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  • Farran's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 AM · 17 replies and 512 views.
    Farran replied to a thread Meta Discussion I LOVE the Alliance Crusader in Ships of Elite
    I am glad I finally get to see a well-documented viewpoint of someone who likes the Crusader. Thanks for that! I like reading stuff like this. I also like some of the less roundly appreciated ships, so it is great to see others speaking up for the ships everyone else complains about (I consider the Asp Scout my main right now because the handling makes it hard to want to fly anything else, and I mostly do exploration and help people at Guardian ruins lately so it works out fine). Might have to pass on the Crusader for now, myself. I am much more fond of ships that have more fighter-like handling (responsive, fast, and agile), and I have not stuck my fingers into the xenohunting pie yet at all. But, if I get to fly support for someone who is, I will definitely keep it in mind. The ability to deploy a fighter and the well-rounded selection of hardpoints are not fully unique to it but if it handles better than the Gunship, it would certainly appeal to me more. Although, if the maneuvering thrusters...
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 AM · 64 replies and 1291 views.
    The Elanor in Gone in 60 seconds was a Shelby version of an old Mustang. Basically a regular sporty car, upgraded quite a bit and fitted with a ridiculous engine. There is no doubt that the real Elanor of ED is an Imperial Eagle with enhanced performance thrusters with dirty drives.
  • Jorki Rasalas's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 AM · 3532 replies and 333312 views.
    Of course there is an opposite interpretation- that the DW missions might have been set dressing and nothing to do with the real location of Raxxla, and were pulled because FD realised the amount of salt that would be generated if that came to light. So the only clue we have is MB’s “you have to make it a little bit obvious”. That cannot have changed, so what is obvious, cos we’re missing it.
  • KillaALF's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 AM · 64 replies and 1244 views.
    I bought a Cutter for the sole purpose of achieving Elite in trade. As soon as that was accomplished, I mothballed it, with no intention of ever using it again. It is by far the least enjoyable ship of all the ships I've flown, whereas the Corvette is delightful. Cutter = :( Corvette = :)
  • adamantan's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 AM · 13 replies and 353 views.
    adamantan replied to a thread Going into space in Exploration
    Hello Yesterday I back from my journey :) I made 900 jumps with total distance 43000 LY , it took about 11 days. I sold all my cartographic data in several (at least 20) different stations gained ally reputation with them, and received in total ~ 230 milions CR. It was really fun, and now is's time to make some jobs in the bubble to gain more CR and reputation. I see that this galaxy indeed is very big, I just wonder how many LY it would be to fly it all around, and if I will find enough enthusiasm to do it in the future.
  • m0rl0ck's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    m0rl0ck replied to a thread Only 2.8%... in Dangerous Discussion
    Thats my fault, sorry. I play 2.8% of the total time for all players combined. I have joined a support group so expect the number to drop.
  • Sidman's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 14 replies and 339 views.
    My major problem right now in this game is the heat, ships seem to be built so flimsy that the slightest hit of temperatures and you go to 80% temperature maximum. That is why Star Trek ships have a deflector dish and structure integrity fields.
  • Deekin Scalesinger's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 9 replies and 222 views.
    Also boom. :-)
  • Zoltar-Talion's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 8 replies and 178 views.
    Hell, I guess it means people like or approve of you. If you have to weigh up the pros/cons of that then maybe you've just been spending too much time reading posts from our PvP brethren who will gladly unload their scorn, abuse, and insults on others at the drop of a hat, without the least word of reproof from our 'community managers', or even our 'community'. Consider yourself blessed.
  • rekurzion's Avatar
    Today, 8:12 AM · 9 replies and 222 views.
    right, but what was the faction state. system state is only the state of the controlling faction. there are up to 6 other factions in a system with their own states that are in constant change.
  • Rubbernuke's Avatar
    Today, 8:12 AM · 37 replies and 522 views.
    I quite like the idea of different types of scanning devices that achieve things in different ways. It could be devised in such a way that engineering paths are wildly different between each module, leading to fun choices. But this though: If the new scanning tools are an optional module type then no special options to obtain one should be given.
  • theGunner76's Avatar
    Today, 8:12 AM · 66 replies and 2996 views.
    Just curious... does the super insane method still work? Tried it yesterday, by going outside the No Fire Zone, but my tea was gone by the time i got back. Does it have to be inside the NFZ? Going to try again today after Fujin get its boom state...
  • additional001's Avatar
    Today, 8:10 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    I'm sure by now everyone has seen or heard the 2.8% figure on board flipping. As The Yamiks said in his video and in streams we kinda have to take FDEV's word for it because we don't have access to the data. To good naturedly have a lil fun I thought it would be fun to give them a little ribbing for it. So in that spirit feel free to add your, "only 2.8%" jokes here. Please keep it civil and poke fun at the game and don't make it personal against anyone in game or at Frontier. Don't get the thread shut down. :D With that... on with the fun... Only 2.8% of players haven't died from parking violations. Only 2.8% hose down their cargo holds after hauling biowaste. Only 2.8% enjoy grinding for materials for engineering. Only 2.8% of all explorers scan everything they can get a bead on. Only 2.8% of Thargoids think humans are just... meh.
  • Tyres O'Flaherty's Avatar
    Today, 8:09 AM · 17 replies and 288 views.
    Doing more or less the same around Kadrusa :)
  • Woolies's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 42 replies and 2446 views.
    Ah, ok. For Combat Bonds it is different? With Combat Bonds doesn't the SLF pilot get a split taken off your own tally? Good to know that Bounty Hunting is different and you still get the full whack for the kill.
  • Jethro49's Avatar
    Today, 8:05 AM · 3 replies and 19 views.
    My cunning strategy when doing transportation or fetch missions in a T9 is to submit to the interdiction, boost, deploy mine launchers, lay a wall of mines, and finish off the attacker with my front lasers if the mines hit, or eventually low/hi wake (depending on the mass lock ability of the attacker). Works quite fine with a fully engineered T9 : special effects on mines, DD thrusters, reinforced shields with a mix of HD/RA shield boosters. Note : in the beginning, I tried with a unengineered T9, and it was not efficient at all, which made me to put on hold missions with a T9...
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM · 14 replies and 198 views.
    Han_Zen replied to a thread PvP mode in ED? in Modes of Elite
    I never do PvP in ED. Not because I don't like PvP in general, but because the implementation in ED is so poor. I think a PvP mode with propper balance would reduce the pressure on regular open. It would also allow FD to say that combat logging is fully legal in Open. Open could become a PvE mode, without major to mechanics. It's a win win.
  • Phil JMac's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM · 3 replies and 19 views.
    It's possible to avoid almost all interdictions in a T9 when you get the hang of it - You will loose the vector at times but if you stay calm and keep plugging away it'll come back to you. Its not a nimble ship, its a fat bottomed girl.... I personally love it and I've only lost her once in 6 months of flying and that was before i finished engineering the shields. I think Ive lost interdictions twice and that includes those fun times when you get three in a row. It's doable, but it does need a little learning
  • Alyssa's Avatar
    Today, 8:03 AM · 64 replies and 1244 views.
    I have both Corvette and Cutter. Corvette is my combat ship, have another one for mining. Cutter is my pure trading ship, but I hate to fly with it. It have nice jump range, but manouvering it through the mail slot is hard AF. Never tried it in combat because of its slow turn.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:01 AM · 37 replies and 522 views.
    Changes always worry some people. That's how life basically works. If FF were any evidence people always think they have more leeveway and influence on development than they realize. This causes unnecessary friction. Still, happy FD published ot because I was just curious. But they won't forbid flying around in system. Why would they do that?
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