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  • ALIEN ORIGINS's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 AM
    I Sold my beluga because i cannot exit properlly out of a station the up fin stacks on exit and i cannot exit then boom i am destroyed also 4million cr - that ship:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  • iain666's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 AM · 5 replies and 21 views.
    Well, if I just tweak your 5A FSD to match my best G5 one (on my Clipper, link in sig) and the max range goes to 54.02 (50.15 full tanks) before you even start to look at the other optimisations to the build that you could make. So there's a lot to come - but 45ly is plenty to get most places so it's up to you whether you want to chase it.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Can't things just be cool or fun sometimes? Does every little detail in a science fiction game need to be believable?
  • A D's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 AM · 51 replies and 2008 views.
    Very sad. Must be hard for you and the family. Nothing I can say to lessen your loss, but do approach FD. Perhaps something can be done in game to celebrate the memory of your brother.
  • Zieman's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 AM · 84 replies and 1213 views.
    Off. Very rarely I check some planets' orbits with having the lines on for a few seconds, how eccentric they are.
  • Rupert Pyros's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 AM · 3757 replies and 273005 views.
    Ошибки и огрехи действительно есть, но в меру. Кроме одного случая, совсем вопиющего: "Открытая бета для первой части Beyond запланирована на 25 января 2018. В какой-то момент до конца марта она станет открытой для всех игроков." Пардон, но всегда и везде говорилось, что данная бета изначально будет для ВСЕХ игроков. Не позже конца марта уже должен быть релиз, ибо закончится первый квартал. Даже по приведенной там ссылке написано: "you’ll be able to test Chapter 1 of the series in the open beta coming to all PC Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on Thursday 25 January!".
  • Cmdr Bolamshea's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 AM
    I'm halfway through watching Thursdays live stream where they revealed the Chieftan. It's a nice looking ship but there's only one part that I can't help but feel break the 'believability' of the ship... The landing gear in the rear engine pods. The engines being external like that are very cool, and I love the way they look. I know I have to turn off the reasoning bit of my brain when playing a game that involved FTL travel, but that landing gear really grates on me, let me explaing my reasoning. Those big bulky pods are very likely to be rammed full of engine; 3 thrusters on the back and a big one on the front; that should be taking a lot of space inside. How the devil does the whole mechanism of the landing gear fit inside it as well? When the landing gear deploys it looks very much like the solid metal struts that connects to the 'foot' of the landing gear should be cutting straight through the internals of the thruster - See those 2 big pieces of metal there? They look like they line up...
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  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 AM · 84 replies and 1213 views.
    Exactly my thoughts, but on the last thread where I said I prefer them off someone asked me how I managed to land on planets with them off, I was....surprised by the question. All I said was, well I just fly in and land, how do you do it? My first ever visit to a planet was with orbit lines off, of course I was a but more cautious then, after dying in deep space in my starter sidewinder because I didn't how quickly you can burn through your fuel in one of those, but it went with no problems. This is why I think we should maybe have some advanced licencing requirements where you demonstrate your ability to fly with orbit lines off, dock quickly and cleanly with no autopilot etc. It would add an extra layer of fun to becoming a space pilot.
  • monogenetic's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 AM · 107 replies and 1924 views.
    Get ganked at Deciat
  • Para Handy's Avatar
    Today, 1:25 AM · 169 replies and 108014 views.
    That refers to the volume of space that encompasses the settled systems, it doesn't include the Colonia area though. (Select the PowerPlay option in the Galaxy Map for a rough idea of "the bubble".)
  • Han Zulu's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 AM · 2 replies and 1 views.
    Without SC you wouldn't have USS, interdiction, pirates, bounty hunting, ... If we had instant jumping to where we would like to go, it would quicken things up, but then it would become like Mass Effect jumping, a simple loading screen between places. It wouldn't be a spaceship simulator anymore.
  • Storm Valkyrie's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    Remove exclusivity? Yes. My Mk.4 already mops the floor with its triple enforcer cannons and packhounds. An extra 20 or so DPS would get silly. BTW engineer it a bit, it gets quite agile.
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 AM · 7 replies and 189 views.
    So I just ran into this as well. Bounced a player Type 6 at the current CG, hatch breaker limpet, slowed him down with a clutch of FSD Interrupt dumbfires, let him wake out, scoop his Aluminium, check my hold, nothing there but a solitary limpet. The action starts at 23:44:37 UTC in the netlog linked below. Cmdr name: wstephenson Ship type: ViperMk4 System name: Nu Tauri Date: 20/01/2018
  • jasonbirder's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 AM · 15 replies and 311 views.
    Sounds good to me...anything to prevent people popping into an Anaconda/Cutter/Corvette after a couple of Hundred Hours...then being able to instantly rebuy one the moment its lost....
  • DaggerSnake's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 8 replies and 87 views.
    How would that make the Quad Elite players feel?
  • picommander's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 AM · 8 replies and 87 views.
    Agreed, what we have now isn't either fish nor meat. FD needs to decide whether to properly integrate CQC into the game or totally cut the cord including the removal of that rank from the main game UI.
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 AM · 44 replies and 3201 views.
    aRJay replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Simbad Regime Campaign (Trade) in Community Goals
    There is a cheap source only 50.46 Ly away a station with large pads and over 130,000 tonnes of Beryllium you will need to watch out for the slight delay due to the 412,847 ls cruise to the station.
  • Riktar's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 AM · 4 replies and 15 views.
    Riktar replied to a thread VR noob setup in Virtual Reality
    Thanks to all. F12 did reset/center my view.
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