as such I hope we either get more clarification soon or changes. Don't get me wrong, everything sounds good so far except for the having to scan every planet's signal. How does frontier expect this to work for systems with 50+ planets? Am I expected to scan every single one, fighting with the signal? For instance I found a system with a gas giant that has an atmospheric ice world so close to the asteroid belt that you could literally fly from normal space from the asteroid belt into the atmosphere of the planet. It also has an incredibly quick orbiting speed. That system also had 76 objects that were not asteroid belts. From what I can tell from this new system, I'd have had to scan every single object in the...
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 9:58 PM · 169 replies and 5093 views.
    I'm really sorry but it just didn't inspire a lot of confidence. Hearing that Adam just took on this stuff "a few weeks ago" kind of makes me wonder what's been going on behind the scenes, makes me wonder what effect that'll have on the update and I wonder why something that's been in development for a year needed somebody to "take it on a few weeks ago" at all. It also looked like quite a lot of stuff was uncertain and a lot of the features just seemed a bit disjointed with no real cohesion. Lastly, it was kind of creepy the way Ed kept on saying how wonderful it was that people were still interested in the game. More worried now than I was after reading the written details.
  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 12:00 PM · 29 replies and 24173 views.
    Paul_Crowther started a thread RELEASE NOTES 1.4 Update in News & Announcements
    Hello everyone, Our free 1.4 update is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! The update is coming to all players who own the game and should be rolling out automatically on the platform of your choice. The update is full of exciting new features such as a Challenge Mode, which allows you to play through the story with limited money and additional difficulties, as well as new and highly requested Sandbox features such as lifespan and feeder resupply toggles. We've also added new lighting options (which unlock when you've achieved 5 stars in Career Mode), Korean and Italian language support, and new Contracts for more variety. The entire list of new features is detailed in the release notes below, so please take a few moments to read through them and see what's in store for you! We can't thank you enough for your support in the lead up to this update; our passionate and dedicated team have worked incredibly hard to address as many issues as possible, and we look forward to continue that journey...
  • Caramel Clown's Avatar
    14/09/2018, 6:05 AM · 194 replies and 2552 views.
    Just venting some of my frustrations. Feel free to join. Or not. People that: -use internet/text message lingo in actual conversation. Namely, somebody who actually says LOL -spell "boi" or "thicc" -wear baseball cap backwards, and they are not 12 or younger -blast anything off their phone speakers in public -do not accept no as an answer -invite themselves into conversations they were clearly not invited to -drive and text, or use their time on a road to refresh the make-up
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 11:41 AM · 161 replies and 3653 views.
    Disclaimer: this is an opinion. Apparently my thoughts quite regularly are treated as something iron clad or representative. They're not. I am just enjoying discussion about new exploration update. We all know honk as we know it has been...not good. It sounds good (omg dat sound), we have even trained to feel good to get system bodies revealed after honk, but deep down we always knew that it is one thing we can all agree was placeholder in ED. Yes, ADS have been given some additional functionalities with time, but overall...discoveries of bodies was just a press of button. That's really not exploration in it's thorough form. So yes, people are used to do those very long exploration drives just to sate their needs for discovery and engagement, and also get their exploration rank up. But now, that will be - *hopefully* - replaced with *less* rush, *less* systems pushed down our own throats as some form of fast food, and *more* detailed exploration of them. In fact, it will pay you more for doing...
  • M00ka's Avatar
    16/09/2018, 8:59 AM · 176 replies and 2899 views.
    We all know that Dangerous Discussions is the home of the rant, that wonderful piece of perfect prose created specifically to tell the community that your opinion is the only one that matters. But lately, the quality of these rants have slipped, no longer are they entertaining or every able to be fully understood so I thought it was time that a quick guide on how to rant is provided. The Original Post and Thread Title: Now this part is vital, you must get this right or the entire value of your rant is destroyed. The title needs to be the ultimate Click Bait, short, concise, can even be a little ambiguous but it needs to be right to get the community to click onto it to read your masterpiece. The opening post needs to really grab the reader's attention, wild accusations, unfounded facts, mis-interpretations, mis-quotes - all these are vital to reinforce just how right you are. To really cement just how correct you are, the use of bold text is encouraged, but the true rant professional will go...
  • TheSynopticVision's Avatar
    15/09/2018, 8:08 AM · 172 replies and 2717 views.
    If there's one thing everyone seems to agree on, is that with the increased "difficulty" of the process of exploration/discovery, payouts handed out by Universal Cartographics should be significantly increased. That's uncontroversial. However, I would like this new exploration update to also consider changing how and when UC pays you credits for discoveries, trying to make the process more "realistic" and fair. In short: there is no reason why an organization like UC should pay the full discovery fare for the "discovery" of planets that were already known. Why would they pay me for data about an ELW some 100ly away, which has been already discovered or that -- worse -- being in the Bubble has been known for hundred of years? It's like a British explorer going to the Royal Society and asking for money for having "discovered" the Isle of Man. UC should pay, and pay more than it does now, for actual discoveries, not just scans of the same planet that dozens of other CMDRs have already scanned. There is no...
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    17/09/2018, 3:11 PM · 167 replies and 1991 views.
    Lol before you react based entirely on the title alone, please read! (It's probably already too late...) By "Open only for PvP criminals", I basically mean, if your crimes are from PvP related behaviour (basically, murder... Lol), you can not join Solo or PG until it's cleared. Just been to the dentist, so probably not quite with it from the drugs. Lol But what do you think?
  • Andovar's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 3:26 PM · 141 replies and 2638 views.
    Reading through the exploration mega-thread (not all of it of course), the concerns over the increased exploration time (some say grind) with regards to the proposed new ADS functionality seem to fall into two main camps: 1) Exploration credits impact. Mainly people jump-honking and peeking at the map looking for high value targets like earth-like and water worlds. 2) Those looking for interesting space 'anomalies'. People looking for rare system occurrences. Like tight binaries, high-G worlds, gas giants with a dozen+ moons, etc. I think solving #1 is relatively simple. If the creds while jump honking is your thing, then they could simply buff the amount given from the initial star scan.
  • Kietrax's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 3:08 PM · 114 replies and 5165 views.
    Summary System: Munshin Station: Ocrinox's Orbiter (Orbis Starport, large pads available, 299 Ls from main star, 155.76 Ly from Sol) Objective: Deliver Land Enrichment Systems, Animal Monitors, Aquaponic Systems and Marine Equipment Time limit: 20th September 3304 @ 15:00 UTC Description The Libertas Cooperative has announced plans to construct a manatee farm on behalf of food supplier Munshin Manatee Meat. This will take the form of a megaship, where the creatures will be bred, processed and prepared for distribution.
  • Sterlino's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 11:09 AM · 93 replies and 3195 views.
    I dare to ask I wonder if there will be a new exploration ship for the final update of beyond. Actually i feel like the Anaconda and the Asp explorer are the only two real exploration ship in the game. Rumors said about the panther clipper incoming, but that shouldn't be an exploration ship asaik... what do you think ?
  • Paige Harvey's Avatar
    13/09/2018, 2:33 PM · 78 replies and 4718 views.
    Good afternoon, Commanders. Tonight you'll be able to join Lead Community Manager Edward Lewis and Senior Designer Adam Bourke-Waite from 7PM BST live on Youtube, covering the recently revealed Exploration changes coming to Beyond - Chapter Four and fielding some of your questions. We hope to see you there! NOTE - we will not be showing off any video footage or new images of the features on tonight's stream. Streams showcasing this will be in the coming weeks.
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    17/09/2018, 9:36 AM · 101 replies and 2141 views.
    The only deadly situations that come up to my mind are: 1. Falling into the exclusion zone of a white dwarf/neutron star within the jet cone (I've never experienced, so I don't know the dynamics). 2. Loosing control of the ship on high G planets and crashing to the surface. All other critical situations that come up to my mind: 1. You supercruise into a planet/star --> FSD Emergency Exit (minor ship and modules damage) 2. You mess up with stars or black holes --> You fall into the exclusion zone, drop a Heat Sink while charging Supercruise (no ship damage at all) Don't you think Exploration should be more Dangerous?
  • Rick Bravo's Avatar
    15/09/2018, 7:02 PM · 90 replies and 2292 views.
    We are told by Fdev, that these areas are reserved for future content, however in the history of the game, I am unaware of a single permit locked region becoming unlocked for any reason. Fdev delivered the all the Guardian and Thargoid content we have seen thus far into regions that were not permit locked and just "God handed" it in. One day it was an empty planet, next day there is a Guardian or Thargoid structure there. Given the pattern Fdev has established, since launch, of never using "Permit Locked" areas for major new content and just dropping major new content into open space and pretending it was always there, why do we have Permit Locked areas at all? I don't have the answer here but I think the time is long overdue for us to start asking some hard questions to Fdev. Why do we have permit locked regions if you never use them for new content? Why has there never been a single Permit Locked region released to the community in all these years? Why are such vast expanses of space still permit locked...
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    18/09/2018, 9:26 AM · 102 replies and 2083 views.
    It seems to me that Frontier wants to move the focus of exploration from deep space exploration, where the planets and stellar forge provide most of the content, to planetary exploration. The end product of the process looks to be CMDR finds anomaly on planet. Which, in principle, is a great new direction. The thing I am worried about though is repetitiveness, and passiveness. Sometimes you see players claim: seen one system, seen 'em all. Explorers know that is complete rubbish, there's some weird and wonderful configurations to be found out there. The Stellar Forge is quite an extensive mechanism and has many curveballs to throw our way. Replacing this by POIs on planets only works if the POIs remain interesting. If you just scan them and that's it, that won't hold player's interest. If you see the same limited amount of POIs again and again, the novelty also wears of quite rapidly. To keep things interesting a certain amount of procedural generation has to be involved to create enough diversion to keep...
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