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  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 309 replies and 6382 views.
    I hate it far, far, far less than jump-honk-scoop-fly-way-the-frell-over-there-point-wait-fly-way-the-frell-over-there-point-wait... Like enough that I've actually gone exploring.
  • Tipo's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Anyone else noticed the credit payout in passenger lounge has dropped through the floor? Before the Q4 update, average payout for me (always between 90-100% Federation reputation, most factions Allied) was easily between 2.5 & 4 million credits, and these weren't the 'seeking' type jobs, just straight 'transport' jobs. Often there were credit payouts in the 6-9 million and always one or two 10+ million payouts (inc an odd 18mil here and there). Now, the average is 500,000cr with hardly any above 1 million. I'm saving for new armour (350mil) for my 'Conda, currently at 166 million and at this rate I still won't have it by summer! I thought the game was a grind before, but now this has seriously got me thinking life's too short!
  • wakko151's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 11 replies and 543 views.
    wakko151 replied to a thread [INDEPENDENT] The Black Flag in Dangerous Groups & Squadrons
    "I want to see this whole goddamned city, this city that you purchased with our misery, burned. I want to see you hanged on the very gallows that you use to hang men for crimes far slighter than this. I want to see that noose around your neck and I want to pull that ******* lever with my own two hands!" Mrs. Barlows Last Words. Lest Ye Forget.
  • schmicknick's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 AM · 28 replies and 1302 views.
    It's fine on xbox too... just did another few rounds. And the new zones do rock! o7
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 AM · 309 replies and 6382 views.
    I don't think they are that invested in the game or the players when it comes to issues like this. More its a case of design by committee.. during some high level design meeting, someone important threw out and approved stuff like "must support multicrew" which screwed the feature from the start. During the beta a few more of these became obvious forgotten now.. yeah such an epic cost to the soul of elite for some business requirement somewhere. The draconian enforcement also doesn't make much sense.. i'll rudely speculate was from lack of confidence in their own system and some more than passively aggressive encouragement to use it. Having an alternative in zero way compromises the function encapsulated in the fss. Anyway. Shouldn't be thinking about this stuff its just a game. From the other thread i feel like saying this whole thing is actually frontiers lesson to learn, not our game to save. Theres no tangible scenario apart from that.
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 AM · 6 replies and 221 views.
    Day 4 : Dawn in the valley of the crystal A vast mega-continent for the micro-dwellers of these crystalline skyscrapers, reaching feet up from the ground. Or perhaps these are not unlike the corals of varied oceans - simple creatures raising protective structures around themselves, with little awareness of anything beyond their own instincts. A truly detailed study would take far longer and far more equipment than I have. I also shiver to think how other researchers might treat these as well. Would they cut off samples? Or perhaps harvest an entire structure? Xenology, the study of aliens. We know for sure of at least two species, other than our own. The long-extinct Guardians, and the enigmatic and potentially highly dangerous Thargoids. We don't have any history that we know of with The Guardians, but we've quite a history with the Thargoids, having gone to war once, and routed them with biological weaponry. Their recent resurgence has left more than a few questioning both the past and the...
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 5:44 AM · 9 replies and 222 views.
    I left on an expedition on update day. Been a Saud Kruger pilot since the Orca. My Beluga, the Naked Singularity was built as an exploratory craft long ago. The recent update have only made it better. Read the tale of my first venture beyond the bubble here: And keep up with my current venture here: And welcome to the top 1% of Explorers out there.
  • Racetrack's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 AM · 15 replies and 227 views.
    Racetrack replied to a thread It's not all bad in PlayStation 4
    Space magic!
  • Scubadog's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 3 replies and 137 views.
    That's the problem...HCS isn't recognizing all the keybinds. I can go into the Options->Controls and see that the keybinds identified in the exported list ARE, in fact, bound, but HCS doesn't recognize it. At the top it says "Binds filename: C:\Users\rober\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings\Custom.2.0.binds". But when I actually go to that location, the modified date of the file is MONTHS ago, which indicates to me that it's likely that file is NOT the one ED is now using for keybinds, and HCS doesn't know where to look for the new one. Incidentally, I did a hard drive search for .binds and can find no other file. So, since it is VERY unlikely that the keybind changes I DID MAKE after the update would not have caused the .binds file to have a more current MODIFIED date, it seems more likely that there is a new file being used for keybinds.
  • CMDRGURU951's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 AM · 4558 replies and 410529 views.
    Was able to reproduce the strange signal in the system, Star Of India, also in the Cygnus constellation. Chalking this up as Solved as bug.
  • uliando's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 131 replies and 22439 views.
    Codger: Hmm if it's just shader it can be done. DukeIronHand: Yeah glowing light might be pushing it too far or maybe you're using old dll? Maybe disabling lot of shaders doesn't make game very happy. :D Just a side note: all shader hunting was done in horizons 64bit, so base game might not like that.
  • mp4x's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 46 replies and 926 views.
    I like the idea of having 'modes,' but I agree that it's not implemented the best way. I'm not sure what I'd change, beyond making the mode switching simpler and less reliant on other things (Supercruise, speed..) I feel if I want to leave my ship recklessly flying at full speed towards an object, while I'm at the science console mapping things out... it should be my mistake to make. I feel one should be able to do all this from regular space, too, instead of SC. Overall I think it's an ace update tho
  • Archvillain's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    If you want to skip the process entirely, launch basic Elite (ie NOT Horizons) and the game will automatically put you back in your ship in orbit (because being in an SRV requires you to run Horizons)
  • Phazon Xenomorph's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 AM · 15 replies and 211 views.
    Too true. This is just them out of touch. Top it with that they haven't replied to anyones concerns about the new garbage mechanics and it shows how tone deaf they are. Even a mega studio like Epic Games responded to player concerns about their "Fortnite" game having some new ridiculous super weapon breaking matches and removing it in only a few days. This Elite patch is out longer than that and aside from White Knights everyone hates the discovery scanner changes. Probes for planets are great, this too-many-bindings issue for adding a minigame that takes you out of the actual gameplay is just tedious monotony. I saw plenty of suggestions over the years in the forums, but no one asked for this system.
  • s3thm1chael's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 46 replies and 1316 views.
    Same issue here. My console crashes upon load up now. I was visiting one of the Lagrange clouds from the codex somewhere one LBN sector..
  • BirdWisdom's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 29 replies and 634 views.
    Well done Frontier keep it up ;)
  • Brian of Ardagh's Avatar
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 8 replies and 104 views.
    Okay, so after some more testing, today, I have rolled back to the previous driver. I don't know if it's a "feature" but the new fan curve thingy is broken. Well, not broken per se but it doesn't allow me to set the fan speed below 48% (which is about 1200RPM, not loud, but audible even with headphones on. Strix isn't exactly stealthy). Which is really annoying. Under the previous driver, the fans stop completely when the card is under 40C, so unless I'm gaming the PC is almost completely silent. With the new driver the fans don't stop, the "fans off" button doesn't do anything and the curve can't be moved below 48%.
  • mp4x's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 29 replies and 634 views.
    Yep, the new patch has invigorated me. It's already my favourite VR game, which I play on the regular, but with the latest patch comes a whole bunch of changes that I dig - exploration is it's own minigame now and I enjoy feeling like I'm at the science console
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