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  • Wallec's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Wallec started a thread General Gameplay Hunter mode in Ideas & Feature Requests
    Your Feature Request / Idea I image some kind of on-foot hunter mechanic, where you take control of a hunter outside the safety of a vehicle (your resident Muldoon, Roland, or Wheatley if you will). Whenever you need a dino tranq'd and you can't afford an ACU station, or the ACU has for whatever reason been disabled, enter the Hunter mode. Or maybe you just like to snap a few photos without any dino's the wiser. Either in FPS or third person. Dinosaurs should be able to pick up your scent depending on wind (would ofcourse require a wind mechanic), so move carefully. And the dinos should be able to kill you, for the added sense of danger and thrill. And perhaps even customization options.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 AM · 11 replies and 189 views.
    Agreed, although the Italian National Anthem is my favourite. I base my opinion entirely on Formula 1 Podium presentations rather than politics.
  • disorganise's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 467 replies and 11584 views.
    :( Much of the discussion has been around not wanting to scan the system (under the new way) to determine whether you want to scan the system (or parts there-of). You're talking about avoiding travelling to a body to see if you want to travel to it. Maybe I'm Alanis Rest of the post seems to be in Thargoid or something :p Elite Dangerous - the educational game (yes, you can shoot stuff )
  • Elliot Coleman's Avatar
    Today, 3:55 AM · 11 replies and 189 views.
    Odd. I was there last night. Ant Hill Mob was the controlling faction (at Obsidian Orbital) and I bought meta-alloys from Darnielle's. Was high-sec though.
  • Rafe Zetter's Avatar
    Today, 3:53 AM · 11 replies and 189 views.
    Whatever else you say about the russkie's - they have a damn fine National Anthem - soul stirring stuff, I almost stood up and saluted myself! UK's by comparison is as dreary as our weather. Should have kept it "Rule Brittania!" but apparently some ex colonies are still a bit touchy about it :p
  • Kaltern's Avatar
    Today, 3:52 AM · 69 replies and 1645 views.
    It's unlikely that VR will be pulled, however I firmly believe Braben made these comments purely to placate the console players, who will never see a working VR implementation of the game. It's the same concept as visual parity - ensuring that other systems are not judged to look worse compared to 'normal' PC settings. (why developers/publishers continue to deny this is a thing confuses me - most console owners know that the PC is able to show better visuals - I can't imagine sales would drop because of this.) In many ways, I'm saddened that Star Citizen will never be released - it would have shown the HUGE gap between console and PC - and might have woken developers/publishers up a little bit. (rest assured this won't happen, the travesty that is SC has damaged PC game development quite a lot.) It's a shame the PC version of Elite: Dangerous has been all but abandoned; the lack of PC specific development, such as VR clearly shows that Consoles are the predominant focus now.
  • Wallec's Avatar
    Today, 3:52 AM · 2 replies and 78 views.
    Wallec replied to a thread Buildings & Attractions JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC in Ideas & Feature Requests
    Was about to post the same suggestion. It has been brought up earlier by others but can't be repeated enough. If you're like me you grew up with the first JP, and the same can be said about other forum members. A JP93 plus Lost World DLC is the feature I'd like to see the most. I find the Jurassic World look to be too sterile and bland. Besides the aforementioned features suggested by the OP, I'd like to see the vehicles from Lost World as well. Mercedes SUV's, Harvesters, the RV, etc. Harvesters could be deployed to catch smaller escaped assets, and the RV could be used for scientific purposes. The High Hide would also be a nice addition.
  • additional001's Avatar
    Today, 3:50 AM · 11 replies and 189 views.
    Ant Hill Mob is pretty much the subject of any massacre missions now. I've hunted hundreds of them. There are still a coupled damaged stations down there and they are also the subject of help defend the stations missions as well. Pay was pretty good for these a few weeks ago... but have dropped pretty significanly.
  • Excidium Imperator's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 AM · 9 replies and 154 views.
    Itís a sad commentary that a company as seemingly amateurish as Pimax is about to embarrass the wider VR industry. This is coming from Vive Pro owner. Iíve never paid so much for a product and I use regularly, yet constantly resent the company I bought it from so much. Iím eagerly awaiting my Pimax 5k+
  • Archvillain's Avatar
    Today, 3:47 AM · 1 replies and 150 views.
    I was secretly glad to figure out I could take out sentinels without too much fear, partly because my binds make it hard to control the SRV, partly because I'd picked a bad fight on the way out and was already on the verge of destruction :) How are people binding their SRV steering and throttle? I have flightstick controlling turret which works great, but everything I've tried for throttle and steering has just felt inadequate. (Someday I'll buy a steering wheel :D )
  • Chrystoph's Avatar
    Today, 3:45 AM · 11 replies and 137 views.
    @OP - How do you propose to handle system/network crashes? If our peer to peer connection goes Tango Uniform, which one of us is the logger? If I engage you and have a lag generator so that you crash, what are your options to contest being labeled a logger? See, the problem here is that the game doesn't know why you fell off, it just knows that the connection dropped. Until you can prove that the drop wasn't the fault of something other than an intentional action, you are asking for a "Guilty, period" methodology. Put another way, it is the equivalent of arming your police exclusively with grenade launchers. FOOMP, FOOMP, FOOMP!
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 AM · 3507 replies and 190457 views.
    Thanks, and yes if you leave the distances off, or change the distance filter to some other characteristic like surface Temperature or Surface Brightness (~Radius2 x Temperature4) then yes it's certainly possible to have a map reveal and still retain some mystery. Ok, let me reverse that: how can you know if a planet was worth scanning before you scanned it? Answer: because you already scanned it. The current ADS scan cheapens the DSS into a mere formality. Sure it gives us more CR, name, a zoomable view, and a materials list, but that isn't really worth much to a well prepared explorer because the galaxy is too safe to require credits or materials, or to bask in a risk-free name tag. And the zoomable map is obviated by the requirement to get in so close that you might as well venture the last Ls to get a view far superior to the zoomable map. So currently the ADS is really just a DSS in disguise, and the DSS is just added busy work with no meaningful purpose. Frontier realized this...
  • Kaltern's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 AM · 84 replies and 2361 views.
    Those 'ships' are proven fakes, one of which is a SC ship :rolleyes: Besides, I would like to think any new explorer would look a little more.. grandiose..
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    Today, 3:32 AM · 72 replies and 1536 views.
    When has that ever stopped them.
  • additional001's Avatar
    Today, 3:29 AM · 0 replies and 28 views.
    Date & Time of Occurrence 10:00p.m EDT on 9/22/18 Frequency 1 VR? None / N/A Location
  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 3:29 AM · 1 replies and 37 views.
    Vardaugas replied to a thread Federal Assault Ship Scooping cranks up heat in Ships of Elite
    Yep, had the same experience. Runs perfectly cool everywhere but put it next to a star and it starts to glow. Got to stay around a third of the maximum scoop capacity to keep from melting. Or just skim at high speed and deal with the smoke. Always fresh roast for the coffee machine.
  • Cobra1984's Avatar
    Today, 3:28 AM · 3507 replies and 190457 views.
    The motivators for exploration right now are - credits - gameplay tokens eg mats etc - tags - screenshots & videos The method of scanning isn't motivating in itself. Those discoveries absolutely have to feed back into the game or bgs or even just the map using any of the suggestions here and elsewhere or some of Frontier's own ideas from the early designs. This was recognised as a gap in the gameplay when the game was in early dev.
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 3:27 AM · 467 replies and 11584 views.
    Orvidius replied to a thread Q4 Exploration Reveal in Exploration
    Sorry... just had to share that here. :)
  • Phazon Xenomorph's Avatar
    Today, 3:23 AM · 72 replies and 1536 views.
    Frontier have too much on their plate that they are already not delivering on for them to even consider messing around with ray tracing tech. I wouldn't expect it unless they have their priorities REALLY messed up.
  • C4R1TON's Avatar
    Today, 3:22 AM · 47 replies and 1149 views.
    At least someone knew to install bacon strips in the Viper! You never know when the need for a good piece of bacon will hit!
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