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  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 8:01 AM · 199 replies and 28165 views.
    Bigmaec replied to a thread Patch Notes Update 3.3.04 in Patch Notes & Server Status
    Once again I wonder how such an easy to test thing like the system scan bug goes through playtesting.
  • Stinja's Avatar
    Today, 7:59 AM · 87 replies and 4794 views.
    Stinja replied to a thread LIVESTREAM New stream series: Frontier Xtra in News Bulletins
    How is "Favourite" being decided? Is it people with the same question in this specific thread? Or a related forum topic, which is highly active eg: the Cobra MK4 thread(s)? Or what the community managers consider their favourite?
  • DartBatiatus's Avatar
    Today, 7:58 AM · 3376 replies and 771404 views.
    I just got there and there is 2 Lagrange clouds close to ELW, with K-12 Anomalies and Crystals. I think I was 1st to discovere it as I got Reported in Codex for K-12s.
  • House0fDerp's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 AM · 1156 replies and 19606 views.
    Fine, explain how it can be monetized if you disagree without breaking the EULA/TOS. Mind you that was the context here, not subjective value or "benefit".
  • KhdiToos's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 AM · 10 replies and 389 views.
    I'd be glad to see just announcement of announcement of real fix for infinite "System Scan Completed" messages loop. Because it's the third patch now when FDev announced and deployed fix, which didn't fix it
  • DartBatiatus's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 AM · 3376 replies and 771404 views.
    I just got there and there is 2 Lagrange clouds close to ELW, with K-12 Anomalies and Crystals. I think I was 1st to discovere it as I got Reported in Codex for K-12s.
  • shadowwar's Avatar
    Today, 7:56 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence Every time I mine Frequency 10+ VR?
  • P. Roth's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 AM · 0 replies and 1 views.
    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence 17/02/19 Frequency 10+ VR?
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 AM · 5 replies and 410 views.
    But the one at Slough Orbital had some ... reasons to go there :D *sigh*
  • SioNKursk's Avatar
    Today, 7:52 AM · 14 replies and 380 views.
    Thanks after updating 3.3.04 everything shows correctly :) O7
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 7:52 AM · 1156 replies and 19606 views.
    Not by you. You didn't see the benefit, so you didn't buy into it. This is fine. The aim of a successful sales transaction is that both parties come away happy with the result. In the case of an exclusive offer one generally pays more in exchange for exclusivity. Those unwilling or unable to pay don't get the exclusive content. This is straightforward. The wording of many exclusivity deals have a time limit. ED itself was 'exclusive' to the Xbox console platform for (IIRC) a year. Then once the exclusivity period ended it was released on the PS4. There is no time limit on the exclusivity deal for the CIV, indeed the word 'forever' was specifically used in an unambiguous way. Arguably the PS4 community may be able to overcome this, but only because the Xbox community also did. So consider why the Xbox crowd got theirs, and try tackling your own request from that angle, because it has worked before.
  • Jpotter's Avatar
    Today, 7:51 AM · 113 replies and 2410 views.
    ***WARNING - FUN TIME WASTER AHEAD*** So you say you want to see the effects of a nuke on your home city, or maybe you ex'es city? Here is a fun little site I came across awhile back, don't forget simulate some fallout as well! or Note: sorry I see it only scales up to 100 Megaton bombs, so you'd gave to imagine a 300 Megaton; but it would likely impact an area the size of New York to Pittsburgh.
  • Thrann73's Avatar
    Today, 7:49 AM · 407 replies and 18550 views.
    Thrann73 replied to a thread [3.3 Horizons] Crashed (Error CE-34878-0) in PlayStation 4 Bug Reports
    You should try to download your backup config file.
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    Today, 7:48 AM · 0 replies and 11 views.
    Am I the only one to see that the neutron star route plotter has been improved a lot recently? I've noticed that during DW2 I'm passing through a lot of neutron stars and sometimes I'm also forced to divert a lot from the main direction to be able to ride some small neutron highway and the final result is great!
  • oblackhando's Avatar
    Today, 7:48 AM · 6147 replies and 550003 views.
    Little off topic but one I love visiting is NGC 7822 nebula. You can see it shine bright from LY away and is mainly O type and black holes even found my first binary BH there.
  • P. Roth's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 AM · 0 replies and 3 views.
    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence 17/02/19 Frequency 10+ VR?
  • House0fDerp's Avatar
    Today, 7:44 AM · 1156 replies and 19606 views.
    By FD, but not by the recipients, which has been the perspective of that statement for multiple posts. None of the value of your differing accounts can be recouped the same as I can't qualify for price drops since I've bought in. There is no tangible value there to leverage regardless of what you spent. Thus the exclusivity did cost you $65, but it does not hold $65 in value. If it had that value you could recoup it by giving up the MKIV. This line of logic should be disproved by every subsequent sale and price drop since proving there is no static worth for the content. For the past incident, they don't as this isn't inherently retroactive. In the future, they should offer content rather than threaten to hobble the game further compared to it's full content.
  • ExoForce's Avatar
    Today, 7:44 AM · 6147 replies and 550003 views.
    It is a technical drawing of mechanism that unlocks blueprints at guardians structures. <- statement, not speculation It is partially visible at guardians alpha sites as cluster A.
  • thebatfink's Avatar
    Today, 7:43 AM · 0 replies and 5 views.
    Hi, I find myself itching to get off the T Flight for something a bit fancier. On a daily basis I am fighting myself not to order a Warthog throttle and stick combo :) But I am curious about peoples experience of yaw without pedals. My gaming position is not really suitable to plonking some pedals down and I use yaw all the time with the T Flight. Whatís your solutions and how does it feel? Also can anyone confirm that the throttle base switches can be used in ED for things like cargo bay open close or some other functions? Iím sure I read because they are not momentary switches it has a problem? Thanks
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