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  • MacrosTheBlack's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    It does, the cruiser behaves erratic when moving, so that is a possible explanation.
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 PM · 197 replies and 4816 views.
    Link please.
  • beelbeebub's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 3024 replies and 89821 views.
    Don't misunderstand me, I think Brexit is a bone headed mistake of historic proportions. Possibly even eclipsing the Blair decision to follow Bush into a series of ill defined, open ended wars. I agree with pretty much everything you posted there. Even if Brexit resulted in a 25% increase of our manufacturing sectors (it won't) it would still be wiped out by a mere 6% drop in our services sector (it might). As you rightly point out services are much bigger than manufacturing. My point was that, contrary to many Brexiteer's view, UK manufacturing is not in some sort of EU induced terminal decline. The numbers employed in manufacturing have fallen and the proportion of our GDP due to manufacturing has fallen but that doesn't mean our industry is in decline just changing to higher tech, higher value goods. Do we really want to be bashing out cheap cracker toys and having thousands of people doing rubbish menial jobs like screwing the caps on toothpaste tubes (bonus rep for spotting the reference! :))
  • Rose Minotaur's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Rose Minotaur replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] No explorer rank gain in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    restarting the game didn't do it when I tried, but a re-install seemed to do it. Thanks!
  • Rylag's Avatar
    Today, 1:40 PM · 79 replies and 3268 views.
    Sometimes the Start Button remains Grey and i have to restart the game. When i am in the game i can play as long as i want. But i always get kicked when i Do a hyperspace jump, just small ones 5-7ly. I can see other player and can do everything else, except those jumps. Mostly the message says failed to connect to adjudication Server, Sometimes it says search Server ( german translation). One time it couldnt connect to the transaction Server. My bandwidth were never busy while playing. My Konsole is connected with LAN cable to the Router. And i am using Fibre glass for Internet. Its a technicolour model TC7200.
  • damajoo's Avatar
    Today, 1:40 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    damajoo replied to a thread The PS4 demands list in PlayStation 4
    "demands" ? Maybe a "wishlist" would sound more polite ... just saying.
  • StiTch's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 197 replies and 4816 views.
    There have been a few forum posts about it so far in an attempt to publically advocate it...and even a YT vid of someone using it to pre-emptively try block Nitek as soon as she saw him on system entry. Notably, it didn't work ;)
  • Bo Marit's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 40 replies and 3473 views.
    Bo Marit replied to a thread [ANNOUNCEMENT] gamescom 2017 - Frontier Community Meet in News and Updates
    Not really, we are still going to be there but the focus is elsewhere, plus we still want to do something nice with/for our community who's planning to attend ;)
  • Vorxian's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 7 replies and 144 views.
    Instant rep. But.. That's not Legitimate. It might be Legitimate, but it's not Legitimate even though it is actually Legitimate.
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM · 20 replies and 166 views.
    Could I do the same with my Python? I fancy trying some mining at some point and that's the biggest ship I have at the moment. Any builds out there?
  • Apollo Jenkins's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM
    The PS4 armada has been roaming the galaxy for weeks now and some of us have noticed that this galaxy needs some changes. So I want to create a list of the specific needs console users feel they need in this game. So everybody with a console (yes Xbox players you too) is invited to discuss what should be on the list. As I have come to understand people using the PC version are able to customize the game. Something we can't do as consoles are closed systems. This means we depend on FD to listen to us if we want these features added. To put some weight with our demands we will need to threaten FD. As we know from history only revolutions will guarantee changes. What the threat will be is also open for discussions. My suggestion for our big revolution is to disrupt the ED economy if our demands are not met. We could for example buy up all the tea and dump it in space. I'm sure such a terrifying act will send shivers throughout the galaxy. This will be an act that will even surpass the threat of a Thargoid...
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  • Stinja's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 56 replies and 1593 views.
    Stinja replied to a thread I'm about done. in PlayStation 4
    NPC crew are only used to jump into your ship launched fighters at this point, or you fly the SLF and they control the mothership. All turrets are computer controlled and do not need an NPC crew (with multi crew, NPC hired crew still only fly SLFs, but humans can use turrets). Saying that the OP's build is poor. Taking a good combat ship is not an i-win button. You still need to consider weight, power consumption and so on. I'd suggest 3x MC (with the huge being a MC) and 2x burst lasers - all gimbal if the OP isn't so good at fixed. That should sort out the energy problems a little, but you still need pip control. If taking fire, put 4x pips into SYS (gives damage resistance, effectively more shields). If you have a target lock and are shooting, then put 3/4 pips into WEP, and the rest into ENG. If trying to get a lock , then 4x pips to ENG, and 1/2 pips into what every needs to recover. As always don't fly without rebuy. If you can't afford it, then sell all the modules and weapons...
  • Kzak's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 22 replies and 929 views.
    Or the old but fun game 2001 on C64. Great fun in the eighties! Some wireframe graphics, too.
  • SpaceMachine's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 9 replies and 120 views.
    What's the point of piloting a FDL if you don't understand how it works? Cannon fodder, fo sho.
  • Vorxian's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 12 replies and 300 views.
    So if you're ranked King in Empire, you don't automatically get a dozen body guards thrown in for the sake of such a title? I thought all kings by default through the ages, including up to present day.. have bodyguards and 'hangers on' that do everything from take bullets for you to clean your toe nails? What do I know. I wished I worked at Windsor Castle.. ask the queen for 12% of her daily income to occasionally drive with her. :D :D
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 1:36 PM · 54 replies and 1075 views.
    I am kinda the opposite, I use Open as much as I can and then switch to the other modes if I really want to be on my own or feel like hiding. I feel no shame in admitting I hop around the modes to suite what I am doing and I did join Mobius also although not played in there much. I made the error over the weekend of taking a "Wet Work" mission which ended up me having to butcher lots and I mean lots of civilians in a certain system. Needless to say I now have a massive bounty on my from that system. While I was doing it I did it in Solo as I just didn't need the extra complication of a player blowing me up while I am having enough attention from the system authority and NPC bounty hunters. Now I am halfway across the bubble doing something else I am back in Open again, although I can't wait for that bounty to go dormant as I am getting way too much attention from Dangerous, Deadly and Elite NPCs for my liking. Moral to the story is avoid "Wet Work" missions, a bit off topic but yeh that was why I was...
  • Conch's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 PM · 35 replies and 1483 views.
    shields are for weaklings anyway, real men fly shieldless :)
  • StiTch's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 PM · 35 replies and 1483 views.
    This is just as - if not more - applicable to combat vessels, as a couple of others I think have brushed on. It's main forte is allowing the ship to drop a class so higher class SCBs can take its place, often giving you a much better overall shield cap, provided nothing stops the SCBs firing (and in some cases isn't losing much even against FB rails...) It's definitely more variable based on ship. Some ships such as the 'conda lose almost no shield cap by dropping a class anyway, and so the lighter/less power intense prismatic can be used to drop a class and get some extra oomph at the same time - but isn't necessary at all. On other ships such as the iCutter, with its huge hull mass and lack of C7 slot meaning you have to drop two classes, using a standard 6A shield and two C8 SCBs would leave you with a shield thinner than paper. The prismatics give it enough bulk to last more than a few hits from a sidey before the SCB kicks in.
  • Moonknight007's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 PM
    Severity Minor Frequency Once (<1%) Time of occurrence ALWAYS Date of occurrence
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  • dylan88jr's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 PM · 3 replies and 70 views.
    it was on Kosmala Rewards planet and i was a out post you go to for doing a scan mission
  • Conch's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 PM
    i would like some Enhanced PD to go with my Enhanced drives. with Enhanced PD, remove the weapon cap completely, increase the engine cap and half the sys cap. and maybe even lower the weight.. and as cherry on the cake, please change the way the boost button works with these PDs. something in the range of hold for boost, the longer you boost the more heat builds up. i know i can make engine focused PDs, but this should give some nice variation.
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  • Stupid_hippy's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Stupid_hippy replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] No explorer rank gain in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Closing the game completely and reloading tends to sort a lot of these things out. Tried it? :)
  • Consequat's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Looks like the hit-box of the Cruiser remained on its spawn position.
  • CMDR Ofan's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 PM · 35 replies and 1483 views.
    Cutter shields are absurd, with mods and 4 pips in sys you can be looking at circa 25k-30k effective shielding :S.
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