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  • n13L5's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 27 replies and 588 views.
    n13L5 replied to a thread Pre-3.0 Engineering Tasks in Engineers
    Thanks! This is really good info and corrects a statement I read elsewhere on this forum about materials trading! The one thing I'm missing is the trade between materials of equal rarity. If I assumed there were no materials of equal rank AND category, then I'd have my answer - six grade 5 materials for one grade 5 material. If that is so, then this is exactly the spot where the brokers are criminally gauging us and the system won't work at all for people who are unable to find a particular material at all. As an example - I used to hunt for ACED for nearly a month before I finally gave up - after going to all the locations and system conditions you can find with google searches.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 AM · 224 replies and 4638 views.
    The medival Bohemia was bigger than current Czechia, encompassing parts of Poland among other things. (AFAIK)
  • Zarek Null's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 53 replies and 765 views.
    This video on his channel is hilarious:
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Yep, we know. :) GG is awesome. The space tourism series is one of my favourite Elite things on youtube, next to Isinona and Nova Kane's mining tutorials. :D
  • relayer's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM · 44 replies and 758 views.
    Ctrl-D Ctrl-D Ctrl-D Alt-F Alt-i Alt-O f t Alt-W Ctrl-C
  • Hessfire's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    I feel for you... Reminds me of a time in my youth where I went to a Thai restraint where the chef was a native-born. When I ordered my food I asked him to make it so hot he wouldn't even risk serving it to his family, and signed a waiver so he didn't have to fear any legal response. The pain lasted for about 8 days...
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 4837 replies and 493938 views.
    You can make great money hauling cow. Buy it at an Agricultural world and take it to a place in the grip of famine. Make about 1k or so per ton profit. Oh, and the commodity is Animal Meat. But the very best is to purchase basic medicines from an industrial and take it to a system that's fighting an outbreak. You can make more than 2500/ton profit most times. Just make sure the state of the station you are taking it to is Outbreak. Not all stations in an Outbreak system will be in this state, though most will.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 5:31 AM · 1 replies and 13 views.
    If they are surface salvage missions, they don't have blue USS like the space ones. Instead you get a "Search zone" on the surface. It usually appears immediately as you're approaching the target planet so maybe you just overlooked it?
  • emka_blin's Avatar
    Today, 5:31 AM · 262 replies and 7167 views.
    Рост населения в BGS работает? Ато я тут в Колонии решил диверсию устроить.
  • Raumfahrer Spiff's Avatar
    Today, 5:29 AM · 14 replies and 450 views.
    I don't inherently disagree, I just see it as an issue when it's effectively written into the fabric of the game that some players are going to play, reach the wall, and leave in frustration, due to never knowing otherwise. The fact that a good player experience for these people relies on them luckily coming across resources and information out of game is an issue. As I said before, the resources and tools that players build and upkeep will probably always be more robust, but I think it's a huge missed opportunity to leave the game as spartan as it is. Even really simple stuff like tips and tricks on the loading screens, or clearer audio cues for micro events like direct messages or various systems failures, would help. Though my personal hope is that the upcoming codex will be a one-stop-shop for all sorts of interactable data, at least over time. Not to mention that having access to more data to pursue and manipulate and scheme with, would simply give us more to do with our copious down-time...
  • Zarek Null's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 AM · 155 replies and 9814 views.
    If anyone knows of other groups besides the Nomads, Smiling Dog Crew and 13th Legion that partcipated in the event, please let me know. I'd like to make mention of all participating groups in the finale video.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    I'm still sick. Here's the story. ---- 4 Days ago ---- On a whim, my entourage decided to undertake a drive to what people in the UK call the seaside. To get there, we had to crawl through the worst tropical hellholes of "roads" for 6 hours, "roads" that have descriptions of life like "Major Depression Ahead". Which means that you have to go down a sort of cliffside, where the "road" used to be. It's the sort of journey where you pressure up the spare, and get a extra socket wrench, and make sure the radiator is flushed out and refilled, and the brakes are serviced first.
  • mephisto9466's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Severity Minor Frequency All the time Time of occurrence 10:21 pm CST Date of occurrence
  • Wishblend's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 272 replies and 21527 views.
    the links are on post 3 already, but looking forward to seeing you in the discord
  • Seamus Masterson's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 10 replies and 265 views.
    Thanks for the info look forward to trying it live.
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 44 replies and 758 views.
    And that's just selfish. I want everyone to have choice. I play only in Open (unless someone is hogging the only docking pad at an outpost); that's my choice, but if someone chooses to play in Solo or Private Group, they should be allowed to. No one should be forced to play with others if they do not wish to do so. So those pirates and griefers you speak about can just go take an 8 foot walk on a 4 foot pier if they think they should be able to force others to play in Open if the others choose not to do so.
  • Mag1cMushrum's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 188 replies and 14518 views.
    I've just got my invite off Bill Turner, went and spent the best part of 4 to 5 hours collecting just 50 brom's and now realised that Alioth is closed off permit system - I dont want to go selling all my cargo just so I can get the permit and then re-do another 5 hours of collecting brom's so I can unlock him, will the beyond update allow me to swap ships with my cargo remaining on the original ship so I can get one of my non-cargo based ships transferred to the station I am at so I can go complete the permit mission (which I believe is most likely getting friendly with an Alioth based faction)? Anyone know? :)
  • LuxAeterna's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Found this little gem on youtube. Check out their series, hella hilarious!
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 5:18 AM · 6 replies and 248 views.
    I'm enjoying neutron star boosting (while exploring) far more than I expected. They break up the monotony of exploration and they "feel risky" even though they really aren't. I'm really looking forward to the end of the beige planets in the upcoming patch.
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