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    Today, 2:20 AM · 1983 replies and 138111 views.
    Skiprat paused.He'd never been invited to address a girls seminary before. He stood at the podium,gazing down at the sea of fresh, eager, smiling, young faces of St Bawds Academy for Youmg Nymphettes,felt his eyes begin to bulge and sweat bead on his forehead. His hand trembled as he reached for a glass of water,throat hoarse,mouth dry,tongue an arid desert. Gathering his thoughts,he breathed deeply,and began his peroration. Wei Twei Yime,squatting beneath,adjusted the position of the bucket in the cramped confines,keeping a wary eye on the knuckles blurring past her face. 'Not ready yet.'she muttered.
  • Kaa Mchorror's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 AM · 331 replies and 10705 views.
    Because auction houses and guild mechanics (which I'm not against btw) somehow make deeper gameplay? Statements like yours make zero sense, other than down right entitlement.
  • thirstyfish's Avatar
    Today, 2:17 AM · 5 replies and 64 views.
    Lore wise, you are correct, but a bunch of players would likely KOS anyone they knew or suspected to be using this (if it were to become a thing).
  • acebrando's Avatar
    Today, 2:17 AM · 8 replies and 121 views.
    I have tried with 2 different browsers. It seems that they only want to help via a support ticket. And since I am not receiving any automated response to my tickets What do I do?
  • loribee's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 AM · 103 replies and 2714 views.
    Just to give you guys some kind of idea, here is a quick picture taken from my iphone through the lens of the Pimax BE unit - the Pimax BE is essentially a 2.5k OLED headset. Here is another one - The ghosting on the blue text seems to be apparent on the picture, but I really don't see it when playing the game - not sure why that came out like that on the iphone I'm currently still going with the 5k unit, I am just a little concerned that if I got the 8k one, my GTX 1080 would not be powerful enough to drive it with Elite with all the bells and whistles turned up. The 2.5k is doing great with everything maxed out on Elite and Steam Super Sampling set to 1.4. I get the occasional Steam not responding, but only when dropping into a system from witch space, never during actual gameplay (combat etc)
  • JetsonRING's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 AM · 22 replies and 313 views.
    JetsonRING replied to a thread Cobra weapons in Newcomers Forum
    True, but there is no time like the present to learn, especially since the Engineers are such a big part of the game now. The C3 for instance, will usually develop a power insufficiency problem as its different systems are upgraded, depending on fittings and selected role. If you want PvP combat and you are flying a C3, you need to get going on Engineers. I have been playing for over a year and am still working on unlocking my last two Engineers. My mistake (IMO) was in thinking, when I first started playing Elite Dangerous that I did not need to work on unlocking Engineers until I had ships and credits. If you have only ONE ship, it is time to start working on Engineers. All that being said, my own C3 Samaritan, after a bit over a year is completely A-rated, Engineer-modified and pretty beefy. o7
  • thirstyfish's Avatar
    Today, 2:13 AM · 3 replies and 60 views.
    It's not fun till it starts talking. Then it becomes a party.
  • joshman72nd's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 AM · 106 replies and 2356 views.
    and gay use to mean happy. words change meaning with time they need to update snowflake EXE to the current version.
  • thirstyfish's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 AM · 75 replies and 2496 views.
    only one? Most days, I hear no less than 13 voices in my head. git gud at dissociative identity disorder (we think that's the right term, but what do we know?).
  • NascentChemist's Avatar
    Today, 2:08 AM · 3 replies and 57 views.
    Do dormant bounties only become active again if you're scanned by the issuing faction or if you commit another crime in the same jurisdiction? If it's the former, it's odd that factions keep your record for their own use but don't want other bounty hunters using it
  • DocLooshkin's Avatar
    Today, 2:07 AM · 17 replies and 246 views.
    I have no inside knowledge of the matter, but I suspect that's a coded way of saying FD's coders coded themselves into a complicated corner - and now can't code themselves out of it, without dismantling a few metaphorical walls. Does anyone, anywhere like the single blueprint? An old, broken biro and the inside of an empty packet of Rizlas have been of more use to me when collecting mats. I rather think it's a feature that cannot even justify the computer cycles needed to show it, much less its maintenance as part of the game. I encourage FD to either rebuild what needs rebuilding - properly, this time - or put the poor, sad unloved thing out of everyone else's misery.
  • Lngjohnsilver1's Avatar
    Today, 2:06 AM · 3 replies and 57 views.
    Lngjohnsilver1 replied to a thread Hotas x52 Pro in PlayStation 4
    As i noted some time ago: Thrustmaster and Elite have teamed up before - why not again for the pS4?
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Today, 1:56 AM · 8219 replies and 592092 views.
    Naaa, the Prince is ok, we're just joking :D
  • Spoil-t's Avatar
    Today, 1:54 AM · 59 replies and 728 views.
    The Federation is actually starting a beef with the Thargoids. We're getting caught in the mess. I have 600 million so I'm ready to headbutt some ammonia suckers. I already rallied my wing mate so we'll be in our Vettes ready for battle.
  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 1:54 AM · 59 replies and 728 views.
    From what I've managed to muster up is: While a player was out and about doing his or her thing. When he or her happened across a lone Thargoid which may have just been out exploring like any ED explorer and even the individual him or her self. The human player fired upon and hit the Thargoid, which makes me think the player was not an explorer. I mean if your exploring, out in the DEEP black, there no reason to have weapon. Put the shoe on the other foot, an ED eplorer was out exploring when he or she happened accros an Thargoid, which fired upon and hit them. Same line of thinking would apply in either case. Both parties reported the incident and deceisons were made. Now it doesn't matter whom fired the first shot, but either way there's gonna be hell to pay. Which might actually be a good thing, humans will stop fighting amungest them selves and pull togeather to work this out. Afterwards we will get back to killing each other. But in the mean time, it will be a nice break. I've got my bus all...
  • NRCrosby's Avatar
    Today, 1:52 AM · 18 replies and 3457 views.
    Submitted for approval
  • Archvillain's Avatar
    Today, 1:49 AM · 44 replies and 554 views.
    Archvillain replied to a thread Heat sinks in Elite Exploration
    Wow, good to know, thanks! (I shopped around for good passenger missions in a few systems before I left and didn't see any that weren't scan sensitive, so I assumed they all are. I guess either that was just random coincidence, or some other factor/filter I was using to find missions is linked to scan sensitivity... maybe the reward amount :) )
  • Kubicide's Avatar
    Today, 1:48 AM · 75 replies and 2496 views.
    It's because they were CQC ships cut'n'pasted to supposedly create "new content". That's it really; there's no excuse or reason, and it's not harsh or over dramatic to say the facts. The handwavium-after-the-fact story from FDev was 'it's holograms'. This excuse came after it was clear this was nothing more than a quickly done, poorly thought out, cut and paste with lots of errors.
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 1:47 AM · 39 replies and 1217 views.
    It's funny that the forum member praised by OP and comments might as well be one of those illusive "psychopaths"…
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Today, 1:46 AM · 59 replies and 728 views.
    I'll sign on for that ... Chief
  • broondog's Avatar
    Today, 1:46 AM · 14 replies and 239 views.
    I am currently flying my Python with a ~7mil rebuy. I have 3.6bil Cr in cash on hand. I'm not good with maths though. Am I ok? :D
  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 1:45 AM · 1 replies and 23 views.
    damon8r351 replied to a thread Type-6 Transporter Type 6 questions in Ships of Elite
    Yes, you can swap a cargo bay for a vehicle bay, it's just another purchasable module like all the others and they're not terribly expensive. Smallest bay fits in a size 2 module slot. SRVs are purchased separately but still in the Outfitting screen, there will be an empty slot under the Vehicle Hangar you just installed where you purchase the SRV to put in it.. Sol permits are obtained automatically once you reach Petty Officer rank with the Federation Navy Auxiliary.
  • Allchemyst's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 AM · 359 replies and 8635 views.
    I am quite reluctant to get into this argument once more, because, quite frankly, anything that could be said has already been laid out, your point included. More importantly, at this point, I think it's fair to say the devs have read everything there was to read from both sides - or at least, that repeating the same arguments over and over (regardless of wether you relize you're repeating the same thing as dozens of others) will not make a better case for either side in the eyes of those whose opinion actually matters. Still, still, I love debating too much, so here we go again! The OP's claim that HS synth is now useless is actually very, very well-grounded, but that is not entirely dependant on its material requirements - so they may not have presented the best case for it. In actuality, the only reason why HS were in any way "necessary" to exploration, the only unavoidable sutiation that made them indispensable, was the possibility to jump into a close-binary star system, where a pilot...
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 AM · 22 replies and 313 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread Cobra weapons in Newcomers Forum
    ... but stoopid. (Apologies to Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.) ;)
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