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  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 2:10 AM · 68 replies and 3020 views.
    You're welcome, but clearly do not recognize satire when you read it. And while it does remain true, I do not follow anyone nor care what someone else says is great or terrible, but draw my own conclusions, I've not come in here to throw insults. A little cold water on complacency, sure. Maybe even pepper-spray some ennui. Of course, if that's your idea of insulting, then we needn't speak again. Somebody gets it though, and can discuss the subject, not the person, so thank you. And I get what you're trying to say, but I disagree - as consumers we're not usually in a position to pay the designers to come up with something fun and interesting - they typically work for companies that pay them for that. Bare with me here a little longer... We repay those companies if they deliver a fun and interesting product by purchasing it - much like movie studios invest in the movies they release. If it's a Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, then they make their money back and then some. If it's A Cure For...
  • Werewolf13's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 AM · 9 replies and 226 views.
    OP! Are you HIGH? Or drunk? Maybe just buzzed? I ask because right now I'm extremely buzzed and half a sheet away from being full on drunk and I was a half a heart beat away from posting something much like you have. Thanks, brother, for saving me the trouble for now instead of writing I can keep reading and put away another Sam Adams Boston Ale while doing it. Yaaaay!! Uhhhhhhh... Whuuuuhhhht????
  • DLewth's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 AM · 4340 replies and 214597 views.
  • Dogeh's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 AM · 4340 replies and 214597 views.
    In order to release the MVP, they will: Remove any bugs Remove all features that have bugs Have an MVP ship sale Introduce another useless piece of technology that is really old and no-one really wants and tell everyone it is better that way, like the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Have another ship sale Archer something from another franchise - I don't think they've touched Blake's Seven yet Call it 4.0 Give up trying to get framerates/networking/clipping/physics all working properly.
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 AM · 432 replies and 8839 views.
    Gunnet replied to a thread Combat Logging in Dangerous Discussion
    If you and I were fighting? Yeah, sure. Although I'd also stop shooting if you called GG, so you could just fly away instead. Of course, I'm no ganker. Going by all the complaining about people being able to escape combat (legitimately or otherwise), it seems that many players' satisfaction unfortunately derives almost entirely from inflicting loss on their opponents, with little care for the actual fight or the thrill of victory.
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 2:08 AM · 13 replies and 184 views.
    Dosage go up, down, or are they getting too pricey?
  • Silent Pact's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 AM · 48 replies and 1193 views.
    If you are using some kind of Hotas set up, check that at rest all inputs are zero. I use a Saitek X52 Pro, and from time to time I can't throttle down to zero, even though the controller is 'at' zero. Unplugging and re-plugging the usb usually clears this, although sometimes I have to completely re-install the device in order for it to work correctly.....
  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 AM · 9 replies and 226 views.
    Why can't you accept that I have an opinion different from yours? Ridiculing me does not make your opinion more valid than mine. Please, be reasonable. We cannot communicate if you keep covering inside your ego.
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 AM · 17 replies and 185 views.
    You've obviously waited incorrectly, and accidentally found your own fun or something. People will be by shortly to inspect you for anomalies.
  • Werewolf13's Avatar
    Today, 2:02 AM · 3 replies and 54 views.
    Surely, thou jest... Please - this cannot be. A company raking in millions whose left hand doth not know what the right do'est? Most assuredly the devil must have his hand in this!
  • Scoob's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 AM · 3 replies and 54 views.
    Yeah, that's sorta my point. I've been taking various missions and travelling all over the area, but often found myself back at a system that offered better missions, due to that near-by system. So, I found myself heading back there and taking more missions - not just to the distant place, but others too - so I built a good rep there. Once I got to a certain point, the missions offered to this distant station paied out more per-hour than the shorter travel-time ones, so I did more of them. However, this has now caused my problem due to the combination of Rep, Trader rank and distance combining to create broken missions. I might just start roaming around more again and doing lower-paying stuff for a bit. Oh, you mention the "Cheater check" really it should be "broken mission check" as a player accepting an offered mission is in no way cheating. I guess they just need to test these things more. Personally, while the offered payout on these broken mission is very high, in the scheme of late-game...
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 AM · 17 replies and 185 views.
    I must be playing the game wrong, because I keep getting awesome adventures.
  • Mal604's Avatar
    Today, 2:00 AM · 9 replies and 153 views.
    CMDR: Rodent of Usual Size Ship: Asp X How Many NHSS6 in Electra: Plenty Imprints: 0 Encounters: 5 O5yIC
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 1:57 AM · 4 replies and 525 views.
    "Un jugador de Elite Dangerous crea una manera de 'hablar' con los alienígenas"
  • danubezoe's Avatar
    Today, 1:56 AM · 9 replies and 226 views.
    well said. Most of us want this game to be the best. no one agrees 100% how that should come to pass. Cheers DZ
  • Moribus's Avatar
    Today, 1:56 AM · 582 replies and 17162 views.
    We checked the above systems (yellow have no NHSS). I also checked one at 12ly - the "clear zone" seems to be around 10ly or so. But there's at least one system in there that has NHSS - so it's not completely clear... Off to bed, but assuming no-one finishes the list before then I'll continue over the weekend. What's going on? Seems like it was never just Merope that had no NHSS? Or was there NHSS in these systems and now there's not?
  • Silent Pact's Avatar
    Today, 1:55 AM · 432 replies and 8839 views.
    That's it though, isn't it? This should be all that matters. "Hey dude, you won!""....."but I didn't even deploy hardpoints yet"...."yeah, sure, but you WOULD have won..."..... Except, no. Sadly. PvP players HAVE to have their 'splosions, bless 'em. Pillocks.
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 1:55 AM · 44 replies and 859 views.
    You can turn it off. I have all my Win 10 PC's with updates turned off. My work laptop because Win 10 always decides that when I finish a job, and need to get in my car and go to the next, that that is a brilliant time to start a gigantic update... I really hate the forced "noob mode" way that Win 10 was designed. Z...
  • Achibot's Avatar
    Today, 1:54 AM · 4 replies and 132 views.
    There's no secret here, I'm just going to spell it out: Missions that have an Influence +(++) indication can effect Minor Faction Influence. Other Missions do not effect Influence, they effect the things they say they do. This includes Passenger Mission types. BGS actions external to Missions that effect Influence are well documented, although not by FD as that would obviously be too much to ask. End of Thread?
  • MK_Regular's Avatar
    Today, 1:54 AM · 15 replies and 203 views.
    Some of these suggestions are pure comedy gold, and I would love to see them implemented. +1
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