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  • ianw's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 PM · 2457 replies and 137129 views.
    I like to think Ortwin is currently frantically flicking through the pages of the book he wrote 30 odd years ago to figure out their next move whilst Chris anxiously looks on...
  • Darth Ender's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 14083 replies and 1851450 views.
    I'm traveling back and forth between zurara and the other side of the rift ...trying not to step into any previously visited systems and doing economy paths. Hoping maybe someone was paying attention to the narrative and noted that the Zurara was on it's way back to human space when it was sabotaged. So there should be one last earth like world that was marked that is on the path beyond the current location of the Zurara. Meh. Probably nothing to be found. But you could always be in open mode and maybe i'll cross your path and we can shoot at eachother to see if either one of us is still alive or if this is all just some purgatory.
  • Enderby's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 164 replies and 2644 views.
    Personal purchase narrative. Ok!
  • DD_Crash's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 2457 replies and 137129 views.
    I remember that :)
  • CMDR pollycough's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 37 replies and 2288 views.
    Are both tactics still valid? With my extensive knowledge of many aspects of this galaxy, This,,,, I have never done and for RP reasons for my Alt, I must do this. I will try the immersive way first, But I might just need to nuke it.
  • Enderby's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 30 replies and 519 views.
    Could be they think grind is fun.
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 42 replies and 329 views.
    I keep the lines off. I turned them back on for a little while, when I was getting used to the new neutron route plotting, and thus doing a lot of supercharging. Once I was comfortable with it, the lines were off again.
  • Garix's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 5085 replies and 630955 views.
    After a brand new installation (no old Db's. not using the Relay functionality) how long should it take until the "Launching" bar goes beyond 50%? I'm looking at around 15 minutes so far with no indication it's really doing much...
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 8:16 PM · 30 replies and 519 views.
    I'm reasonably confident that this meets the generally accepted definition of 'pay2win'. Ahhh. It appears I was correct...
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 8:16 PM · 253 replies and 12286 views.
    Wait ... what!? When I use the KWS, a lot of the time the additional bounties it reveals are lower than the primary bounty revealed by my basic sensors. The main reason for using the KWS is to be able to collect all these extra bounties in addition to the main one. Are you saying this will no longer happen? I don't want to overreact but you may have just ruined the KWS.
  • Clifra Jones's Avatar
    Today, 8:16 PM · 30 replies and 519 views.
    NO, no pay-to-win in this game, EVER!!!
  • Kzak's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Servers need to be restarted once in a while, so FDev can perform system maintenance in order to maintain stability.
  • GoldenSilver484's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 PM · 9 replies and 151 views.
    It’s only 2.5% for getting an Elite rank. This does stack though, Shinrarta actually has a 12.5% discount and Lyr has 17.5%. This wouldn’t cause the reduction to rebuy to the degree that you’re seeing. Have you been engineering any of the ship’s expensive modules? When you apply a modification the UI bugs out and removes the rebuy value of the module. You’ll still pay the full amount if your ship is destroyed. Switching ships or deploying in an SRV will fix it, modifying another module will replace the effect with the new one.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 PM · 2457 replies and 137129 views.
    If CIG kept using the CryEngine and didn't break the GLA they'd be golden. They got themselves into unnecessary lawsuits. All the backer money inflated Chris Robert's ego. So he thought he could get away with switching engines and re-branding the CryEngine as the "Star Engine". Croberts and Ortwin probably thought Crytek would be bankrupt due to their financial troubles and unable to sue CIG.
  • Vasea Azure's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 PM · 149 replies and 2301 views.
    Jebus Space God no more of this crap, I`m sorry this wasnt even a movie... I saw it few months ago and... I dont know what it was. Just no more lol.
  • MadDogMurdock's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 PM · 112 replies and 2207 views.
    Before the cool kids got involved, The Oracle was prioritized.
  • piratejo's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 PM · 1 replies and 1 views.
    Casi mejor ni preguntes, que se puede liar parda como te empiecen a responder...
  • Mursac's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 PM · 13 replies and 185 views.
    Mursac replied to a thread Chieftain It's a FAS Clone... in Ships of Elite
    I have two recommendations: -Like others have stated, split one of those size two internal into two size ones. That flexibility would fit the image of the alliance nicely. I like the idea of this ship having a primary focus on combat and a secondary focus on exploration, like a scout ship of sorts. -Change that class one hardpoint above the cockpit into a class two. Judging by the size of the door that slides away and the area the hard point sits on, this was probably the original plan. I would strongly suggest the devs revert to this. It's potential DPS would still be lower than the Python and FDL, and it would take the edge off the ship's current armor penetration issues without removing it from it's spot in the line up, or requiring any remodeling.
  • nosleepdemon's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 PM · 16 replies and 324 views.
    No... The DBS would literally run dry of ammo assuming the SLF hasn't murdered its modules before then. Protip - SLFs do silly damage to little ships, as long as your crew member isn't some fool you purchased at the dock a few minutes ago, they will be more than capable of keeping your Corvette's guns pointed at the DBS while you shoot his engines off.
  • Vasea Azure's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 PM · 14 replies and 219 views.
    Yeah, thats the big issue, latest games from them just looks muddy full of pop ins, even on hard core hi tech PC`s. I dont think this engine should be pushed any further.
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