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  • CMDR IPL Victim's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM · 20 replies and 332 views.
    What? No one is using Merchantile Transport Vessel? MTV Money aint fer nuthin
  • Dinoken's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 6 replies and 300 views.
    I do not doubt that - as they are likely wanting some feedback - to help determine the species and direction the next update/DLC will take. Still - given Frontier's history - I wouldn't be surprised if we get another update/DLC in the August- September time frame, and then another update/DLC in November/ December. As they tend to release new updates/DLCs about once every 3 months(on average) for their other games.
  • That90skid's Avatar
    Today, 4:03 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    A lot of people have different accents. Allowing people to group up in one squadron from all over the world. its really hard to distinguish what people are saying while working together. Wing fights against others especially. Communication is important. Those extra sounds make it hard to understand your buddies. We just end up using discord instead. Id like to some a bit of improvement in the voice communications. Thanks!
  • Kiwirat's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 AM · 29 replies and 986 views.
    I agree in principle with the OP. Of all my clan friends who joined this game I am the only one left. They all left because of the monotonous grind. I am of the older vintage 60+ and hang in there because I love the concept, the depth, the graphics etc, however the sheer grind is slowly wearing me down and my breaks from the game are getting longer and longer. ED is now competing against similar genre and many other less grindy and exciting games. I really wish they would up their game, do the basic fixes they have not done for many months (check out the bugs list!!). Like many others I have only so many hours a week.. After year 4 of trying my patience, ED has lost most of that patience and hours now. Oh... and if anyone asks if they can have my stuff.. hell no!!.. there could be a fix coming.. maybe.. just maybe..or maybe
  • Serenity03's Avatar
    Today, 4:00 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Serenity03 started a thread Meta Discussion Need More Ship Role Possibilities in Ships of Elite
    Hey Cmdrs, I am looking for assistance in finding new roles for ships. I have created over 125 ships for all the Power Players and Superpowers. Each ship with a specific role. I need more reasons to build more ships! Maybe you know of some other roles and specific load outs that you have created. You can check out my builds by clicking on my banner below. The ship roles I have so far and the ships I have used in these roles are: * Ship(s) I think is best in that role Note: all my ships have docking comps. Combat - Must have Military grade armor, largest shield possible and guns. Collector limpets optional. (Eagles, Vipers, Vulture, Chieftain, Python*, Assault, Asps, Diamondbacks, Fer de Lance)
  • GraXXoR's Avatar
    Today, 3:59 AM · 20 replies and 332 views.
    GraXXoR replied to a thread Ship prefixes in Dangerous Discussion
    Careful, I got a probation for avoiding the swear filter like that. Suppose it depends on who’s on duty.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 21 replies and 770 views.
    I've seen many of these long term issues logged as bugs. I don't recall anyone logging the Cr/hr rush instances as bugs, but man do they ever get fixed. High Cr/Hr developments draw in players. Poor mission mechanics repel players. Therefore the poor mission mechanics affect fewer players than do the high Cr/Hr developments. That's the only logic I can imagine FDev using to prioritize the former as DEFCON 1 while the latter is back page material.
  • jessydion's Avatar
    Today, 3:54 AM · 1514 replies and 95307 views.
    I know right!?!
  • That90skid's Avatar
    Today, 3:52 AM · 353 replies and 15334 views.
    Are you literally complaining about playing the game? Go play the game.
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Today, 3:50 AM · 165 replies and 7609 views.
    Hooplah, If you travel that far to see her and she doesn't want to know, then you deserve better( beetah). I'm sure there's plenty women that would appreciate someone giving enough of a **** to travel that far.
  • D.D.Hariman's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 AM · 3 replies and 155 views.
    D.D.Hariman replied to a thread Ship cockpit update in Horizons
    Go here and have fun.. >>>> <<< I like this one. <MatrixRed> 0.5, 0.3, 0.5 </MatrixRed> <MatrixGreen> 0, 0.5, 0 </MatrixGreen> <MatrixBlue> .2, 0, 0 </MatrixBlue>
  • Kurama 1100's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 AM · 7 replies and 296 views.
    You can safely turn off your FSD while gliding, you'll keep going. Not sure why you'd do that though. How do you do that if you drop outside the range to request docking?
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 AM · 165 replies and 7609 views.
    Accents. If the British got anything right,... It took more than five hours... Before the aeroplane was invented... But before that...
  • Jdalbertson's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 AM · 15 replies and 502 views.
    Hello, I play on the X-Box One and the voices were working for the 1st week. They just stopped working today. I went to the settings and the Voice slider is at 100%. The Accessibility is unchecked. I get the subtitles just no voices. jdalbertson
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 AM · 165 replies and 7609 views.
    The Thargoids are saving Sandro,.. for desert.
  • eyeonus's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 AM · 2719 replies and 434540 views.
    Added recursionLimitedFit and simpleFit fit functions to tradecalc. Pushed to my branch. Read the commit log, please. EDIT: Oh yes, here's Mark's run with simpleFit: >python run --fr="Orang/Bessel Gateway" --cap=720 --cr=11b --ly=24.73 --empty=37.61 --pad=L --hops=2 --jum=3 --loop --summary -vv --progress * Hop 1: .........1 origins * Hop 2: .....1,519 origins .. 15,120-2,499,933cr gain, 21-3,472cr/ton Orang/Bessel Gateway -> Orang/Bessel Gateway (score: 1647462.880436) Load from Orang/Bessel Gateway (89ls, BMk:N, Pad:L, Plt:N, Shp:Y, Out:Y, Ref:Y):
  • Kurama 1100's Avatar
    Today, 3:31 AM · 265 replies and 9305 views.
    And guess what? I as a player never perceived the environment ED really is until I read the numbers. Once again, the game doesn't produce good assumptions on its player base to match the actual dimensions of ships or stations. Even so, I as a pilot would like to be able to grab something in case of a crash or agitations, again, doesn't make much sense.
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Today, 3:30 AM · 353 replies and 15334 views.
    I would go into Open but I haven't got an Engineer... (to the tune of This Charming Man by The Smiths) I would, but to go through all that, just to get on the same level of shields or whatever it is you boiz sniff around for. I mean, what's the point? Go in open and someone destroys your ship because they spent more time in an SRV collecting stuff. Yeah, okay.
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