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  • Navigare Necesse Est's Avatar
    Today, 5:12 PM · 4441 replies and 264843 views.
    Pretty existentialist territory there. But justified, for it shall "be" in total persistency - even when noone is looking. They just to have to delevlop the routines so the NPC can speak with each other while nobody is looking.
  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 5:11 PM · 34 replies and 294 views.
    No, illegal shouldn't be separated... Filter it yes, but separated, no.
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 5:11 PM · 37 replies and 471 views.
    As I understand it, it appears ATR will be system specific. It says "jurisdiction" which is a bit vague, is it purely the system? the systems that minor faction control? super power based? I being on PS4 have not had chance to test any of that.
  • CMDR Dumbfries's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 PM · 34 replies and 294 views.
    The mission board, generation of missions and the missions themselves need a massive overhaul. For a game that has been out as long as this one they are borderline garbage and embarrassing.
  • Stellar Gambit's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 PM · 14 replies and 124 views.
    While not my first choice - you could go with a start trek online implementation of crew - holographic crew. though it would be better if they can sign on as face less, never seen crew operating various parts of the ship, maybe with some crew management options.. like promotions and stuff.. no bearing in the game really other than RP Imagine if your standing in the empire was sufficient that you could have your ships run in part with slaves.
  • Exigeous's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 PM · 2 replies and 44 views.
    Thanks - for 1 reason - to taunt him into chasing me. It's solely for mental reasons - I want him to think I'm a little dog going "GRRRR GRRRR BARK BARK" but that I have no bite. He sees me blasting away with little happening - then POW, shields gone. Then, as you say, he starts getting malfunctions and really starts to poop his pants. Finally he goes to jump and when his FSD reboots it's game over (not in this case but many times). That usually gets them talking or, sadly, they cheat and combat log. If they stop and talk I will absolutely stop firing (that's what my second message says), and while he stowed I didn't notice at the time. And if I'm being honest I *really* wanted to finally get a Cutter kill ;-) It really was great that he wasn't salty at all, so refreshing for sure. I really hope he sees the video.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 PM · 20 replies and 508 views.
    i am terrified of getting to the point you are at... personally i am goal orientated and once i get to those points i do not think i will enjoy playing as much. that said, given the whole raft of rules i have put in to slow me down i am a long way off yet - and if ever i needed a bigger cooler to slow me down, i now have a child! :D
  • Seizewell Warrior's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 PM
    Surprised to see although the merchandise store sells mugs and tee-shirts there are no actual models of the ships in the game. Would love to have a scale Asp Explorer or other ship on my computer desktop, either plastic or (more expensive) die-cast. Heck even an Airfix kit if only to re-live the good old days when the polystyrene cement sent you goofy! Just a thought then for the marketing people to consider!
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  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 34 replies and 294 views.
    You know full well the payouts were the broken aspect of bulk pax missions, NOT the fact that they themselves are offered on a special board. Surely you must have more reasons than THAT to support your position? Anything at all?
  • NecoMachina's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 13 replies and 968 views.
    That was Princess Leia's homeworld, you monster!
  • SupremeMorpheus's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 21 replies and 642 views.
    Forgive the uninformed (me) but is this another zarek null-esque incident?
  • IPFreely's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 PM · 151 replies and 5651 views.
    UnSponsored Galactic Editorial: The Pleadies is playing defense, when do Aegis, the Feds, Imps, and/or Alliance take the initiative and find the locations where the Thargoids are entering the "known" systems? we need to form an Armada and take back our attacked systems. Almost every system in the region is rampant with USS and types 4,5,6, and 7 Thargoids. They are getting close to invading the outlying Bubble systems. We need scouts, patrols and a network of cooperation between the Superpowers for coordinated attacks closing the portals the Thargoids use to enter human space. Do our leaders care or are they consumed with the collection of profits for repair instead of the protection of lives? TEM,(Thargoid Elimination Militia) asks these questions and humanity deserves an answer.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 5:07 PM · 65 replies and 2936 views.
    Any updates to minor factions can be found in these two threads: - - Closing this thread at this point.
  • Navigare Necesse Est's Avatar
    Today, 5:07 PM · 20 replies and 508 views.
    I was still achieving when 2.1 hit - then I just said: "Screw this!"
  • Stellar Gambit's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM · 9 replies and 185 views.
    like the idea - something else to do other than passenger missions :)
  • Muetdhiver's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM · 34 replies and 294 views.
    I can't figure if you're trolling or not here. But. In passenger missions there are (IIRC) 3 types of missions : bulk, high end, sightseeing. You get a full board filled with only those three types of missions. so ~7 of them in average. Regular missions have like 20 sub-categories, so even if you go to a system where you can get haulage delivery missions (e.g. boom industrial), getting enough missions is hardly a given because the 20 or so missions will be spread into 10 categories (or so). I.e. 2-4 haulage missions if you are in luck. If you need 5-8 for mission hauling with a cutter/T9 or for BGS play, it's craptastic.
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM · 121 replies and 14239 views.
    Regular murder: at least one of two ships involved is not pledged to a (competing) power. Powerplay murder: both of the ships involved are pledged to (competing) powers. If they swap the (competing) for (different), that would also be ok and probably easier to do than tracking the state of competition between powers in different systems. If they will leave it out altogether, there might be a rise in, errmmm, "friendy fire" incidents :rolleyes:. If "undermining" (I'm no PvP player, although I might inulge in a little module shopping and at least will try not to counteract the Powerplay engagement - if I can find the information) involves killing non-PvP faction aligned/pledged ships (like killing local security in regular BGS pushing), then it also should be treated as such. After all, I don't expect you wanted to dock in the rival faction's starports anyways.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 5:03 PM · 20 replies and 508 views.
    Well it's a personal goal, how you achieve them (and whether you can hold you head up high against your own personal standards) is up to you of course. When I bought the game I knew I would want to get to Elite, because that's the point of the game, for me. Once I had the game I saw there were now three Elite targets, but exploration wasn't something I bought the game to do, and earning money had only ever been a means to an end in previous versions of Elite - you earned money by any means in order to afford the upgrades to make getting to Elite quicker, trading & exploring (to find new income sources). In ED it started out that way, the only way to make decent money was by trading (hard work) or exploring (easier but slower) so just knuckled down & got on with rares trading & other things to be able to afford to kill NPCs more effectively. But I also knew it was only a matter of time & persistence to get to Elite, if you stick with it eventually you will get there. It's not a test of skill...
  • Stellar Gambit's Avatar
    Today, 5:03 PM · 1 replies and 41 views.
    .... If you Yell Red alert, then the only person aboard is already aware there is an emergency.
  • vinnieboJ's Avatar
    Today, 5:03 PM · 8 replies and 107 views.
    I am not asking for CRCR's with 8+ space. just a CRCR with 4 slots. would make it easier to transport 3 thargoid probe, scanner, link to use in the chamber. and maybe fDev needs to rescale the effectiveness of said Thargoid items. and back then when the CG was active there was not much happening around the thargoid probes and stuff. they were relatively useless an dhad no clear purpose. if the same CG would be held right now i guarantee that a higher tier would have been met. it was just too unknown back then. only Canonn was poking around them at the time.
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