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  • Rambojambo's Avatar
    11/03/2019, 11:29 PM · 363 replies and 8865 views.
    Is anyone noticing a marked drop in players? Just noticed a convo in my player group's discord where the guy has tried a few groups and found people are quitting the game. My group is the same (I'm also on hiatus). I know we don't have official numbers but just wondered what others' anecdotal experience has been recently. I hope FDev haven't really misjudged this 2020 announcement.....
  • M00ka's Avatar
    12/03/2019, 10:06 AM · 371 replies and 5086 views.
    I have noticed a growing trend here in DD of someone gleefully, announcing that they blocked someone, often for just having a different opinion. This got me thinking, why does someone block someone just because they disagree, I thought the whole intention of a public forum is to discuss, and that will nearly always include opposite views. I know I have been blocked by quite a few, heck they took great delight in telling everyone. But that doesn't worry me, I just think they are missing out as on the rare occasion I have been known to post something meaningful or even funny. As to me blocking them, sorry not my style if someone disagrees with me or I disagree with them, I will debate it, sometimes sarcastically (but that is a produce of my career in the military I think), and I have even been known to change my view if they can convince me. But I won't block anyone, no matter how belittling, how petty, how obnoxious they are, if they go too far normally the mods will step in anyway. So fellow...
  • ryan_m's Avatar
    15/03/2019, 3:17 PM · 264 replies and 7298 views.
    Hello everyone, On 3/13, the Distant Ganks 2 expedition eclipsed 3,000 player kills (PC only), marking the official end of the journey for us. This unprecedented expedition has brought emergent content through competitive exploration to a record number of players. I could not be more proud of what the group has done. Before I congratulate specific CMDRs for their contributions, I'd like to cover the final stats from the journey: DG2 Final Tally Quick Stats 3,023 Open-only kills 14.91% of active DW2 roster killed
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    15/03/2019, 4:45 PM · 175 replies and 7061 views.
    I took the alt account out for some engineer unlocks. I noticed just how many ports were burning, or under repair. The list of materials to repair them is *staggering*. I don't think the players are going to bother fixing many of them. Should Frontier just start blowing them up, and having CG's to replace them? This might match their idea of story driven CG's. The alt account is thinking about moving back to Colonia...
  • Jakester13's Avatar
    14/03/2019, 5:08 PM · 167 replies and 4506 views.
    Congratulations, FD! Bafta nominated now :D o7 Here's the category/nominees: Evolving game
  • Paige Harvey's Avatar
    13/03/2019, 3:54 PM · 79 replies and 9177 views.
    Hello Commanders, We wanted to inform you that, starting from tomorrow, in preparation for the development-supported events, there will not be any Community Goals for the next few weeks. This is because we are adjusting the way current Community Goals will be utilised, tying them to more engaging events and narratives as previously mentioned in our post here: Rest assured, that while we are making changes to the way Community Goals work, we are still going to be supporting Player Community Goals in our plans. You can find out how to submit a Community Goal here. In the coming month, we will be releasing specific details as to how the new development-supported events will work, so stay tuned for that! Thank you for your understanding.
  • lysan's Avatar
    12/03/2019, 11:57 AM · 120 replies and 1725 views.
    Iíve suggested this many times, however the only response I got was from FDEV leaving FD. So I guess itís kind of a taboo? If I use a certain word people goes balistic here, so I wonít, however the need to remove grind in the game is as needed as it was 4 years ago. When you need to go somewhere you need to plan your route, thatís cool, the galaxy map is better than it ever was, after you pick a destination the grind begins, press (J) jump raise and repeat until you lose your sanity or reach your destination. Now the are pros and cons involved here, if we use the docking computer to dock it is an option for those who donít want to dock manually, or if they just want to kick back and eat something while the ship is docking, some elite sessions are quite long you know! I, and this is my personal opinion, simply got bored with this mechanic so I, and still do, set the game on pause. This was the intro, and you know where Iím going with this right ;) I would like to have a function, that removed...
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    15/03/2019, 1:26 PM · 95 replies and 3811 views.
    We're halfway through March, and we've yet to get a proper bug fix patch for the 3.3 update that went live LAST YEAR. We've had a couple very minor point updates to deal with a very small fraction of the bugs (ironically some being seen as 'features' by many, like the 500+ LY jump range), but not a proper 3.3.1 bug fix patch. Considering both the number and severity of the bugs in 3.3, I find this both surprising and very disheartening. This time last year we already had our third major bug fix patch (3.0.3), with 3.0.4 being released just over a week later. I personally don't mind waiting until late 2020 for new content, but please Frontier, don't neglect to fix your current game in the meantime.... Otherwise you'll start losing even your loyal fans.
  • Werewolf13's Avatar
    16/03/2019, 1:54 AM · 90 replies and 2317 views.
    NOTE: a lot - if not all of you will consider this a TROLL and maybe it is. But - instead of responding as would be normal to any almost blatant troll use your imaginations, have fun with it. Make us laugh or cry. Y'all can do it. This community is full of intelligent, clever and imaginative players. Give it a shot. So - here's the situation: You're an explorer. You've made a long lonely trip to the rim of the galaxy. No, not the close rim the rim all the way on the other side. Jump into a system with a Sirius size star with a high velocity ring system very close by. So close your ship does an emergency drop and within seconds - BAM!
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM · 103 replies and 1181 views.
    Everything in this game is too forgiving. You can escape any NPC simply by boost-boost-jumping away. NPC Combat is a joke. Pirated NPCs will literally just sit there and let you pirate them. Markets are so stable that it's virtually impossible to lose money when trading. Factions will pay you to find worthless space rocks far-far away that no faction should ever care about. You can be wanted, with a hold full of the most ludicrous contraband, and you can slip into port just be going silent for a moment (and the traffic controller is like "meh".) Authority ships are reactive only (they should be all over bounties like stink on...). Stations are totally passive unless you provoke them.
  • Ouberos's Avatar
    13/03/2019, 7:51 AM · 79 replies and 1871 views.
    A couple of days ago there was a thread from a serial clogger who had been warned about it by FDev. If FD are now actually doing something about clogging I wanted to know if there is an official procedure for reporting such? Would it be in game via the report player function or via support with video / log evidence? Perhaps if someone from FD could give some guidelines that would be great. Please note : I'm not interested in opinions on the validity of combat logging.
  • Captain Thea Kreutzer's Avatar
    16/03/2019, 2:58 PM · 68 replies and 1692 views.
    Most people think it will be Space Legs or Atmospheric Landings. Personally Id like the chance to see more work go into the Superpowers through powerplay and actually being able to side with the superpower themselves or minorpowers not just the leaders.
  • Paige Harvey's Avatar
    15/03/2019, 4:00 PM · 64 replies and 1992 views.
    Hello Commanders, As this month's Frontier Xtra livestream draws closer, we're looking for our Question of the Month! What do you want to know about the games industry, Frontier itself, or the Community Managers/Developers? This is your chance to get some insight into the games industry as a whole, and learn all about what it's like, how to get into it or anything else you may be wondering. We dedicate this section of the stream to answering one of your questions, so providing it's relevant to the games industry, please put your questions in this thread and we'll pick this month's favourite to discuss. If you're struggling for ideas on what to ask, previous questions have asked for information on different ways to get into the industry, what kind of preparation goes into a livestream, and what's a day in the life of a Community Manager at Frontier.
  • Kenneth Mcgrew's Avatar
    11/03/2019, 9:50 AM · 51 replies and 1751 views.
    Unable to get small seismic charges in the game i was forced to have a play with sub surface mining, but whats the point of it? now all this came about while harvesting water and other stuff for the CG but i also went to a LTD hotspot to .... well mine some LTD, as exciting as gathering water for the CG is i just wanted to have a crack at sub surface. Armed with 32 limpets in the Dolphin and stocked up with sub surface missiles here's the stats Limpets - 3,200 CR Re-stock - 4,324 CR Fuel - 30 CR
  • Wargfoot's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 PM · 69 replies and 921 views.
    Greetings: The murder hobos claim that they've destroyed over 3,000 ships. Even if we adjust that number to something more realistic by removing the chest thumping modifier, the nonsense quotient, and other assorted projections - down to a more realistic 75 ships, most of whom were likely NPCs, the fact remains that you probably know somebody who knows somebody else who read a limerick on the Trevithick bathroom wall that had a story about a NPC pirate who got 'ganked' by these guys. That should make you very, very angry. Not that someone would write on the wall - I mean, sure - but let's be honest, Trevithick is a dump and the ink is probably the only thing holding the wall up - but it should make you angry that there is murder most foul afoot. Let's not forget these guys seem to be having fun, which I'm sure is against the EULA, depending who is reading it, because I'm amazed what is in that document. (The Chili Con Carne recipe isn't half bad) So I would like to propose that some of the...
  • Chevy66's Avatar
    12/03/2019, 7:20 PM · 66 replies and 1400 views.
    Just got an email about this, I backed it on Fig ages ago
  • Brianna of Ardagh's Avatar
    13/03/2019, 8:09 PM · 52 replies and 1401 views.
    Ha, gotcha! Don't read only the title and start posting angry replies! Right now I do wish there was a mobile version of ED, in some form or another. The closest option is reading GalNET news. We are having a serious blizzard where I live, it started late in the morning so I was able to get to work. Now I am stuck here until probably tomorrow, too far to go under seriously poor driving conditions. So, while I have some work to do, I have all night to do it. Looks like I'll be stalking the forums for awhile. It won't be too bad here though, I work for a satellite uplink company, lots of choices if I want to watch something.
  • PS4gamer's Avatar
    13/03/2019, 1:48 AM · 50 replies and 1230 views.
    Frontier (and in particular Mr Braben) I've been a fan of Elite since I bought that expensive but gorgeous black Acornsoft box in 1984. but I have one request regarding the 2020 update. please, Please PLEASE consider putting Elite Dangerous to one side and giving all us long long time loyal Elite fans the game we crave, the game we waited decades for. Elite IV (offline, single player only)
  • zarrazee's Avatar
    14/03/2019, 7:24 PM · 46 replies and 1342 views.
    o7 CMDRs Whatever happened to the POOP (<insert crude joke>) mooted here? I was quite excited about this prospect, but I can't remember seeing/hearing anything more about it. TTFN
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