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  • enu87's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I've seen a few mixed things on this and just want to find out for sure if the system security level is affected by bounty hunting. I've seen it change based on the controlling faction state being in a war, but want to double check that I can bump from medium to high with bounty hunting within the system. Thanks!
  • Captain Willard's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 AM · 15 replies and 306 views.
    You buy the latest gaming hardware and want the software maker to cater to you? Good luck with that.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 AM · 5 replies and 106 views.
    Hmm, at the risk of running up against Godwin's law. There was another case where one side compromised constantly with the was called the 1930's :p
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 AM · 3109 replies and 175066 views.
    Passive aggressive? Is that what you call brutal honesty?
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 4:39 AM · 3109 replies and 175066 views.
    Not precisely what I said. A honk would give a detailed scan of objects out to x light-seconds (in some ways making it another improvement on the existing system) & then give a low res scan (the darkened spheres we mentioned) out to (x*y) light-seconds. That low-res scan would even give you the probabilities that each stellar object is of a certain type (like, say, 55% chance ELW, 40% WW, 5% HMC), with the probabilities based on predicted size, position within the habitable zone of the primary star, emissions etc. Emission & gravity well info would be unlimited range, but would then obviously have to be "decoded" by the player. You could then use the low-res scan probabilities to determine which planets you most want to resolve/decode first.....though I am far more interested in planets I can currently land on than planets that earn me the highest amount of coin.
  • Xious's Avatar
    Today, 4:37 AM · 12 replies and 190 views.
    so... happy... must... dance...
  • LeoBartlet's Avatar
    Today, 4:36 AM · 3109 replies and 175066 views.
    Passive aggressive much?
  • Hacker#451563's Avatar
    Today, 4:31 AM · 71 replies and 1456 views.
    And this Brave New World of sterile humor and forced PC everything a character like The Yamiks is a breath of fresh (rotting corpse scented) air in my opinion. I can see his stuffs not for everyone but each to their own and all that ól chap. Anyway, Engineers... I was perfectly Ok without them but now they're here I always have an urge to upgrade the hell out of everything I can so I end up falling into the grind-trap without even realizing it. Because of this I've had to really try to avoid lvl 5 upgrades, unless I just happen to have a load of the required mats because I just refuse to actively participate in a grind-fest just to get an extra 2% or something from a single module on a single ship (out of the 5 I currently own).
  • Jacques d'Orleans's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 AM · 23 replies and 193 views.
    Brie was region of France, it doesn't exist anymore, it's remembered in the name of the cheese tho. Madison, Cody, (had to google them) are legit names with a history long before Madison County or Cody, Wyoming. ;) Otoh, Paris, well, you can always name your kids after a ancient greek demi-god or a celtic tribe (Parisii), actually the town was named after the celtic tribe, the romans knew it as Lutetia. But Brie that's the same level of idiotic as when I would name my son Warsteiner or Weisswurst. Btw, d'Orleans, which means of Orléans was part of a royal name/title. Correctly it would have been written as Jacques Duc d'Orléans (Jacques Duke of Orléans), but that was too long to be used as a name in the game, also the game wouldn't let me use the accent aigu. ;)
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 AM · 16 replies and 535 views.
    Yeah but his site used to be a repository of Game Lore, and was really useful for those of us that are actually interested in the narrative and context for the game. But no, he has totally pulled up stumps, taken all the ED content off his site, erased the blackboard, shredded the print outs, unfriended us on facebook and deleted the text messages and the late night snapchat DMs. He's got the same phone number but we're blocked. He doesn't want to know and he's moved on. He has new friends now and he says he's happy, but sometimes when I'm stalking him out late walking the dog, I see him at his window on the second floor mouthing the word "Salome", and muttering "The boy who lived" over and over. Then going through his rubbish I found a half burnt copy of The Prisoner of Azkhaban.
  • milligna's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 AM · 16 replies and 463 views.
    Oh man, I can feel my wallet burning already.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 AM · 3109 replies and 175066 views.
    A crutch is still a crutch, no matter which part of the game you're looking at. I just presented two additional examples of where you could make a case for letting the so-called "time deprived" 'skip to the best stuff'.
  • LuxAeterna's Avatar
    Today, 4:24 AM · 4 replies and 63 views.
    Next time... try this out. It should still work. Top 5 Things Everyone Knows Except for You | Elite Dangerous - Ghost Giraffe (~8mins) Start @ 5:18minutes for SRV/ship stuck fix.
  • Captain Willard's Avatar
    Today, 4:21 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    As far as I know this can't be done as windows knows where everything is installed. I only install single player games thru steam and install MP games seperately so steam configs do not interfere with my installation or game options. I am not that up to date with the newer stuff so I wouldn't take my word for it.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 4:21 AM · 3109 replies and 175066 views.
    I thought about that but it either creates opportunities to exploit by getting infinite ADS and infinite range surface resolution, or it forces Frontier to code a "system map reset" if you switch scanner sets OLD=>NEW after the initial ADS honk. A reset could work, but then you should have to carry around all 4 scanners.
  • Prorokpl's Avatar
    Today, 4:19 AM · 5 replies and 226 views.
    That was in Frontiers plans anyway to put Aegis into Sol, to later attack Sol with goids.
  • Sidman's Avatar
    Today, 4:19 AM · 15 replies and 306 views.
    As for me I still got a GTX 660 card, I was thinking about upgrading, but here is the main reason why people are less likely to upgrade. Though that have generation 4 and up computers the processors are fast enough to handle the anything above the Nvidia GTX 1080 and AMD equivalent cards. Those that have the Intel 1, 2, 3 generation, computers some of the higher levels of 2 and 3 generation is still barely at the edge of the gaming computer range are afraid of upgrading their cards because the computers are about 5 years old and you can get a new proccessor for the same price as the lower end of the new old generation 1060 1070 1080 bridge cards I like to call it. Until the price drops a lot in though bridge cards its easier to buy a new computer and cheaper if your computer is at least 5 years old, because would you want to upgrade to a 1000 series card now just to have to buy a new computer a year or two later. I don't think poeple generally put old cards into new computers even when they are built...
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 0 replies and 0 views. I guess the gas diffuses out of the container and concentrates in an enclosed space?
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 4868 replies and 262415 views.
    CitizenCon will indeed be epic. None of us know what delights await within, and as CIG have been all quiet I'm expecting something big to emerge. ATV tomorrow will be interesting.
  • Hacker#451563's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Hi CMDRs I'm not sure if this is the right place for this sort of question but here goes. I would like to move my entire ED installation from my C: drive partition (now too full to accept updates or anything else really), to my D: drive partition (almost empty). Is there any way I can do this without a full re-installation of ED? It's downloaded through Steam if that makes any difference.
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