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  • Vasea Azure's Avatar
    Today, 2:40 PM · 30 replies and 683 views.
    Once I found that you can turn them off I pretty much never use "display orbits" on my hud, way to much clutter. Rarely I turn them back on to get the idea how system looks "orrery style".
  • FalconFly's Avatar
    Today, 2:39 PM · 8 replies and 156 views.
    Except they have no issue instantly identifying you in ELITE. They know 0.1s after you commit any crime. They even post that Data together with your last known location in their Top 5 Boards. Hence, unfortunately it doesn't make any sense at all. (and in all places where this isn't true - there's no such thing as "Crime" anyway)
  • bAdbUd's Avatar
    Today, 2:38 PM · 5864 replies and 818854 views.
    ISSUE RAISED: RUNNING EDDB_RELAY ISSUE After transferring and verifying db's to 1.7.0 and then running EDDB_Relay update OUTFITTING.DB & PRICES.DB are set to 0 entries. Files Emailed
  • rOmiLaYu's Avatar
    Today, 2:38 PM · 175 replies and 12547 views.
    Based on the timestamp of your post, you appear to have been late to the party. Meetup was at 1900UTC and jump was at 2000UTC. Details are in the OP. Catch up on Tuesday!
  • askavir's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 PM · 8 replies and 156 views.
    Pretty much this.
  • Dinoken's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 PM · 17 replies and 403 views.
    Agreed. I am thinking that pretty much any dinosaur smaller than a coyote/lynx in weight (~20-25 kg/44-55 lbs) likely won't be in this game. Actually I would not be surprised if Dracorex is the smallest species (or one of the smallest) in the game.
  • Spaceman Si's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 PM · 194 replies and 4577 views.
    Ah, I did some wishful thinking about having one of those back in the day! I still have my BBC-B, I can't bring myself to get rid of it after all these years. It still works, on the odd occasion I fire it up for old times sake. To this day, I am still in awe of the mode switch that Elite did to split the screen with.
  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 2:35 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Drool on my VR friends...
    Today, 2:35 PM · 45 replies and 1398 views.
    OP is just brushing up his reporting skills here. He's going to have to greatly up the ante on his misrepresentations in order to make it into any modern news organization me thinks! :D This is interesting though. I posted a message a while back in this forum suggesting that there needed to be a mining SLF type vehicle not that my suggestion had anything to do with it.
  • Xenia_K's Avatar
    Today, 2:35 PM · 3603 replies and 315564 views.
    California Sector ON-T c3-2 1 b -> 0.4122 / -175.1168 Silicate Vapour Geysirs (with Polonium)
  • Ramsey Sparrow's Avatar
    Today, 2:34 PM · 2 replies and 32 views.
    agreed. +1
  • Walter2's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 PM · 194 replies and 4577 views.
    Apple II Europlus. Had to sell a motobike to buy it. Still sits on my bookshelves looking antiquated (as do I).
  • Rojo Habe's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 PM · 207 replies and 16749 views.
    CMDR's log, Rojo Habe: 14:29, 27 May 3304 Iíve finally begun my journey towards the Sublustris Beacon, a week and a day behind the rest of the fleet. Iíve been reading the accounts of CMDR Hanekura Shizukaís epic ten-day circumnavigation attempt and it strikes me Iím doing the opposite: dragging my heels; stopping frequently to scan entire systems in search of polonium that frankly I donít need, other than to satisfy some arbitrary figure I made up. This next leg of the journey follows (in reverse) the path of the original Distant Worlds expedition and I tell myself that this is the reason Iíve chosen the longer route, but the truth is I just donít want to go home. The sweeping changes to the law recently imposed by the Pilotsí Federation, while technically universal, just donít affect me out here and I feel that anywhere that can call itself civilisation is no longer my home. Next sightseeing stop: The Lonely Candle. This is believed to be one of the furthest giants in the...
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 PM · 401 replies and 24535 views.
    Since 3.0 started NHSS 3-6 can be only scouts, NHSS 5-8 can be scouts + interceptor (note the overlap!). Only way to get solo interceptors is wrecks, or presumably missions from Aegis - though I don't do interceptors, so I may be wrong ;)
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Or you could just play the game in a way that's fun to you.
  • rOmiLaYu's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 PM · 2500 replies and 241287 views.
    Any news from CMDR Reddit, or did their secret really die with him?
  • Macros Black's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM · 4623 replies and 349421 views.
    Non-optional Aliens. Ships, Weapons, Modules, Inter-Galactic missions, Sgr Alien*, Supernovae,...
  • Viking84's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM · 14 replies and 167 views.
    Time for a little update! Given that I am now building this myself I have ordered in a bunch of stuff which should hopefully arrive next week some time. So far I have ordered the control boards and the rotary encoders (both dual and single) from Leo Bodnar, as well as the box I will be building this in and an assortment of buttons and switches for testing from Mouser :) Given that I now know the final dimensions of the faceplate that I will be mounting this into I have done a mockup in photoshop to work out a sensible placement and start on some lines for the markings. All center holes are aligned to an 8x8mm grid with most things being spaced at 16x16mm. Once I have tested that this layout will actually work with the behind-panel spacing of the components I will start labeling all the buttons according to their flight-sim assignments. Pretty happy with this so far! To explain all the functions briefly: Bottom Row - 12 function buttons for the G1000 Outer left - One dual rotary and 12 buttons for...
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