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  • Baton's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 AM · 3284 replies and 288248 views.
    100% agree that we are making a lot of assumptions, I was always saying that :) As for brain trees next to the outcrop I am sure there were none in the places I checked, the shrinking POI is so big I would definetely see a second one (I do not check really big craters), but again, galaxy is huge place, even if you spend next 5 years checking these things, there may by something completely different in the next system. On a different subject, I think we have a new challenge now, finding a body with geysers, brain trees, bark mounds and pumpkins - I shall start my search over the weekend, don't have a perfect candidate yet, but maybe something will pop up :)
  • Friedenreich Xante's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 AM · 10 replies and 155 views.
    I wouldn't want to have realistic space flight mechanics in this particular game, because it would modify the game way to much. Though I'd buy a separate game that offers this. Even a space combat game. That'd be awesome, to learn to master the controls. We still experience blackouts when turning in a very manioeuvrable ship in orbital glide, like with the i-courier. But other than that, I've never experienced them.
  • Fosdyke's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 AM · 139 replies and 3128 views.
    Wow! Really impresssive, love it ;)
  • Rariano Majoy's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 AM · 10 replies and 137 views.
    Tranqui, hombre, que yo no me quejo, sólo he abierto éste post por si os pasaba a la gente igual. Por otro lado: 1º Yo no tengo problema en manejarme medianamente en inglés (aunque medio eso sí) entiendo lo suficiente pero no todo el mundo le pasa igual... aparte del miedo "escénico" que a muchos les da por entrar a un discord. 2º Yo no me quejo y, antes de éste post, expuse en el foro inglés en el apartado "sugerencias" ésto mismo. Me consta que éste foro no lo lee "ni el tato" fuera de los hispanohablantes. Por otro lado he visto que si aplicas cola en el todos contra todos, la cola salta más rápido. Imagino que buscar a 4 personas de más menos tu nivel, resulta difícil pero, si además ponen trabas o existen éstas, pienso yo que será peor. Gracias por tú ayuda.
  • Sentenza's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 AM · 8 replies and 112 views.
    Sentenza replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.0.5 Horizons] Bugged faction will not retreat in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    That faction owns three stations, again, this does not happen by chance. All it needs is one player, selling exploration data at one of the stations will instantly overcome all your efforts.
  • Muetdhiver's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 AM · 10 replies and 155 views.
    TBH, I think jousting is the consequence of high speed + low range. If you have high speed and high range, then you get something close to a kind of modern naval / submarine battle fought way beyond visual range. Which would be a very different game and definitly not an arcade space sim like ED.
  • CAPT. Ho Chi Minge's Avatar
    Today, 9:23 AM · 16 replies and 413 views.
    You lose 10% of ship value and if its big 3 then it can add up to be a pretty penny.
  • jasonbirder's Avatar
    Today, 9:22 AM · 89 replies and 2211 views.
    Yeah its a cracking Space Game...i've obviously got issues with it - but accept that I'm probably not a "Typical" Player (1500 Hours and the other game I play most is DCS) so appealing to me would make it LESS appealing to others... At the end of the day...I'm Flying SPACE....look I just got back to my home Asteroid Base deep in a Planetary Ring looks stunning! Yes, I don't have to fly a Radial, talk to ATC, fly a pattern, then fly a careful set of parameters to Land Successfully so it COULD be better...but still its PRETTY damn good... I can't help but think that many people who have big issues with it want it to be a "Perfect" Sim/MMO/Trading System etc outside of its context...primarily at its heart its a SPACE game...if you're not loving being in a huge real-scale galaxy populated with everything from Asteroids, to Emission Nebula to Supermassive Black Holes...then maybe you're missing the most important thing and should go back to DCS/IL2/WoW/X3/Mass Effect etc...
  • Kimosabe_X's Avatar
    Today, 9:21 AM · 132 replies and 3973 views.
    Lifetime expansion pass...
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 9:21 AM · 89 replies and 2211 views.
    Very, very occasionally they are already fighting. I guess in those instances my arrival was delayed for some reason - or perhaps rather in most instances my arrival should be slightly delayed but isn't for some reason. I believe this issue would be completely addressed (keeping the same scenario spawns) by using a glide effect when dropping into and out of supercruise to obscure the 'magic'. I agree is is immersion breaking to see the magic laid bare.
  • CMDR Touille's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 AM · 13 replies and 167 views.
    You can use, as Debug tools alternative, Oculus TrayTool. It have lot of options to play with (automatic switch audio when using rift, automatic switch ss by game profile, switch off/on the oculus service,.....) You can check this post in the official oculus forum to know much about this nice little soft :
  • HAL- 9000's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 AM · 32 replies and 1152 views.
    These are pretty safe, the normal NS rules apply.
  • dognosh's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 AM · 10 replies and 155 views.
    Do you remember why it is done this way in ED? If made realistic,combat would become space jousting at incredible closing speeds. Imagine the CMDR uproar. "I can get one or 2 shots before I have to spend 3 minutes catching up with him,then he goes past me again :( "
  • HAL- 9000's Avatar
    Today, 9:18 AM · 17 replies and 399 views.
    Hard luck, CMDR.
  • Dommarraa's Avatar
    Today, 9:18 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    They are probably NPCs. Players will appear on the radar with a hole in the middle of their square dot, NPCs are solid square dot.
  • TorTorden's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 932 replies and 79706 views.
    TorTorden replied to a thread PiMAX 8K VR in Virtual Reality
    I moved from a 980ti to the 1080ti last year and I don't regret it, if I didn't I would jump on the 1180. Chances are it's going to take another year, perhaps a few months less until the 1180ti launches. But there is also a chance that a lot of 1080ti will hit the used market. Already seeing some for about £700, I think they can drop another £200 if a lot of mining rigs start hitting the used market.
  • Herbrand's Avatar
    Today, 9:16 AM · 4 replies and 218 views.
    Herbrand replied to a thread PvP Meta of the Month Club in PvP
    I have finally ditched my 2 Medium Long Range PA for Efficient PA, and replaced the Huge gimballed MC for another Efficient PA. It used to work very well against jousting FA On CMDRs, but since I still can't out-maneuver FA Off pilots, they park themselves at short/medium range and just out-damage me - now I can at the very least match their DPS game. I still have a hard time hitting internals with railguns, so I replaced my 2x Super Penetrators with Medium MCs, one of which is Corrosive. Drops hull faster etc. etc.
  • Frenotx's Avatar
    Today, 9:16 AM · 285 replies and 4174 views.
    Do you honestly think it's good game design to have players asking themselves, "how much waiting around doing literally nothing am I willing to tolerate for a given reward?" Yes everyone will come up with their own limits, but when I think game, deciding how much tedium and waiting I'm willing to tolerate is not an element that leaps to mind. If long distance supercruise trips were difficult, engaging, and skill-based in some way, then sure. The question would then be, "how far do I think I can personally go with my current skill level?" This is not the case, though. Long supercruise trips are not difficult in any way. You don't even need to be at your computer. "Long wait" does not equal "difficult." The only thing hard about it is trying to decide what to do while your ship flys itself in a straight line. What if the FSD took longer to charge the longer you're trying to jump, taking upwards of dozens of minutes when jumping dozens of light years. No player input- just waiting for the FSD to...
  • Friedenreich Xante's Avatar
    Today, 9:15 AM · 1 replies and 115 views.
    Hum... bump? :P
  • DMaster's Avatar
    Today, 9:15 AM · 285 replies and 4174 views.
    You are one of the most ignorant people in this topic. - You constantly ignore, that Solutions offered that do not affect Explorers - You constantly ignore, that there can be Solutions that can be a compromise, also for piracy But you rather choose to only see your own narrow-minded imaginations, how other People have to Play the game. In a community with very different opinions you need to find a compromise! Others try to offer and open-minded for a compromise , but some People unfortunately refuse to. Offer a concrete solution instead of always stirring Things up and writing hollow phrases!!!
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