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  • Sterling MH's Avatar
    Today, 8:59 PM · 274 replies and 3243 views.
    Then your failures must be because the pitiful ignorance and failures on your part are the result of your best effort. Sad. "The planets looked great to me prior to the latest update. " And you know that they are 100% identical now before post processing? No. Again you know only what you know and dunning and kruger make you think you know vastly more.
  • graflex22's Avatar
    Today, 8:59 PM · 43 replies and 1285 views.
    graflex22 replied to a thread Hotas one yaw twitch in Xbox One
    so, i just did this repair. cleaned the Poteniometer with some electronics cleaner and gave the blue, grey and white wires a little slack. i let it all dry, added a little liquid electrical tape to the blue, grey and white wire leads going into the Poteniometer, i had accidentily knocked off the factory bit of clear insulation, and the yaw issue is fixed. thanks for the tip and the link.
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 153 replies and 2720 views.
    Or they could listen to the feedback and implement something that makes the majority of explorers happy. Personally I'd take ANYTHING that allowed me to target a body and fly to it instead of playing the minigame and I guarantee that every other player who wants some form of ADS mechanism will be equally happy. They could even have a forum for focused feedback on their ideas, before they implement them. Not sure what they'd call that though.
  • Maolagin's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 31 replies and 734 views.
    I will grant, it should really be something like "first scanned" for stars. After all, every star in the galaxy is already known to Galmap, so they were presumably all "discovered" by some sort of automated survey sometime over the past thousand years.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 359 replies and 12395 views.
    Some gems in that thread. Are they saying they are fine with CIG doing dodgy legal stuff in order to protect their cash? OP has zero info? Erm, he's posted the link direct from companies house. Info provided by CIG to the UK government.
  • krautbernd's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 274 replies and 3243 views.
    Yeah - if they blend together. Yet you're able to discern diffrent colors on your screen. Even here, if you get close enough. I guess distance plays a role. Like the distance between the local star and the background.
  • Para Handy's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 550 replies and 69722 views.
    Now with an "Apache licence agreement" - is this something new? I don't remember ever seeing that before.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 274 replies and 3243 views.
    I'm not sure which is sadder, that the thread has been derailed, or that you all fell for it...
  • Kort's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 2 replies and 63 views.
    Kort replied to a thread Space versus surface POI in Horizons
    No. You get the safe to exit supercruies message but I just ignore it and as you get cloer to the surface your ship goes into orbital flight and then glide mode. Definitely not the way it was before the patch. Not a game killer, just annoying.
  • rhiz's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 274 replies and 3243 views.
    I never lost it, and I'm not so vain to care whenever I do - “The distant that separates me from myself suffices to cure me of the judgement of others.” as Artaud once wrote ;). The planets looked great to me prior to the latest update. Just for your own reference, this is the kind of thing that's going on with these shaders - fundamentally, it's not inordinately complicated (you'll find more on sites like Shadertoy etc). As I said, I'm only talking about the post-processing effects:
  • Straha Yeagar's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 PM · 21 replies and 358 views.
    The Codex really is quite a bit different than many of us envisioned. It is indeed just a list of things that can be found. Nothing comprehensive about it. It will show the very first discovery of a particular type in a particular region. That is what shows up as reported. Once something has been found, that is the only time it will show up in the Codex. One the player has found the same type of thing anywhere in the region, it goes confirmed. That is the one and only thing that gets listed there for the player. So at most, each entry will show two entries. First reported, and confirmed. If the player is the first one to find the thing in the region, they will only show one entry. The Records in the players confirmation entry in their Codex does not update or change. It only shows the stats of the confirmation system, and indicates them as records.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 PM · 153 replies and 2720 views.
    I am deliberately pointing out that there are groups of people complaining that the FSS is simultaneously "too much work" and "too easy". Hence the only logical conclusion that is that these two extremes are the outlier positions, and the consensus lies in the middle. You can't please everyone, hence, the FSS must have hit that goldilocks sweet spot of just the right amount of effort for the reward.
  • BradHann's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 PM · 4 replies and 64 views.
    If you're looking for the perfect getaway for you and your family, the Galactic Tourist Information Board has over 600 of the galaxy's finest holiday destinations on file.
  • thebigb59's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 PM · 118 replies and 2971 views.
    thebigb59 replied to a thread [3.3 Horizons] Crashed (Error CE-34878-0) in PlayStation 4 Bug Reports
    whatever you do, dont try to log multiple times it will crash your ps4
  • Larash's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 PM · 1 replies and 7 views.
    Larash replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3 Horizons] Game crash when exit FSS mode in PC Bug Reports
    +1 Had the same bug several times today. In combination with the 'unresponsive keyboard bug' game is barely playable right now
  • Sterling MH's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 PM · 274 replies and 3243 views.
    No, X4 is one by egosoft. They didn't do anything to Elite. And frontier had no hand in X4. X4 gives you a colour grading. Because people said it looked odd and strange. And what they did was resolvable via this method and they did it. Egosoft did not let you take something they did off, they gve you several things they did and you can choose out of that list. They did not have "This is the style we want" then change it, then give an option to go back. It was originally the cartoonish one and they gave a less vibrant colour grading for those who claimed the popping colours was cartoon like. But even if we take it as meaningless hyperbole: We don't know if FD CAN resolve it this way. We don't know if FD did the same thing Egosoft did. We don't know it will be liked if FD did something like this.
  • Crumly's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 0 replies and 1 views.
    Hi. I haven't played much since 2.0 I stopped playing before engineers. I've tried to get back into the game a couple times and got one of my ships grade 4 FSD, but around that time the engineer rework was pending so I kinda lost interest waiting for that to happen. I'm looking to get back into the game now fully, all the updates look so good. But, the problems. When I played a lot back in the day my main acitivty was bounty hunting i kept level 5 with ALD power play. My ship of choice was the Clipper, mostly due to the look, I felt like I could handle any NPC's back then with the clipper even though I felt like it was pretty subpar for combat. I had a FDL, back then if you got your ship "a-rated" that was pretty good. But I really didn't enjoy the FDL appearance, sound, and the windshield especially. Obviously it had the firepower and great shields though. So when I came back previously, I thought I could still make the clipper work. My pilot skills were degraded and the NPC's were seriously ME UP....
  • Manticore's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 31 replies and 347 views.
    Well said.
  • RELSPI's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 10 replies and 159 views.
    Turrets lel
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