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  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 9 replies and 238 views.
    Ive never done a skimmer missions so the nerf dosnt bother me in the way it might bother others. It does concern me though how FD repeatly falls back on the quick fix nerf stick over actually fixing missions.
  • JonnyRedHed's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 84 replies and 16977 views.
    BBC - Sky at Night 2018 - Guides: 1. Planets The planets have fascinated us for millennia, but over the past 60 years our understanding of them has been transformed. Using The Sky at Night archives, Maggie Aderin-Pocock takes us on a spectacular voyage of discovery through our exploration of the planets. BBC - Sky at Night 2018 - Guides: 2. Galaxies Chris Lintott uses the Sky at Night archive to reveal the deepest secrets of galaxies, from their earliest beginnings to their very ends.
  • eyeonus's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM · 2500 replies and 424736 views.
    Oh, yeah, another thing I noticed when I was looking at the csv: There are duplications in the file. Obviously that means that within the 3hr. time frame one or more CMDRs visited the same station. It's not a horrible program crashing thing, but it's kind of pointless to update the same information repeatedly. The file should only have the latest information in it. I think Jagge should look into replacing station data with the new data, not merely appending all messages to the file as it stands currently.
  • zn˘rt's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 AM · 23 replies and 211 views.
    zn˘rt replied to a thread The Quince Trap! in Horizons
    it sounds like rational discussion or conversation might not be the thing for you. maybe try twitter or, dunno, facebook?
  • mastermaniac's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 AM · 241 replies and 5205 views.
    My God, repped for life.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 AM · 278 replies and 9173 views.
    Okedoke folks, well the May 3304 Buckyball SRV base jumping festival is now officially over! I have new submissions from Raijiin, subhouse07, Bruski, Akenbosch and jumpingclear. I'll leave it until around mid-day today UK time to assemble the final scoreboard and announce the ultimate winners so if anyone has completed a run since Saturday's scoreboard update and isn't in that list above then make sure to send me a pm with your details asap. o7 commanders
  • Arthur Shappey's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 AM · 13 replies and 196 views.
    100LY in this game is a very small distance. It only takes 3 to 12 minutes to travel (2-5 hops). Not sure why players think that is a big distance, takes me longer to buy my newspaper... And if it is a military interdiction, the one observation I would share is that in the real world, military presence near borders of enemy territories is inevitable, with transgressions common (and commonly denied) by both sides, even when not in a state of war.
  • cmdr milesred's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 AM · 4 replies and 91 views.
    many odd things said here... and if you have bought and sold all and some several times...something wrong there, that's a huge loss and waste in all the ship sales.. Also, if you have bought in the past as well then is there some very odd reason you do not seem to be aware of Li Yong-Rui ? Its not like you are going to get a better deal anywhere else...any system controlled by him has 15% discount on ships and use\stations to find one near you.. Jameson is 10% off, but has all ships and all modules... Best money saver is and has always been Li Yong-Rui, the only exception to that has been the few times Fdev has made specific stations do sales for marketing specials to new potential customers a couple times a very very long time ago. Also, as far as I am aware the only ship not sold by Li is the chieftain, unless that has recently changed in the past couple of weeks...
  • AnthorNet's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 AM · 1757 replies and 225168 views.
    Go to your system location page, on the distance tab, generate featured system, here you go!
  • Mike Reacher's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 AM · 23 replies and 211 views.
    Mike Reacher replied to a thread The Quince Trap! in Horizons
    There are many things not thought out properly by the Devs. Some of us get caught. Some don't. Don't take it personally. The real idiots are here in the forums. Instead of helping their fellow players to enjoy the game, they just put st on anybody who makes a mistake. I found 2 traps today. Luckily I didn't have to worry about distance. And what's more, I aint gonna tell a soul! Let 'em find their own traps.
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 AM · 268 replies and 5808 views.
    You do need the station selected and to be inside. No, it moves laterally too, you can see I'm a little off center. You can see how it changes to a square when you are vertically aligned.
  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 55 replies and 2152 views.
    IMO the problem also owes itself to the "ships as progression" view. The game should not really be about getting to one/all of the Big 3, but rather what do you do with a ship once you've obtained one. Because of the mechanics being the way they are- there's really no incentive to fly small ships outside of aesthetics. It's really not an "easy" problem to solve, but it does need a solution. They could take a number of directions with ship balance, but it also kinda depends on whether they're going to flesh out professions in this game or leave it ambiguous like at present. You might ask yourself, "What does it have to do with professions?" If they enhance professions, specializing ships make sense - as opposed to trying to keep everything "multirole". Then each ship could have a "bonus" toward its intended role- just like EVE does it, you could still use whatever ship you want, but outside its intended role you just wouldn't gain the bonus. If they don't enhance professions, then keeping it...
  • zn˘rt's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 89 replies and 1975 views.
    stopped reading right there. scan whole systems or don't, play your own way. it's not like we're going to run out of systems like ... ever?
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM · 89 replies and 1975 views.
    I actually did manage to run into a couple of CMDRs out about 8,000 light years from the bubble once. It was surreal. I always fly in Open as well and I'm glad because that kind of surprising moment was worth experiencing and I hope to one day experience it again.
  • Mike Reacher's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 AM · 0 replies and 11 views.
    Mike Reacher started a thread Lave 2 Permit? in Horizons
    Been a whole year since the thread was locked. Still not fixed.
  • zn˘rt's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 AM · 21 replies and 475 views.
    zn˘rt replied to a thread I feel dirty... in PvP
    he is. but keep in mind many only upload fights they win, which might give you a wrong impression. and yes, frags are quite op in their range. just keep out of it. just had an oxymorgasm with this!
  • MrGoodbytes's Avatar
    Today, 5:31 AM · 1 replies and 24 views.
    I agree 100% on all counts.
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