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  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 712 replies and 17917 views.
    I might be wrong or missing somthing here. But diddnt Ian and David part ways somtime back.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 37 replies and 1180 views.
    Being told how things work (or reading it in the manual or online) can put an experience in context, or allow one to better prepare, but it cannot replace actually experiencing something first hand.
  • Rnin Quarksplitter's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Ship progression: The controversy over which ships beginners should buy and in what order is famous. I stopped listening to opinions and started doing research into mathematical comparisons and rank ordering of capabilities. What I found is not always what others agree with or advise to others, but here are the facts (please counter or debate with calculated/verified table facts rather than your own opinion if possible)...and yes some experience between individuals are vastly different based on their individual skill level in combat and type of combat strategy (run silent, carry heat sinks, vs shield tanks w/shield boost, compared to weapon firepower with fast pitch rate/ FAO maneuverability run and gun). So my recommendations are for beginners (not experts) to try and decide for themselves how best to save and use their hard earned credits until you can buy anything you want and upgrade all components. I rank ordered the ships with the greatest weapons/firepower capability (1-30) with Hauler at the...
  • Fosdyke's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 169 replies and 7212 views.
  • GonerMcGoner's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 AM · 23 replies and 887 views.
  • optimal_909's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 AM · 42 replies and 627 views.
    Just imagine all things that could be added in-lieu-of space legs... I think people don't realize that legs would be like adding another full game on top of Elite.
  • Julio Montega's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 AM · 169 replies and 7212 views.
    I do mind though, so no. No grindwall, no time sink, just a krait KRAIT.
  • Chong-su's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 AM · 2 replies and 38 views.
    This is a knowed bug from no less than 1 year. Power plant = 0% NPC continue to fire. If you are alone hip the power distributor. Anyway the ship is destroyed when hull is less than 0% ( When you read 0% you have to hit again and again until you see the first explosions, not before )
  • Fosdyke's Avatar
    Today, 6:59 AM · 169 replies and 7212 views.
    People are just going mad with this game i think :)
  • PCMR4Life's Avatar
    Today, 6:59 AM · 3 replies and 78 views.
    There was no T-Rex destroying a jeep in any in game footage I saw. Just in the prerendered trailer that a lot of people keep bringing up. I do like the looks of the in game trailer, the first one we got to see that shows in game footage. I liked the orange haze effect as well. You can also see what looks like herd movements. It seems like this version would have been an even better game than what we have now. I really like the game we have. But it just seems like this version would have been better. The alternative is a lot of stuff was cut and I don't really know why. It seems like they had a lot of stuff already functioning or partly functioning and then it got cut. Either cause they didn't have the time to make it all work 100% correctly or it wouldn't work on consoles. Maybe this version was the PC exclusive. People keep saying it was rushed. The game was development for nearly two years. I believe I heard one of the devs say 18 months, a year and half. This isn't like something they threw together...
  • GonerMcGoner's Avatar
    Today, 6:55 AM · 13 replies and 372 views.
    Spoilers ahead I didn't like it one bit. I'm not a big fan of Jurassic World either. I thought the plots for both films were silly and the characters were badly written and miscast. Claire was incompetent beyond redemption (no Greenpeace nonsense will save her now. I rolled my eyes every time she gave me advice on park management in the game) and Owen was and remains absolutely generic. The romantic subplot was already tiresome in the last film, and don't trigger my gag reflex with the kitschy American family drama. They already tried that in JP III and it turned out miserably. The whole "evil corporation" trope had run its course in JP Lost World and should never have been revisited. I don't know where they're going with the cloned humans now. They practically killed off all the dinosaurs, so there isn't much else left to explore. Maybe the next movie will take place in space. I mean they already copied so many elements from the Alien franchise and they had Chris Pratt reenact his Star-Lord (minus the...
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 6:55 AM · 9742 replies and 697776 views.
    Yes, although it's been scaled back to an online top trumps card game for space ships. They're just having some frame rate issues with their cards and cant figure out how to have more than 8 in a pack.
  • Aardwolfz's Avatar
    Today, 6:51 AM · 3 replies and 110 views.
    I thought I was smart, built a gate between my Deinonychus and my herbivore enclosure. Easy access for rangers, right? Also easy access for the 6 Deinonychus to have a Maiasaur all-you-can-kill buffet... happened twice before I realized what the big mistake was -.-
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 AM · 472 replies and 15569 views.
    This much I know. It's the commodities markets which are still wrong and need to be looked at.
  • Redraptor98's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 AM · 5 replies and 86 views.
    I hate that Island
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