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  • Henkka77's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM · 16 replies and 374 views.
    Well, they did promise bi-weekly patches.. :) It's always nice to see when devs keep their promises. ;)
  • Alien's Avatar
    Today, 6:53 AM · 19 replies and 299 views.
    Yeah I realised that after I posted. Let's pretend I meant higher than 39km but closer than the ISS :P ;)
  • Heavy Johnson's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 3460 replies and 784417 views.
    Name: Three Way Dance GalMap Ref: Eembasik NS-R D5-2857 Type: Planetary Desc: "This tourist location features a rare trinary of earth-like systems. Two of these inviting planets are tidally locked to each other, with the third tidally locked to the barycenter of this orbiting this pair. The closeness of these worlds to each other and the relative warmth - 264K to 282K - make it a highly desirable location for a colony in the Empyrean Straits region. Two terraformable heavy-metal worlds are also available. A tourist beacon has been established for the presumably wealthy travelers who can afford to come this far out from civilized space. The beacon reads: 'This trio of Earth-like worlds in an intricate orbital dance is one of Commander Bartizan's wonders of the galaxy'. " All three worlds can be seen in the photo; look carefully to the left for the third planet."
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 3 replies and 69 views.
    Was that in the first released months of ED? It seemed at first they were aligned with how payouts were back in FE2 & FFE which I'd played earlier , but missed out on ED until more than a year after release. It got considerably easier to make enough for an anaconda even without exploits as far back as 2.0 and not having to make credits through solely combat either. That's what the 2020 update will probably be. Major upgrades. There will be interim updates to enhance the newer player experience as well. There is no similar competition nor does it look like it'll be in the next five years. Unless "Dual Universe" finally has something out, but even so it still looks like a pale comparison. Until the other major publishers build a massive scale spacesim galaxy like ED's stellar forge then there can finally be some basis for comparison. ED's scope is a ground breaking accomplishment and probably very difficult to implement extended upgrades that will work on the complex varied systems of the...
  • Thylaco's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 3 replies and 142 views.
    No problem, one of the dinosaurs I was mildly surprised wasn't on the list was Brachytrachelopan, though I'm fairly confident Frontier knows it from a few of the DLC ideas posted late last year.
  • sovapid's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 AM · 3111 replies and 176305 views.
    The funny thing is that joysticks are competitive, maybe even superior, for ship PVP in SC. In ED you are at a big, almost insurmountable, disadvantage if you are using joysticks for PVP. Was one of the reasons I started playing more SC vs ED.
  • picommander's Avatar
    Today, 6:29 AM · 20 replies and 352 views.
    Hehe, almost couldn't resist. Once and for all I should quit confusing quiet and quite. :P
  • Heavy Johnson's Avatar
    Today, 6:27 AM · 3460 replies and 784417 views.
    Please see the first page of the thread ( under 'Guidelines' and 'Important! Submitting Points of Interest'. A read of this post is also suggested. We do not want dumps of possible locations; we want well-formatted entries of interesting things that have personally been visited and documented.
  • Captain Willard's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 AM · 4 replies and 58 views.
    Usually only 1 1/2 miles to the liqour store.
  • Bortas's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 AM · 22 replies and 196 views.
    Still wondering, why my crew didn't buy her own Cutter, yet... maybe she's saving up for her cosmetic surgery.
  • UNIficence81's Avatar
    Today, 6:15 AM · 4 replies and 58 views.
    Sorry as too the question, I only get maybe 3.5 kly a day, thanks to surface mapping. Without that maybe 6 or 7. You're a machine.
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 6:14 AM · 9 replies and 192 views.
    imo, if the iSwan is going to be in the same class as the big-3, it shouldn't have more utility slots. Maybe somewhat along the lines of the cutter's aesthetic styling, probably more width, but a smaller main thruster array. So basically a type-9(or 7) functionality but far "prettier".
  • FutronBob's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 14 replies and 506 views.
    FutronBob replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.01 Horizons] Starting System Map.....Stuck in PC Bug Reports
    Just happened to me too. And forcibly ending the task caused a potentially seizure-inducing strobe-flash for some reason. No idea if that’s related to the game, my monitor, or my PC, but my eyes are still feeling all wonky from it. :/
  • SpaceTrash67's Avatar
    Today, 6:06 AM · 0 replies and 13 views.
    o7 CMDRs... Whilst scanning systems for “the really good stuff” - I always look for landable planets high in vital raw materials (Jumponium / AFMU / SRV etc)...I tabulated all the mats that a well stocked Explorer ought to have in their space well as (for general reference- YMMV) the highest % I’ve ever found in my personal travels..If you spot such a planet - especially when it has geological or biological sites - you definitely want to drop in with your SRV when you see values @ 75-80% or better of what I list... Speaking of geological/biological- some planets have 20,30 - even seen 40+ geological sites...How to track which ones you’ve visited? Just check of whatever box represents the spot visited... This ought to be helpful to fledgling Explorers “leaving the (Bubble) nest” for the first time...
  • Sup3rfluiD's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 289 replies and 11534 views.
    That would make it worse. Wolves in sheep's clothing springs to mind .
  • CMDR PRJeff's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 AM · 22 replies and 196 views.
    Agreed...Why not have something in the empty chair at this point. I've been flying for a few months on this latest trip with my crewmate and rarely get to see them.
  • Sup3rfluiD's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 AM · 19 replies and 332 views.
    The hunters do and relish that fact. The hunted....well, not so much.
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 22 replies and 196 views.
    1) & 3) I agree here and 1) has been suggested plenty of times. There could be initial lore reasons why npc fighter crew don't have remlock because they aren't on the bridge seats as pilot crew. (In FFE & FE2 your whole crew (which most ships required 2 up to 12 or so crew just to run the ship i.e. older tech) died as well as the cmdr) More likely FDev have development ordered in priority and multicrew improvements are bagged with the 2020 update. 3), I don't want to hear about "teleprescence" either. 2) I'd think for ships that have the two fighter bays instead of the one should be able to launch two fighters at a time, where then one could choose at least one other pilot from your hired list. Back then, multicrew development seemed cut off to meet a deadline release time so they probably just didn't get to it. And this was when they were still working on the PS4 port which seemed to have delayed everything else in horizons as it took priority at some point to get it done as it had dragged on about a...
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 AM · 362 replies and 16252 views.
    I don't play subscription games.
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