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  • Kurama 1100's Avatar
    Today, 8:28 PM · 1641 replies and 69468 views.
    It's always good to help each other.
  • Pinda Gupta's Avatar
    Today, 8:28 PM · 7 replies and 292 views.
    I actually got there a while ago, but my name isn't on the list. CMDR Pinda Gupta April 19, 3303
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 PM · 8524 replies and 614428 views.
    Dayum. I really don't get the ED vs SC attitude. Why can't it just be ED & SC? I mean, space is big enough for all of us :P
  • avow555's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 PM · 94 replies and 2270 views.
    Yep this....
  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 PM · 9 replies and 131 views.
    Everyone hears voices, and don't want to admit it. At my age, I no longer care what other may think. Some of the best conversations one can have is with themselves. That said, arguing with oneself does require some professonal help. I mean, even if ya win, ya still loose, and loosing is depressing. And depression is bad, Mm'kay.
  • Jodaka's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 PM · 196 replies and 12829 views.
    Found it, thank you for the help!
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    You're late to the party my friend. Luhman 16 is full, and the other Ross 128 factions are native so they won't retreat anywhere.
  • MrFailfactory's Avatar
    Today, 8:26 PM · 1641 replies and 69468 views.
    Since I do not like to pass along misinformation, I welcome any corrections to the following: On a trip of this length, your Ship Integrity is going to be at 0, and there is no getting around it, or repairing it, without docking at a station. You don't take heat damage to your modules unless the klaxon is sounding, which if I remember correctly, is at 80. The AFMU (which you should have on a trip of this duration) fixes this, with the exception of the Power Plant and the Hull. With 2.4, the latter should be a non-issue for most on the trip. I have exactly zero ships that are optimally Exploration-fit. Most have overcharged Power Plants, and none have Efficient(?) Power Plants. All of them, without exception, carry enough power to run everything, all the time, and everything is on, all the time. All of these things mean that my ships run hotter than one that is optimally Exploration-fit. The point, is that not a single one of my ships goes above 70 scooping a full tank, and none of them go...
  • oflow's Avatar
    Today, 8:26 PM · 20 replies and 169 views.
    doesnt look like the goal for either CG are going to be met so thats probably a good start for the bugs lol.
  • Earth Ultimatum IV.'s Avatar
    Today, 8:24 PM · 8 replies and 19 views.
    I s t h a t a d a n c i n g d o g ? T h u m b e d u p
  • HAL- 9000's Avatar
    Today, 8:23 PM · 1641 replies and 69468 views.
    Lots of good food for thought regarding scoops here. I was just looking at this myself, as I have a C-rated scoop and was weighing up the potential benefits of having a higher grade. The scoop rate is fine in relation to the tank size, but I suppose if it helps me shave off precious seconds by allowing me to scoop further away, then I'd be mad not to get it. No outfitting for 100s of Kylies :P
  • Enderby's Avatar
    Today, 8:23 PM · 94 replies and 2270 views.
    OK yeah let's wait and see...
  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 8:23 PM · 14 replies and 342 views.
    An upgrade fsd from a 6 to a 7or the Corvette. After all, it's longer, wider and weights considerably more than a Conda and the Conda has a 6. What's up with that. One has to jump through a lot of hoop to get a Vette, one only has to buy the Conda. Upgrading the fsd to a 7 would be such a big imporvement, that the Vette could become the sought after ship, even with the extra grinding one has to do to get it.
  • ebbrell's Avatar
    Today, 8:22 PM · 17 replies and 218 views.
    Thank for the offer, I'm in the north west near Liverpool. I saw the pimax 200 degree 8k well 4k per eye stuff yesterday. I'm wondering if I should get it when it comes out. I need to bring my 10 year old PC up to latest high specs before hand. I'm playing elite dangerous fine in it now at 1440 Res, but the machine and card doesn't have enough VA VA Voooom to do vr yet. Just wondering if its worth investing now for when that comes out. And when it does the Res will be amazing I have been to Disney world and gone on shorin and avatar rides which I imagine vr games are like. I did say wow omg. I'm expecting elite vr to be as impressive.
  • maehara's Avatar
    Today, 8:21 PM · 196 replies and 12829 views.
    Known bug with the skimmers. Raise a fault with Frontier support & they'll refund your rebuy.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    No it's a thing, and pretty cool actually. I run that load out myself on the trade ships, but I've never managed to hit anyone with them. Probably a mix of Thruster Disablers, Shield Disablers and extra damage. Something like this:
  • maboleth's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM · 94 replies and 2270 views.
    Instead of many complaining and moaning about the thing that isn't even out yet, how about saying how can this game be improved realistically, once you actually play 2,4.? I've read here so many salty and mean comments, I'm totally sure that those people are frustrated and abused in RL that they are attacking a game and people behind it to somehow relieve their stress. Pitiful.
  • Dave c's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM · 1641 replies and 69468 views.
    Dammit Voorheez I almost spilt mine when I read this so had to rep you :)
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