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  • Ursagi's Avatar
    Today, 9:01 AM · 9738 replies and 962675 views.
    Поддержку, не только в ЗК но и в ресах и просто если НПЦ перехватывает или по заданию на убивство. ПО щитам ракеты не летают, но стоит щиту упасть почти у всех есть ракетница с сикерами и в тебя начинает влетать. Если в таких случаях нет point defence то становится больно.
  • Diederick's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 2 replies and 42 views.
    According to the proposal you'd only be able to split a 3 into 2x1, not a 2x2. Can you name examples of ships that would become too powerful?
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 27 replies and 2488 views.
    As I've recently winged up a lot with him, he's really efficient at that killing thing :D
  • uliando's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 AM
    Ok we all know this game balance immersion breaker called network engine. But what if you're flying solo or alone far from other players/NPCs, can't we just get speed limit lifted from us? Orbiting small moon at 2000m/s, or just suicide run of 10000m/s in asteroid fields, not supercruise but pure fun speed. Obviously when NPC/player enters proximity you get speed reduction for gameplay reasons but this fun cruise man that would be awesome. Also engineering faster FSD that can supercruise faster? Please?
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  • Marra's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 AM · 21 replies and 194 views.
    It certainly does! :) And yes, I wholly support the ability to hatchbreak and swipe passengers in the form of escape pods / stasis thingies and being able to black market them into slavery. I've mentioned it a few times :o
  • Durden T.'s Avatar
    Today, 8:56 AM · 72 replies and 1093 views.
    Nice thread and luck the rebuy was not expensive... It's true that ships or FSDs could implement some kind of protection against huge overheating, but heat generation in Elite seems to me like a way of ballancing ship stats rather than a realistic simulated factor...
  • Mokel DeLorean's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 AM · 3854 replies and 226073 views.
    100 days, saw that yesterday too. 1kly a day isn't much, but for some reason I didn't play the entire december, so I am waaaay behind atm. Hopefully I can make it in time to BC8. I am a race driver, and so I *love* SRV races :) I do not buckyball however. At least I scan the entry star so that in the future better route plottings using the 3rd party tools are available. Also checking out the basecamps which I missed, it would be a shame to ignore them. All in all my current pace is 3000 ly in 3 hours, which when buckyballing would only take an hour in my conda...
  • TheNavvie's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 AM · 60 replies and 4672 views.
    TheNavvie replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Simbad Regime Campaign (Trade) in Community Goals
    Congratulations on making trade Elite! Although I was bemused by the foolhardy Eagle pilot who announced "Eagle outbound at full speed and boosting"*, I've so far managed to avoid any head-on collisions during this CG, helped massively by all the CMDRs who announce they're inbound, outbound etc. By sticking to the greens, CMDR Kietrax and I managed to get our Anacondas through the toast rack/mail slot at the same time, he inbound and me departing. * - he is sure to come off worse in nearly any collision which could be very bad for the other CMDR/NPC. Trading just Beryllium I am currently top 10% having hauled 13,489 tonnes (30 runs). The profit was enough that yesterday evening I moved from 80% Entrepreneur to Tycoon and went back hunting bounties at many of Nu Tauri's resource extraction sites.
  • TenakaFurey's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 AM · 988 replies and 47051 views.
    I think we can all agree that the big issue with space legs is the need for gameplay to support it. And not just "make work" style gameplay, but meaningful gameplay. As FD have stated, adding space legs (correctly) is akin to the development of an entirely separate has its own requirements, gameplay aspects and balance issues that are often going to be different from that of the current space game we have. We know they can do it...that the engine was capable of doing the Outsider is proof enough of that...but done right, it requires so much more than simply letting the player stand up and move. Personally, I think atmospheric planetary landings are going to be the next "big" addition. Probably after Beyond, but with a small chance that it will be added this year. I am hopeful that the development process of Jurassic Park will be useful towards the creation of a system for generating atmospheric planets. We might have to stay away from inhabited worlds - or at least worlds such as Terra -...
  • uliando's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 AM · 112 replies and 3562 views.
    As KSP player sometimes even I do component stacking because screw reality :D I only pray that it will not explode or space kraken eats my cheaty designs. But yes, when it works, it's awesome! Besides we have space air, terminal velocity in vacuum and stuff like that.
  • nanite2000's Avatar
    Today, 8:52 AM · 140 replies and 3715 views.
    Not in this thread he won't (going by past behaviour). He'll just create another thread whinging about something else in about 4-6 weeks.
  • Rubbernuke's Avatar
    Today, 8:50 AM · 6 replies and 362 views.
    Did you read the huge amount of guides in the sticky? Reading from the OP: Go to control system. Kill what you need, or transport what you need.
  • Lucifera Danzig's Avatar
    Today, 8:49 AM · 46 replies and 641 views.
    Not anymore. The distance in light seconds from point of arrival has been included in the mission details for a while now.
  • major Pirx's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 4935 replies and 472336 views.
    Спс, по пушкам именно это и имел ввиду. Посмотрел по Кориолису, там изначально на пушке третьего класса скорость на 75 м/с меньше чем у пушки 2-го. Поэтому видимо нужно разные уровни грйдов (на третью пушку на грейд выше). Пучков два планирую третьего класса, тут еще надо подумать, т.к. можно еще Burst-фокусы попробовать, у них отрицательных эффектов меньше, чем у дальнобойных пучков, а по дальности одинаково должно получиться. p.s. Не, не нужно разные грейды на пушки, нужно на одном грейде скорость снарядов подбирать.
  • Rebel Yell's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 8 replies and 201 views.
    Rebel Yell replied to a thread Hull tanking in Xbox One
    As the other posters replied, unfortunately hull tanking requires quite some engineering in order to be viable. In PvE you'll be spared by module killing weapons... but beware of wing focus: having a point of defence doesn't help that much when you're targeted by volleys of missiles and torpedoes (you can still try an ECM but needs to be fired with the proper timing).
  • CMDR ShoutOfHellas's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM
    Dear Frontier Developments, On 31st of January 2018, I will give a lecture on the Messier Catalogue at the University of Stuttgart. To explain how those clusters or nebula form, I need to give the audience an understanding of how stars work in general and how their life looks like. This implies their potential death as neutron stars or black holes. For this, I want to show some footage of Elite: Dangerous. Specifically a neutron star and a black hole. I may also include parts of the GalMap to illustrate star density in galactic arms. I am asking in this post for your permission to use said footage. Every Clip or screenshot will have a small textbox beneath it, containing the description "Quelle: Elite: Dangerous", which is the german word for source. Thanks for reading and fly safe, Professor ShoutOfHellas
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  • Krunchie's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 2366 replies and 231114 views.
    I keep waiting to start playing again, but after 5 months it's hard to come back. So I decided to post some ELWs discovered in three 2-month long mini expeditions last year. In august I finished the first 3 parts of my FAGKM ELW hunt, first one jumping only to F stars, the second only A stars and the last one was only G stars. Each expedition was 2900 jumps into the same sector 20k ly away, then back to sell the data. Here they are: F tour: System name Planet ID Dist. from Sol (ly)
  • NeilKD's Avatar
    Today, 8:45 AM
    Our Faction recently took Control of a System with a Compromised Nav Beacon. We are now in Lockdown and the Nav Beacon is no longer Compromised. Has anyone else experienced this, that Lockdown affects a CNB?
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  • Vistitor010100's Avatar
    Today, 8:45 AM · 12 replies and 178 views.
    heat sinks for those times when u wish u had
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