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  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 PM · 61 replies and 1176 views.
    So true, bit like what happened when the exploration changes were released: Players; FD we demand better tools for Engineers, we have been forgotten about for too long FD: Yep true, so tell us what you want Players: We want tools to make exploration exciting and worthwhile, not just jump/honk/scoop/jump FD: Understand, here is what we have come up with Players: FD you screwed up again, these changes are terrible, they will take too much of our precious time, where is the instant honk, we demand the honk come back FD: Screw this, we will just stick to combat, at least that crowd will accept whatever we give them as long as something goes bang in the end.
  • Golgot's Avatar
    Today, 11:45 PM · 102 replies and 1698 views.
    Yeah possibly, but given there'll almost certainly be a level of self selection in location, and given the size of the game, I don't think it'll be a huge issue for any party involved. Just as dedicated PvP, ganking & general laser-based messing about aren't a major issue now. A bugbear to some sure, but not 'game breaking' or anything. So long as there is some kind of sense to the system securities on stations reckon it'll be all good. And those that dislike can always go Mobius or what have you. (Ideally it'd be good if FDev could tackle one current perennial 'bored ganker' aspect by facilitating PvP more between those that want it though. Better bounty system, liable hotspots, jailbreak-style scenarios for the PvE-ers etc etc) Ultimately I'd expect Legs to bring more daft variations of ganking, trolling and wild pew with it. But that's untrammelled online for you ;). I'm cool with it. (And when I'm not in the mood I'll go to another mode ;))
  • Tikanderoga's Avatar
    Today, 11:44 PM · 141 replies and 3083 views.
    Because then people would be making money. If you break even, that's equal to making money. You gained reputation in the process. But seriously: With 3.2, the fetch missions were a tad overpaid, but people loved it and played it. Then FD "fixed" it in an emergency patch, now it's worthless/working at a loss and people hate it. Not sure what the goal was to achieve there, but I'm sure it was overshot.
  • Necronaught's Avatar
    Today, 11:42 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Kindle and Google Play Books (lol who came up with that, I hope it was free) utterly useless if you have your books on an SD card. I cannot find any option to use anything I downloaded. My books are legit they come from Humble Bundle. Fortunately I can link my account for the Kindle app but only 11 of the 50ish or so books I have seem to be compatible. How hard is it to add file/open/location/book = read? I am currently using Cool Reader. I just slapped that on and boom up came all my books. Anyone know of a workaround or something I can type perhaps? A third party file that will mod the dumb Kindle program? Cool reader is nice and all, I much rather use Kindle for obvious reasons.
  • Sergio Smegolia's Avatar
    Today, 11:41 PM · 61 replies and 1176 views.
    And so it begins.... FDev: We've seeded the game with new and exciting stuff to discover! Players: Well, what is it? FDev: What, the stuff your meant to discover? Players: Yes, what is it? Fdev:
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 PM · 193 replies and 3691 views.
    I've had a little think about this. I don't see fuel costs as affecting earnings materially. Instead, I see cost as one of a bunch of fuel characteristics, and the game could use these as an opportunity to give more colour to different locations and states: Basic principles: Some places fuel costs are low, some places fuel costs are high. Some places offer a variety of fuels, other places will only offer basic fuel. Basic refined fuel would be minimally better than 'organic' scooped hydrogen. Some places may only offer premium/military fuels to their friends and allies Scoopable star classes' scoop rate differs (depth of scoopable zone)
  • RadicalEdward2's Avatar
    Today, 11:38 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Your Feature Request / Idea I know there's plenty of dinosaur request threads but, I wanted to request the inclusion of dinosaurs from areas of the world with less than 3 specimens available for unearthing. When it comes to the ecosystems of some dinosaurs, there's a handful of them locations with such little variety that they have to be paired with other 'non-native' dinosaurs. These dinosaurs include... ♢ The Spinosaurus from the Mediterranean (Chenini Formation & Bahariya Formation) - Both only offer the Spinosaurus ♢ The Majungasaurus from Madagascar (Maevarano Formation)
  • Chrystoph's Avatar
    Today, 11:37 PM · 8 replies and 117 views.
    On the small side, fast-ish, lot of cargo space, and enough weapons that it doesn't need to just roll over; to me, that is either a blockade runner or a smuggler.
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 11:36 PM · 102 replies and 1698 views.
    Have to agree with you. Although some won't admit it, or refuse to even consider it, once space legs is implemented, FPS combat will be in the game of Elite: Dangerous. Not saying it will be mandatory but the ability to play CoD in space will become a reality in the ED Galaxy. What concerns me is the implications of that, will we end up with a growing group of ED players who never fly a ship, just content to stay on a station and play endless shootouts with each other (and anyone else they see)?
  • Innocentius's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 PM · 7 replies and 184 views.
    For most people fixed weapons will be a lot worse for pve. It is just so easy to kill with gimballed weapons. And any chaff moments you can use for just maneuvering to a better position and regening some weapon capacitor charge. One of the great things about gimbals is that you can more easily maneuver as you do not have to worry that much about where your ship is pointing compared to the enemy. I have heard only good things about chieftain and Bigmaec seems to have good experience on one also. I guess it is something like: Chieftain is pretty comparable to FAS and Crusader is close to Federal Gunship?
  • Rojo Habe's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 PM · 1032 replies and 96125 views.
    Luxury! I have to watch it a few hours later when I get TO work ;)
  • Zieman's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 PM · 4 replies and 38 views.
    Hmm, recommends at least 500W PSU for the GTX 1070 and 400W for 1060.
  • Rebel801's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 PM · 703 replies and 100835 views.
    Rebel801 replied to a thread Cobra Mk IV Cobra Mk IV Owners Club in Ships of Elite
    Just done a bit more engineering and added some Guardian Modules to my Cobra Mk4 (Black Friday) and I am really getting back into flying it again. Now I have a jump range of 35Ly, 540mj of shields and boosts to 395+. Still have not settled on the best weapon choice, not sure if I should go kinetic on small HP and thermal on the mediums, or vice versa, but its fun trying out different combo's. Currently using it for engineering material gathering and a bit of Bounty Hunting and mission running - after spending months exploring in my Conda, its a joy to fly something small and zippy again.
  • biot's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 PM · 71 replies and 1642 views.
    I'm as serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer
  • Para Handy's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 PM · 429 replies and 10811 views.
    So many fantastic music videos from her, I posted I Miss You before (there was a cartoon arc on the go) - Hunter, Cocoon, Hyperballad, Joga, Big Time Sensuality, All is Full of Love, Violently Happy, Pagan Poetry and many more, but possibly my favourite is Isobel: ... and of course there is the strangely out of character (but fun);
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Today, 11:29 PM · 2 replies and 48 views.
    Sorry, that's not how procedural generation works. They can't "make adjustments to the stellar forge" without completely deleting the galaxy and starting again. Because the Stellar Forge doesn't fire up only when a never-before-seen star system gets visited for the first time. It fires up every single time anyone ever arrives at any procedurally-generated star system. That's the beauty of procedural generation: you can create a vast number of star systems with random contents, quickly, without needing an equally vast database to store all that data. So any changes to the algorithms wouldn't apply just to Unexplored star systems, they would apply to every star system in the galaxy. And stars and planet's you'd previously discovered and explored in systems ghenerated by the old algorithms would suddenly "disappear".
  • rp198419's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 PM · 1032 replies and 96125 views.
    Best there is, truly.
  • lefty1117's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 PM · 61 replies and 1176 views.
    Really curious about specs on that new Krait variant. Will be sad if it's smaller with less internals etc than the Mk2. mainly because, I love the look of that new chassis and want it badly ... but it is a downgrade from the Mk2 (ie, smaller and focused on exploration, not a good multirole) then I probably won't use it.
  • EDanaII's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 PM · 57 replies and 1667 views.
    To many of us, the latest 3 are a flat out joke. What made the original Trek good weren't just some of the stories they told, but the characters. Kirk, Spock, Scotty, McCoy were all real believable characters. In the reboots? They're just shadows of their former selves. At certain points in the reboots you can go, "time for him to say something 'Spockish' in 3, 2, 1..." "Incoming McCoyism!" "Look out! Scotty's gonna whine!" They aren't characters any more, they're formulas. The problem is modern movies where, instead of the plot and characters driving the action, it's the action that drives the plot and characters. It's boring and it's predictable. My humble opinion, of course. :)
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