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  • Maro-Val's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 PM · 29 replies and 498 views.
    Fleet carriers? I thought everyone understood by the wording on that announcement, that fleet carriers were pushed so far away in the future, that someone can easily use the word "cancelled".
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 PM · 7 replies and 264 views.
    metatheurgist replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.03 Horizons] Mystery mission objectives in PC Bug Reports
    They existed before Tip Offs actually. They used to be signal sources containing T9s that would magically teleport cargo from your hold for a better than average price. Now they have the mission signal source colors and apparently ask you before they steal your cargo.
  • Powderpanic's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 94 replies and 2505 views.
    It reduces the gap for griefers running meta ships. This will make it easier to beat a pvp meta boi. So it certainly won’t make griefing easier. The plan is to make pve and non meta builds a viable fighter by making the apex predator weaker and not really affecting anything else Powderpanic The Voice of Griefing
  • QA-Ant801's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 2 replies and 59 views.
    QA-Ant801 replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.05 - Horizons] Lost ship and data at PO3 in PC Bug Reports
    Greetings Commander Reckless, Thank you for your report, I have sent the information to HQ for further investigation. Fly Safe o7
  • GraphiteGB's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 6 replies and 75 views.
    Conflict zones are still disabled so people can take your time picking a sides.. Note that the Sides have different stations to hand in combat bonds...
  • duffbeeeer's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 270 replies and 7717 views.
    Didnt watch any youtuber or read any reviews about anthem. Tried the origin demo 3 weeks ago and was slightly suprised how good this plays apart from quirks like long loading, no stats page, terirrible UI etc. Now our discord is filled with people who are addicted to anthem. Firing a colossus autocannon is so damn satisfiyng and yet so simple. I predict a great future for this game aslong EA doesnt drop it like a hot potato.
  • biot's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM · 41 replies and 611 views.
    Agree with your whole post, and the above also describes my situation. From DWE2 alone I have over 1k systems and 14k bodies scanned in the FSS and I am still eager to continue. I know I would already be struggling to keep motivated with the "old" way.
  • Deejayeff145's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM · 71 replies and 1270 views.
    Normal weapons doing guardian/ax levels if damage and further buffs to guardian / ax weapons for Thargoid hunters. Then the flip side being the possibility of being hyperdicted anywhere by thargoids who will be immediately hostile when they drag you out of witch space. Now there's the game I wanted.
  • amigacooke's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM · 136 replies and 6925 views.
    amigacooke replied to a thread LIVESTREAM New stream series: Frontier Xtra in News Bulletins
    On a point of pedantry, we haven't paid for extra content, we just paid for the same content in advance.
  • Rob At Work's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM · 5 replies and 97 views.
    How much do you want for your kidneys? and could you throw in a bit of liver?
  • RolloTreadway's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM · 75 replies and 2822 views.
    The expedition will be stopping there for a couple of weeks, as far as I know, so if you want to nip back a few thousand light years for a shipyard, there's still time!
  • Kietrax's Avatar
    Today, 5:05 PM · 27 replies and 1439 views.
    Looks like this could well be a player submitted CG, so that faction was probably aware a couple of days back this was coming and someone decided to add it to Inara ...
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM · 16 replies and 87 views.
    Rebranding. It's called Biosurgery now.
  • Cosmos's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM · 2569 replies and 59398 views.
    I have to chuckle. Seven years after the KS was funded folks are still arguing about the same thing.
  • Evoflash's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM · 5 replies and 97 views.
    I would be rejected as a customer due to my terrible landings and generally awful piloting resulting in excess wear of the actuators.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 5:03 PM · 2569 replies and 59398 views.
    We should not try to make the game 'troll free'. Not because that is not a preferred state of the game for me, it is, but because it can't be done. The restrictions that need to be imposed would be so intrusive it would affect the game of PvPers as well. I'm quite happy to avoid the trolls using the in game methods and engage with them in the forums, since they always display such lovely cases of cognitive dissonance and it's fun to tease them with that. Providing an area where only PvE is possible won't split PvP from PvE. This is apparent in Open being the most popular mode, while only a minority of players engage in PvP. It is already possible to enter an environment which is strictly PvE. Solo, Mobius, Fleetcomm. The issue with those, apart from Solo, is that is provides inadequate tools to maintain such an environment. The reason I can be found there is simple. I like my game and it's participants to behave as if they're part of the environment. When gankers put themselves outside of that...
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 5:03 PM · 2 replies and 71 views.
    aRJay replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Fight for Drevlyada League (Combat) in Community Goals
    You need to get your priorities right! Start with the offer of free tea and biscuits.
  • Kryxix's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 PM · 6 replies and 75 views.
    OK, but who is General Kendrick? What is the role of Aislin here? Does she helps the anarchists or she is just an accidental outsider? Who is behind the Labour of Drevlyada democratic fation? I have 25 mins until my Corvette arrives in the area to enter battle, but uncertain of which side I wd take. System controller is Drevlyada League, so with doing missions for the other minors, League willl be tanked badly (EDSM stats). Anyway how can 4525 millions of ppl live on Drevlyada ABC 1 planet, whats radius is only 5339 kms?
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 PM · 27 replies and 1439 views.
    aRJay replied to a thread COMPLETED CG Merope Security Escort (Bounty Hunting) in Community Goals
    Probaly a computer or human made a mistake, it has been known to happen, and sent or published the information early.
  • Krash's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 PM · 17 replies and 178 views.
    Now we need an obligatory "Open letter to FD" thread today. chop chop.
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