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  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 AM · 4773 replies and 174075 views.
    Я вроде посоветовал как раз конструктив но если трудно доходит то без проблем объясню. 1. Тут в форуме ( можно поискать и найти ) есть ветка про программу поиска под андроид. 2. Находим эту ветку, смотрим кто автор и пишем ему в личку. 3. Ждем когда откликнется и там он скорее всего все напишет как и что делать дальше. Если есть какие то трудности с каким либо из пугктов то без проблем, опишете я попробую чем либо помочь если смогу. P.S. И смысл моего сообщение был не в том чтобы направить куда нужно а то что не стоит полагаться на
  • Micha's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 AM · 11 replies and 172 views.
    The OP's suggestion was suggested many times already during the Beta. And yes, it is absolutely at a minimum required. @BillyBoyFloyd's suggestion of different HUD modes switching power priorities etc as well is one I haven't heard before, but it makes a lot of sense too; I like it. The only concern I have with this is that it might make mode-switching take quite some time. Say you're mining and you've powered down all non-mining gear, then get jumped by a pirate. You quickly toggle to combat mode, but then have to wait 10s or more for your weapons and other combat-related kit to boot up. But it would be great to quickly be able to toggle power priorities etc on sets of equipment - when fighting I have no use for my mining gear and vv, so no need to keep everything powered up. Perhaps there could be a "standby" mode for gear as well as "on" and "off" - "standby" would still take -some- power, but would reduce boot-up time to only a couple of seconds. My personal take was that HUD modes should...
  • Bayaz's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 11 replies and 90 views.
    Oh look it's me with my differing opinions again - I actually quite enjoy using the FSS and the new mechanic... Drop into system, DSS, check system map to see if it's been previously discovered, if so move on, if not hit 0% throttle and open up the FSS, check the wavelengths for anything worthwhile, if not, move on, if so, begin the zoom and move around game, if a worthwhile planet or body to probe, finish mapping out with the FSS and proceed to probe... It's not that bad actually. It's an ostensibly forensic minigame. I did a 12k LY roundtrip to unlock Palin and checked out almost every system I went through, and now I've got about 50 with my name all over them - especially all over the valuable planets - whereas I remember the DSS just after beta and didn't like that mechanic at all :)
  • Redwalljp's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 13 replies and 384 views.
    I'm glad, yet disappointed to hear that. I've always wanted to just fly into one to see what happens, but the only time I come across them is at a time when I'm doing something more important to spare the time or risk it. Knowing my luck, FDev will rework them just before I take the plunge :D
  • Intruder_06's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 106 replies and 1770 views.
    Tarman, Think of it as a welcoming mat, where those new to the game who like open play, won't be at a severe disadvantage to those who have the gear needed to fight pvp, even tho they may possibly be a better fighter (if they ever decided to try and find out). This lane (welcoming mat) could have flashy lights and everything, possibly pretty enough to distract some pvp'ers from ganking the "noobs" permanently, I have noticed some of them have pretty short attention spans. 😕
  • SAB380's Avatar
    Today, 5:19 AM · 106 replies and 1770 views.
    I think there are lore ways that Founders World can be made safer. Its the Pilot's Federation HQ. The Pilot's Federation are a slightly mysterious organisation that has unique power and designated responsibility, across all factions across the verse. And they control the Galnet network which is basically the in game menus to connect to stations and play the game. Bounties in Shinrata should apply across every system automatically and should be death warrants for a timed period - no ability to pay them off or clear them for a certain time period. Extra points from The Pilot's Federation for killing players that have broken their rules in the home system. Once your bounty reaches a certain level in Sinrata - they disconnect your ship from the Galnet network.
  • Lightspeed's Avatar
    Today, 5:16 AM · 8 replies and 260 views.
    Or, the FSS could have been made more like the new mining. Instead of twiddling knobs on some ancient radio, you could fire off a scanner and interpret returned colors to identify planetary types, not so different from the clues offered by the old system of planetary indicators, just a little more sophisticated. A missed opportunity ! Instead it's weeewooooo twiddle weeee wooooo weeee wooo.........
  • Micha's Avatar
    Today, 5:15 AM · 11 replies and 90 views.
    Overall I find the new exploration mechanics to be more logical and immersive than the old. Initial "honk" gives you an indication of what's in a system. FSS gives you a reasonably (in fact it can be argued a bit too much) detailed picture of each planet. The Surface Probes then give you the remaining details and location of any POIs (again, it really should give search location, not precise spot). Finally, landing and scanning gives you details on the POIs themselves. But I only fly up and map planets that I find interesting; that may be because they hint at unique geography, or they have interesting orbital mechanics with nearby bodies, or I'm working on ticking off my Codex entries for that sector. I do agree that the new mechanics still require quite a bit of tweaking and streamlining though. The FSS and DSS need to either be cockpit popups more similar to the station menus than the full-screen overlays they currently are to allow for situational awareness, or they need to be usable from normal...
  • UFO Reality's Avatar
    Today, 5:15 AM · 81 replies and 2150 views.
    As a possible fix for non-consensual PvP and BGS fair play, I think the game should all be in OPEN only mode. Get rid of the other modes. Have minor faction missions or PP rewards that award free insurance re-buy. Simplify C&P by tying notoriety level with spawns of ATRs tracking and engaging wanted CMDRs accordingly and f'ing get rid of being unable to pay off at IF until level 0.
  • Bayaz's Avatar
    Today, 5:13 AM · 11 replies and 172 views.
    An outstanding idea, I endorse and approve of your product :) A third firegroup option wouldn't be terrible either but let's try and get your idea implemented first...
  • Hooplah's Avatar
    Today, 5:11 AM · 5 replies and 66 views.
    Yes, I loved that moment. Here is the Oscars moment they followed up with. Enjoy.
  • Saifon's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 AM · 1 replies and 10 views.
    surface limpets or something.. would be cool..
  • Lightspeed's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 AM · 19 replies and 135 views.
    What, one? Won't be much use, I'm afraid. :p But seriously, more life in existing space ports, with people moving around would be a good start, so I guess that would come in as your cities.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 5:07 AM · 11 replies and 90 views.
    Funny how the same criticisms keep coming up, innit? The DSS doesn't take much flak because it's a new thing that allows you to do new stuff. The FSS, OTOH, is just extra busy-work to achieve the same stuff we could already do. Who could have possibly guessed that a lot of people wouldn't find that fun after several hundred goes?! Should've kept the core functionality of the old disco-scanner to establish the basic sysmap and then allowed the player enter the FSS properly to do stuff like detect USSs and get all the in-depth data about each planet.
  • Bayaz's Avatar
    Today, 5:05 AM · 19 replies and 135 views.
    The ability to save ship loadouts, say two per ship, even if it has fees attached <- good credit sink A refined outfitting interface that improves ease of use and information given, and a ship stats display that equals Coriolis' stat display <- makes sense Some cargo storage in-station, say 100t, even if it has fees attached <- another good credit sink A keybinding, or even module, that provides the centre of cockpits 2x magnification to make it easier for people like myself with poor eyesight better chances at using fixed weaponry at distance Better music and the option to have only the classics play <- I want blue danube and ride of the valkyries, and not playing from a third party program
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 4:59 AM · 106 replies and 1770 views.
    Modeswitching is even moar simples.
  • Tel Prydain's Avatar
    Today, 4:58 AM · 11 replies and 90 views.
    Compared to what? That "sit and spin" scan is the exact same as the old "fly up and poke your nose at it" scan. Only 3000% faster. It's important to note the mapping is a third layer of exploration - a simple "sit and spin" is all that's needed to tag/claim a planet. Your prayers are answered - because the sit and spin is all that's needed to get the gist of a planet now! The mapping is only needed if you, you know, want to map it. As a rule you'd normally only map AW/WW/ELW and landable planets that have geological/biological signals you want to visit.
  • Cobra1984's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 AM · 2610 replies and 140056 views.
    I cannot provide any source for this or back this up whatsoever, but CIG's upper management do consider the game in early access and they consider the jpeg spaceships as DLC. Keep that in the back of your mind as the year unfolds.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 AM · 2610 replies and 140056 views.
    Jpegs that aren't in the game are just another display of the remarkable visionary genius at work here. The game will have changed beyond all recognition from when you purchased it. You really need to realise this. The jpeg's original role has now been surpassed - because you simply don't understand game development - and fidelity has increased to such a degree that your nearly decade old jpeg would just give other, more forward thinking, competitive, competent and obviously MOAR cash-rich gamers a lesser experience by inflicting your ancient jpeg upon them. Your only option is to refund or buy a newer jpeg. Oh, and we don't do refunds. Or release games :D
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