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  • Shiro Akai's Avatar
    Today, 7:52 AM · 30 replies and 1242 views.
    We all know it will happen. FDEVs just need some time to pick proper texture for that. And I don't see anything wrong with my Krait. Engines up, nose down, ideal for low altitude planetary races.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 7:50 AM · 738 replies and 45301 views.
    Quick tip for everyone who sees IMG] tags around their images in this thread, if you're copying the "bbcode" from your image sharing site then you don't need to use the "Insert image" button, you can just paste that "bbcode" directly into your post (the bbcode is simply the URL of the image surrounded by IMG].../IMG] so you can either copy your image's direct URL and use the "Insert image" button or copy the "bbcode" and paste it straight into the post ... but no need to do both as this just leaves the superfluous tags visible.
  • Bob McBobblehead's Avatar
    Today, 7:50 AM · 12 replies and 277 views.
    All Thargoids are female, it must be the Lynx effect.
  • Exiton's Avatar
    Today, 7:49 AM · 4209 replies and 373856 views.
    Я победял на Наконечнике ценой потери половины поля, правда, только лорда валил, потом улетал - не вижу смысла ковыряться со Стервятниками.
  • NorMonsta's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 AM · 11 replies and 179 views.
    oh dear...I hope you don't ever run into into me pottling about in my deep space asp explorer the KLUMC -"KOLONOS KOPPI". I hate to be responsible for a rage murder (mine)
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 AM · 42 replies and 590 views.
    To me anything that pays less than 15-20 mil/hr isn't worthwhile because of the costs of covering a large ship rebuy. My Anaconda and Type-10 are 20 mil rebuy, my Corvette is 30 mil and my Cutter is 35 mil and they are "budget" builds that use gimbal weapons, military armor and regular shields and often use an undersized PP as well. If they had turrets, reactive composite armor, prismatics and full-sized PPs they would be easily 5-10 mil higher rebuy. Really anything that doesn't earn at least 15-20 mil/hr isn't worthwhile to me because it isn't commensurate with the "risk" of flying a large ship in Open. There's also the issue that it's hard to go back to lower incomes after using methods that are more lucrative. I used to do Sothis runs averaging 12-15 mil/hr, massacre missions averaging 10-15 mil/hr and Palin misisons averaging 30-35 mil/hr. I never did the ridiculous "goldrush" methods that earned 100-200 mil/hr but once you are used to an average of 15-20 mil/hr it is really hard to accept the...
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 AM · 2 replies and 92 views.
    I had fun watching it although I thought the first JW was better. It's cool to see Dr. Wu's character recurring, but are they just going to have him keep popping up as the mad scientist in every future JW movie to design the next hybrid monster antagonist dino? Also, his surprise at the T-rex blood transfusion into Blue seems to bait into the next sequel.
  • Hanekura Shizuka's Avatar
    Today, 7:46 AM · 53 replies and 1102 views.
    I tried to replicate everything I did up to that point, and I think I figured out what happened; my guess is that two buttons on my throttle that I haven't often used - that happen to be next to each other - got mixed up. The first was the one that turns off the text in free camera; I was taking a final screenshot before liftoff. The second is the forward/reverse button on the throttle. As most of the maneuvering in the first few seconds after liftoff would have been with the landing thrusters to push the ship off of the surface and to line it up with its destination, it wouldn't have affected things until it came time to really fly from the surface - at which point it would have really flown straight into the surface. So yeah. Stupid error on my part.
  • Goooost's Avatar
    Today, 7:45 AM · 1 replies and 39 views.
    Back in the early days we could get our hard points to fire inside the outfitter screen. It was impressive to look at but it sure made the station mad.
  • Goooost's Avatar
    Today, 7:43 AM · 7 replies and 99 views.
    Well see that's my point. You don't want to use them. But if you had some hard points that could only be missiles, wouldn't you use some missiles on them?
  • MickyG1982's Avatar
    Today, 7:41 AM · 1 replies and 24 views.
    MickyG1982 replied to a thread [PC - 1.3.3] Frequent Crashing in PC Bug Reports
    You are probably going to need to provide a bit more information than that: At the very least: Are you on PS4, XB1 or PC - if you are on PC they do like you to provide your DXDIAG report too as, unlike the consoles, almost no PC has exactly the same spec, driver updates (a good thing to try first by the way) etc.
  • Shiro Akai's Avatar
    Today, 7:41 AM · 5 replies and 124 views.
    Not an expert on C&P but I have a suspicion. 1. You can pay fines but you can't pay bounties in the stations that issued the bounty. 2. For that you need an Interstellar Factor. 3. Now, you were at the IF. But, simultaneously, it was a station that issued a bounty, case from #1. 4. To solve this loop - you need to visit DIFFERENT IF to clear your bounty. 5. Handing yourself in into the station that issued a bounty (even if it's IF one) results in prison ship teleport. The only reason I can come out with.
  • Lestat's Avatar
    Today, 7:41 AM · 29 replies and 730 views.
    One thing to make sure is can your Power supply can handle more powerful Graphics card.
  • lecorsobreton's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM · 7 replies and 114 views.
    You can scan a planet/system/star twice, but that means your ship blew up before you turned the exploration data in. You don't want that :D
  • theGunner76's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Was just logging in today to gather intel on my next stretch, when I experienced the mother of all lags! Im about half way to Sag A, and have had lag before, but nothing like this. It was completely useless... So im wondering. Is there any trick to get around this? Ticking of every Star type exept the ones i need? Maybe it was just a unlucky inncident, but anyway. Guess lag will increase as im getting closer. What should i do? Im on ps4 Pro by the way. Its fan didnt make a sound...
  • Majic-12's Avatar
    Today, 7:39 AM · 5 replies and 105 views.
    Ten Forward CONFIRMED!
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 7:39 AM · 84 replies and 1157 views.
    Let me slide into your comments here for a second. The game's issue is not players. It's the way the developer funnels outcomes via design. Your comment assumes the problem is credits; when in fact it's simply the games skitzophrenic approach to wealth creation. There's a bit of a common theme that is if we just blame n percent of the community and if they all just buggered off, everything would be fine and okay. Which misses that the developer has created that outcome; players are simply doing what they will always do; find creative resolutions to poorly defined choice. Elite is by no means the exception here. Players will always find a way. It's down to the developer how little, or often, that will happen. This is the thing, right; people are bemoaning outcomes, not causes. It's always everyone else's fault. Not the developer for ostensibly ignoring missions for about 2 years, and then approaching it with the most extreme raft of changes, with a complete lack of interest in what people are actually...
  • galahad2069's Avatar
    Today, 7:38 AM · 11 replies and 180 views.
    Yeah I have 2 fully engineered Sidewinders with different loadouts docked in an anarchy sytem in the middle of nowhere waiting patiently for the pirate gameplay to be fixed. :-)
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