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  • Andrew Gaspurr's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM · 7 replies and 0 views.
    Nice codebait
  • Wedgetail's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM · 3 replies and 75 views.
    It's not intentional, but some of this is going to come out slightly negative, so bear with me :P Adding new features during point updates, and then adding more over the top is a good way to generate sales, (and as you say, ED needs to keep moving forwards!) so I get the appeal there, however it is also one of the quickest ways to turn your code into a mess of interfering modules. It also runs the risk of rushing new features to meet deadlines, without necessarily testing their impact on the previously published features. Despite beta-testing (even to the level of the extended beta we had for 2.3) you are always going to be pressured to release with critical bugs. As it is rushed, some of the details might not be fully realised or documented, so they may cause issues with new features introduced in the next patch (and so on etc etc). At the moment I am half-convinced that the next paint job they implement will stop all engineer mats from spawning entirely (ok, slight hyperbole, but you get my drift :P)....
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM · 129 replies and 1652 views.
    I have 3 hours a day to play. You have 10. You have more than me, so you have the advantage. You are therefore exploiting hours and should be limited to only 3 hours, like me. ipso facto logic is ridiculous. As is this entire topic. There are bugs. The developer should fix the bugs. The ToS define what one may or may not do. Arbitrary statements about what is valid, beyond that, is both irrelevant and redundant.
  • BL1P's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM · 129 replies and 1652 views.
  • Miklos Atreides's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 PM · 22 replies and 262 views.
    while committing that a beginners story line would maybe helpful for some new licensed Commanders I don't commit to that type of stroy telling. The idea it self can be appealing for a game, but it will not fit here because it would rip the one galaxy, 3 modes, open sandbox, ..., conecpts apart in the long term. This is because it will start to bend and squeez the BGS in the beginning only a bit, but down the road those things accumulate and blow up the concepts in the end. (Butterfly effect) Hence if you want to realize this you have to have an own universe for each of your stories. Regards, Miklos
  • kiario's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 PM · 48 replies and 1648 views.
    Since I have been flying FA-OFF ever since the release of the game, aiming with fixed weapons is no problem at all. I think it hugely impacts what type of controller you have. I use a X52 pro setup with some deadzone to avoid oversensitivity. And it works really good.
  • EddyRockSteady's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 PM · 129 replies and 1652 views.
    It's not an advantage :) It's numerical supremacy. You have more than I do. So what? I don't need twenty.
  • UnhappyDev's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 PM · 4 replies and 103 views.
    It got a nerf along with rapid fire lasers in the weapon balance patch earlier this year. For PVE it is not worth it IMO.
  • sb413197's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 PM · 44 replies and 461 views.
    Can we just leave them alone??? Please???? It's fine. I mean we all would make some change or another but there are vastly bigger problems out there. How about the jitter on kinetic laser special effects; the insanely low damage on turrets; and so on.
  • Belthize's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 PM · 7 replies and 0 views.
    Bleh, deciphered it far enough to have some google-able text. Something about gravity falls. Half expected it to be a rick-roll, I guess it was in some sense.
  • Andrew Gaspurr's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 PM · 74 replies and 2585 views.
    For your convenience: And yes, they're nice guys :cool:
  • picommander's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 48 replies and 1648 views.
    I'm using digital thrusters (basically w+s keys) which I guess are far from ideal for using in FA Off.
  • Saool's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 17 replies and 539 views.
    I can't imagine it would be too hard to do either, given you would be just overlaying tactical white over tactical graphite and cutting bits out...
  • Xious's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 1 replies and 73 views.
    Yep, MC is a great addition and I'm looking forward to the "Bug Free" build. I haven't tried gunner yet. Do you like that better than flying the fighters?
  • LKx's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 734 replies and 79796 views.
    Unfortunately they made pretty clear from its announcement that Horizons was just airless, and more complex planets would have been in subsequent "seasons" (now not-a-season)
  • Stinja's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 14 replies and 119 views.
    Stinja replied to a thread First things first in PlayStation®4
    My plan: Reduce uncertainties - swap to Solo Mode so I don't have obstructions to The Plan. Spent most of my 1200 hours on PC in Open, the exception being exploration (solo is faster loading times etc), so i'm going to ignore any calls of being a carebear thanks. Sidewinder phase - Bounty Hunting at RES, gradually improving it from kill-stealing to able to make kills unaided. Cobra MK3 phase - once enough cash, move to a Cobra for BHing. A-rate Cobra - improve until A-rated. Rat ready - swap to Open and start ratting (will be buying a limpet controller early, and keeping an eye on RatChat, but now fully open for business). Dolphin phase - transition from BHing / missions to trade / passengers. Dolphin allows better jump range and more internals. Engineering phase - engineer core modules (these can be swapped between Cobras and Dolphin, except Thrusters, for versatile ship and module transferring). Cobra MK4 phase - assuming PS4 gets it, move from Dolphin to engineered MK4 for even more...
  • hems303's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 PM · 105 replies and 3290 views.
    All excellent arguments above; for the use of "King" rank in ED, so just to return to OP central question... should we have a gender specific rank of "Queen" for the ladies?:D
  • insanephoton's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 PM · 188 replies and 6743 views.
    You overestimate producers and scriptwriters. Mostly they major in arts rather than science and will use scientific terms because they sound cool and 'sciency' even if they haven't a clue what they really mean
  • Phazon Xenomorph's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 PM · 44 replies and 461 views.
    High Gravity Landings. With 7x shield boosters I can literally go to Achenar 3 and BOOST at the planet full speed in 7g and not die ... or even have shields break. Now exploration vessels MIGHT have weaker shields (I wouldn't dream of it) but being able to boost them to safely land on High G planets would be nice... somewhere out there is a 15g+ moon that's landable, and that.... well that's just fun I bet.
  • dexatron's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 PM · 704 replies and 115569 views.
    Hi Paul, we are a mature group of Cmdr's 40+ love to have ya..Please join our team speak server at: If your not sure what team speak is you can download it here: it's a free voice chat program. We are a small group, Most of are from the US i'm from Canada and there are some from the UK and Ireland..My in game name is can add me as a friend. See ya Soon.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 PM · 7 replies and 0 views.
    I'm sensing this has something to do with a code for codes. I could be wrong on the code angle, though?
  • MikeHawk's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 PM · 74 replies and 2585 views.
    on the account? or on account? some forum dad you are, GED didn't help you I see
  • smeee's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 7 replies and 0 views.
    /headsmack Of course! Now it all becomes clear! (I'm clearly already out of my depth.)
  • BL1P's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 129 replies and 1652 views.
    If you dont use the bug then you get 1x. If you use the bug you get 20x. 20 is more than 1. 20 has the advantage.
  • Smecca is BMFE's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 PM · 44 replies and 461 views.
    TLDR, I don't necessarily want to see big ships have weaker shields. What I would like to see is a buff for small ships by way of reducing power limits and weight, to compensate for the abysmal MJ that boosters give them. Conversely, boosters paired with big shields would draw more power and weigh more Here's my favorite bit of math. Comparing a completely unmodified cutter vs unmodded sidewinder: Cutter with 8A shield. Adding one booster nets you 188 MJ of shield Sidewinder with 2A shield. Adding one booster nets you 14 MJ The issue is that both boosters weigh the same and have the same power draw. The weight and power are absolutely negligable for a cutter, but can absolutely break builds on smaller ships
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