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  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 PM · 101 replies and 1952 views.
    That's why they call it spoiled. Remember when superman had to jump?
  • wrmiller's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 PM · 4 replies and 71 views.
    wrmiller replied to a thread Asp Explorer Comments on this exploration build? in Ships of Elite
    I'm cheating a bit as I managed to get a unheard of 55% roll on my FSD, and I do like having some of the extras along 'just in case'. My goal was 50Ly jump range, but I'm close enough. :) I kept my PP/PD class a bit higher as I like having the higher normal space velocities for when I'm flying over planets looking for stuff.
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 PM · 4 replies and 1 views.
    What has been said is correct - SRV's do not refuel when returning to your ship. They only refuel via synthesis or at a Station/Outpost/Installation. They do repair when docking with your ship however.
  • Daniel Cloudsifter's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 PM · 37 replies and 800 views.
    The "Kill the Terrorist" missions themselves aren't illegal, in the sense that the target (according to you, I've never gotten that far with them) is Wanted. However, they always (every time I've looked) involve you having to scan multiple data points in a high security (+++) stations that are persistent. Those usually have tons of trespass areas, security forces, etc. I've never made it to the first terminal in those before getting killed. I haven't tried since the last time I failed. The guides I've seen online usually have someone killing all the skimmers and goliaths with their SLFs before landing and doing the scan. If you've done them more recently and information to share on how to do these effectively, please let me know. I'd love to do them - all the mission steps, plus the objective, really appeal to me. As for Assassination missions, they are very clearly labeled in 2.4. If you see the little Scales of Justice symbol, you know it's legal. Also, all the targets are always "Pirate Lord...
  • Arthur Shappey's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    There are bugs galore with invites, certainly in 2.4. I've been waiting for weeks for the Part of Yoru to give me an invite to Mr Z Nemo, esquire. I'm now 100% allied, visited every location I can find The Party and no can do. There are a number of bug reports logged, which appears to be affect permits and engineer invites in various ways. Some people do get lucky so it is clearly not universal.
  • Kilostream's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 PM · 104 replies and 14404 views.
    Well, I've no plans to fit more boosters of any class because, like I said, on the cargo hauling side of things I simply haven't needed 8 boosters - in the case of my Cutter, the prismatic and the two boosters are comfortably better than I've ever needed or expect to need - it's already overkill and six empty slots are both lower mass and lower power draw than a load more shield boosters, regardless of class! That's not to suggest that I think your idea is without merit - on a more vulnerable ship with a lot fewer shield MJ to spare, fitting like this could be the difference between escaping or exploding, but with the EHP profile I have right now it'd cost me a bit of jump range and power capacity without yielding any tangible benefit.
  • Cooperman's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 PM · 13 replies and 1353 views.
    Cooperman replied to a thread Newsletter #200 in Newsletters
    any newsletter link today please,as after subscribing,unsubscribing,resubscribing i still do not receive the email. thanx. Coops.
  • 5 Puppis's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 PM · 4 replies and 71 views.
    5 Puppis replied to a thread Asp Explorer Comments on this exploration build? in Ships of Elite
    Leave the cargo rack, just don't put anything in it. Having all the slots occupied spreads out module damage if you over-heat and an empty cargo rack weighs nothing.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    If the fan controller onboard is still working, just unplug the existing fans and screw new ones in :) Might look a bit junky, but it’ll work. If the fan controller is toast, just power the fans from another power connector. If the whole card is toast, you’ll need a new one anyway :)
  • Gun_Star's Avatar
    Today, 6:23 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    You unlocked Liz Ryder to LVL 3? That is part of the requirements.
  • shreddog's Avatar
    Today, 6:23 PM · 4 replies and 1 views.
    You can drive like 'forever' with one basic refuel synthesis. And mats are literally everywhere.
  • Logan-Wolf-'s Avatar
    Today, 6:22 PM
    Ok, I have reached the rank of "Outsider" in the Imperial Navy. (I feel so dirty) But, still no invite from Hera Tani. Is there a time factor or do I have to rank further up in the Imperial Navy? Ewwwww. *involuntary shudder* Her unlock qualifications says "Imperial Navy rank of Outsider or higher". I really don't want to rank up any further than Outsider.
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  • alski's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 PM · 11 replies and 248 views.
    Must have been cheese and ham.. :-)
  • Siranui's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 PM · 101 replies and 1952 views.
    A cigarette lighter? Or...something entirely different after a thousand years of linguistic drift.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 PM · 4 replies and 1 views.
    You can't. Doesn't really make much sense to me either, making the SRVs a bit of a grind monkey game mechanic if you want to get significant use from them, especially for us explorers. I'd rather explore world surfaces for the sake of exploring world surfaces. Some people enjoy the frivolous nature of SRVs and a change of scenery, but I avoid their use unless it's otherwise inconvenient or impossible to do so to accomplish something specific.
  • Rosco01629's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 PM
    Severity Moderate Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence 17:18 (GMT) Date of occurrence
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  • picommander's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 PM · 37 replies and 3659 views.
    Wow. What an amaaaazing project. Get all my reps til the end of next year, Commander Heisenberg! :D And now the story can unfold...
  • Starshoy's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 PM · 18 replies and 735 views.
    Ну, во-первых, мне нравится, что в кабине есть аватар, тем более, что у меня не один командир, а два, и, думаю, будет больше. И мне очень нравится, что у моих 20+ кораблей есть названия. И разные стили этих названий. Потому, я рассматриваю это все как прогресс, хотя и медленный, и не принципиальный. Мультикрю меня совершенно не интересует. Инженеры, на самом деле, это отличное дополнение (хотя и с косяками рандома, которые обещают устранить). Чтобы понять, что такое инженеры, достаточно слетать в Колонию, где их нет. Грубо говоря, после получения новым персонажем Элиты, что делается за пару-тройку недель, если не портить себе игру эксплойтами, игра закончена. Вот такой была и вся Элита до горизонтов, не считая имперско-федерального гринда. Более того, мне все больше кажется, что Таргоиды никому не интересны не столько потому, что они сложны в добыче, а потому что с ними не связано никакой, даже самой скучной игровой механики. Еще ее можно назвать гриндом. Но все это - совершенно не имеет значения...
  • CMDR Heydan Seegil's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 PM · 5 replies and 83 views.
    I agree and if anything we can consider this a feature. Rotatable antenna/radar dishes to target objects.
  • shreddog's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 PM · 11 replies and 248 views.
    Evolution is based on violence, so I doubt it. This universe and its laws, is basically pure evil.
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