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  • Kingston@#'s Avatar
    Today, 7:13 AM · 4 replies and 44 views.
    maybe my military armour, is the reason it wont increase :)
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 7:12 AM · 728 replies and 89424 views.
    Ок, нуда согласен такой вариант возможен.
  • Konnivar's Avatar
    Today, 7:11 AM · 22 replies and 396 views.
    You aren't wrong, smaller ships would be more affected by a reduced thermal load. Looking at the thermal load of thrusters across class sizes (i.e. class 2 thrusters up to class 8) and grades A-E all thrusters regardless of class or grade have a thermal load of 1.3. On a small ship a thermal load of 1.3 can cause significant fluctuations in temperature; this can partially be seen in the Dolphin's results below. So, as the size of the ship increases so does its thermal tolerance, and thus the smaller the constant thruster thermal load of 1.3 plays on heat generation. -------------------------------------------------------------------TEST RESULTS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For this set of tests I used the 5 different ships that can fit class 5A thrusters; the Asp Explorer, Dolphin, Fer-De-Lance, Type 7, and Vulture. All of these ships were stripped of hardpoints and utility slots and outfitted with E grade core internals with the exception of the...
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 7:11 AM · 728 replies and 89424 views.
    Ну иногда миссии вроде не дают сдавать если нет трюма, а так Вы правы.
  • OldLeon's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 AM · 728 replies and 89424 views.
    Если ты не расчитал силы, у тебя сбили щит и ты захотел сбежать. Чтобы зарядить ФСД ты убираешь оружие и люк включается. А щитов-то нет...
  • Andrew_Sonar's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 728 replies and 89424 views.
    А, вообще, какой, на хрен, груз (да и вообще грузоотсеки) на боевом корабле?
  • CMDR Nef's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 14 replies and 277 views.
    I spent another like 8 hours looking for another hyperdiction tonight, too, but to no avail. Went and parked one my ships in the California Nebual for the DRX meetup after giving up. Took a bit to get it out there, lol.
  • SuBSynk's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 27 replies and 159 views.
    With instancing and the various game modes it's just not possible to enforce a blockade let alone have a meaningful war. Guilds could not protect or enforce control on any part of space...not to mention the various platforms Xbox and incoming Ps4. RP is ofc possible and with willing participants wars can happen but they are always consensual otherwise players can just avoid the consequences or the event entirely if they wish for the reasons i stated above. ED is a PvE game at heart.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 AM · 46 replies and 1635 views.
    Это не силньно важно, главное чтобы человек это знал.
  • cousa's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 AM · 727 replies and 46132 views.
    Hola! En mi calidad de novato, estoy buceando en lo densísimo de este juego. Esta semana me tragado entre oreja y oreja muchos Podcast, y debo daros la enhorabuena por vuestro trabajo. Seguid así!
  • Ian Phillips's Avatar
    Today, 6:59 AM · 2251 replies and 432598 views.
    Removed some 2.4 discussion as it doesn't belong here :D
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 AM · 27 replies and 159 views.
    What happened to Viktore? As much as I loved to argue against his fleet mechanics needs, he seemed decent enough.
  • Merkk's Avatar
    Today, 6:53 AM · 27 replies and 159 views.
    Do you have something to say or do you just want to keep instigating? This is 100% pointless.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 6:53 AM · 728 replies and 89424 views.
    Я ВАС понимаю, просто ВЫ не совсем понимаете меня. Когда стреляют это как правило бой, а это означает что гнезда выпущены. А раз гнезда выпущены то грузовой люк АВТО выключается, так как на него не хватает энергии.
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