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  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 3:18 AM · 8 replies and 180 views.
    Faded Glory replied to a thread Skimmers in Dangerous Discussion
    You get higher paying missions by being allied to the factions giving the missions. Higher ranking missions will also pay more, but even then if your reputation with the faction giving the missions isn't high, the payout / reward will be significantly less than if you are highly regarded by them. Build your reputation with a faction and you will see mission rewards increase.
  • andrewg_oz's Avatar
    Today, 3:17 AM · 458 replies and 10691 views.
    You say that as if there isn't already a whole pile of stuff stored client-side. There certainly will be. If that was a concern, then there are ways to prevent cheating. eg, the server keeps all recently generated missions and assigns them a unique ID. While the complete mission data might be sent and cached by the client, accepting the mission simply accepts the ID number, and the server uses the originally generated mission specs.
  • Funny's Avatar
    Today, 3:17 AM · 91 replies and 3573 views.
    Funny replied to a thread Station Repair Totals in Aliens
    Casualties were pretty low though. I mean, they could literally have obliterated the entire station with zero casualites to their own ranks, but they didn’t, and more or less only made them inoperable. Though I could understand if even that was enough for you to warrant starting a war, but... 1) For all we attacked first 2) Aegis really aren’t the nicest bunch as far as I could tell, to say the least 3) Going to war with thargoids would certainly see way more casualties than we do now. 4) They might not even be the thargoids we fought before, but a rather friendly bunch of them, and they are fleeing from the actual murderous ones. He latter of which I’ll fight unconditionally. That said, if they invade the bubble, I will no longer really care who shot first. If they kill my friends (the humans), I’ll intervene. Unless I befriend the thargoids first :D
  • Shadowed's Avatar
    Today, 3:17 AM · 28 replies and 701 views.
    The latest version of Rivatuner was released about a month ago: It is interesting how Supersampling will affect this. I only use supersampling when streaming to a 1080p display (2.0) which means it performs exactly as it would at 2160p without supersampling. As soon as I game above 2160p, textures will downgrade automatically over a planet or in a station. 1440p@1.25 scaling is about half the resolution of 4k, so it should not really be a performance issue. What about using DSR and no supersampling? These are very similar, so it may help... If it gets worse for a lot of people the longer they game, could there be a memory leak? I really have no clue, as I always a minimum of 4GB of VRAM available.
  • Ackley 280's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 AM · 21 replies and 632 views.
    Ackley 280 replied to a thread To all explorers. in Xbox One
    I might be, hard to balance this sort of thing with work, wife and rugby. Will have to see how it goes and how it balances with time commitments
  • hermattila's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 AM · 608 replies and 70537 views.
    Ok so a bit reading thru everything again i came up whit that.And so far works and allow me to use custom audio files ((EDDI Damage check)) Execute external plugin, 'EDDI 2.4.5' and wait for return Set small int (condition) value to the converted value of {DEC:Ship frame shift drive health} Set small int (condition) value to the converted value of {DEC:Ship health} Set small int (condition) value to the converted value of {DEC:Ship bulkheads health} Set small int (condition) value to the converted value of {DEC:Ship power plant health} Set small int (condition) value to the converted value of {DEC:Ship thrusters health} Set small int (condition) value to the converted value of {DEC:Ship life support health}
  • CMDR Avelore Rayne's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 AM · 19 replies and 327 views.
    Things to think about when you're in a Cutter is that you're not a DPS machine. You are a sustain machine. So much defensive strength and speed means you get to control the flow of battle if you manage to get the attention of your aggressors. You can shrug off a lot of damage and dish some out but you won't be dodging much. Keeping a 2-3km engagement range means you can have the parallel lateral movement in FA off to keep guns on and give time to reach to maneuvers against you. You're not a brawler.
  • Adhock's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 AM · 50 replies and 6581 views.
    This is great and all but why isn't anybody talking about the REAL king of Passanger missions: In all seriousness. My T7 has spoiled me for choice so badly I'm thinking about taking up three of them all for non-combat roles. One for passangers, one for cargo, and one for mining. This thing is a real versatile Space Bus!
  • Earendil's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 10 replies and 81 views.
    I'm still having issues, the same ones described originally. I'm also still seeing all green on the provided amazon services link: On top of that, the cure/trouble shooting technique of using a VPN has not worked for me. I tunneled to a different spot in the USA, to a Canadian server, and finally to an Ireland server and had all the same results with the log in screen freezing after entering my username/pw and hitting "log in".
  • iain666's Avatar
    Today, 3:10 AM · 60 replies and 1980 views.
    I think you just volunteered to start your own club ;) I don't think it will be much work - there can't be many people prepare to SC into nothing for actual, real world, calendar days to chase this record. I take my hat off to you all. Mad sons of unmarried mothers that you are.
  • Darth Ender's Avatar
    Today, 3:10 AM · 1009 replies and 364380 views.
    sometimes permits are not going to be available. That's not a bug. That's things working as intended. If the system currently works by granting a particular faction the ability to give permits out for their home system then it's totally possible to drive that faction back to their home system. Fixing this "bug" would require changing how permits to faction home systems are implemented. You would have to create a new mechanic for acquiring permits that doesn't require physical access to the faction that controls the permit. You'd essentially have to move control over permits to systems from the factions that call that system home. Probably a good idea ...but I wouldn't call this a bug and I wouldn't expect an acceptable solution any time soon other than hand-wavium adding the faction into an external system.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 3:09 AM · 19 replies and 492 views.
    I have two HOTAS X sticks broken in different ways (hat on one, floppy throttle on the other), I made one good one & keep it as a spare. I bought the T16000 HOTAS & the finer control on the stick makes it worth it, plus you have extra buttons (on the throttle at least) in useful places. However the throttle has no centre indent making full range less intuitive than on the HOTAS X, and while the linear sliding throttle means it won't go floppy, instead mine gets sticky if I don't use it for a few days, and I've already taken it apart & re-lubed it twice in a year. It's an excellent upgrade from a HOTAS X, and IMO as much of a stick as anyone needs, although money no object there are more robust controllers out there.
  • acg515's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 AM · 14 replies and 904 views.
    Been a quiet month but I'm within 20k of Beagle Point now. Should be there in a week or two at my current rate of speed. I haven't found much of interest in this region of space, passed a few POI's from the Sagittarius/Carina mission and that I spotted on EDDiscovery but I didn't think they were that cool and weren't worth mentioning, passed Pandragonis today for instance. I'd rather put my own name on something instead of seeing someone else's name on it anyhow. I have over 80k LY under my belt at this point, having gone through Hawking's Gap, Pueliae nebula, Eock Prau and then on around the rim towards Beagle Point and I have over 6500 scans as of this time. A friend actually went to Beagle Point and is doing the reverse of what I did and I believe we have passed each other now along the rim. I got to have my Neil Armstrong moment and land on a moon of an ELW where you could see the ELW, though it was a little distant, so that was cool. Not so many ELW's in this area of space now.
  • insanephoton's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 AM · 220 replies and 7567 views.
    Lots of stations in need of lots of items. Best estimate at current rates is that OO will take around 2 months to repair and that is one that has received a lot of support. No passenger rescue required at OO currently, but there are a couple of other stations still requiring rescue efforts. Look for the icons on the galactic map for more info. If you fancy a bit of bulk cargo haulage from the bubble, I hear that there is a desperate need for CMM composites, not saying they'll pay much though.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 AM · 458 replies and 10691 views.
    Because that's the logical conclusion of endlessly redacting the missions system. Focusing on mode switching, is focusing on an outcome, not a driving factor or symptom. And it's the latter where improvements are fairly clearly of value. I'd like to see variety, value, purpose and a little bit of narrative to the missions system. That's it. Nothing really earth shattering. I don't personally feel the need to dictate how or what others do, or when, or why; arguably that's entirely up to the developer. I'm just very tired of "it's all the mode switchers fault" argument, for people being offended for their own experience, that ignores it's holding an outcome as the problem; not as a symptom of a broader issue with the mission board. I'm not accusing people; I'm holding people accountable for what they're saying. And right now, there is a lot of "everything is an exploit; I am very offended" moral conjecture, and not a lot of constructive "could we look at trying x or y" as solutions. Just "nerf x" or...
  • iain666's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 AM · 1 replies and 11 views.
    It's an estimate for surface scans - so we can only include bodies you actually scan. If you just honk it we have no data on it, so we can't include that. We have no idea if you're going to get a first discovery bonus or not, so we can't include that. The values for the scans (excluding first discovery bonus) should be bang on for anything that's not terraformable. The value for CFTs is not so well understood - it's the value of the base planet that we know plus a terraforming bonus which is the base value multiplied by a number whose range we know but not well enough to definitively state the value for any given body. The EDD estimate assumes the maximum at the minute. So with the first discovery credits and the value of bodies you have only seen with the ADS and not actually surface scanned then the credits for your trip will almost certainly be higher than we estimate your scans to be worth. If you don't have a lot of first discoveries, surface scan most bodies in systems you visit and...
  • Trinity Star's Avatar
    Today, 3:04 AM · 10 replies and 140 views.
    Put a ticket to support, an npc in a presumably combat loadout should not be able to match or exceed an exploration ship with a 40ly jump range over a distance of 22k lightyears.
  • Nero Tacitus's Avatar
    Today, 3:04 AM · 1 replies and 9 views.
    Personally I'm not a fan of turrets, lower dps and less fun to fly, so I'd say swap them out for gimbals; the python's handling really isn't that bad (with dirty drives, especially) and I don't recall having issues keeping most craft in my sights while flying one. As for weapon type, it depends on what kind of combat you're doing and how you like to fly. If you're not doing sustained combat (RES/CZ), you don't need to worry about longevity, so every type of weapon is viable, so it depends whether you like to like to fly aggressively (4 pips weapons) or defensively (2 pips weapons). Multicannons are the all-round performers, allow you tp fly with 1-2 pips weapons. Though 3 kinetic + some missiles would likely struggle against shields. Tod can fix this if you want to go the incendiary rounds path. Cannons have phenominal DPS, same distro as MCs, but they're dfficult to aim and almost impossible to land on anything further than 1-1.2km. For lasers, I'm a fan of burst. Best dmg per energy, decent...
  • Funny's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 AM · 40 replies and 826 views.
    Funny replied to a thread ENOUGH! in Dangerous Discussion
    Ooh, this is still a thing? My first or second ever assasination mission in the old new system with chained missions and such also bugged out like that. That was a while ago though. The most recent bug of sorts I encountered was a legal assasination mission making me break into a legal settlement, making me a wanted target and thus not being legal (even though I had to assasinate a pirate lord). The second bug of sorts is such missions only paying out a million, despite requiring some heft outfitting and perhaps engineering to take on said settlement’s security, not to mention the eventual target itself, with he mission taking upwards of 20 minutes to complete :rolleyes: I tend to use trading as my benchmark for things btw, which earns about 10 mil per hour, easily if you research properly first (at work or something, during breaks or whatever). Earning 3 mil per hour for 100x the risk and 20x the effort seems a bit stupid. Even the rank reward aren’t that great from them, considering passenger missions...
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