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  • AtomicMegaNerd's Avatar
    Today, 5:28 AM · 3 replies and 71 views.
    This is exactly the kind of tips I was looking for. Thanks so much!
  • relayer's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 1634 replies and 24946 views.
    Sadly, this happens often now. We need Ziggy!
  • Scytale's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 13610 replies and 1610256 views.
    OMG ! You guys look terrible ! Where the hell have you been ?
  • MrFailfactory's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 AM · 41 replies and 1030 views.
    Personally, with the exception of the Vulture, I don't like having less than 4 hardpoints - I just don't feel that the damage is up to my taste. Killing faster (while staying within your criteria) might be important if you are looking to finish in only a couple of days. I don't Combat much, but based on your criteria, I think you might have fun in some of the options presented thus far, but they all sound like they require a fair amount of prior Engineering. I think the best bang for your buck (and time, since that appears to be a consideration), would be one of the Vipers. Riôt
  • roryclague's Avatar
    Today, 5:25 AM · 2407 replies and 188962 views.
    Did anyone here ever figure out what the difference between "major" and "minor" and unsigned volcanism means in the context of EDD and the Pilots' Log?
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 8775 replies and 733575 views.
    В среду (вроде) в стиме начинается ЧП. Я правда хз учавствуют ли в этой акции магазин ФД.
  • JudeSaint's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 5 replies and 107 views.
    JudeSaint replied to a thread Passenger missions in
    There is nothing in the transactions tab. I always look. Ill have a closer look on the next few. I might even video them
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 83 replies and 3350 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread Why is Colonia so dead? in
    Or, Frontier could have simply enabled features in the station, and used commander actions as 'reasons' for things being enabled. Instead, it do not matter what players did. Frontier arbitrarily turned stuff on, sort of, and then had a bunch of CGs to enable the rest. Look, as I said, I don't have animosity; but if there's a big push by a bunch of independent pilots, well into the hundreds and early thousands, does that really somehow need a player group to legitimise it? As it turns out, we'll never know, because CCN rolled in and tried to pretty much set the tone. I am sure the people involved meant well, but it absolutely undermined all the effort, and the very ordinary attitude presented did not win friends. I think you've missed the point; the entire thrust early on, was not to have player groups. So why the heck would a ton of players not interested in player groups, but actually interested in working in tandem with Frontier to have some sort of organic story, be interested in player...
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 13 replies and 197 views.
    Limoncello Lizard replied to a thread Avoiding scans in
    For surface ports, pay attention to the comms. The cops will usually broadcast when they are going on a break. You are safe to approach then.
  • Caramel Clown's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 5 replies and 49 views.
    Some ambient classics are my choice. Also, some post rock works fine. Each to their own.
  • relayer's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 1634 replies and 24946 views.
    The same goes, I'd bet, for most people that play solo or groups. I'm not "scared" - I'd prefer to do without engaging other people when I want to play a game. Pretty simple. I don't care if you're a muderhobo or some saintly pirate; I don't want to interact with you at all. Thankfully, FD has given me a mode where I don't have to.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 4148 replies and 343716 views.
    Я думаю народ в этой группе появляется только на время стрима.
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 372 replies and 13585 views.
    Mengy replied to a thread DECE EyeCandy in
    On my way to BC3. There just aren't a lot of stars out here along the rim, so dark sides of planets get really dark.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 5:18 AM · 42 replies and 2030 views.
    Ну как я понял тот сайт что он делает ( почему то ссылку так и не дали ) тоже будет фрии.
  • shadow133's Avatar
    Today, 5:16 AM · 384 replies and 11300 views.
    I just spent $250 mil buying my Duke status through donations because I got sick of the repetitive missions (scan, relog, scan) earning close to nothing. I have been playing this since beta and really wanted a cutter to participate in cgs and go back to trading. Some things, a few of them key core activities, are simply poorly implemented, almost lazy like. Except for some stability improvements I actually enjoy the game now less, so I dont feel like its 5919x better. The reasons other people have pointed out: interface and screens, engineers, powerplay, nerfings, etc. Simply put almost every aspect of the game needs a rebuff and very little has been done this year in regards to this. I don’t see pointing having opinions as naysaying. Also, I dont doubt the good nature of the developers and actually find their audience connection (space slug included) appeasing, but that is not making the game any better. So far 2.4 is a bust, at least for me. It appears that the “naysayers” may be having a positive...
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 5:16 AM · 65 replies and 1945 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Return of the Cowbell! in
    This thread makes me happy. :D
  • C4R1TON's Avatar
    Today, 5:15 AM · 546 replies and 51239 views.
    Ok so how do you use your headset when you have an exterior hard drive hooked up. That only leaves one for the hotas and one for the wired headset. Nothing left to plug the controller in so you can keep it turned on.
  • Nitross's Avatar
    Today, 5:15 AM · 3 replies and 37 views.
    Nitross replied to a thread Combined ADS and DSS in
    I don't care if he's not the first to say it; I'd say we need to repeat it until it happens. I don't know about the pricing but, with the ever increasing module options for various builds, offering a combined version just makes sense. And I'm not just saying this because I posted a quick line about this in another thread minutes before seeing this one... -_-;
  • Susanna's Avatar
    Today, 5:15 AM · 220 replies and 6266 views.
    me too. It totally killed my enthusiasm for anything Goid related.
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