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  • Thebadmf's Avatar
    Today, 5:51 AM · 15 replies and 302 views.
    This. I've pre ordered a 2080Ti Founders so that I can actually use VR again. My poor 970 cant run E:D at all since Dash beta.
  • DragonNTiger's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 2 replies and 73 views.
    I've never noticed any real differences in behavior myself... of course, I never put much effort into investigating the differences. That said, I certainly would love it if different genome modifications would modify behavior or needs... like maybe adding Cow DNA would increase their maximum population limit, or Sheep DNA could reduce an animal's minimum comfort limit... stuff like that...
  • Merkir's Avatar
    Today, 5:44 AM · 3322 replies and 178516 views.
    Although a rhetorical question, the answer for me is Entertainment. This thread is very entertaining, as is the whole circus which is SC. And in this thread in particular we get it all. From the totally emotionally invested people with little (some would say no) objectivity... those who rebuke any possible SC positivity from any source, right through to the seemingly gullible SC fanboys who dream of an actual SC 'verse. The former seem to outnumber the latter here, although it may be that just a few very vocal haters give that impression. And then there's the few who do appear to be completely objective. Perhaps those like me who haven't spent a dime on SC, and although we may think SC is a pile of mismanaged doggy do, we are probably still labelled SC white knights because we call out silliness from the emotionally involved. :D
  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 AM · 70 replies and 945 views.
    Curvemn17 replied to a thread Cg griefer in PlayStation 4
    If that’s your take away then fine, but I never suggested you had to play the same way. Simply addressing the situation that he isn’t a griefer. Also trying to help so you don’t have this issue bother you again or at least help you to avoid it in the future. I understand you fully; at least I think so, I just don’t agree that any wrong doing took place here.
  • BL1P's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 AM · 12 replies and 351 views.
    Very good :) But now I want "SPACE FINGERS" !
  • Kaybe's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 25 replies and 393 views.
    New? What is this new thing you speak of? ;) In all seriousness, the last year has been about: - The Thargoids - Combat with the Thargoids - New weapons to fight said Thargoid ships - New combat ships, with one notable exception: The Krait MkII. It's still rather combat focused, being a more agile Python with less hull, shields, and internal space in exchange for supporting ship launched fighters and better hardpoint placement. It's also lighter than the Python and many of us have converted it into a viable exploration ship. - Guardian tech composed of mostly weapons as well as some modules that the engineers do better. Mind you, one particular module, the FSD booster, is absolute gold for explorer types as it extends your range by up to an additional 10 LY which is nice. - Revamp to Engineers, which is quite well done. - Material traders which is also very useful.
  • Franc Kaos's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 463 replies and 22306 views.
    Maybe I'm remembering thru nostalgia glasses but ED feels far more static than it should, magically burning stations - tick, extra grinding for Thargoid focused weaponry - tick, BGS updates the world state - tick... Civ6 feels more dynamic' And yes, ship models, texturing, lighting, sound design have all progressed in the last 20 years, but that's the nature of man (plus the ships still don't have proper damage modelling - well, one does but most can't afford that one). And if missions, NPCs & etc are all run server side why are they never improved? the same missions for 4 years, static NPC portraits, the same station / planet bases across all three political states, cut 'n paste alien ruins, they do one good model then replicate it everywhere... You think the maths behind the galaxy creation tool (ingame) isn't built from that amazing model 23 years ago? I do, just vastly improved to include knowledge we have now and utilising the extra oomph of modern computing to show a more realistic...
  • Tippis's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 AM · 3322 replies and 178516 views.
    There's really no need to question it, though. If you label a video “the judge f**ed up” and then go on to ignore half of the judge's argument to build that case, you have given up all claims to professionalism from the get-go. It's not so much a case of semi-professional as unprofessional.
  • Furyboy's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM · 70 replies and 945 views.
    Furyboy replied to a thread Cg griefer in PlayStation 4
    Ok sorry for buddy english is not my primary language so to make things clear he was in same haz ok good then some other show up ok some of which wing up and there were other too not in wing so it was hard when you are concentrated on your task to notice which one is which on your radar.. Clearly either because of your choosen activity you don't want to understand me or am a whiner and need to just do what you said and be as him.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 AM · 3322 replies and 178516 views.
    There's no point in fantasizing about the lawsuit on the internet. There's no point in fantasizing about the game on the internet. The only thing that matters is reality. The reality is it's in court now. The reality is no game has been released. I'm more looking forward to the court case of the two. That's got more likelihood of an actual result in reasonable time.
  • Nicholas Nack's Avatar
    Today, 5:29 AM · 12 replies and 357 views.
    Having notoriety factor into NPC pirate reactions would be pretty awesome. At very high notoriety, high-rank NPCs would avoid interdicting you 'cause they know better, mid-level ones might come and have a go but turn away at the last minute when they realise who they're dealing with, and only the mostly harmless scrubs would be dumb enough to pick a fight with someone without checking who they're dealing with.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 5:28 AM · 49 replies and 709 views.
    As part of the diagnostic elimination process for my buffer locking problem, I put my 1080ti into my son's PC. Firstly, ED didn't crash. This isn't conclusive because sometimes ED doesn't crash for hours on my own PC - but usually that's after it's crashed once & I then go back in so I'm satisfied it's not the new card. I didn't try putting the 970 back in my PC (I played for years without this problem on that card) but if I get desperate I'll try that another time. More interestingly to mossfoot's dilemma, I ran a few benchmarks and my son's PC is (in terms of supporting a really fast GPU in games) every bit as good as my own PC with a much newer, higher spec motherboard, DDR4 RAM and a faster processor (7700@3.6GHz base vs 3770@3.4). In superposition my son's PC actually scored very slightly faster (~5800 vs ~5700), probably the overhead from my two extra monitors. So socket 1155 is still very much a contemporary and capable platform, even with an H61 chipset :)
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 4 replies and 44 views.
    If you're typing into the message area you have to remove focus by pressing "Escape" first. Then the keys should work.
  • Backer42's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 3322 replies and 178516 views.
    It's Gamescom 2018 now and last year was really fun: And lawsuits are boring, sorry. While I might take notice of the occasional court ruling affecting Star Citizen and the results of discovery exposing interesting information, I'm not here to discuss the theorycrafting of YouTube lawyers and their subscribers. That's completely beyond the scope of this thread and off topic.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 23 replies and 270 views.
    That's how this handwavium is described in the game's manual.
  • Henkka77's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 74 replies and 1133 views.
    Suddenly i dont feel so bad anymore, paying 750 euros of my 980Ti 3 years ago.. :D Now it feels like it was a bargain. Huge leap indeed.. Oh, and in case someone was mislead by that show as many seems to be, originally that picture was showing only the "huge leap" between Raytracing power, not raw grapichs calculation power. So dont get too hyped about the differences..
  • Le-Betz's Avatar
    Today, 5:19 AM · 58 replies and 1615 views.
    To put it into perspective, this is what important organisations' headquarters look like in RL: UNO-Headquartes, New York: Lloyd’s of London: ADAC Headquarters, Munich:
  • starbuck3000's Avatar
    Today, 5:18 AM · 3 replies and 45 views.
    U Yup they got a lot of brains behind the curtains there. I noticed as of today they dont have Tech Support on chat. Perhaps thats a good thing. They cant take the blame over stupid advice. been there, done that for years
  • MadArkael's Avatar
    Today, 5:14 AM · 405 replies and 21977 views.
    333.84 with no scanners 331.88 with both scanners, with surface unmodified. 328.36 with scanners and 2G vehicle bay 327.2 with scanners, vehicle and 4D shield G5 enhanced low power. (which honestly to me is the least I'd like to go out with, if I'm actually exploring) I personally have the detailed surface scanner set up on fast scan which adds another 1.3 tons on top of all i have here and also using a 4D Distributor with a G5 engine focus on it so i can still boost. Sitting at 325.16 after a Neutron charge. I mean maybe the extra 8.68 ly gets you somewhere? I dont know. I'll take all those light weight QoL goodies myself. Edit: 324.92ly
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