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  • Ottawa John's Avatar
    Today, 8:34 AM · 102 replies and 7864 views.
    Ottawa John replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Rescue Operation in HIP 17692 in Community Goals
    I am confused.. I have a hauler.. I travelled to this CG .. I had no cargo.. and a bunch of other stuff in the other tabs.. can't recall what they were so I discarded a bunch of it in space because it kept saying my cargo is full when I tried to rescue a pod... but my lowered cargo screen kept saying cargo full even after I emptied everything in my cargo and my whole '4' screen.. any reason why this may happen?
  • Olivia Vespera's Avatar
    Today, 8:30 AM · 17 replies and 358 views.
    What'd I would do in this case it to have it such that upon entering hangar, it defaults the flaps to the landed position or requires that flaps be manually raised before it would let you enter the hangar. The type-7 has fins as well, would be nice to be able to control them too. Plus imagine all the flappy gifs made from this that would swarm reddit. It's free, kawaii PR. In anycase, here's the bug report you asked me to write regarding decal colours.
  • Mouse's Avatar
    Today, 8:29 AM · 101 replies and 1986 views.
    Mouse replied to a thread Going to solo mode in Modes of Elite
    If so then why do we see threads about how those in solo are ruining BGS, PP, CG's.. take your pick... and why do we see threads about restricting things to open or giving Open players incentives and or rewards? Most of the times I've seen it has been from Open only people who want Open to have incentives or rewards.
  • rrobes's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 AM · 48 replies and 1419 views.
    "Few forms to fill out, but we'll make a strong and reliable imperial out of you yet!" You're too kind, I appreciate the offer. But the problem is that I couldn't be a member of a group that would have me as it's member. You quite understand, I'm sure. Ave Caesar, or the appropriate farewell.
  • Belisarius's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 AM · 6 replies and 120 views.
    Really surprising and sad news :( Have been listening to "Dreams" several times in a row in honor of Dolores. Maybe not as well kown as "Zombie", but IMHO the most powerful and best Cranberries-Song
  • Ian Doncaster's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 AM · 34 replies and 1015 views.
    Ian Doncaster replied to a thread Stop supporting CGs ! in Aliens
    Low efforts is relative, of course. The two thargoid killing CGs this week took 6 billion credits to max out, and reached it in about 2 days each. The previous thargoid killing CG back in November took all week to get to just 4 billion credits. Number of participants is much the same, but presumably they've had more practice and better weapons.
  • Father Cool's Avatar
    Today, 8:26 AM · 43 replies and 1026 views.
    Yeah I don't know how this guy does it day in day out. It's so hard to judge where you are when sat to the side! In space too! Madness. As for things I don't like, mission signals being totally random. It always feels like you are just waiting for a timer to time out for them to pop up. I would at least like a rudimentary scanner that pinpoints them on approach so that you are actually finding them rather than waiting for an RND timer.
  • piercehead's Avatar
    Today, 8:24 AM · 4 replies and 82 views.
    Perhaps not. It wouldn't only work on wanted targets after all. It shouldn't be too hard to work out any negative aspects to that...
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 8:24 AM · 10 replies and 148 views.
    Zeeman replied to a thread Vulture Tough enough? in Ships of Elite
    For me, you are kinda squandering the vultures primary asset - agility. I use the bog standard light weight armour, then throw the heavy duty mod on it - it boosts your armour with 0 mass increase. I then go for Bi-waves - you're not trying to tank, what you want is to use the Vultures agility to avoid being hit in the firs tplace, and the odd shot that hits you, you want the shields to pop back up fast. for my beam, I have thermal vent (keeps you cool), and for my multi cannon I have an overcharged the corrosive mod. I don't have a hull enforcement package, I prefer to save that weight for a shield cell bank. If my shields are getting low, pop and SCB, and make sure your beam laser is hitting something, and you'll stay cool. Basically, if your shields go down, you are still as small ship, you should be running, you won't go toe to toe with a big ship with no shields. If you can, then you know how to fly a Vulture, and you won't be losing shields anyway.
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 8:24 AM · 279 replies and 16143 views.
    As I said before, the ship monitor is still borked. Guess my post got lost in the shuffle. Every time I trade in a ship on a new one, it still thinks I'm in my old ship and uses that call sign. The only thing I can do is delete the shipmonitor.json and restart voice attack.
  • Allcrowsareblack's Avatar
    Today, 8:23 AM · 248 replies and 20951 views.
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying it while keeping the reason we’re all out here in the forefront of your mind. See you at the next waypoint! Journey well CMDR o7
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 8:22 AM · 16 replies and 167 views.
    Then there would be some small justification in the way that limpet modules scale, though even this is exponential mass increase for the extra limpets. Here's my design for a Class-7 Limpet Controller.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 8:21 AM · 8898 replies and 963090 views.
    One more from the crash site .. ... and then it's off for a change of scenery ..
  • Weylandt's Avatar
    Today, 8:21 AM · 3822 replies and 220611 views.
    Do you use ED Discovery? If you do, you can normally use the 3D map to determine distances between stars... though this seems to be broken with the latest update and of course only works with stars that have already been mapped for EDSM. Enjoy the trip to Star One... it's a similar chore, though the view back to the galaxy is worth it.
  • Brigetiol1's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 AM · 106 replies and 34585 views.
    "So, hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Everybody hurts You are not alone"
  • Wobblin-Gobblin's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 AM · 217 replies and 14787 views.
    100% agree. Same for me.
  • Cmdr Aeries Hunter's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 AM · 34 replies and 1015 views.
    You still believe what is in Galnet is all true...(snicker)....(chuckle).....bwhahahahahahaha....rofl
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 AM · 655 replies and 22856 views.
    That is 11000 players peak concurrently or at the same time if you don't know what concurrently means. That does not mean a maximum of 11000 people play the game. So not too sure what you mean by that.
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 46 replies and 842 views.
    They don't talk to us because they are indifferent to us. On the one hand people are saying we invaded their space, on the other that they invaded ours, neither is the case. It simply happened that both civilisations spread out in the same direction, and like an old game of Age of Empires, it was inevitable that we would eventually meet. We DID try to communicate with them, they didn't seem to respond. I'm not sure that they do know what Aegis is, I think they can detect the experiments that are being performed using their tech, that's all. This is a fight for the pleiades. If we want it we will have to either communicate with them and reach an agreement, or hurt them enough that they go somewhere else. Aegis is going to be critical to either effort, keeping them in lockdown not only serves no purpose, it just annoys people. Really.
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