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  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 7:27 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    lawlz... knew it would happen sooner or later! ;)
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 7:27 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    The wisdom of developers :)
  • G4RY's Avatar
    Today, 7:26 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    Seems to be ok now
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Today, 7:26 PM · 11 replies and 142 views.
    INTJ, as usual doing MBTI tests.
  • SH4RK-B1TE's Avatar
    Today, 7:26 PM · 20 replies and 541 views.
    SH4RK-B1TE replied to a thread Black Friday in PlayStation 4
    If I buy the black camo for ships I don’t currently own, will it be there for when I aventually get the ship?
  • Jockey79's Avatar
    Today, 7:25 PM · 432 replies and 8372 views.
    Well between the 2 main threads you've been answering in, your own posts prove some of you are not looking for content. You want soft targets who wont shoot back. Making PP PvP only wouldn't improve PP, jut improve your target count for about a week, until everyone got used to the block feature. then you'd be right back here, moaning about the block feature. If you honestly wanted to improve PP, you'd ask for PvP to be turned off, then folks could play open and meet other CMDRs while playing.
  • Threeofseven's Avatar
    Today, 7:25 PM · 47 replies and 1441 views.
    I tested them about a year ago. No effect whatsoever, prehaps now they are?
  • Oss133's Avatar
    Today, 7:25 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
  • Allitnil's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM · 3289 replies and 400980 views.
    Allitnil replied to a thread EDDiscovery in Exploration
    There shouldn't be any issues with syncing to EDSM since that just sends each system as you jump to it. The problem with the sync from option is that it downloads and processes your entire flight log from EDSM when you launch EDD and then every hour which can take a long time if you have a lot of jumps. You could always try moving your old log files to another location. As I understand it, EDD should ignore old ones but it can't hurt to move them elsewhere (I would suggest not actually deleting them since you never know whether they might be of some use in the future, eg if your EDD database gets hopelessly corrupted from a hardware failure). How many log entries do those of you have with this sort of issue? I do find EDD a bit laggy at times but I know I'm an edge case with over 100,000 jumps recorded in EDD and over 250,000 journal entries. I've even managed to break the current version by having scanned too much ;). But with the sole exception of launching the 3D map (*) it is adequately responsive...
  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Repped. Well thought out (albeit somewhat lengthy) post with cogent feedback and suggestions.
  • Joe Akeem's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml - stays put regardless of updates.
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 7:22 PM · 11 replies and 142 views.
    I'm a Logician, apparently. 99% introvert. Almost correct. I'd say 100%. Maybe 103%. Lol 66% Intuitive. Not right. Lol 76% Thinking. Yup. I don't feel much. Lol 54% Prospecting. Uhh.. dunno.
  • Oss133's Avatar
    Today, 7:22 PM · 7 replies and 120 views.
    I can't find a picture of a planet from earlier in the update cycle so here is a picture of a puppy with REALLY ANGRY EYEBROWS! Hope this helps.
  • Wyldwiisel's Avatar
    Today, 7:22 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    Not really what Frontier need on one of the busiest shopping days of the year their in game links to store not working
  • Dooguk's Avatar
    Today, 7:22 PM · 5184 replies and 255266 views.
    Me? Nah. Them? Probably.
  • ergepard's Avatar
    Today, 7:21 PM · 1 replies and 12 views.
    I have 2 ED on my frontier profile. *
  • Zyll Goliath's Avatar
    Today, 7:20 PM · 5184 replies and 255266 views.
    Itīs not yet Live for the rest of us/peasants itīs still "exclusive"PTU release for the chosen citizens who sink more $$$ into it......
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 7:20 PM · 732 replies and 116438 views.
    Thanks! I found the file to do it manually (in case anyone wants to change the FOV manually): C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Graphics\Settings.xml FYI - I verified that FOV=200 still works in game.
  • concentric's Avatar
    Today, 7:20 PM
    I made a thread about this in bug reports a while back already but it didn't get any response. I'm surprised it seemingly hasn't been a topic since it was first reported. In January someone posted this thread about ship resistance stats being wrong: I had noticed the same issue and posted my calculations in that thread. For some reason it got closed without the issue being addressed (as I see it). For me it affects only Thermal Resistance on shields when using certain combinations of boosters. I came to the conclusion that if I either equip 1 or more Thermal res. boosters and 2 or more Resistance Augmented ones or
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