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  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 9:33 PM · 1 replies and 31 views.
    I'd give this video an 10 out of 6 rate.
  • straha20's Avatar
    Today, 9:33 PM · 120 replies and 3224 views.
    I've been around since kickstarter, and have over 3,000 hours in the game. I suppose I may be one of the lucky ones that missed Frontier's crosshairs when they picked people to force them to grind. I have not been forced to grind, and have actually enjoyed pretty much every minute I have spent in Elite Dangerous.
  • Punished Mobius's Avatar
    Today, 9:33 PM · 9 replies and 0 views.
    I imagine people will find excuses to stay in solo. But that being said I do think less people will be turned away from open play and CGs in general now that gaining quality enough modules to defend yourself is less of an issue. Though it is still an issue. The initial engineer unlock requirements are still nothing but roadblocks for many players trying to achieve the ability to defend themselves. But that is what the Fdev gatekeepers still seem to want... You want combat armor? HAHA go mining... You want to go fast? HAHA go to basically the center of the Galaxy to unlock Palin/Farseer
  • CMDR Dreamstate's Avatar
    Today, 9:33 PM · 820 replies and 51794 views.
    I mentioned it a few months ago in my thread, but may have forgot to mention it here. Just my hypothesis mind, but it could be possible that The Brain Trees were seeded in systems that were specifically swamped toward many of the permit locked systems where we think the Thargoids come from - I'm wondering, if that's the case, that the Brain Trees are a form of organic early warning system - or potential Thargoid inhibitors. It's like a form of security fencing to keep something out (think Jurassic Park, but in the Guardians case, they did it to lock themselves in) - if that's the case, perhaps that's why we never see any Thargoids visit Guardian Ruins: they may be unable to use their hyperspace technology due to the odd frequency waves produced by the Brain Trees (especially if those frequency waves are part of a faster-than-light communications network in some way - what a pain for bio-tech, perhaps?). Of course, if the above is true, then the Thargoids could never have had a hand in wiping out the...
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 9:33 PM · 1577 replies and 71185 views.
    Ok, I thought you were making a literal comparison, sorry for the snark.
  • Bunkerkind Anni's Avatar
    Today, 9:32 PM · 4 replies and 73 views.
    well, i will still buy my weapon at federal stations in hudson control space - unless someone manages to put patreus into place 1. because 30% discount would make that large turret laser or cannon a bit more affordable :D
  • Jmanis's Avatar
    Today, 9:32 PM · 3 replies and 24 views.
    Jmanis replied to a thread Investment in The BGS
    I'd try a bug report; it may be unintentional re: the ceasefires I've seen Investment run at the same time as other states, so that much I know, but didn't think it had an impact on other states.
  • Hossi's Avatar
    Today, 9:31 PM · 31 replies and 2333 views.
    This CG wont be extendet, this cg will simply finish tomorrow. Just like the last thargoid hunting cg.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Today, 9:30 PM · 15 replies and 256 views.
    It's just the foundation guys, don't worry.
  • besieger's Avatar
    Today, 9:30 PM · 40 replies and 2386 views.
    To be perfectly honest, dunking of SJA's work is the fastest route to basically kicking Fdev in the to get them to fix the ATR being so ineffective, I personally wan't to go back to bounty hunting and while the ATR in their current form could be used as a weapon to help in unfair fight where a bounty hunter(me) might face 5 or 6 bad guys at once, currently that's a stupid idea and would get me killed quite fast BUT with the beta ATR I could potentially win that fight by using the ATR as a weapon. the issue though is that the AI is stupid and can be safely kited away from a fight with a single person leaving the others to kill the bounty hunter or trader etc. Giving them unrealistic weapons is not going to prevent murder, it will only speed up the methods used to murder another player causing more frustration as players will have even less time to react, the solution is competent AI that is able to match the ability of a player not cheat its way past a situation in the name of punishment. My hope...
  • Flyinspaghetti's Avatar
    Today, 9:30 PM · 28 replies and 1011 views.
    I'm actually a few ranks through, the issue is I don't think it should take any board flips or station hops in order to get a naval promotion mission let alone 40 of them & definitely not for the first rank. The progression path should work seamlessly without any RNG in terms of progression. The only grind should be doing missions themselves. As for board flipping/instance swapping mechanics as a whole the game is currently rewarding/progressing people for logging out of it, shouldn't the main goal for any game developer be to keep the player in the game i.e. in an active session?
  • TheSynopticVision's Avatar
    Today, 9:29 PM · 75 replies and 2377 views.
    Seems to me that OA's latest is very much in line with the OP's main point, while focusing on “obfuscation through RNG”
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 9:29 PM · 15 replies and 256 views.
    I have to join the other naysayers. Not a raider, just some rust. I love raider packs for their scrapheap challenge look and this does not meet the desired looks. Thank you anyway.
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 PM · 120 replies and 3224 views.
    Not at all relevant to what we're discussing in this thread. FD is intentionally causing players to repeat a grind. There is absolutely no reason why they can't convert our mods to something that is reasonable in the new system. Or were you not around when FD nerfed everyone's Engineering mods to "balance" the game and remapped everything to a lower range? Does everyone forget when FD massively nerfed everything and managed to downgrade everyone's modules without any difficulty?
  • Hunter241's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 PM · 6 replies and 298 views.
    Well there was that Gold and Chrome Annie that was for a blind charity bid One of a kind, wonder how much it went for
  • Wyaston Hypatia's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 PM · 9 replies and 0 views.
    I have 1 Commander as an Ironman with some extra self imposed rules: so that is solo only as no one else is playing the game in to the same rules. 2 Commander is a Softcore, mess about commander: spends most of the time in open, but switches a bit depending upon my moods. So from my perspective there's almost never going to be any changes to which mode I play in. Also for ≈95% of the time Open=Solo.
  • Rojo Habe's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 PM · 4 replies and 47 views.
    Rep for your inverted commas around the word 'game', and for your (almost indescernible) sig ;)
  • Maro-Val's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 PM · 120 replies and 3224 views.
    The new stupid click sim system is fine for someone that has one or two ships, so with 50 or 100 mouse clicks can convert his previously maxed out G5s to the new G5s and he will probably be ok. For me, on the other hand like many other players, that we have like 15 ships and we busted our behinds to max them out because we want simply the best, we now have to do thousands of clicks again just to maintain the corresponding level on the new system. And if you want to be competitive in pvp, or racing, or max out again you jump range then good luck with your punishment in the new system.
  • robbyp's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 PM · 6 replies and 107 views.
    Will add and check this weekend.. may take.a few days as we are waiting for Ian's update
  • Garfs's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 PM · 2 replies and 54 views.
    Thanks man. I thought that was the case
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