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  • Majic-12's Avatar
    Today, 10:36 AM · 1092 replies and 22563 views.
    This thread has it all backwards. Everyone should join me in Solo Mode. Then I won't be alone anymore.
  • hookandsling's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM · 64 replies and 1675 views.
    Totally agree with OP. Every mat you need has a technique to learn, but pays out reliably when you do. The effects of mods can have RNG (a little) but I would like to see it completely removed from collection. Someone said this would turn it into farming. I would counter that we have farming today - there are techniques / knowledge you need - but it's ruined by that knowledge being 'fly around for hours here' and it STILL doesn't work if the dice hate you.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM · 23 replies and 508 views.
    Have to chuckle a bit at your complaint death is an annoying hassle.
  • StiTch's Avatar
    Today, 10:33 AM · 8 replies and 138 views.
    The crime system is unequivocally broken as a career choice. The cornerstone of such activities should be risk/reward, but any player that has a modicum of awareness about payouts will know all criminal activities are basically the lowest paying in the game. Bringing up my second character, every mission board at every station, anarchy or otherwise, would read as having one or two piracy or smuggling missions at 50k and 20 odd data delivery missions at 200k a piece. Cheers for the optimism dude but crime needs a serious review.
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 10:33 AM · 1733 replies and 42371 views.
    RL will always thump the game. If I'm in a real hurry, I just go FA-off, boost, boost, boost and leave the computer. Haven't died yet, using that method. I still want the direct confirmation though.
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 10:32 AM · 3 replies and 24 views.
    +1 Been banging on about a better chat system for about 2 years. Lol
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 10:32 AM · 23 replies and 508 views.
    <wakes up> Where am I? Well... it's like this... I actually really like that idea :D
  • Jane Turner's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 AM · 18 replies and 318 views.
    NIce one!
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 AM · 4 replies and 59 views.
    I'm not fond of this mechanic either. IF security, miners, or pirates are lurking within a few LS of the ring in supercruise when you drop, THEN it's ok for something to spawn. But if you're all alone, either miners need to be spawned on arrival, (as if you dropped in on them), or nothing spawns at all. If we had a tool to scan rings for activity, then it'd make sense why pirates and security drop in randomly. But it's really silly when they spawn a few seconds after you drop.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 AM · 22 replies and 356 views.
    That depends on how non-murderous crime is handled, doesn't it?
  • Susanna's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 AM · 63 replies and 1640 views.
    You raise a good point. I think society is still struggling to come to terms with how to represent women in any kind of non-slanted way. This was no doubt a headache for Fdev... How do we represent female pilot avatars? It was bound to be a 'thing' sooner or later, just as much as the inverse (male avatars) is as well. How we represent each other can reflect what we think of each other. Given that gender roles are still in a state of flux and equality hasn't levelled out yet, this was always going to be a conundrum for Fdev to handle. LoL I wondered why my shipment of PCs didn't arrive again this month, despite paying double for them... Perhaps I need to go postal in the passenger lounge :D
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 10:30 AM · 2 replies and 43 views.
    Hey neutronium, Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this on for review.
  • Allcrowsareblack's Avatar
    Today, 10:29 AM · 323 replies and 28518 views.
    The Enigma Labyrinth. Nyeajaae OI-L b14-23 Planet 4 -11.88 -54.72. It is here that PS4 CMDRs pulpsmith84 (who shot the vid) and Bourbon014 paid it forward During the Enigma Expedition and rescued one of the most prolific PS4 @FuelRats CMDR The-Demonwolf who was trapped in a canyon because his ship AI wouldn’t land where he could reach it. EDSM_NET This deserves a POI!
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 10:29 AM · 22 replies and 356 views.
    I keep seeing assumptions how new C&P will destroy PvP. Could we just wait for weekend and see what early feedback is like? You know it is beta right? Where numbers are tuned and lot of tweaking happening.
  • DLewth's Avatar
    Today, 10:29 AM · 2715 replies and 155421 views.
    If you are selling tanks and mining ships, you need at least whitebox tank combat and mining in the game loop to be alpha.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 10:28 AM · 8 replies and 138 views.
    MMhh I'll have that tasty Power Distributor and those lasers look real nice!
  • Eisen's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM · 217 replies and 11550 views.
    Those concerns are the same that were voiced before DWE 1 over two years ago. In fact I was one of the people who were afraid not to be able to keep up. Back then some of us had a maximum jumprange of 34 - 37 ly, many of us less. You can easily have more than 50 ly now using one of the three main exploration-ships. Let me assure you: Going 6 kly is a matter of about 1-2 hours at the most nowadays. If you are low on spare time just choose a ship with a decent jumprange and you can go from waypoint to waypoint in a matter of one, mayebe two evenings. Leaving you enough time at or around the waypoints for exploration or CG work. It worked out in DWE 1, over 500 players could keep up with the fleet and reach Beagle Point.
  • Darkfyre99's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM · 215 replies and 5815 views.
    You don't have to. It says right in the game that biowaste is consumed by Agricultural economies, and produced by everyone else. If you're not traveling to an Agricultural economy, then don't bring the biowaste. If there's a reason beyond trading biowaste to travel to that system, then the exact price isn't important. You can do this with every commodity in the game. The basic principle is easy enough to understand. The fun part is how multiple economies, plus government types, affect what is produced or demanded. Once you've mastered this skill, the only surprises left is player activity. If you don't find that kind of thing fun, Frontier has kindly provided support to 3rd party sites to make it easy to crowd source that information for you. Personally, I've found those 3rd party sites to be only slightly better than my own skills at everyday trading. I don't mind not making an extra 5% in profits if I have fun doing so, and the time I save by not consulting those websites for the "perfect"...
  • DLewth's Avatar
    Today, 10:26 AM · 2715 replies and 155421 views.
    Cache is best left to the OS and the processor. SC may say "Hey, we're going to need that Starfarer model soon" and force in to L3 at least, but Windows may have the insane notion that as your laptop is on 1% battery, maybe we should load the pre-empt hibernate code right now. The processor, of course, is busy loading the speculative branch code into L1 in case 2+2=9 SC is a game. An app. It has no business getting that deep into that stuff (if it does).
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 10:25 AM · 13 replies and 381 views.
    The video is interesting. Aside from the fact that a Vulture with PAs is a deadly combo, it shows the problem of PvP and 'big ships'. This Corvette takes a constant stream of plasma for 4 minutes, before the player decides it's not fun anymore and logs out. I'm pretty sure this was a legal menu log. The Corvette was not in a real critical condition, so there was not reason to pull the plug illegally. The Corvette could probably have logged out, even if the timer was a full minute. Big and some medium ships with full combat build are so strong that there is not practical way to prevent menu logging. No timer fix can deal with this, without making the function unpractical for casual PvE players. At the same time the big ships needs to be strong, to have a role in combat at all. I think FD are aware of this issue and have decided to move in a direction where death has less and less consequence. Devaluing the credit economy even further and having materials as the real currency, will achieve this....
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