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  • Julio Montega's Avatar
    Today, 6:24 AM · 362 replies and 7784 views.
    Or better: Aksing for the CMDR to form a REPUTATION, something that minor factions hear about and evaluate when the CMDR is in range. "I heard you brought in the bounty of that general. Well done! Would you work for us along the lines?" Immersion starts with minor faction and CMDR reputation meaning something and opening job offers.
  • Kamiyoda's Avatar
    Today, 6:24 AM · 362 replies and 7784 views.
    Didnt realize any form of winning in Elite Dangerous was predicated on what mission I got offered. I don't think I ever bested someone because I saw 5 Cargo missions at once.
  • Tolmir's Avatar
    Today, 6:23 AM · 8 replies and 118 views.
    This is exactly what I think would be a good idea.
  • Borgkube's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 AM · 24 replies and 557 views.
    I can understand your point of view and I have acrazy ieda for you. You can go to GOG and get SF1 and 2 for under $10. I know its and old game. Pre-mouse DOS. Cursor keys and hot keys the graphics are EGA but they were really good EGA fot the time. It runs in windows under DOSBOX. IF you can overlook the old graphics and controls and play it for a few hours, the story is really entertaining and it manages to create a sense of wonder as you explore the galaxy. I still play it every few years and I would love to see them make a modern version. Heck, if they took the SF1 or 2 engine and reworked the graphics and controls, that would be a big success. trust me it was a good game. Assuming that SF3 follows the same scheme it should be a lot of fun.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 AM · 1 replies and 92 views.
  • nanite2000's Avatar
    Today, 6:20 AM · 4 replies and 110 views.
    Do you? Where? Can you link to some recent examples?
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 AM · 19 replies and 218 views.
    So what do you want?
  • picommander's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 AM · 192 replies and 2897 views.
    If those who defend the current ADS wouldn't poke on their customary right, I'm pretty sure most would have realized by now how the current functionality is almost on the same level like an optional "mission accomplished button", for all those who just want to bypass a mission activity. It's crying so obviously "placeholder" that it hurts, though that view isn't quite fair in light of the all permeating nature of incremental development. But even then it looks like something on a very early stage. After so long it meanwhile has become unacceptable and derogatory for the game's future.
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 6:18 AM · 21 replies and 979 views.
    I'm afraid that I just don't understand why people would do this stuff. Heck, I just made Fed Admirial, and the only problem I had with the Alliance was the doughnut shortage....
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 6:16 AM · 362 replies and 7784 views.
  • Julio Montega's Avatar
    Today, 6:16 AM · 2 replies and 51 views.
    If you touch missiles, touch mines, too. That kind of ordnance is interesting but super hard to use, unless you can combine agility and speed with predicting the target's movements. We need clustermines!
  • Mugur's Avatar
    Today, 6:13 AM · 65 replies and 15475 views.
    IMHO, the Bug Killer crashed Anaconda is much better than Koli Discii. You get only grade 5 (Antimony, Tellurium, Ruthenium), the terrain is better, you also have data points and you have the SRV wreck a few kilometers towards the mountain, with some mats (both sites will appear on left panel after scanned for the first time). I ca go full 150 for each 3 in like 2-3h (my method is to stay in front of a crate - I choose the one next to the Anaconda), shoot, collect, save to menu, reload. Having a Samsung 960 Evo NVME drive helps too... 100% pure grind, I know, but it replaces all other raw mats prospecting for me and SRV wave scanner non-sense.
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 6:13 AM · 65 replies and 1422 views.
    Atmospheres have nothing to do with it. We already CAN'T do any of that at stations or on surface sites. Everything in the game is static and pre-fab. If Frontier wanted to do it, and had the technical chops to make it happen, they could already have done it with space stations and all the planetary cities. Yes it would be amazing to strafe cities and blow up those skyscrapers, then try to evade the cops in a canyon chase or something. And it will never happen because Elite is an inert shell with low interactivity in its environments. Their crowning achievement was adding tire tracks when SRVs drive around, and that's probably the last great addition we'll ever see. Ships still do not leave any landing gear footprints on the ground, no scorch marks or substantial dust kicked up by thrusters, etc. This is also why nobody should be hoping for direct control of their avatar. "Space Legs" in Elite will be an infuriating series of low-res texture maps of doors which you can't open, glass windows you can't...
  • straha20's Avatar
    Today, 6:13 AM · 8 replies and 231 views.
    straha20 replied to a thread Travelling Fassst in Exploration
    If I am in a relatively dense star area and am just trying to travel quickly, I will filter for M class red dwarfs, and in my cool running 6A scoop AspX, I can scoop and jump right at 43 seconds per jump keeping a full tank and not even getting a heat warning. Unless it is a close binary system or something like that, I will engage my FSD right as the cool down finishes on pretty much any star. By the time it is charged, I have my heat managed and am aligned for the jump.
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 362 replies and 7784 views.
    I don't think most here are asking for a perfect hand of cards, but they are asking for additional decks they can sift though to get the perfect hand every time …...
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 43 replies and 578 views.
    I think this a good idea. It would provide incentive to fly ships which are good, but neglected.
  • Deggial's Avatar
    Today, 6:07 AM · 4 replies and 79 views.
    Honestly, I am fine with the current variation of human space stations. Rather than diversified stations in space, I would like “floating cities” in the upper atmosphere of gas giants, gas harvesting facilities and chemical processing plants as part of an “atmospheric planet & gas giant DLC”. I want more terrestial stations to interact with and cities people live in (if necessary without interaction). Furthermore, I want alien stations, large ones and small outposts, placed in the currently permit-locked systems - again as a part of a DLC devoted to a deepend interaction with aliens (be it Thargoids, the awakend Guardian AI continuity or a third race we never heard of so far). And I want the more options for the existing stations. - Pirate filled asteroid stations placed in the middle of asteroid fields, hidden and invisible on the system map without acquired “underground knowledge” (granted by shady contacts and illegal missions - or by sheer luck).
  • Julio Montega's Avatar
    Today, 6:06 AM · 65 replies and 1422 views.
    Afaik "Letters of Marque" was an idea in the DDFs, sadly it isn't here yet. We shouldn't stop there either, the simple mechanism Freelancer got, affiliating you to a minor faction, adds tons of reasons to play the game. Currently we can indirectly support a faction, but noone sees your "flag" and you cannot fully pledge to minor factions. That i wished for powerplay initially, not this added on top layer with cut choices.
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 6:05 AM · 362 replies and 7784 views.
    When playing cards do you expect to be dealt a perfect hand every time? After all its a game, right? Whos going to have fun with a bad hand?
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 AM · 3769 replies and 198736 views.
    Agreed. "Time Wall" is one of the dumbest conceits I've ever heard expressed in these forums. I think a lot of people just want space engine but have the interface somehow tell them that they're playing a videogame while they do it. But they really really really don't want to actually *play* a videogame.
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