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  • m0rl0ck's Avatar
    Today, 12:47 PM · 152 replies and 3606 views.
    Sorry about that, i keep adding to it :) Also im finding post rather suggestive, would you mind covering that with a kilt?
  • sak75's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM · 7 replies and 21 views.
    De momento lo estamos hablando si hay más gente interesada en hacerlo durante la semana que lo diga. Pero no sigáis por este camino.... "¿es que los miércoles tengo pádel, porque no el jueves....? Si puedes puedes. nadie te obliga
  • janamdo's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM · 294 replies and 5289 views.
    You planned this route with EDDB i suppose ? Yes, knowing at forehand if a passenger is wanted in a system, if you stacked missions ?
  • insanephoton's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM · 178 replies and 4844 views.
    Arguably the best example of Shatner's unique delivery (and possibly better than the original :D)
  • Keeperlight's Avatar
    Today, 12:44 PM · 516 replies and 16231 views.
    Джентльмены! :) Настоящие эксплорер-джэнтельмены не обращают внимание на прыг вообще - уже 100 раз обсуждалось :) Взял Хаулер без щитов, и в долгую дорогу А вто что интересно - кто-то там говорил, что "судя по переливанию на корпусе и синему свечению" в Фантоме должны быть применены технологии Стражей. Я так понимаю - фиг?:rolleyes: Кстати - я так понимаю, что с изменением системы сканирование объектов в СК маёвренность теперь уже не так актуальна, да? Может и Каттер полюблю...хотя скорее нет, чем да. В этом смысле Белуга всегда была в топе наверное в этом смысле.
  • RoSacalu's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 PM · 23 replies and 935 views.
    RoSacalu replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Olelbis Holdings Appeal (Rares) in Community Goals
    Oh ho hou... I didn't even ....bother to fly this caca, oh sorry CG. Its much more rewarding to destroy player-ships for fun. Patetic. Congratz for this CG devs.
  • Hacker#451563's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 PM · 152 replies and 3606 views.
    For some reason the most important and pertinent part of your post only showed up when I tried to quote it.... Edit: No it's here now. Did you just edit it yourself? Anyway doesn't matter, this filter is a terrible idea and those advocating for it or not caring about it should realize that everything has a thin end of the wedge and we are seeing that now creeping into ED, a game that has been mercifully free of PC Bull so far. Don't let the creep begin, we don't need or want it.
  • GODofDUTY83's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    A friend of mine has purchased the game but cant get in. The registration process won't accept the password given. What can he do to get into the game ?
  • mrxtheta's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 PM · 73 replies and 2191 views.
    mrxtheta replied to a thread On gankers. in Dangerous Discussion
    As every Player is a part of pilots federation, each pvp should require hailing other Player and consent with exclusion of wanted status, or serving a hostile power. To be clear, if you are wanted you have no rights. Breaking pilots federation rules would mean no insurance to rebuy and use pilots federation infrastructure will be banned until wanted status is cleared. Each quit during fight, disconnection, etc should result in disabling ship engines. Other Players would decide - leave or kill.
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 PM · 83 replies and 2025 views.
    So you are quitting the game because of two MINOR things - yep smart move! For me the two modes makes sense, and I can see FD developing more things unique for each mode. After all, isn't that what the community has been asking for, more involved gameplay? Alas, you won't be around to see it - so sorry for you …. :D
  • Crimson Kaim's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 PM · 5 replies and 119 views.
    Yup, trying to run away at 5% hull? Medusa: I don't think so.
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 PM · 9 replies and 159 views.
    Yeah i didn't know the courier got to 800. All those d class modules don't help. Thanks for the future sandbox adventure, sounds great.
  • Dutchman141's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 PM · 6 replies and 16 views.
    Commander Jameson logs talk about such a hive ship. According to him it's huge and looks beautiful.
  • TJDS10's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 PM · 8 replies and 175 views.
    I'd personally kinda prefer this to be the only story DLC. Here's what I'm hoping for in the future: DLC #2: Expanded terrain tools, Rowboats to ride canals + Dino Pack - Ouranosaurus, Dryosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Albertosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Ornitholestes DLC #3: More buildings and decorations/cosmetics, Map generator + Dino pack - Protoceratops, Iguanodon, Therizinosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Utahraptor DLC #4: Aquatic Reptiles and Attractions + Dino Pack - Argentinosaurus, Shangtungosaurus, Rugops, Herrerasaurus, Coelophysis DLC #5: Avian Reptiles and Attractions + Dino Pack - Massospondylus, Sauroposeidon, Guanlong, Megalosaurus, Oxalaia(opportunity to present close to a realistic Spinosaurus)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 12:36 PM · 20 replies and 177 views.
    The point was to turn Exploration into an Experience, not into a Result. Having it be an experience allows for actual gameplay loops to develop and gives a foundation for future content expansions. Can you imagine if combat gameplay was all about instantaneous results? 1) enter CZ/RES 2) press instant kill-all-enemies button 3) fly around and scoop up mats How unfun would that be?
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Today, 12:36 PM · 20 replies and 177 views.
    Couple of questions: 1. How do you know there is nothing spectacular to discover? Any source? Or is it just your assumption/speculation? 2. What would class as "spectacular" for you? 3. Do you think it would be better if FDEV released a full list of what's still out there, taking away all the mystery of actually discovering things and turning it into a simple search for something we already know is out there? 4. Is "more things to discover" synonim of "deep gameplay" to you? I don't want to sound patronising or anything, so here's my opinion on this: 1. I think there are many things that are still undiscovered. Devs said numerous times that there are still things that nobody found since release yet.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 12:36 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    The name "Aliens" by itself had too much ambiguity. Had many threads in other forums talking about Thargoids - in which, are Alien, which would be apt for this forum. So the "& Thargoids" was tagged on.
  • Bionic Bytes's Avatar
    Today, 12:35 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    One of the biggest unknowns to me is the uncertainty of what actual damage each weapon actually does and it's effect against different ships. There are so many weapon combinations and ships that's it's almost impossible to test it out in a repeatable and fool proof way, for example range fall off, ship's resistances, pips to shields, etc, yet alone know how much heat the weapons produce and the capacitor impact. Wouldn't it be great if we had all this information available to test for ourselves whilst we build and equip our ship in the shipyard. What I'm proposing is a "weapons firing range", similar to the shipyard - available at each station in the main menu. From here you can select your current ship (any ship from that shipyard) and select your single weapon (from any in the shipyard). You can then select a target ship of any kind and test the destructive fire power of the ship whilst you view the stats of the target ship (heat, shield, corrosion, etc) and can also view your own weapon heat and...
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 12:35 PM · 474 replies and 42809 views.
    Summary: Liman Legacy should complete this week (unless it has stopped to wait for the bugs to be fixed :) ). Acton and Parise making slow progress. Dominique Holdings and Dornier Terminal have gone into repair, will appear next week. With the changes coming in the Beta this week hopefullt we'll get better metrics in-game - ETAs and % complete per-starport would be cool ;) Removed the 'since start' table as I think the numbers are misleading since FD 'adjusted' the requirements. Twice. Over last 7 days StationSystemNeededSuppliedCompletedCompletion
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 12:35 PM · 8 replies and 155 views.
    I've just done a quick trip to "endurance test" on the exploration tools. And yes, it's very awkward to find out which planets have been surface mapped. I'd suggest having a "Scanned: XX%" in the bottom left panel when a body is targeted, below the name, but not in the detailed information section, because that gets covered by approach information. I'd also suggest maybe an icon on the Nav Panel to show if a body is scanned (but only while in analysis mode), and a corresponding icon in the system map. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
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