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  • Aldaris's Avatar
    Today, 11:49 AM · 2557 replies and 270495 views.
    Anyone else wonder whether the new exploration mechanics will solve why they point at Merope and the specific planet?
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 11:49 AM · 12 replies and 191 views.
    2 second boot time, if you submit to an interdiction. That's basically immunity. It's a pretty good mood.
  • Godnamedthor's Avatar
    Today, 11:49 AM · 32 replies and 541 views.
    We are talking unengineered here. Btw., I am a Clipper enthusiast! For me it's the most beautiful ship in the game, too bad it is also one of the most impractical... Mine has almost the same shield specs as yours. Not sure about resistances atm though. It's like a fun toy and I love to drift it around the rocks in a RES listening to the sound of the boost from time to time. That's why it is my mats collector, a task it can good and where its flaws don't weight in too heavy
  • OldManKnott's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 419 replies and 8200 views.
    Over the weekend, (the bad weather helped), I decided I wanted to try out a Clipper. So I ranked up with the Imperial Navy until I qualified for one, (Duke), then decided to rank on until I got to a King, (just for the kudos). I purchased a Clipper and outfitted/engineered it for maximum jump range, (got her to 47ly). Been flying around in it for a while and I might even venture into open with it! My exploraclipper is starting to become one of my favorite ships.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 166 replies and 4771 views.
    It would be more accurate to say, "would be interesting to me for all of 5 minutes", "me" being you in this case, because I would get way more than 5 minutes of enjoyment out of this, assuming it's done right. Again, I'm thinking Subnautica. I would land my ship close to the base door and walk up to it. There's no reason to park 5000 meters away from POIs. And for those of us who care about immersion, "slow" is not a bad thing. Half the reason everything feels small in this game is because most of it is too fast (Corvettes that maneuver like fighter jets, for example). Also, Frontier could give us an open-seated "moon buggy" for our EVA, so we can drive somewhere fast, and then get out and walk around if we wish.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM · 19 replies and 425 views.
    Awesome! Well done Frontier, I reckon you deserve that - seemed like a great place to work when I was there a few week back. And I love that team photo - what a handsome bunch and fun to play spot the familiar face.
  • QA-Jack's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM · 1 replies and 77 views.
    Hey StefanOS, Thanks for your report - Can you please enable netlogging and if you notice this issue again, please provide the Netlog file and if possible - a video showing this. In order to tell Elite Dangerous to create a Netlog file you will need to perform the following steps: If you are currently playing the game please select Save and Exit to exit to the main menu. This will allow you to access the Network section of the Options menu.
  • Komemiute's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 4 replies and 45 views.
    Ok, but what's the gameplay improvement?
  • QA-Jack's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 1 replies and 46 views.
    QA-Jack replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.2.1 Horizons] Alliance challenger cockpit hood texture map in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey J-Dog, Thanks for your report - Are you able to provide any screenshots showing this? Thanks in advance! o7
  • Henkka77's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 1393 replies and 191992 views.
    Me and Macros had the priviledge of interviewing Erimus last week for the DECE final talkshow. I can tell you that DW2 is really going to be a blast. ;) For some weird reason the recording was borked with weird elevator music when we asked some interesting questions about DW2. (and then i borked it again at the talkshow by forgetting to mute my mic during the interview..) :( Oh well, i hope we get proper answers soon. :) If the timestamp doesnt work, the interview starts at 11m50s. Enjoy!
  • Shifty's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 459 replies and 78871 views.
    20 kLY's up on the way to Centralis for the start of the LSE: System = FLYEIDGE LQ-T B50-4.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 AM · 80 replies and 1312 views.
    Open-PvE would be functionally equivalent to Solo - apart from the social aspect. Hence, no buff to any other mode is required.
  • Madrax573's Avatar
    Today, 11:44 AM · 236 replies and 3514 views.
    Nope cos I ain't responding to your forum bullying :P
  • Dane Barclay's Avatar
    Today, 11:44 AM · 36 replies and 513 views.
    Yes / thread.
  • Lateralus's Avatar
    Today, 11:43 AM · 80 replies and 1312 views.
    They promised a lot of things before they realised the constraints of doing them. Without a substantial buff of open play rewards, an Open PvE mode would have too many negative consequences for regular Open. I would actually support Open PvE if normal Open was buffed in such a way.
  • SeroJu's Avatar
    Today, 11:43 AM · 63 replies and 1423 views.
    I was entertaining this mechanic if used in E:D and I've got to say, yeah, that would just be incredible.
  • Graphmotion's Avatar
    Today, 11:43 AM · 1908 replies and 107587 views.
    Graphmotion replied to a thread Star Citizen in Otros Temas
    En la PTU con un i5 + GTX970 + 16 Gb + SSD de hace todo algo más de dos años he tenido 30 estables en Port Olisar y 50 / 60 en Yela. Las dudas que había respecto al tema OCS y de que no se conseguirían unos FPS razonables o estables creo que se ha disipado. Ahora son los bugs que tienen que arreglar (que no son pocos) pero ese tema creo que ha quedado resuelto y que llegue Hurston en la 3.3.5 pronto con Lorville. En el tema de la IA les queda mucho, pero mucho que hacer. Pero para mí lo importante era el tema del OCS, ese que había tantas dudas y que según muchos era la piedra angular del proyecto. Supongo que ahora será otra... El FOIP con una webcam Logitech básica de 25€ va sin problemas, incluso el headtracking, aunque se tienen que pulir cosas. Creo que es una característica que yo hubiera dejado para muuuuuucho más adelante, pero bueno. Los cambios de la interfaz del mobiglass muy buenos, ahora se ve mucho mejor todo. Y como idea, creo que es necesario que implemente un sistema de mapa en...
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM · 36 replies and 513 views.
    No /thread.
  • SeroJu's Avatar
    Today, 11:39 AM · 12 replies and 191 views.
    Thanks, good to know, didn't see this. So it's useful for pvp/powerplay stuff.
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