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  • bootsam's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 PM · 56 replies and 1253 views.
    I've lost the stick and I'm damned if I can find another one.
  • TGC Brony TO's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 PM · 88 replies and 801 views.
    Hypothetical scenario here. This is personal curiosity and nothing more. Let's say beyond adds more engaging exploration gameplay and moves exploration to the magical heights we all hope for, minus module degradation. Would you still advocate for it then? Really think on your perspective, here. Is it a feature you believe would add to the game even at that time? For clarity, I'm truly interested in your thoughts and do not wish to make a point about anything with this.
  • Moadeeb's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 PM · 3 replies and 83 views.
    Moadeeb replied to a thread Technetium? in Newcomers Forum
    Right, but what If I am finding technetium in new systems that are first discoveries? Where would I post / report these new systems. I have been taking screenshots as I go along through these first discoveries. Where would I post them. If it is rare material I have gathered a number of brand new systems.
  • Elnrik's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 PM · 38 replies and 1307 views.
    I like the idea that Fdev could make it possible to obtain mats from the engineers themselves by doing missions, as was suggested, but what if they put in something new? First, I think we need to drop the "go get me tea" requirements to unlock engineers. (BTW - One day, I will drown you in your fricken tea, Broo...) Second, introduce a new mission type. "Favor" missions. Basically, you be my gopher and do an errand for me, and in exchange I'll do a little bit of extra engineering on your modules. Favor Tokens - Unique to individual engineers - A Material type, so you could store 100 of them - Could be used to rank an item to the next level without using mats (with average results), or, use them to re-roll the results on an attempt for free.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 PM · 9 replies and 52 views.
    :D I remember having to pay $100 extra for that on Win8 :D
  • Manticore's Avatar
    Today, 10:04 PM · 759 replies and 121509 views.
    Nice one doc! Thank you and o7!
  • Flapdrol1337's Avatar
    Today, 10:04 PM · 9 replies and 52 views.
    Might have to do this too. Dirt rally has massive stutter for half a second every 30 seconds to a minute. If I turn off the ethernet adapter it doesn't happen. I suspect origin, uplay, blizzard, epic, fusion360 or some other app has installed something that runs in the background that causes it, but turns off if it can't phone home to it's master. Though it could also be windows itself, xbox app, steam or oculus.
  • taotoo's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 PM · 24 replies and 337 views.
    Surely you are kidding? Your only contributions to this thread have been 1. an attempt to shut it down, and 2. a snide, inaccurate, and unwarranted attack. And where was it my idea to introduce larger railguns?? As stated, I couldn't care less about them.
  • DeadlyEagle917's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 PM · 44 replies and 562 views.
    He is in an Asp Explorer, so it shouldn't be too hard.
  • Darkfyre99's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 PM · 318 replies and 7566 views.
    I keep being told that, but such "complaints" are never about adding a system that is capable of creating PvP based "BGS/PP wars," and all about forcing players who don't enjoy PvP into Open, by removing their access to the parts of the game they enjoy. As such, these "complaints" ring about as hollow as a politician trying to explain away getting caught cheating on their spouse. I can only conclude that these complainers know they wouldn't stand a chance of influencing the BGS or Powerplay via PvP if they were to actually face opponents who enjoy PvP, and so use Powerplay and the BGS as an excuse to get the soft targets they need out of Solo and Private Groups, and into Open.
  • Super Raditz's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 PM
    Buenas Comandantes!! Bien, como ya he comentado en alguna ocasión, mi tiempo de juego en ED es corto y mi actual rol es realizar exploración con la esperanza de descubrir algo que no haya descubierto nadie, ya sea alguna forma de vida nueva o base abandonada. No me gusta mucho indagar en internet para saber donde esta cierta cosa, ya que me gusta descubrirlo por mi mismo, pero aveces si que tengo que tirar de información de la red porque me encuentro perdido o con mis objetivos no satisfechos. La cuestión es que yo andaba todavía con la búsqueda de las famosas Meta-aleaciones y sin haber visto aun en ese momento las ubicaciones que se conocen, fui a parar a Merope 5 C para explorar el planeta. Después de casi dos horas de juego volando por el planeta a la espera de captar alguna señal (Circulo azul) decidí tirar de información. Mi sorpresa fue que una de las ubicaciones se encontraba justo en ese planeta que estaba explorando. Cogí las coordenadas, que jugando en PS4 se hace muy difícil llegar a los...
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  • Achilles7's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 PM · 24 replies and 337 views.
    Oh no...won't someone think of this poor little fella? He can't avoid being 'two-shotted' in his maxed-out 10 mil DBS now! I mean it's not like it is at all easy to escape high burst damage weapons from ONE ship in a DBS, is it?...what with its huge profile, lamentable manoeuvrability, low speed & crap stealth characteristics. Not to mention the prohibitively difficult submit-180-boost-high wake process!
  • Jonny Shiloh's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 PM · 7303 replies and 371837 views.
    I'm beginning to see the future of Star Citizen now, and to be honest it isn't pretty. CR has said so many things, and promised so many features to so many of the game's various rabid constituencies, that ultimately some of those promises are going to come back unfulfilled to bite him on the behind. The technical debt incurred over promised in-game assets (prepaid ships, land, whatever the hell else he's thought up) and gameplay (mining, exploring, bounty hunting, farming, drug running, gunning-for-hire, and so on) means absolutely that some whale somewhere is going to be scorned. And we've seen what happens when an $8k whale is scorned, eh FTR? But much worse than this, I think, as I've said before, that Star Citizen will end up being released as an underwhelming, buggy, not particularly inventive MMO, with not a lot going on and not much reason for the uninitiated to get excited about, but supported by a dwindling core of super-die-hard space bros who spend their time energetically griefing anyone and...
  • stormy's Avatar
    Today, 9:59 PM · 10 replies and 630 views.
    They are really not worth the bother unfortunately.
  • UmbraRex's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 PM · 759 replies and 121509 views.
    When I click the 'launch elite' button it pulls up c:\program files (x86)\Frontier\EDlaunch\edlaunch.exe (Which I'm not quite sure how ever got installed at all since I installed from steam) Steam uses c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\EDlaunch.exe which is where I normally launch from. Since the steam installation is up to date I'd like your launcher to open that installation, not the one in frontier...
  • VerticalBlank's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 PM · 1042 replies and 182591 views.
    Hard to say without hands on experience, but I guess since it's still off centre with the center deadzone turned on I'd be thinking about RMA-ing it.
  • Hoksilato's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 PM · 10 replies and 272 views.
    Ya ha salido la última versión compatible con voces en español!! Lo recomiendo mil queda la mar de chulo. Eso, si recomiendo configurar las voces para bajar el pitch de las voces para que no suenen en ocasiones como pitufos. El desarrollador se lo ha currado par usar diferentes tonalidades de las voces para intentar aparentar mas diferencias. Pero tal y como viene configurado por defecto es muy exagerado y suenan muy estresados y pitufan demasiado xD Recomiendo bajar tanto las voces españolas de España como de México desde las opciones de Windows para tener mas variedad. Y si teneis de pago pues mejor que mejoe. Las traducciones del tráfico aereo tb estan puestas, aunque la combinación de variables a veces queda algo raro. Tengo que revisarlas (cualquier ayuda será agradecida). Por último ha añadido compatibilidad con discord y su nuevo "Rich Present". Os copio los cambios aquí:
  • bootsam's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 PM · 24 replies and 337 views.
    Just put 2x C2 rails on an you has a four. You wont catch me with me trousers.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 PM · 762 replies and 18987 views.
    I am not too sure if that was it's intended purpose anyway. As far as I'm concerned it's there to provide gameplay, not be the gameplay itself, even though I have done it in the past.
  • Arkadi's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 PM · 56 replies and 1253 views.
    Depth for me requires that actions need to have reasons, decissisons have to be made and consequences of those are felt. Part of this migh be adressed with the upcoming crime and punishment system. Also that most systems in the bubbel feel pretty same, regardless of security level, government type and population, doesn't add to the game being received as "deep". Depth for me would be if Powerplay would interact with the BGS, well, deeper. Depth for me would be if lore, story and gameplay would interlock (for example mining could be an activity that would make Thorvals systems richer and trade would prosper and powerplay triggers would lower by successfull mining and mineral trading. And maybe the mining lance would have sense then...or AEGIS would actually issue missions to help researching alien artefacts and players who killed many aliens would have a different experience then players who stayed peaceful with them, ...) Depth for me would be if there would be more story hooks and motivational...
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