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  • yodajedifishmaster's Avatar
    Today, 7:36 PM · 4368 replies and 244821 views.
    we have eyes for that. and if my ship scanners cant detect the big ball of fire that we were aiming for and dropped out in front of without a honk, then i expect EVERYBODY bubble or not to have a 50/50 chance to smash into the star in instant death that cannot be avoided. honking to find something we detect now due to close proximity is STUPID. unless we drop in right as systems edge, so we dont even see any stars as any larger than ones needing a hyperspace jump. thats going to stop explorations almost stone dead - nobody will make those big risky jumps - even fuel rats arent dumb enough to jump to stars where you dont have enough fuel left to reach the primary to refuel. i dont know if thats why yu need a jonk for the big unmissable ball of fire that your RADAR can see, because actually you dont land on the primary now. like to see the graveyard of players of quit the game trying to jump anywhere in alpha centauri tho if that is the system. you cant justify jumping in on a star safely AT ALL if you...
  • Thepirateorc's Avatar
    Today, 7:34 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    unlocked it, in dezra cant find it, any suggestions
  • r0ckhat's Avatar
    Today, 7:34 PM · 7170 replies and 589704 views.
    From a B Explorer with +2% shields and +24$ hyperdrive, sporting a 17 slot hold. To a B Explorer with +1% shields and +23% hyperdrive, sporting a 28 slot hold.
  • Florenus's Avatar
    Today, 7:34 PM · 8 replies and 28 views.
    They could add an option to inflate the planets - it wouldn't hurt anyone and shouldn't be too much of a problem - but I actually think I like it as it is on the stream.
  • Simpleye's Avatar
    Today, 7:34 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    I haven't seen the forum this excited since......
  • Surefoot's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 PM · 182 replies and 2708 views.
    VR is *not* "placeholder gameplay" !? That you didnt ever try it properly is one thing, but do not project your expectations on reality. VR is there to stay, and has actually transformed the whole simulation world, now one could not imagine playing a sim without it. ED is completely transformed by this experience too, and is the only reason i played this game, and from all the geeks i know they all enjoy it enough to have bought their own headset.. I could cite Star Trek Bridge Crew for another fantastic experience, and one that can be shared with friends. Also please provide a serious source for your "90%". My small sample of gamers in the area where i live are *all* very enthusiastic about VR... So yeah some couldnt afford it until prices dropped, but now a PC that can run VR games has become affordable.
  • Lora Craft69's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 PM · 5 replies and 35 views.
    Warning, this site uses cookies and grandpa's ashes. :D
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Today, 7:32 PM · 8 replies and 28 views.
    The only thing orrery need is way points and textures on the celestial bodies.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 7:32 PM · 182 replies and 2708 views.
    Did you also know that 100% of the audience of VR is into VR? Amazing! Sure. Then again, I am also quite sure people will look back on people playing 'space sims' using a mouse and a flat screen as something rather... not state-of-the-art. :D
  • Kicks's Avatar
    Today, 7:32 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    I think it's because many of us love this game, and instead of ing on the forums, took a break... but continue to see what FD does, in the hopes that it's something we want to play again :) o7
  • ick's Avatar
    Today, 7:32 PM · 21 replies and 488 views.
    He flew without a re-buy. Went belly-up.
  • Ophion's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    Just look at the forum stats, the traffic is crazy! Which is good.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 PM · 9 replies and 174 views.
    There's a fine line between "more game less grind" and "more fantasy less realism". Personally I'd like to more realism and less grind, which infinite probes are not (but "neutrino* pings" would be). ED does feel more and more like a buffet of varying and conflicting ideas and philosophies, the little vestigial ∞ in the new UI being just one example of this. * insert better word for energy equivalent to active sonar on submarine
  • yodajedifishmaster's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 PM · 4368 replies and 244821 views.
    im more worried because i just found out this change coming and im over 20000 ly from the bubble. what happens to all my expo data if i cant get back and sell it in time? do i lose it because some retentives want an far more dull slow and grindy way to go out of the bubble exploring? or does my unsold data get converted to the new format and i find all i have is scans of the primary star existing, not the details of it even? the changes make me want to explore less. going out of the bubble is just so slow, and the only thing keeping me going isnt finding random USS with nothing or thargoids in. its that when i get where i wanted to be in my 44ly max jump asp ex, i will then have a reward for probably a year of real time spent out there jumping and scanning until i cant take the boredom, with billions of credits to get the anaconda with the huge jump range i can replace the asp with. if im going to lose data, then sure i have wasted hundreds or thousands of hours out there scanning and might as well...
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 7:30 PM · 104 replies and 1832 views.
    Errr, you dont get to 'disagree' with what other people say they like. If you need 'deep mental involvement' to like anything, that is fine. Just accept that others frequently enjoy things without, and often because, there is no deep mental involvement.
  • CMDR Uzyurdady's Avatar
    Today, 7:30 PM · 4368 replies and 244821 views.
    They clearly said in the livestream that the "HONK" in a new system would reveal only the main star. So I assume that we'll only see the main star in the system map.
  • cpbtrading's Avatar
    Today, 7:29 PM · 182 replies and 2708 views.
    Kinda worked in the 90's.. Just too early I guess. That said, when they look back in another 25yrs or so, they will probably write exactly what you wrote there, regards what we have now. ;)
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