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  • Nicou's Avatar
    Today, 1:43 PM · 1037 replies and 155394 views.
    Read about your wisdom teeth during Ed's livestream the other day :p Good luck with that! Thanks for the communication :)
  • Pilchenstein's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 PM · 177 replies and 21725 views.
    Am I safe to assume that by ignoring my response you're admitting that you don't have a real, non-hyperbolic counterargument to my "take rebuys out of pay" suggestion then? I'd suggest you're not remembering that entirely right either mate, they went to kickstarter because no publisher would go for space games these days, that's true, but show me any point in the marketing of this game where they've said "only hardcore sim fans need apply" because all I ever see is them appealing to bigger and bigger audiences which, when combined with streamlining some of the systems post-launch, doesn't really paint the picture of a company whose aim was to make a small, niche game that would only appeal to a small market of die-hard fans. You can't claim that they're both shrewd enough to be cutting a bold, exploratory path of their own and easily swayed enough that any criticism, no matter how slight, might throw them off course, that's just ridiculous. So you think repairs being so costly that you always had...
  • Tataboj's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 4 replies and 57 views.
    What makes you think that Thargoids have a language, that they know the concept of trading or relationships...?
  • Several's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 6993 replies and 410147 views.
    The more influence you have at the end of a war, the better. So accumulating during preparation should help already.
  • mr.Gr3y's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 6993 replies and 410147 views.
    You can increase the influnce during the countdown/pending period. This increases the chance to win the conflict. It's the gap at the end that matters NOT just what happens during the active war.
  • Muetdhiver's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 324 replies and 6730 views.
    NeilF nails it. FD has taken the gamble to bolt fancy minigames over minimal fondations. It does not work. CQC is fun for a while, but playing it means not playing the main game. PP : I was super hyped about it, and I was expecting it to be BGS+player factions with a lot of focus on coop open play. What do we get : a grindy layer slaped on top of a not quite working as expected BGS. No focus on promoting organized team vs team open gameplay. Engineers : Grind + RNG for extra % firepower. Mandatory for PvP.
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 131 replies and 2844 views.
    The difference is that Frontier is actively developing three games while CIG is focusing on Star Citizen only. Frontier has the money as their stock holder reports show, they are just investing it into things other than Elite Dangerous. The sad thing is that the game’s development (or lack of, and especially pace of) is patently showing this. Unless Frontier steps up their game with Elite, my hunch is that SC will pass them by in a year or two’s timeframe, especially with regards to interactive and engaging game mechanics. SC has a clearly defined roadmap and feature list they are gradually implementing, not unlike Frontier had during the alpha days. The difference is that SC’s roadmap is gradually becoming a reality, they are implementing it, while Frontier transitioned to a secret roadmap where implemented features are now shadows of what they were supposed to be, and other features the backers were promised have gone by the wayside. Their focus does not seem to be Elite anymore as the slipping...
  • dukrous's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 951 replies and 23080 views.
    Splitting payouts is what made people consider wings as useless. Community is very much against that idea entirely as it disincentivizes grouping. Now that wing payments are going up to full payouts every time, splitting MC is just going to shift that argument to MC. Better to abandon this whole idea and just use rank delta as a percentage against Helm's payout to determine how much other crew get. It's much easier to predict, plan for, and verify.
  • Themadoll's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM · 15 replies and 337 views.
  • Moonax IRL's Avatar
    Today, 1:40 PM · 161 replies and 1582 views.
    I do remember hearing that at the time, a classic case of the slave mentality and inferiority complex. Obviously she`s a moron and Scottish labour seems to provide a rich vein for same, hence they are a non entity.
  • dumbo's Avatar
    Today, 1:40 PM · 107 replies and 3832 views.
    o_O. Your first comment seems a bit weird, core functionality from 1.0 was paid for by lots (millions?) of players because it was "good enough" - that "years later" we want changes is hardly "not doing things properly in the first place!". It's more "with hindsight, this area of the game should be expanded/redone". In terms of a "2.3.02", sure. But, there are obviously limits to what can be put in that sort of patch... personally I would want to see new core features, and that simply can't happen in a minor release - tasks need prioritising/scheduling etc.
  • silversheen's Avatar
    Today, 1:40 PM · 68 replies and 1902 views.
    That's exactly what I was hoping for, thank you! o7
  • Bortas's Avatar
    Today, 1:40 PM · 65 replies and 1083 views.
    Bortas replied to a thread [Ships] Big Three Masslock in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    How about a deal: You get the same mass lock factor, speed and shields for your Corvette, but you also get the same power distributor, pitch-rate and hardpoint convergence?
  • Thalion Solarstorm's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 150 replies and 4300 views.
    @jmg reading your posts your either a fanboy or have no clue how cpus work. Your constantly ing against AMD is tiresome and the fact that they actually made a CPU Design that is more Advanced than current Intels lineup probably made you angry or something. Software has to be optimized also in a World where Intel compilers and CPUs have dominated the Market for almost a Decade. I personnally hope this balances out now slowly - ideally 50/50. Everyone would benefit from it and also would rock innovation. Ryzen is a very decent CPU actually and wipes the 7700Ks if used properly. Its a very early Architecture still so theres still alot of optimizations to be done. But remembering LGA2011 wasnt better and that was from Intel. Actually was worse at Launch. Plus theres no compiler Optimization in most Games yet that can take Adavantage of the new CPU Design or rather use it efficiently. Ryzens CCX Clock is tied to the Memory Clock - also having this Amount of Cores its IMPORTANT to have the fastest...
  • madbilly's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 1037 replies and 155394 views.
    Ouch! Bet you're sick of soup now. Chin up! :)
  • -=VampyrE=-'s Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 324 replies and 6730 views.
    I can tell you how I did my Traderank. 1. Choose startpoint A. 2. Choose Endpoint B (400 LJ distance) 3. find next Trade-Produkt and Station using Tools. (Example: or 4. have fun.
  • Powderpanic's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM · 83 replies and 2051 views.
    Are people really getting upset over the pay out from a feature which will be quickly forgotten, once everyone gets over "gee i'm in a space ship with out people" and returns to flying their own ships. GAWD Multicrew is dull
  • starman's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM
    Of course its called something different these days..
    0 replies and 0 views.
  • jgm's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM · 551 replies and 59368 views.
    Thank you for reporting this. I've updated the code with the updated pedal configuration, and also put in the proper names for the cameras so they should now show up correctly.
  • foebits's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM · 5 replies and 58 views.
    With my luck, and why I stopped dealing with the fool system entirely, is that it doesn't matter how many times I've rolled, it will always be a downgrade from stock, even up to lvl3, which is as far as I got. Tried it for a couple months after it went live and even after FD tweaked it I couldn't get an acceptable roll to save my life (acceptable being anything where the negatives aren't higher than any positives) and the secondaries just made it worse. Just my luck though and I've always had terrible luck with things like this, but I just stopped to save myself the aneurysm. It's also why I thought, and still do think, that the system is worthless.
  • Moesis's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM · 8 replies and 202 views.
    Yeah, I agree with this, hardpoints should be made to only respond to helm, i.e. deploy & retract. Anyone know if in options if hardpoints are set to NOT deploy when fire button pressed, does this change multi-crew behaviour ? - or does MC ignore that setting. (Just thinking it might be a workaround)
  • Ezren's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 35 replies and 1360 views.
    Shameless self-plug aside, you seem to be missing the difference between "being afraid of gankers" and "not wanting to do PvP at any given time".
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 4 replies and 57 views.
    Just don't try mating with one!
  • Lily from anim.o.v.e's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 324 replies and 6730 views.
    The wall of text to explain that woudl be huge, but for everyone who played alot games since like 25 years he can surely can tell you that ED ha sonly shallow mechanics because there is a ton of games who made all the aspects that ED has already but with more depth. even the most trading games form the 90's like patricier or Elisabeth and all the others did have a better trading mechanic. If you don't know why they are shallow, I would have to throw bakc the "no imagination" argument you used bakc to you. because you lack the knopwledge what a deeper trading mechanic is and the imaginaton of how it could be existing in ED. - - - Updated - - - The wall of text to explain that woudl be huge, but for everyone who played alot games since like 25 years he can surely can tell you that ED ha sonly shallow mechanics because there is a ton of games who made all the aspects that ED has already but with more depth. even the most trading games form the 90's like patricier or Elisabeth and all the others did...
  • Hunter241's Avatar
    Today, 1:36 PM · 1 replies and 39 views.
    Probably your texture and terrain qualities being set to high is causing the FPS drop Initial load in of textures causing the slow down, once their done then the game can carry on Try knocking them down a notch? See if that helps
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