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  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 55 replies and 1298 views.
    It gets better, you are usually called a fanboy, apologiser and white knight for pointing it out...
  • worsin's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 30 replies and 198 views.
    For me i do want certain things to be hard to get, the problem is that i feel they do it wrong. For example: Ranking up to get a Cutter should not be a quick process, i fully agree with this. Im even fine with Elite being hard to achieve, these things make sense. My issue is with things like engineering. Rather than it being "grind grind grind" to get materials i would prefer there to be certain things you can only get from exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy. To me this is way more interesting than go farm stuff for 100 hours and come back and RNG the crap out of the Engineering panel. Want to get the top of the line Engineering Module for Power Plants? Well it requires this material that can only be found in Colonia. I would rather have to go on an adventure through the galaxy than simply grind mindlessly because of RNG. Yeah yeah no one is forcing me to min max, this is not a valid argument to me. I also cannot stand the current method of obtaining ore from planets, its...
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 3 replies and 32 views.
    Patrick_68000 replied to a thread Hi all in Introductions
    Welcome to the great family of the Elite on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe :)
  • Conch's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 11 replies and 272 views.
    top gimbled beam, bottom dual highyield cannon fixed and a APA. i could rule the galaxy with an iron fist.. but im a nice guy.
  • UnhappyDev's Avatar
    Today, 8:59 AM · 24 replies and 511 views.
    UnhappyDev replied to a thread FerDL versus FAS for PvP? in PvP
    With resistance focussed builds everywhere, ramming makes sense if you have the tankiness to do it.
  • SAB380's Avatar
    Today, 8:59 AM · 353 replies and 7651 views.
    You shouldn’t be able to buy a ship. You should get it like everyone else - by gaming ridiculous exploits and then acting like you earned it.
  • Siranui's Avatar
    Today, 8:59 AM · 30 replies and 198 views.
    That's not 'everything'. And how would you make powerplay less grindy, bearing in mind that you are being opposed by other human beings who will be engaging in the same activities? By nature, you are trying to do more of something than another team of humans in the most efficinet manner possible in order to 'win'. That's pretty much the definition of hard graft. Only if you're literally inept!
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 AM · 3 replies and 51 views.
    Patrick_68000 replied to a thread Bug in Introductions
    Welcome to the great family of the Elite on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe :)
  • Tataboj's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 AM · 30 replies and 198 views.
    If doing one thing over and over is a grind, and every activity is a grind, why aren't you doing one activity for some time, and when you feel like you're doing it over and over, just do something else?
  • Aldaris's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 AM · 17 replies and 785 views.
    The one in the OP is red and the 'cockpit' you can just see from highlight is the inverse teardrop shape.
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 AM · 2 replies and 49 views.
    Welcome to the great family of the Elite on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe :)
  • DustyArne's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 AM · 260 replies and 8050 views.
    DustyArne replied to a thread Hotas One is here. in Xbox One
    After testing a FDL in a RES site: Im going to swap all my gimballed weapons for fixed!!!!!!!! Just saying.. Damn the HOTAS is accurate, movement is so much better.. So much more "on target " time.. No need for gimballed anymore! And ow my gawd!! the stunts i can pull off now.. 180 spins, flyback, FA off, Fa on, boost.. turn.. BOOM.. this all in 4 secs.. Gonna make a vid.. :O :O Yesh, im excited! :D :D
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 AM · 36 replies and 1319 views.
    Exactly - Robigo, with the proper rank requirements, and the scan=fail was about the best balance in terms of risk vs reward I have seen in the game. These sorts of missions, along with rank requirements, should be brought back in. Z...
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 AM · 30 replies and 198 views.
    Finding skill has been deemed as unrequired by many in other threads - that's why there's third party sites. Also random factor is required.
  • Hooter's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 AM · 1 replies and 9 views.
    I've not totally immersed myself into exploration yet, I've always had a destination. But sounds to me that you've got the perfect strategy there. One I shall adopt when the black calls. If Sag A is on your list then you will get there some day. And a stop off at Colonia would solve your SRV problem.
  • Toumal's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 AM · 27 replies and 608 views.
    I was gonna say, " reinstall it on my SSD" but it went pretty much into the same direction.
  • Valethar's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 AM · 30 replies and 198 views.
  • Jaylem's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 AM · 11 replies and 146 views.
    Jaylem replied to a thread The Imperial Cutter in Horizons
    HAHA, just posted about the same thing! Yeah she is a pig to turn, but I love it's cargo and speed...I am sorry but I love this ship. :) gun mounts are actually pretty good, If you keep turrets on the shoulders and use gimballed size 3's you will have no problem. I have 2 main loadouts. either 1 size 4 PA in chin with assorted gimballed and turrets, or my current favourite, twin size 2 railguns with assorted weapons. very keen for Ihammers! If handling is what you favour, try the corvette. I swear it handles better than some small ships. ;)
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 AM · 30 replies and 198 views.
    It's not comparable at all mate. Elite has pvp and a persistent world for all players. When you only have single player to worry about, you don't have any balance issues, you don't have any need to level the playing field for all players. That's what grind does, it ensures that all players regardless of their skill level have to pay their dues to become great, and that is why grind is a staple of all games that feature the phenomenon called endgame (which is a bit woolier in application in elite, as there's no level cap). Engineers have come to be the point at which 'endgame' starts in elite. Trust me this this game would have been dead already without the 'marathon' it requires to become 'great'.
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