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    Today, 11:55 AM · 8 replies and 245 views.
    mostly newish replied to a thread Planets colliding! in Xbox One
    10,222 lyrs from daedalus - sol .
  • Ceekay's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM · 22 replies and 429 views.
    Ceekay replied to a thread Logic in Dangerous Discussion
    Remember the first rule of bureaucracy "Never let common sense get in the way of procedure." ;)
  • Niberobey's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM · 11 replies and 336 views.
    La imagen de hienas robando un pedazo de carne a un grupo de leones. *Acerca la imagen* Las hienas comiendo la carne por turnos, mientras se lamen las heridas causadas por la osadía. *Acerca la imagen* Una hiena rascándose. Algo le pica. *Acerca la imagen* Pulgas... Eso somos nosotros, los parasitos del parasito. Tranquilos, pronto todo esto tendrá sentido.
  • rlsg's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 38 replies and 1188 views.
    rlsg replied to a thread Krait Tornado? in Dangerous Discussion
    I suppose there are many other comical twists of the Krait ship name but we have perhaps drifted a bit too far off topic. :) To address Solo Hunter's question in a more direct sense - 2 variants is not exactly uncommon for ED, a 3rd or 4th variant would be exceptional but could be justifiable depending on FD's chosen narrative for why they are added.
  • drkaii's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 60 replies and 13633 views.
    Hey, I tried this again on the Vive Pro, which is so good that is just cries for really dark skies, and I have to say so far I am really impressed. The only thing about it annoying me at the moment is it seems to distort the relationship between the Great Rift dust and clouds and the dark stars, making them a bit green/bluer and a lot brighter than the surrounding stars? Maybe that description isn't so accurate but I haven't really played around with it much yet. I think I will now include it in EDP. EDP is growing and adding more unrelated features anyway so might as well include this. Any further tips you guys with experience have about this would be appreciated! Lastly, have to say I absolutely love what this does to witch space!!!!!!!
  • wavikerz's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Hey everyone, I've recently made the switch from Xbox one to PC (haven't transferred my credits yet but considering it) and I'm looking for a group/clan to run some missions with. I mainly have been exploring but I'd like to set up a home base, maybe go see some Thargoids. Looking forward to hearing from you. Steam: wavikerzED: Kayan Eva
  • BigDuke6ixx's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 11 replies and 246 views.
    Yeah, but you said you didn’t think VR would do much for ED. Anyway so glad you got converted.
  • S0rkvild's Avatar
    Today, 11:50 AM · 268 replies and 25779 views.
    S0rkvild replied to a thread Krait The Krait MKII Owners Club. in Ships of Elite
    I sacrificed middle top mount for turreted hi-cap cannon with dispersal field which allowed me to mount another SB instead of chaff launcher. Gimballed Condas, Pythons and now other Kraits has serious aiming problems, because the cannon scores a hit every 10 seconds :D Yesterday I was interdicted in Eravate by other cmdr, his build was based on five gimballed beam-pulse lasers laden with different effects, he cooked me up a bit and pierced the hull through the shield but generally his gimballs were getting crazy all time and he decided to use his lasers in "fixed" withough having me locked in which isn't easy thing to do especially if you have a deadly SLF on your back. I was pounding him with 2xPA's and 2xlaunchers, though the guy combat logged with 10% of hull :/ Right now I'm using class 2 cannon, but I think would it be even better to downgrade to class 1 because of higher shot velocity and slightly faster rate of fire.
  • MadDogMurdock's Avatar
    Today, 11:49 AM · 9 replies and 36 views.
    I've fitted out mine with Passenger Cabins - using it for in-Bubble Tourist Missions.
  • Stabby_Dave's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 9 replies and 36 views.
    I've currently got an A rated type 7 which I used for cargo until I got a T9. Now, I'm using it for mining 'till I can afford a Python, at which point I'll sell my Dolphin and use it for passenger runs.
  • Cocalarix's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 30 replies and 776 views.
    So is this what Frontier should learn from CIG?
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 9 replies and 36 views.
    As said before, it's a good intermediate trader and a very good explorer too.
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 22 replies and 429 views.
    varonica replied to a thread Logic in Dangerous Discussion
    You mean that cargo hold with no life support? That's the difference between a cargo hold and passenger cabins, it would be like flying with the baggage on a jet, no air, extended below zero temperatures. Now if you offered them that comfy seat next to you in that roomy pilot cabin and they refused that I could understand. :D
  • SonOfTheSun's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 AM · 74 replies and 2819 views.
    Because Trevorrow simply doesn't care about the canon and butchers it to fit his "agenda".
  • Jacques d'Orleans's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 AM · 1374 replies and 70228 views.
    Yup, I had that thought too.
  • CMDR Zadian Lichtfrost's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 AM · 9 replies and 36 views.
    It is dirt cheap. It handles quite nicely in SC. It has decent jump-range. It can carry quite some amount of cargo. It is what it is, a disposable cargo ship. It can be used as an exploration ship as it has ok-ish jump-range, good cockpit visibility and good SC handling and can carry enough modules. But in the end it's a cheap, disposable cargo ship. Fly it shieldless with d-rated modules to reduce the re-buy.
  • rlsg's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 AM · 311 replies and 5260 views.
    Yes and no - there are many different approaches to weapon feed systems in the real-world and some can be quite limiting even in today's world. What affects immersion perception is peoples assumptions about the environment itself. As visually speaking the weapons are seemingly not integrated with the ship in a seamless way there is a fair justification for the argument that manually initiated reloading of weapons while weapons are deployed does not make much sense. Personally, while I can see this perspective has some legitimacy I do not agree with it unequivocally. In general, I think I agree with this. It certainly would seem to gel with the relative scale of our vessels on the whole. We may be tied to two fire buttons but we do have fire groups which do not seem to be limited in number. I too am a bit miffed by the 2 fire/active button/key limit and would not object to FD adding support for 2 more (a total of 4).
  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 11:43 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    You're not missing anything. iceteroids have few low percentage fragments per block. You have to forage quite far to get what you are looking for. Found a Dolphin with mining lances to probe rocks instead of shooting prospectors at everything to be more feasible than a bulk mining setup.
  • Cocalarix's Avatar
    Today, 11:42 AM · 57 replies and 2087 views.
    Well, the question was if there's going to be one this year. Not if there's ever going to be one again. But since it's most likely planned for Q4, maybe even closer to the next year than the last one, he probably didn't want to commit just yet. The 3.3 update is huge and they're also working on another game. Things can happen. Hopefully we'll get a proper announcement at Gamescom.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM · 169 replies and 3033 views.
    Plus Sandro's got a hard on for Open.
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