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  • CMD Zackaral's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 AM · 11 replies and 427 views.
    ce qui manque cruellement dans ce jeu c'est un mode "entrainement PVP" un mode où l'on pourrait s’entraîner aux tactiques de combat sans craindre la destruction de son vaisseaux et les crédits pour le rachat ! un mode entrainement PVE serait aussi le bienvenue ! dans ce mode on pourrait configuré "à la carte" les PNJ qui nous attaqueraient ! par contre il faut impérativement maintenir les modes "groupe prive" et "solo en ligne" ! imaginez le calvaire que subirait les nouveaux qui serait constamment attaquer par des joueurs peu scrupuleux si ils étaient obligé de jouer en mode "jeu ouvert" !
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 AM · 1265 replies and 53925 views.
    Есть такая фича, когда пролетаешь мимо станции просто направляй корабль в планету. А вот мне бы еще хотелось ( правда это не та тема ... ) чтобы можно было взять билет на пассажирскую перевозку. Пусть перевозка будет стоить дорого ( в разумных пределах ) и по времени ( дни и больше ) но чтобы я мог на этом пассажирском корабле перелететь с одного своего корабля до другого. ( в офлайне )
  • Viking84's Avatar
    Today, 6:53 AM · 56 replies and 1258 views.
    Ended up with three suppliers in the end (not counting all the tools!): Leo Bodnar - boards + rotary encoders Mouser - buttons, toggles and box Kjell & Company (local) - Wires + soldering equipment The wires were not of the best quality, uneven sizing of the connectors meant that some worked perfectly and others required a LOT of force to go in which was a bit dicy. When I get home from work tonight I will be doing a bit more testing with the defective encoder to make 100% there isn't an issue with the board itself - once that is done I might be able to start using the thing ;)
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 6:53 AM · 35 replies and 1539 views.
    This just proves Minecraft is as awesome as I think it is, despite getting ragged on by the elitists in the gaming community. ;) What're we talking about in this thread again? Never bothered playing GTA5 myself. I'm more of a fan of the fighting mechanics and free range of Sleeping Dogs. To each their own.
  • Taimaru's Avatar
    Today, 6:51 AM · 74 replies and 2274 views.
    Well, to be honest I am satisfied with Elite: Dangerous and Jurassic World: Evolution so my satisfaction carries over. Do I want updates and changes to both games? Yes, of course which is why we're lucky they were developed by Frontier as they support and update their games for a long time.
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 6:51 AM · 50 replies and 1659 views.
    Beige! It was more beige! :)
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 AM · 74 replies and 2274 views.
    Issues with JWE only come out in the details. For the majority after jurassic park and dinosaurs its probably excellent (havent bought it myself either). The moment you compare it to the original game (the core of jwe is a direct copy of an older game jurassic park operation genesis, frontier haven't admitted this in public) that's when a whole field of unfortunate *choices* and tradeoffs become apparent. If you don't have this idol (and it was!!) for comparison however you're not missing out on anything...
  • DLewth's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 AM · 9276 replies and 670048 views.
    Horses are planned for 3.6 Horse legs are scheduled for 5.7, at $300 each. Edit: This explains my luck punting on Aussie racing this evening.
  • EmiFalcon's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 AM · 887 replies and 81882 views.
    Eso y una pequeña nueva CMDT....pero no tiro la toalla, y sí, tenemos un programa grabado sin editar, pronto verá la luz. Mis disculpas a todos, soy el único culpable. Volveremos mas fuertes y mejor...espero jejeje. Un saludo a todos
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 AM · 18 replies and 327 views.
    There was a survey on Reddit with more than 12000 participants. Results where ~45/30/25. Still, that doesn't tell us anything. The same survey showed that the most popular activity is exploration (something nobody would've guessed by looking at the forums!). Someone who spends most of his time in the black isn't necessarily interested in competitive player interaction, he just leaves the option open to meet another explorer. Probably not to have an epic gunfight at Sag A or to stop his 'competitor' to hand in exploration data...
  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 AM · 53 replies and 2554 views.
    Uhm. My wife's actually a gamer, not playing Elite though. Just to give you a non-stereotypic view on things... I often hear screams of the dying over at my wife's desk when she's obliterating other people in those arena shooters... I can't play those with her because I am just a victim when I do. And I am not a bad shot. :D
  • Clariko's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 AM · 452 replies and 72284 views.
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 85 replies and 2997 views.
    Not extending out of the mythos of the whole debacle the last time (ie, no personal attacks or negativity). I'm one of those people who accepted the whole thing was a fraud. In game content indicating she was dead before she died can only mean it was staged. Isn't the whole thing a bit of a joke? The lore holds up well, but the event itself was centered around the player community and... yeah not much to say. The drama of the events was more memorable than the message itself, especially since thargoids had showed up before it happened.
  • Bryan K's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 15 replies and 229 views.
    I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t really play without my Rift. It just feels too confining using a monitor. I only play VR-less when doing long-haul flights, like the trip to Colonia or the Smeaton runs of old. Nothing other than VR can really give you that awesome sense of presence.
  • Innuendo6's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 28 replies and 2351 views.
    Frontier what a amateur company to miss out on region 3. joke of a company.
  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 47 replies and 1618 views.
    Valorin replied to a thread Im Quiting... in Dangerous Discussion
    Hello, one of the green bar guys here. I kinda have a pretty good life actually though I am checking on the forums regularly. :D It's a bit like reading newspaper in the morning while drinking coffee, or when it is too busy around me to actually immerse in a game. But I kinda get the notion. Better spend time playing the game then discussing nonsense on the forum. :D
  • hunvagy's Avatar
    Today, 6:40 AM · 9276 replies and 670048 views.
    And that's not the only one, tbh. Not to give a hand to CR in this case, but going through the ship list on WC CIC... It does seem like it was a very popular design, mostly for Erin in Privateer 2, but some Borderworld ships have the same shape.
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