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  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 AM · 3766 replies and 198467 views.
    Magnetaurs... simply flying into the system disintegrates your ship... lol ;)
  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 AM · 30 replies and 731 views.
    6 7/8s... Or possibly 42.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 AM · 87 replies and 1358 views.
    I got tired of making new e-mails to troll twitter.
  • Lightspeed's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 AM · 87 replies and 1358 views.
    Why? Because it's there :|
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 AM · 3766 replies and 198467 views.
    I do live in hope that some of the "in-space" graphics upgrades include stuff like comets (which we know are already accounted for in Stellar Forge), accretion discs (especially around black holes) & graphical upgrades for T-Tauri stars.......maybe even throw in some pulsars for good measure. Probably too much to ask, but some Oort Clouds/Kuiper Belts might be nice too. Maybe if systems had more in them than just stars, planets & asteroids.......& if systems had more unique visuals to them......then people would be more willing to fly around them.
  • fu9ar's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 AM · 355 replies and 7689 views.
    So explain what you mean by "the mission system does not provide a level of game play that offers decent value for the player's investment of time." I've had 20 missions stacked without board flipping, many times. It maybe took me a little longer because I had to actually fly to different stations to turn them in when I was done, but I was actually experiencing a level of game play the whole time instead of spending most of my time "playing the game" logging in and back out again only to make a single jump from one station to another or whatever.
  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 AM · 87 replies and 1358 views.
    Well I'm o the road a lot, and don't have access to the game. So I drink beer and play the forums.
  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 2:25 AM · 189 replies and 2772 views.
    I'm not perceiving "process for the sake of process", though. I'm seeing them finally address an issue that's been an issue since the ADS was introduced with infinite scan range and reveal all power. If you're truly only seeing this as only "process for sake of process", what's your personal take? Do you think the ADS is currently too powerful? Or do you think it's OK that it exists in its present form?
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Today, 2:25 AM · 132 replies and 2401 views.
    The moment you allow players to tinker, directly, with the BGS, it ceases to be in the background. Ask for the BGS to allow expansions into unpopulated systems. You're in good shape. Ask for mechanics where players put down markers, or direct the BGS, everything goes amiss. I think there should be movement towards completely separating the BGS from PP, not intertwining them more. Or, at least, give supremacy to the faction's over jurisdiction, leaving PP, as an overlay and without influence over system arfairs.
  • Marcus Machiavelli's Avatar
    Today, 2:25 AM · 3 replies and 28 views.
    Marcus Machiavelli replied to a thread Wing Ops in Horizons
    Nav lock works on range. So if you are close you drop out at the same time. If you are not close then when you are in range.
  • Miko's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 AM · 17 replies and 120 views.
    Alt+F4 is your best friend on PC. Cures every game problem in an instant.
  • Dutchman141's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 AM · 3766 replies and 198467 views.
    My apologies, it was Cmdr Eagleboy who replied to one of my posts not you. I made the mistake of mentioning you instead of him, my fault, I'm sorry. As to our opinion I mean the different opinions of us all. I hope Fdev takes as many opinions in consideration as they can, I'm well aware that they can't accommodate everyone's wishes but as I said before there seem to be two camps that are most prolific. I hope Fdev can and are willing to find an implementation of the new system that will make most people happy. That beta can't come soon enough imho.
  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Sorry, I always find that figuring it out is half the battle and quite a bit of fun.
  • Six6VI's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Six6VI started a thread [ED64 - 3.2.1 Horizons] Pirate demanding cargo FAIL! in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Date & Time of Occurrence 240918 01:00 (server) Frequency 1 VR? None / N/A Location
  • Lightspeed's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 AM · 55 replies and 1097 views.
    Elite:All the bits we left out because they didn't fit Final Edition
  • JetsonRING's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 AM · 17 replies and 120 views.
    When I got so bored I could not start the game I did a "Clear Save" and started over. So much easier the second time around . . . o7
  • Vicktore Beskor's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 AM · 132 replies and 2401 views.
    It is not blindness that drives my advocacy for gameplay that takes advantage of group gameplay. As I stated in my OP Squadrons is coming to elite dangerous if you like it or not my suggestions are only intended to show the possibilities for meaningful gameplay relationship between the BGS and Squadron gameplay and to be honest I have heard arguments like yours against Squadrons ever being introduced into elite dangerous and as far as I can see we are getting squadrons in the game anyway. So I will continue to advocate gameplay mechanics that build on that type of gaming style whether you like it or not.
  • Flowey's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 AM · 189 replies and 2772 views.
    Indeed, curiously what you claimed is that because we don't know if we will get new things to find we can't discuss the way we will find things and this is the idea I find rather unprecise to say the least.
  • D.D.Hariman's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 AM · 3 replies and 28 views.
    D.D.Hariman replied to a thread Wing Ops in Horizons
    "purple" Humnnn,, wonder what color that will be since I don't use the standard orange on orange?? Wonder how I can find that out? Nav Lock is only going to work if there is something to lock to. As best I can figure out, you only leave a wake to lock to is you voluntarily drop out of SC.. If you are pulled out besacue you lost the fight against the interdiction do you leave a wake?? I never submit. I always fight.
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