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  • StiTch's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Sorry Aashenfox, are you suggesting ED actually implements roles? You know,actual multiplayer content? Heaven forbid!
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 24 replies and 371 views.
    The biggest flaw in the DBS is.... How long the landing gear takes to deploy. Lol Otherwise I love it.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 5 replies and 98 views.
    The only thing that comes to mind is something I can’t post. And you would not like it anyway. So I won’t. :P
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 12 replies and 164 views.
    Technically any ship in the game can explore, just like technically every ship in the game can do combat. However, the fact that every ship has hardpoints does not mean they are “combat ships”, just like the fact that many ships can explore do not make them “exploration ships”. So, what makes a ship a true exploration ship? What features make it stand above the others? I would argue that there are four strong criteria to classifying a ship well suited for exploration: Jump Range. The ship needs to be able to 1) get into deep space, and 2) reach systems at the fringes. Supercruise Agility. Scanning complete systems requires a lot of maneuvering in SC, and the slower the ship the more frustrating and time consuming exploration becomes. Six Internals Minimum. In order for a ship to function adequately as a long term deep space explorer you need six internals: ADS, DSS, Scoop, SRV, Shield, AFMU. This is the minimum, more is better. Cockpit View. When the ships job is looking at things,...
  • CMDR Zadian Lichtfrost's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 24 replies and 371 views.
    The DBS is among my favorite ships. It's a lot of fun to fly that little thing. Great jump range for a combat ship (or great at combat for an explorer), among the best dogfighters with 2s2m weapons (if not the best combat ship of it's class). It's just not a trading ship.
  • Brrokk's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 PM · 1652 replies and 39278 views.
    He asked you to trust him, but I don't see the bit where he said "screw you" or described anything as "unacceptable".
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 PM · 5 replies and 98 views.
    Oh it's not like an online form, it's just one of those daft images from Pinterest or something. Like this... Someone ended up with Moon I might keep my name. Not sure yet. Just looking for a better one. Lol
  • CMDR -=REAPER=-'s Avatar
    Today, 2:22 PM · 6 replies and 522 views.
    CMDR -=REAPER=- replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.4.03] Ship ID Poorly Placed on AspX in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Any updates?
  • Ambit's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM · 31 replies and 283 views.
    Yo directamente no soy partidario de las naves de papel, por muy de exploración que sean. Yo ahí prefiero perder un UAM, si llega el momento de que este esta al 0%, recures al reinicio y vas tirando, pero muy jodido vas a estar si has llegado a esa situación... vamos que si no es por despiste o porque te has comido una de neutrones o una enana blanca, esos módulos no sufren por roces en el casco.
  • ecob81's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM · 151 replies and 4632 views.
    They're doing a much better job than most of us would be able to that's for sure. It can't be that easy else there'd be better similar alternatives for us to choose from, but there isn't because as far as i'm aware Elite is the best one out there. I think beyond will succeed as long as they listen to what the community wants and don't try and enforce more grind just to keep people playing for longer. In the long run time will tell whether they can keep up with some of the new space MMO's being developed when they finally get released.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM · 4 replies and 38 views.
    I'm pretty sure it's 150.
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM · 24 replies and 458 views.
    I disagree. OP needs to stay home so I don't run any risk of meeting them :D
  • Cocalarix's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM · 63 replies and 5888 views.
    Added specifications for The Chieftain and some extra info about the trading improvements from this Pixel Bandits interview with Edward Lewis.
  • CMDR Endincite's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 PM · 17 replies and 330 views.
    Just to add something, as it's a common question: Identifying player vs. NPC factions - 99% (at least) of the NPC factions contain their home system's name in the title. If they don't, chances are it's a player faction. Caveats: 1) there are perhaps a couple dozen bespoke NPC factions with nonstandard names (e.g. Mother Gaia in Sol, Kraken Shield Specialists in Vequess , etc) 2) I'm sure some of the 800+ player factions ingame have a system name in the title (the vast majority do not). So it's a solid rule of thumb at least.
  • MegatronsFinger's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 PM · 116 replies and 2974 views.
    1.Logging is logging regardless of method. You avoid the death by exiting the game. 2. My rude behaviour? I abide by the rules, if you got reported for doing wrong, that’s on you, not me. 3. If you beat my interdiction, then I congratulate you. I don’t claim to be unbeatable but I know what I’m doing. So if you got away, then fair play. 4. The anti ‘grief’ team (not a relevant use of the word but I’ll play along) have come and tried to exact retribution upon me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t. Either way it adds to my game. 5. I’ve said it a few time on this thread already but I’ll say it again for the hard of reading. People logged on me LONG before I went full murder hobo.
  • CMDR WER NUR's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 PM · 4 replies and 38 views.
    127 or 128 IIRC (???) MFG CMDR WER NUR
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 PM
    Was thinking about an old wow encounter while responding to another thread, and that got me thinking how a super tough fight in WoW compares to a super tough fight in Elite. In Elite a hard encounter is usually made hard by the quantity and equipment level of NPC enemies. Personally, in the FAS, I can handle any of the following combinations... 2 elite anything at the same time, even corvettes, Annies, no problem. 1 big ship and 2 small ships, no problem. Up to 4 small ships, no problem. It's when the numbers start ramping up that no amount of skill will help, you simply can't stayout of everyone's weapons arc at the same time and still do effective DPS. In WoW a hard encounter is made hard by mechanics. Extra enemies come in the middle of the fight, in this way, it is similar to Elite, or certain players get disabled temporarily at a time when everyone has to move together, etc etc. In WoW and other MMOs, we are given tools to deal with this, roots which hold enemies in place, temporary...
    1 replies and 0 views.
  • nosleepdemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 PM · 27 replies and 502 views.
    I generally consider it poor form to attack Eagles and Sidewinders, as there's simply no way those encounters can ever turn against you. If they do, you are in such thourough trouble that you may as well self destruct. I also don't attack traders unless they are wanted, it's usually clear that they are running trade missions and killing them is rather unfair as they have no way to cover cargo insurance. There is an exception to the latter rule however when I see a novice in an Annie, or something similarly egregious. Even experts in Vultures get me stroking my chin and wondering which credit farming tactic they used to acquire a ship they have no business flying in.
  • TOM USMC's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 PM · 116 replies and 2974 views.
    Well, you talk of "shoulds" the reality is your dealing with real people. There is no accountability and I would go farther and say that they do get something out of it. The petty satisfaction they have probably ruined your experience. You can sit around and wait for the "should" behavior to arrive or, take accountability and actions that minimize the potential. People should be kind, should be generous, should be caring, should be helpful, should be humble. A small select people are, and they are treasured. Most are not and history is written on the suffering they inflict.
  • Darkfyre99's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 PM · 963 replies and 19568 views.
    Because like most players, I don't fly in Open to fight other players. I fly in Open to play with other players. I don't mind if those players are antagonistic to what I'm doing, as long as they're antagonistic in a fun way. Fair fights are fun. Proper PvP piracy is fun. Power-Play related PvP I found to be fun, when I was pledged to the Power I support (Give us Powerplay missions, Frontier!) Most of the "antagonistic" players I've encountered were of the annoying variety. I can count the number of fun antagonists with one hand, with fingers left over if I remove Powerplay related encounters. All the rest, which happened before my job changed hours, weren't worth the time. If I was in a trolling mood, I may let them try to interdict me, so they won't bother someone else, but as far as "emergent content" is concerned, NPCs are more fun.
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