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  • Leadfoot's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 AM · 216 replies and 4540 views.
    I've been off line for just over a month so sorry for jumping in late. Atmospheric landings on lava worlds and other thin atmosphere-type worlds would more than make up the delay in space-legs for me. I'd love EVA missions out the back door of my ship but I can wait. I know this is a work in progress.
  • Valethar's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    ^^^ This. It's a safety feature. Too many people were getting trapped/nuked by jumping in between the binary pair (or in some cases, trinaries, etc..) so FD added a bit of a buffer to keep you from getting nuked on arrival.
  • Ninj's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    It's hard to make a judgement on this without knowing the actual distances. I've come across a system where a bigger star was on the bottom row. Yet that's the one always that you jump to. Bottom line:the system map isn't always so clear cut. Edit: there we go. Database says it all.... Stein 2051 B / White Dwarf (DC) Star
  • Exiton's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 30 replies and 489 views.
    I have no idea what you are trying to say here.
  • Ted Striker's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 216 replies and 4540 views.
    Why would space legs be so foreign about ED? I know it's supposed to be all about the spaceships, but isn't ED trying to be a simulation of sorts? Our ships aren't our avatars. We are people piloting them and I would love to be able to walk around our ships and stations in what would be a MUCH more immersive game. I'm not talking about making this a FPS shooter on top of a spaceships simulator, I'm talking simple immersiveness. I would love to waste time hanging out in one of the station's bars or lounges, just chatting with other players while watching ships dock and take off and NPCs come and go. We already have our avatar models right? So part of that development is already done (albeit the easy part).
  • malenfant's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 AM · 141 replies and 15320 views.
    Nice, did you have the WD in full view above the horizon until closest approach? What was the lon/lat of your SRV? That'd be a great vantage point for people to aim for.
  • Y nt Zoidberg7's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 AM · 4 replies and 76 views.
    They have a 30km range. I don't know how effective they are against skimmers, I assume they are wasted pretty easily when it comes to defense turrets and goliaths though.
  • roryclague's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 AM · 2337 replies and 175582 views.
    Here are a couple more fungal cone "bark mound" fields I found, too. The first was among the two I found in the Clown Nebula (the earlier find is posted several pages back -in the system Dryaea Flee GC-D d12-285) . I have a feeling there are more to be found in the region, since there are hundreds of stars, many of them uncharted, in that nebula, which is a reasonably short distance from Colonia. Anyway, the find I'm reporting here is located in the system Dryaea Flee GC-D d12-2653, in the Clown Nebula Body: Dryaea Flee GC-D d12-2653 A 1 B A Coordinates: -35.4894, 19.5865 Planetary journal data:
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 AM · 106 replies and 1716 views.
    1. OK 2. Yes it does answer your point because it invalidates it. 3. Whining Complaining about Open BGS and PP being disadvantaged by players in Solo and PG ignores the fact that you can't interact with a whole host of other players no matter what mode you are in (consoles and time zones). Therefore the whole premise (smokescreen) is fatally flawed. (It was not mentioned in response to the risible 2 server nonsense.) 4. a. The fact is that my response to you is entirely valid and you just choose to ignore it's veracity. b. That suits me as your Axiom is axiomatically flawed and as far as I can tell from your contributions here there is nothing humble about you. :)
  • yolomcbobbinz's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    My guess it's because of the new binary star change that makes you drop in a different location several ls away from them
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 AM · 38 replies and 1030 views.
    Just a side note, there actually is a commander who made it to triple Elite in a Sidey. :) Forgot his name, though. :(
  • Spacecat's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 AM · 28 replies and 1103 views.
    Haha, npc cops saved my butt a few weeks ago in my Python. Left it in SC on the way to a fairly distant destination and took a break. As I returned, I heard *sounds*. Not good. Turns out I'd been interdicted by an npc and he'd got me down to 30% hull before the cops showed up and distracted him. I simply left them to deal with him and flew off to my destination.
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 AM · 34 replies and 373 views.
    Yep, ship makes a big difference. Cobra MkIII with 4A prismatics = 148 MJ FDL with 4A prismatics = 481 MJ
  • Mrat's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 AM · 27 replies and 559 views.
    Mrat replied to a thread I'm bored... in Dangerous Discussion
    Ok, two things. One, Rhea isn't dead. It's not as amazing as it once was, but you can still stack tons of missions into a conda, or a type 7 if you wish to save money. Two....there's a place I've found, an outpost, has high paying cargo missions going next door especially if allied with that faction, which you do with all the Fed faction missions there, so you can rank up too. Not as good as the current Imp one that was on the forums recently, but it's the best way to get Fed rank. Where is it you ask? Where it's always been ;). If you figure it out you'll make loads, I just don't want to out right say it in case it gets nerfed. Also, bring a Python as its an outpost. So you see, there's still ways to make the monies, even more so if you look yourself. You may even find money where you least expect. Hope I've lifted the mood.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 AM · 8 replies and 25 views.
    There are things in this game that absolutely amaze me, even to this day. There are other things that frustrate me, and other things that disappoint me. My current signature is because of bugs - no, not Thargoids, that 2.4 brought to my PS4 that are ruining my experience with the game, but as soon as Frontier fixes those bugs (dear Lord I hope they fix those bugs), I will return to loving this game again, even with all its faults.
  • Storm Valkyrie's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM · 38 replies and 1030 views.
    CMDR Thrust found Raxxla before Braben did.
  • KTC's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM
    Stein 2051 is a M star, with a White Dwarf (DC) as secondary, yet I just jumped and exited in front of the White Dwarf. Huh? Since when has that been a thing???
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  • Uiros Ueramos's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM · 435 replies and 11004 views.
    I still don't think people can justify FDev's implementations as logic. They could have limited the flight characteristics to appeal to a greater audience without having it so unrealistic, counter-intuitive and contrary to realistic inertial maneuvering. I would agree that an acceptable middle term would be to have, in FAON and FAOFF, no blue zone, no gimped yaw but a velocity limit imposed by the ship itself, according to the situation. Specific limits for specific operations, like orbital flight, combat maneuvering and docking. I think that would actually improve the game and enjoyment of the CMDRs. And please, no boost fall off.
  • Cmdr Ultra's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM · 8 replies and 25 views.
    I spent the same as you and have got my moneys worth already. And it's a Lifetime Expansion pass. Your post history shows you're a bit on the glass half full side. Be positive the games getting better all the time.
  • Ted Striker's Avatar
    Today, 1:13 AM · 19 replies and 395 views.
    Didn't they nerf Rhea? I'm thinking if I do long range passenger missions I can rank up exploration as well (and unlock Palin - side bonus) so long as I bring the scanners. It's definitely not good credits-per-hour but the payouts are pretty large and I'll have gained some exploration ranks. I'm also thinking I might want to hold off on Type 9 until I see what the Type 10 is all about. I don't know, I'm conflicted. I've relied on bounty hunting and a little bit of Quince cheesing for money, but it's not enough to upgrade and operate a corvette like I want.
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