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  • evanevery's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 PM · 51 replies and 603 views.
    1. VR actually ISN'T suited to MOST games. However it is well suited to ED. Very many games try to figure out how a player moves around (especially without getting sick). ED (and other games in which you remain seated) are the only ones which really offer the requisite immersion. 2. You don't do VR with head tracking and multiple monitors. You need a proper HMD to experience it properly. Head Tracking and monitors is NOT VR...
  • Mrat's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 PM · 38 replies and 807 views.
    Or, lose some cargo space for a badass shield, boosters and all, then equip shock mines to slow your opponent down. Then you can afford to low wake.
  • meusmc's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 PM
    meusmc started a thread SRV stability in Exploration I bought I hanger and an SRV at Colonia before I headed off to the deep again, and I played around with it a little while still in the Colonia system, to make sure I didn't kill myself later on. THEN, I head off and end up playing around on some airless moon with the a Grand Canyon on it, and that is when I learn that ED doesn't have a dynamic that keeps the SRV glued to the ground like Mass Effect does. Yes, yes, I know. Why would it, this is supposed to be a near-realistic game in terms of physics and what not. I find myself tumbling in .1 g down a 1.2 kilometer deep canyon, end over end. All I can see are space/rock/space/rock until I finally come to a rest on my wheels close to the bottom. If it had been a high gravity world I'd have been boned. Lesson to the story? Don't play stupid games in your buggy when you're trying to go down a canyon wall, or gravity will reach out and say hello. Also, it isn't very hard to tip these guys if you aren't paying attention.
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  • Alex Brentnall's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    Depends on the ship, opponent, tactics and skill level. If you are in a Vulture vs an Anaconda with low DPS weapons like lasers and a high skill I'd go bi-weave as you will sit mostly in the enemy blind spot picking away. Same with a Cutter/clipper/cobra where you can out-run anything you need to and let your shields recharge. For big slow things like Anacondas and Gunships and/or stuff you plan to literally go head to head until one or the other breaks its obviously prismatic/normal shields. I think somewhere there is someone with some maths that shows theoretically biweave with boosters modified for resistance over pure Mj is better than a tank going for maximum Mj value. However, in my experience and opinion it is entirely dependant on all the factors in the equation and what/how you decide to fight. As above RES for engagement to engagement it's biweave unless you are picking on the big targets where you really need the extra Mj.
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 PM · 46 replies and 924 views.
    Factabulous replied to a thread Maia Thargoid missions in Aliens
    Good point - when I went to see the scout it was bare as others in the group had nabbed everything - might add the scout as an option
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    What ship? Reason I'm asking is all ships have unique shield modifiers = different raw strength. For example, a Size 4A shield on a Cobra Mk III gives 120-something mj shield. The same shield generator gives... Well it gives a higher mj reading on a Viper Mk IV.
  • Heavy Johnson's Avatar
    Today, 9:46 PM · 139 replies and 15251 views.
    Just landed here - hard. Tried to land fast to reduce damage, and misjudged. 10% hull, woo! Was able to dismiss ship before it melted.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Today, 9:46 PM · 9 replies and 57 views.
    Supply is boosted when a station is in boom state. For leathery eggs the supply jumps to 15.
  • Kingtutuk's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 PM
    Looking on at ship builds and i notice that the big 3 ships have "Restricted Compartments" What are they used for? or are they for something yet to be implemented?
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  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    In a res zone you don't want to wait 10 minutes for your shields to recharge between every engagement. If you just go through single combat events like assassinations or interdictions, the higher shield value matters more than the recharge. So it really depends on what you are planning to do.
  • Apos's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    Depends on what you want to do. Bi-weaves are great for BH where you get time windows without being damaged. This might not be the case when, for example, you get swarmed in a combat zone and you could use the extra strength.
  • Heavenly-Hammer's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 PM · 59 replies and 1196 views.
    CH Products are love. CH Products are life.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 PM · 28 replies and 530 views.
    CMDR Thrust (Bradford) took both pills.
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 9:45 PM · 16 replies and 237 views.
    You will be amazingly disappointed. The jump range is abysmal on a great roll. Do you know what ship out-jumps a Corvette? All of them.
  • relayer's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 PM · 165 replies and 3124 views.
    Yup. and for any worried about "in-game tools" you can learn to read the in-game trade tools: the galmap will show you routes, supply and demand, prices at various places... most people don't even use the "change display to" on the Marketplace page, which has a bunch of different filters to apply. Otherwise, it's just gathered wisdom over experience time - this clued me in on stuff more profitable than Imp slaves or metals, like medical supplies to war zones. People will spend ages engineering & tuning a ship but most won't apply the same technique to trading. There's a lot more to it than "ship A to B, return B to A" if you really want to make the big spacebux.
  • nanite2000's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 PM · 29 replies and 623 views.
    I can only assume that FDev have several unfinished planetary POIís in-game that they donít want players to discover too soon, because Iím struggling to think why they wouldnít do this otherwise.
  • Dr_Acula's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 PM · 2 replies and 52 views.
    Dr_Acula replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.4.03] No FED rank promotion in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Seems solved yesterday night. For the first time in months, two federal navy missions showed up. Seems that I have two levels to rank up and this is what finally happened. Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience.
  • joshman72nd's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 PM · 5 replies and 129 views.
    hate it..... iv killed quite a few and had to do a emergency brave robbin from the station. didnt quiet make it on the last one.
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