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    Today, 5:53 AM · 1004 replies and 68009 views.
    Weylandt replied to a thread DECE EyeCandy in Exploration
    This looks like an awesome place!
  • lysan's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 AM · 56 replies and 2688 views.
    Something doesn't add up, I can play with thousands of npcs in Total War, but you are telling me I can't in JPE? Must be something missing in the discussion, because it's not because it's impossible.
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 AM · 32 replies and 1056 views.
    OP, it sounds like you may have missed out on other avenues of playing the game and steadily gaining credits. First of all, you don't need a corvette or cutter to be deadly. A well engineered FDL, FAS can be good against most anything. Then most in the open game are not murderhobos who are usually at the CG's, engineer locations, or other popular places. You can learn to be alert at those places and be ready to make an exit. If it's entirely blockaded, then no shame in switching to solo or pg/Moebius just to dock. As for credits, it's still relatively easy to average 10-20 million per hour especially with getting allied with factions. Winged mission can be lucrative whether done with another cmdr in open or Moebius. Then there's still bounty hunting and rez sites. You could also make some decent credits with multicrew bounty hunting. Anyways, good luck, o7.
  • jurassicguy's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 2 replies and 47 views.
    It just says operation error. What island are you on? When I got to the 2nd island, its no problem going back to the first 1st. But when I am on the 3rd island, it crashes and brings me back to the main menu whenever I want to go back to the 1st.
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 AM · 34 replies and 1220 views.
    Pretty much, yes. Every single bad exploit I'm aware of, only got fixed when someone spilled the beans on the main forums, and the "OMG this must be nerfed now" threads started. Responsible reporting only gets stuff swept under the rug. Well, people are consistent. They care a lot more about making money than they do about bugs, as long as the bugs don't break something else (like CTD or making some weapon or module OP).
  • DoppelGanger's Avatar
    Today, 5:44 AM · 6 replies and 105 views.
    This would be a great addition to the game (and often requested - NPC wingmen, NPC guard ships, NPC buddies in general), but in my case I wouldn't leave solo/Mobius ever.
  • Nicholas Nack's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 AM · 62 replies and 1387 views.
    Honestly having better or more in-depth mission chains that can pop up would be great Like the tip-off missions but they're things like "we've got a distress signal from a bulk carrier". Going back to Privateer 2 - the distress call you get from the arms dealer that, if successfully defended, unlocks the kraven mk4 lasers in the shipyard. Having mission rewards that allowed you to unlock some slightly improves services in the station as you build up contacts would make "allied" status work more than just cash. Tech-broker style upgrades or one-off "experimental" items and so on. Who knows, maybe someone spending long enough in the right place could make their own little jameson memorial.
  • GroundxZERO's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 AM · 1 replies and 35 views.
    Yep, Ive learned to either not fall for it or switch anyway knowing that those good missions wont be there.
  • Leadfoot's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 10 replies and 347 views.
    Sorry to drag this thread up from the dead but......... In an attempt to find out what's going on with these crashes, I moved all my stuff to Medupe City in Cubeo and worked out of that location for about a week. Not one crash. None. Tonight, moved everything back to Chelomy Orbital. Game crashed three times. Once in outfitting, once as I was landing, and once as I was approaching the mailslot to land. In each case I was in open. In one case, one human player was present on the pad. In all three cases there were so many NPC's in the area it was like flying through a cloud of mosquitoes. I've been filling out the crash reports but my gut instinct is telling me there's something glitchy about the area; either it's that drydock that sometimes is / isn't there where it's supposed to be (and shows up a few seconds after you drop in from SC) or just plain way too many NPC's. I know they didn't have this many NPC's flying around there a few weeks back but now they do, and that seems to be when the...
  • rrobes's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 AM · 1 replies and 35 views.
    So, I'm in my combat ship at a station scoping out the missions (I scroll through all of them) and there are the usual choices and the pay is really not great. So I take a look at the passenger missions and I see all these decent payouts for short missions. I'll either go and get my passenger ship or re-configure my current ship in cabins. I come back ready and able. Check out the passenger missions and the the good ones are GONE. Not the first time this has happened, you have the wrong ship for the mission, change gear, missions disappear. This has happened quite often, results? Spending time with little to show for you effort.
  • biohazard15's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 5446 replies and 617830 views.
    Маленькое замечание: экспериментальные эффекты, повышающие характеристики на некоторое кол-во процентов, рассчитываются от текущих характеристик, а не от стоковых. Т.е. на пятом грейде достигается максимальная выгода от них. Самый очевидные примеры - Mass Manager и Super Capacitors.
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 52 replies and 1380 views.
    Haha, that was amazing. Also depressing. But mostly amazing.
  • gooddoc's Avatar
    Today, 5:36 AM · 2 replies and 47 views.
    Everything is OK here (on PC), no issues at all What's causing you problems? Crashes?
  • CheckTheVendingMachines's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 AM · 11 replies and 453 views.
    I like this. I was actually thinking about this very thing at work today. I thought about making a thread, but basically I was brainstorming a theory that everything Nick did was calculated and MORE. Such as hes the one who tangled up Eddies dart gun and that he intentionally let the backpack fall at the cliff. There was some other stuff too, but the big payoff would be Nick played a major role in what happened to the crew of the ship with the T.rex, that kind of angle.
  • Nero Tacitus's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 1 replies and 36 views.
    There is no "best system" because what HGEs contain, and their ability to spawn, is predicated on system state, which is constantly changing. You will find Prot Heats in any system in Boom, however you can narrow the spawn pool by going to an Indi system (as Fed systems will also spawn CDC and Prop Comps, while Emp will spawn Imp Shielding). There's conjecture that spawn rates are linked to population, so general consensus suggests jumping a few extra LYs if it means a higher system population. Use below, find your system.
  • Avi0013's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 AM · 2722 replies and 434605 views.
    For Mark's case, I get the same results with simple as I do limited recursion, but the simple takes ~57 seconds and the limited took about 88 seconds. SIMPLE IS FIRST: F:\Elite\TD> run --fr="Orang/Bessel Gateway" --cap=720 --cr=11b --ly=24.73 --empty=37.61 --pad=L --hops=2 --jum=3 --loop --summary -vv --progress * Hop 1: .........1 origins * Hop 2: .....1,538 origins .. 5,040-2,981,520cr gain, 7-4,141cr/ton Orang/Bessel Gateway -> Orang/Bessel Gateway (score: 1708820.401607) Load from Orang/Bessel Gateway (89ls, BMk:N, Pad:L, Plt:N, Shp:Y, Out:Y, Ref:Y):
  • gooddoc's Avatar
    Today, 5:29 AM · 52 replies and 1380 views.
    Sorry OP, not having that. February 2019......Still no news yet from FD indicating when they are going to announce the date for the Beta test for last year's Q4 update. Speculation is that it's gonna be late March at the earliest, b4 we get the Beta, meaning possible April/May b4 Q4 is launched. Reason given was FDevs have spent most of their time having to keep fixing the Forum thread, which has been in continual MELTDOWN since December 2018. Now that's more
  • EdzUp's Avatar
    Today, 5:28 AM · 6 replies and 265 views.
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 2 replies and 109 views.
    BTW, Dea Motrona is still Alliance. But now it's one of the very rare Alliance Anarchy factions. You should treasure these.
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 5:25 AM · 62 replies and 1387 views.
    Speaking of Drew, Elite would gain a lot of depth if FDev hired a handful of writers (they don't have to be Pulitzer material) and came up with a mini story arc every month. Instead of spending a bunch of effort on obscure clues that only Cannon can figure out, give everyone a bunch of side quests to go and do. They can end in a CG where everyone gets together to defeat the miniboss, rebuild the station, or whatever. The current thing where the main plot crawls along at a glacial rate just makes for bored players who end up ignoring main plot events when they do happen.
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