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  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 6:11 AM · 1 replies and 3 views.
    I think it is quite easy to get bored with ED if you accomplish what most set as their goal, a particular ship. I think the key is to get into the group, or role play aspect and even power play. It really changes the dynamic of the game and it gives you something to work towards. You really have to coordinate your efforts and in that group effort it creates content that otherwise alone the game lacks. I am not in it for the exploring, personally if I want that I will play No Man's Sky. However, for me I am not playing space games for the exploration. You need to find something in the game outside of the ships on ED; otherwise, this game really will be dead for you in 6 months. Like you said there just isn't enough options there to keep one really striving for it. Once you get that ship you found the conundrum, what is next? Try joining a wing or group and giving the role play aspect a go.
  • NuttiKrust's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 75 replies and 2073 views.
    So you're not part of the player-base?
  • Coragaon's Avatar
    Today, 6:06 AM · 2 replies and 25 views.
    Civil Wars / Wars have 24h cooldown, Elections 48h. So if he is unlucky he can trigger a new pending conflict right after.
  • LordJim47's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 41 replies and 962 views.
    LordJim47 replied to a thread Federal Corvette Flying through an airlock in Ships of Elite
    Thanks for the PIC, thought I understood how to use the radar, but missed this one entirely. Can't wait to try this exit strategy with my Beluga. o7 Cmdr
  • Tygra's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 71 replies and 1376 views.
    Only ship I ever found a nuisances to get through the mail slot was a beluga. That thing is major fish hook. Basic rule, keep it strait and steady. And if it did catch, well, good luck! When I traded it up to an Anaconda, was like, Wow, this is a breeze to fly after that. :cool: (tho I did scrape the bottom for small while a lot.) darn paint job costs.....
  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 455 replies and 73494 views.
    Nice, welcome to the game. We have a whole group of pretty active commanders and we are working at getting our group added as a Minor Faction in the game. Check out our group page and if it interests you send me a PM and I will get you my psn so you can get connected with the group.
  • Captain Willard's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 AM · 335 replies and 10630 views.
    HOLY SMOKES Now this has turned into a he said she said, to funny. If you can't figure out how to use this ship as is, you are kinda missing the point. PEEPS wanting to fly a beluga to a system and get multiple luxury missions have no clue. I get 2 never 3 lux missions at once with the beluga, if you want a freighter or a multirole ship go for it. As for changing this ship for combat or hauling biowaste, get an annie. STOP the whining. Get Gud. LOL whatever
  • Clicker's Avatar
    Today, 6:01 AM · 7 replies and 138 views.
    Your journal file will have all the deatils. I am away from my pc at present so i cant give you a hint where to find it. Try google “elite dangerous journal file” Hope this helps. Clicker P.s try here
  • Glock_N_Load's Avatar
    Today, 6:01 AM · 3 replies and 34 views.
    Same here. Just approach slow and close.
  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 AM · 2 replies and 69 views.
    Beautiful dogfighting.
  • relayer's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 AM · 4839 replies and 493973 views.
    I quite like this idea. Andy walking, Andy tired Andy take a little snooze Tie him up when he's fast asleep Send him on a pleasant cruise When he wake up on the sea He sure to think of me and you - David Bowie
  • straha20's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 AM · 1 replies and 24 views.
  • Mihail's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 AM · 474 replies and 22770 views.
    Какие мысли по новому оружию мз трейлера? Думаете у техноброкера продаваться будет?
  • Captain Willard's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 156 replies and 9855 views.
    Who is zareck ? and why would anyone care?
  • wcoastsands's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 273 replies and 21587 views.
    Sorry, I meant on the EDSM expedition page. I had originally learned of the BPE through EDSM. It wasn’t until yesterday that I found this thread. Really glad that I found it. Is there a way to point to this thread from the EDSM page?
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 5:51 AM · 0 replies and 5 views.
    I just spent 2 hours updating my bookmarks. I wanted to show some things about where my interests and those of the group I play for ARE. I want to show how they interact with other groups. How the thread of systems out to the Pleiades work - which ones are under attack and which are not. Some of this is to brag, and some of this is for analysis and comment, and some is just to help folks understand the shape of the poulated galaxy. To demonstrate why you might care about governance.
  • relayer's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 AM · 4839 replies and 493973 views.
    ... and you can bolster that in systems in a war state - can be even more profitable!
  • khaos526's Avatar
    Today, 5:49 AM · 28 replies and 614 views.
    I'm just trying to make it back to the Bubble before Tues, but I keep getting distracted as usual exploring and well, who knows...
  • Bladefeather's Avatar
    Today, 5:49 AM · 24 replies and 557 views.
    I like ships that can serve a variety of different roles, from combat to exploration and everything in between. It is why I like my Anaconda so much, it can literally do just about everything. Python is nice, and I keep one around for when I cannot usee a large ship. Asides from that, my other ships all are specialized for specific tasks. I also just from an experience standpoint, like ships that feel like they have some mass to them, as they let me feel like I am truly at the help of a large starship. It is a reason why I often enjoy larger ships over smaller ones, they just don't have the same flight feel of the larger ones. I also like to have guns on any ship I would use for combat, but I won't give up protection or versatility to get said guns.
  • Cadarnfel's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 3 replies and 34 views.
    Hmm, I usually get the "Misson Objective Found" chime after two or three orbits of the planet, tops (assuming that it's not a planetary salvage mission). Sometimes even just as I near it. I approach the planet, as if I'm planning to land on it, then go into a 50% throttle orbit around it, staying at roughly the same altitude. Once the chime comes up, I can select the target in the Nav panel, and off I go.
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