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  • Ozram's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 94 replies and 2686 views.
    Is it from Sol or from your starting point?
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 2373 replies and 203992 views.
    indeed. There is maybe hope for S42 to come sooner but is anyone expecting anything close to a complete SC before 2019? I must admit that is my level of expectation. any sooner and i will be happily surprised.
  • EValve's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 AM · 14 replies and 282 views.
    Not sure if it has been mentioned already, this: tripled the fun for me. Following Neutron stars to locations, explore specific areas without worries about the length of both the trip to and back. I used an engineered Annie at 55 ly, hopping neutron to neutron 215ly jump after jump. I set the efficiency at 50% and roughly calculate some schemes around to see if there's any route containing less jumps to my destination. For example you can travel to Colonia (22.000 ly), by travelling 26.000 ly, you can reduce the jumps to 157 instead of 463!
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Even for a focused player who knew where to pick his targets and killed them efficiently, that would be around 8200 kills. The explosion animation takes 3.2 seconds-ish, let's say 5 seconds if you want the viewer to see what ship it was before it blew up. 5*8200=41000 seconds or 11.4 hours, let's say we played it at double speed, that's still 5.7 hours of nothing but ships exploding in fast forward. :) It;s a great idea, I just can't think of an implementation that would be watchable. :)
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 236 replies and 6162 views.
    lol, it's nice when that happens.
  • MelanieFox's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 5 replies and 51 views.
    Sorry i can't make a Video of the Problem anymore. The planet approach glitch disappeared for me today with the new AMD Radeon 17.7.2 Driver. I also had a glitch when switching to the camera suite (Ship Front) looking at my Corvette. The Textures of the vette flickered in black pixels. This also disappeared. From what i understand there are some Shader Cache improvements in the 17.7.2 Driver.
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    ACED is surprisingly rare. Going to a high-population system in lockdown and scanning the authority ships in SC is usually a good bet for harvesting mats that come from scanning combat ships. You can quickly reset the instance for a new batch of ships by dropping to normal space and low waking again. I picked up one ACED like that yesterday while collecting untypical shield scans.
  • ArchEmperor's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 83 replies and 1547 views.
    Green is the new black.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 9:49 AM · 47 replies and 618 views.
    Agreed. There are no hardware limitations at the moment for PG generated atmospheric planets and that includes the consoles.
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 AM · 84 replies and 11049 views.
    Yeh went there in my Python for a bit, two Anaconda's in a wing were blocking the slot (not intentionally I don't think) as one seemed to be having trouble getting in and just kept ramming my poor Python out of the way! Once I reversed a bit he got in fine, big fat of his. LOL. It was all very smooth and I had no lag even though the station was brimming with hollow squares! May this continue!
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 AM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    You can do it (buy racks, then store them, then buy more, then store them) but you just have to keep trying. I found that I got two connection errors per re-buy. I persisted and now have 4 racks in storage for later use.
  • tralalakk's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 AM · 60 replies and 2833 views.
    yep got the same problem did 8 of them yesterday and it still says i got 2 even in the stats and in the enginners page
  • xRebel-Scumx's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 AM · 96 replies and 2505 views.
    well...I see my attempt to de-salinate this thread with some light humour and a popular sci-fi movie reference was removed :( I wondered how long it would take for the ps4 forum to turn into mos eisley,it was fun while it lasted
  • Jayridium's Avatar
    Today, 9:46 AM · 15 replies and 240 views.
    Jayridium replied to a thread 1080 ti Upgrade in Virtual Reality
    I run an asus strix gtx1080ti on a reelatively modest i7-4770k +16gb ram, like others in this thread, I'm neurotic about noise, so I have a pair of bitfenix fans acting as inlets, one 200mm & one 230mm and one 140mm fan acting as exhaust. When running speedfan the computer is silent; the loudest thing in my office is the fridge in the kitchen which is the next room along. Although it goes without saying that when gaming there is some increase in noise, but not enough that you can hear it when playing the games in VR, even playing on screen, the reduced load is enough to keep the computer inaudible against the games at moderate volume on speakers. The performance is as astounding as the silent operation, so I'd thoroughly rerecommend the asus strix 1080ti.
  • through the hole backwards's Avatar
    Today, 9:46 AM · 94 replies and 2686 views.
    I read it , and duly noted that it was irrelevant , if you want to unlock Palin then you need to do the 5000 ly . By all means do a magic mission for an engineer , start a gold rush , fill you space trousers with bio waste , your choice , but the game mechanic precludes you from unlocking Palin unless you travel 5000 ly from Sol. Its not difficult to understand , and its not very difficult to do.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 9:46 AM
    Severity Minor Frequency Most of the time (75%) Time of occurrence 06:00 GMT Date of occurrence
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  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 AM · 47 replies and 618 views.
    i beg to differ and the one half here love to hate on
  • dognosh's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 AM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Thanks for this, I was about to head there to buy 5 or 6. If you are still there, can you buy 2 or more as long as you install them ? (might come with empty slotted Conda)
  • smegunit's Avatar
    Today, 9:43 AM · 174 replies and 5769 views.
    That's great for a Sidewinder but if you do that with a t9 you'll overshoot half the landingpads. You can only come in at speed if you know you'll be landing at the back of the station.
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 9:43 AM · 1 replies and 11 views.
    QA-Jonny replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] Still cannot select map bookmarks in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey Evil Flanker, we are aware of this happening and it is under investigation. Thank you for reporting.
  • Splendour's Avatar
    Today, 9:43 AM · 151 replies and 5784 views.
    Now my Golden Viper can be even more bling :) And I'm happy my Sidewinder can keep the old gold - it goes better with the blue engines and blue/white lights
  • MarktJones's Avatar
    Today, 9:43 AM · 2373 replies and 203992 views.
    Indeed what I find weird/disappointing really is it was 100% FPS and pretty standard at that. Though there is saluting and dancing. Is there any spaceship combat in the stream? I suppose that makes sense, using it as a method to test the netcode until it can handle the numbers they want (if that is possible is a different discussion). Edit: Ultimately it feels very far from complete.
  • Mole HD's Avatar
    Today, 9:43 AM · 2373 replies and 203992 views.
    The streamers vid showed his perspective of the game...ignoring the chat and being a knob mostly. I wish I had recorded what the rest of us were doing as he was wandering around bumping into walls on a ship. Boring is what it was, how he got enjoyment of being a tool in a live stream. All I would suggest is that some of us who play or have played in the baby PU ...for what it is at the moment...had a decent time doing so and mostly ignore the agendas and wailing of forum warriors on both sides of the grand spectacle to do so. The baby PU is merely a PvP oriented combat section of an alpha release product. None of us playing it pretend it's anything else, but it can be good fun. I don't care what fancy tech demos CiG show me, they mean absolutely nothing until I'm playing what's shown in the vids....but I do use them as a tool to judge if it might be worth playing or not...and at the moment, it seems so. Time will tell. Once 3.0 releases...assuming it does in some form or other, maybe it'll be better,...
  • dognosh's Avatar
    Today, 9:42 AM
    Severity Minor Frequency Once (<1%) Time of occurrence 9:30 Date of occurrence
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  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 9:42 AM
    Severity Severe Frequency Most of the time (75%) Time of occurrence 06:00 GMT Date of occurrence
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