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  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM · 19 replies and 291 views.
    This intellectual philosophical discourse is the reason we all come here...
  • Spoil-t's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    A wing of commanders can wipe out a station's supply in under an hour in Cutters....
  • trigun539's Avatar
    Today, 11:52 AM · 261 replies and 4347 views.
    So by your standards, 1min launching/docking. Then spending 4mins cruising (which again, I hate to repeat myself... You CANT do anything not exactly sure if you get this. The fact that you go for USS/HGEs means that now you have changed course and are not anymore actively going to your destination) If I could send a drone/limpet while continuing my navigation, but maneuver the limpet to go to USS/HGEs then that would be different (Look, another way to fix this issue). Also, this is 4 minutes of NOTHING. How long do you wait for a loading screen before you get upset? 30 secs... 1min... This is just really, really bad gameplay. People can be AFK and NOTHING would happen. I think you missed the point here, the percentage of "doing" vs just "waiting" in the game is absolutely horrible. This is not excusable for a game! You still do nothing during this time... Again another fix, you could just let players just adjust their speed to what they want instead of limiting their speeds.
  • steve02's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I cannot find any armour for my krait is there a reason for this
  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 11 replies and 147 views.
    "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" seems a pretty apt quote at the moment.
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 3 replies and 92 views.
    Can't wait for FD to finally do what they wanted to do with these worlds.
  • McDark's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 2 replies and 8 views.
    McDark replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.1.2 Horizons] Ongoing mission missing from mission board in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Yes, I took 2 mining missions. The first time I ever have. The one I had enough material to complete showed up and was therefore able to complete. The other I did not yet have enough material to complete, but did not show as in hand. I would assume you should be able to hand over partial materials like you can now for trade missions. Are you able to confirm this should be the correct functionality? Thank you.
  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 8 replies and 270 views.
  • cpbtrading's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 5358 replies and 507489 views.
    I'm not into the side story thing. I just hope we'll get something a little better tomorrow. Lets be honest, it will probably get leaked, the xbox games are going to be in the shop warehouses this week, ready for release next week, so it would be better just to show a trailer of sorts early to get the upper hand.
  • Evil Flanker's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Severity Moderate Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence 11:45 GMT Date of occurrence
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 608 replies and 83530 views.
    Agony_Aunt replied to a thread Cobra Mk. III Cobra Mk III Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    I didn't pay attention to the deadline.... nothing yet for me. I only did one of the options.
  • Naskoni's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 248 replies and 4159 views.
    Why? Well, I already put that in the post you quoted - you have the biggest, dedicated cargo hauler in the game absolutely dwarfed by the supposed multipurpose ships, which are supposed to be good at many things but masters of none. Yet some are masters at everything... The T-9 is absolutely crap at everything but one, single thing - cargo capacity. It can hardly jump, can hardly move, turns like a maimed pig in a swamp, has hardly any shields, has laughable armament, has 4 utility mounts but crappy power plant and distributor and is so large it basically has nearly the dimensions of the mail slot. It has ONE job. And compared to the big three it fails at it. It pays SO much in so many aspects to supposedly excel at ONE thing and it doesn't. The ONLY redeeming factor is its price - fully upgraded it is a third of the price of the Anaconda, which can do absolutely everything. You cannot have specialized ships competing with multiroles only in price. That being said after FD buffed its internals the T-9...
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 106 replies and 2598 views.
    Actually, yes, they are. Except that FD created the Graphics Configuration Override file specifically to support changing the HUD colors easily. I would say that FD creating a file to support user-input adjustments of RGB matrix values for the UI is more than "nothing".
  • CMDR RubberStig's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 27 replies and 485 views.
    There are more than 20,000 people in the Mobius group who are not interested in PVP (and therefore by extension, not interested in playing in Open). This is a significant number of people. Surely this sandbox is big enough for both groups to have their fun in their own way(s)?
  • TheMegaTurnip's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 261 replies and 4347 views.
    You know what the grind isnt even the worst bit man. Its the bleddy istability that rears its ugly head EVERY DAY. NINE times I got DC'd and bluescreened last night. 9!!!! I have'nt played a game with such lack of care put into its design and such a level of broken gameplay. It might as well be a second rate steam asset flip for all the good it does. More over the cheeky swines have the cheek to lie outright to us about "Bug fixes" LOL. You guys don't even know what bug fixes are. Case and point is that the last patch notes had NO infomation in it whatsoever. Just "a few minor bug fixes" > Dyou not think they players should kinda know what you've done so they either test it (yeah right) or more likely, just avoid that aspect of the game alltogether, because we know, they'll have screwed it up.
  • Tyres O'Flaherty's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 45 replies and 728 views.
    Well, we'll agree to disagree on that point. I've based my findings on what I've experienced - whether you think it's piffile to you is irrelevant to me and I'll play as I please. If I'm struggling and getting frustrated, I won't be enjoying the game anymore - it's not a job and I avoid the "git gud" mentality like the plague. I mean no offense here; I'm just saying combat is not for me. Maybe one day... but not today . o7
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 5 replies and 85 views.
    No problems here, no headaches or sickness due to VR. Flimley
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 AM · 72 replies and 13327 views.
    Good luck everyone - some nice pics ninjad earlier into the thread since last I looked ;)
  • BL1P's Avatar
    Today, 11:44 AM · 8 replies and 270 views.
    Almost got the keycode colours right ! +1
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