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  • dannysquid's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 43 replies and 527 views.
    Yes, you don't really need it for NPCs. A lot of boosting in directions that aren't straight towards your enemy works for me.
  • Shnyrik's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 85 replies and 1703 views.
    Difficult to argue with that :) But still those pink gas giants looked awesome, sad to see them go.
  • Rooster Podunk's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    I''d sacrifice that 2.5 ly jump difference between a 4c fuel tank and 5c fuel tank. You'll still be over 60 ly.
  • Ulon Origal's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 39 replies and 746 views.
    I don't see this as big problem. After all you can formally leave the squadron to hide your allegiance, if necessary. Not being in the squadron doesn't prevent you from supporting a group or engaging in covert activities for it.
  • Shir's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    That's a solid build. I would either carry a second AFMU, although you can reboot the first one and it works again if needed, or carry a cargo rack case i find something i want to carry. Also a second heat sink launcher isn't needed, since with some preparation you can easily have a hundred refills available through synthesis with only one onboard. Finally i like to carry a mining laser or mining lance if you have access to it. Just in case you need or feel like getting materials in an asteroid ring.
  • GODofDUTY83's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 43 replies and 527 views.
    Manoeuvring nowadays is heavily tied to boosting. I remember when I could manoeuvre my Vulture onto Conda rears and stick it there with no boosting required at all. Just constant thruster control to keep pace and sit there hammering until it goes pop. It wasn't very exciting. Combat is more fast pace now with more effort required to maintain position and thank Fdev for it. I never want to see the deathroll again.
  • h347h's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 99 replies and 2884 views.
    The restricted modules are supposed to represent a role for a ship. People wanted more role definition for ships a fee years ago. It was nice because it balanced out ships so they couldn't stack modules making other ships competitive in their roles while making sure multi purpose ships weren't going to be the kings of Elite. It IMHO was a great step forward in making the game more interesting. I hope they don't go through with this because it's just one more drop in the bucket for making things more bland.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 18 replies and 232 views.
    I cannot un-see this comment. Who's your favourite Handegg team?
  • rote1's Avatar
    Today, 4:52 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I am currently preparing for the mining update and am considering the Cutter as my new vessel for it. Is there anything about it that make it unsuitable for mining that I am not aware of? I do know that if your plans for the day include braking that it would not be the first choice but other than that the maneuverability seem to be adequate enough for the job. For those of you that use the Cutter for mining, what are its disadvantages in your mind?
  • MQC's Avatar
    Today, 4:52 PM · 1350 replies and 91312 views.
    Desde luego, con todo lo problemático y complejo que ha sido su desarrollo, y todo lo problemático y dificil de su release inicial, viendo en el estado actual en el que se encuentra No Man's Sky, para mi desde luego el trabajo de Hello Games y Sean Murray es de diez, más allá de que subjetivamente el juego pueda parecer mejor o peor, más divertido o aburrido, o enganchar más o menos sus mecánicas. Es un tercer ejemplo de como realizar las cosas; - Frontier hizo su Kickstarter con su idea de sacar ED en un estado "gold", y después sacar expasiones, con la grandisima capacidad de haber podido sacar su juego en consolas y, además, haber desarrollado otros 2 juegos más (y los que quedan). - CIG hizo su Kickstarter con la idea de sacar SQ42 (lo que inicialmente se suponía que iba a ser SC) y tras su magnífica y merecida acogida, y el impresionante ritmo de recaudación, decidieron optar por un proyecto mucho más ambicioso, mucho más complejo de realizar, sin una fecha definida para su salida, y con un metodo...
  • Malkevin's Avatar
    Today, 4:50 PM · 4 replies and 78 views.
    Well given they've not released a paid expansion for a couple of years I'm guessing elite's business model is now for cosmetic items, so making the base game free does make sense.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 4:50 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Can anyone with experience give me the big pros & cons between the two? My purchase of a 1060 has put me out of the VR game, but it also means I can now comfortably buy one of the non-VR alternatives without worry. :)
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 4:49 PM · 167 replies and 2901 views.
    You don't leave constructive feedback though. All you do is complain that you will not be able to explore like before. Will that will be the same for all of us. Now if you tried the new system (which I know you haven't) and came up with ways to improve it, then that would be constructive feedback. So far all you have done is say the opposite and talked about something you haven't tried and have no experience with. Seeing someone else use it on a stream is vastly different to using and trying it yourself. If they are wrong and bugged, they should be fixed.
  • CARDAR's Avatar
    Today, 4:49 PM · 2118 replies and 116704 views.
    CARDAR replied to a thread Star Citizen in Otros Temas
    Ni idea que es lo que tienen que rebatirte, pero es poco probable que nadie te haya dado argumentos. No se a que te refieres con "pisito", ni idea cual es ese "Nazareno". Te pido el favor de escribir de manera más general y sin tantas referencias locales, es difícil entender lo que quieres decir. Tenga o no auditoría externa la información financiera de una empresa, puede generar dudas; pero las dudas solo son eso. Cuando hay información clara y veraz sobre algo se debe atender, pero las dudas no significan nada, los datos y los hechos sí tienen relevancia. Puedes dudar todo lo que quieras de algo, pero eso no hace que tus dudas sean la realidad. No entiendo lo de las patas, las naves tienen tren de aterrizaje o bueno patas, pero que tiene que ver eso, las patas de las naves... pues los dos juegos tiene patas en las naves. Sobre temática espacial pues sí tienes razón es un criterio muy general para comparar. No se que es dar por C, pero ¿cómo diablos cuantificas el coeficiente de alguien con una...
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 PM · 8282 replies and 449782 views.
    I am glad to see people here are accepting what has been routinely dismissed before: This topic is not about discussing the development of a game, but indeed often about angry and frustrated attempts to 'stick it' to other gamers because of some perceived slight, often from many years ago. And this is really the heart of it. You, and others here, have already determined that any opinion deviating from yours is from either clueless people or fanatics. Its a pre-emptive ad hominem before the discussion has even began, and before you even know who you are talking to. It is a quasi-religious mindset that makes it completely impossible to have any kind of reasonable discussion. And while you are at least honest about it, this is the prevailing mindset in this topic.
  • dayrth's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    I'd fit a small mining laser. For that time when you find yourself in a dead end with no landable planets with the right mats and you don't have enough jumponium to get back.
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 PM · 4 replies and 35 views.
    +1, adding this right below the planet's type in the top-center would be ideal.
  • Killnine's Avatar
    Today, 4:47 PM · 143 replies and 2757 views.
    Misty_Dark is totally echoing my own sentiment: risks belong in the game, but they need to be fair - they need to concern everyone and be in proportion to rewards. This is just basic game design, should be a no-brainer. For the life of me, I cannot see any reason why seal clubbers should get a free pass to inflict misery on others. Sure, there's very little in-game reward in it for them, but that's never been a part of the equation, since their reward is salt, not credits or rank. And since their effect on the general health of the game community is negative, of course the game should discourage it more than it does. I think the biggest mystery is why the heck are so many defending the status quo? Are they seal clubbers themselves or just having a conservative knee-jerk reaction to any and all changes? A lot of suggestions to improve the situation do just that: improve things pretty much for everyone, with the exception of seal clubbers and griefers (and rightly so). Why do "legit PvPers" feel threatened,...
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 4:46 PM · 1628 replies and 211806 views.
    I think for me, my issue is that my plans for ED rely on 3.3 now. We'll see how I feel when the update drops. It's why I'm instead building a custom voice pack right now. It's to pass the time waiting.
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