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  • Lucifera Danzig's Avatar
    Today, 10:48 AM · 10 replies and 180 views.
    Well, "good" may be a subjective term, but here's my loadout currently:
  • JohnMiller1132's Avatar
    Today, 10:48 AM · 6 replies and 175 views.
  • Alexander's Avatar
    Today, 10:48 AM · 4 replies and 107 views.
    Excellent suggestion, but it would be even better if the system was expanded even more. As of now the federation/empire ranks feel like empty shells inbetween the unlockment of different federation/empire ships.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 10:47 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Just saw it. Liking the end He shouldn't have called you a bundle of wooden sticks.
  • Walt Kerman's Avatar
    Today, 10:43 AM · 228 replies and 6559 views.
    Sorry for the triple post. But I refute that fines would be a problem in a value based system. When I say value Im talking about the value of an action has for a faction. A faction shouldnt lose utility value by assigning a fine. It should be neutral. The city of London doesnt recoil in pain when it gives a fine to a parking violator. It gains utility when the fine is paid. So no, fines would not be exploitable in a value based system. If you do an illegal action, successfully that should be a negative. If you get caught and fined for it, it should cancel your negative action out, or even better, gain some for the faction when it catches you. Catching criminals has value to governments. That is a value based system.
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 10:42 AM · 4 replies and 100 views.
    Factabulous replied to a thread Snails Pace in Aliens
    Plenty happening in-game - though it's not obvious if you don't follow the right threads. If FD could just get updates on stuff into Galnet then they would solve 2 problems - Galnet would actually be useful and people would know what is happening in the galaxy.
  • William J Smith's Avatar
    Today, 10:42 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Hi Watching a ww2 show about the siege of Malta, why cant Fdev give us a mission such as the aforementioned operation pedestal, where its your job to escort supply ships through enemy territory to an under seige station. And the thargoids start showing themselves in super cruise getting closer to interdicting the ships you are supposed to be protecting.... :eek: Stress... excitment... a sense of yeee haw when your last remaining fuel tanker thats been shot full of holes and suffering caustic damage finally limps into dock...
  • Angus's Avatar
    Today, 10:41 AM · 279 replies and 6184 views.
    There's a lot of assumptions going on here. :)
  • SnowyNI's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 AM · 80 replies and 1824 views.
    OP, I do agree with you on most of the noted points. Although, I won't agree that they delivered on all the promises we were sold. ;) What is ED's problem? For me it's the idea's team... Great ideas that look good on paper, sound even better in storymode, then sucks awfully in game mode. I think (only imo ofc) that the only one good thing to come from years of updates, patches and seasonal dreams is planet landings. CQC - combat trainer gone wrong, teaches nothing about in game play. FAIL. Powerplay - sounds great, swing the government of a zone to your liking, change politics to suit your ideas, etc. etc. FAIL. Wings and multicrew - Sounds like great fun... IF you have friends *flaw* not many in solo, Hell, there's not many in open or Mobius!!! FAIL. Engineers - Sounds good (again) on paper, tweeking your ship to your liking. And ofc it's like a normal garage where you pay for... no wait, it's not, it's a garage where you have to not only go get the parts, BUT the metal FOR the parts! When my car irl...
  • Touch of Grey's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    I'm mostly in Mobius America or Solo, but I've been expanding my range and recently was able to take out a player for the first time in PvP combat. I put the video on my YouTube channel but I won't link it here because the player says some naughty words. So my final thoughts are: PvP is great, but players ruin the experience by getting "salty".
  • Yosharian's Avatar
    Today, 10:38 AM · 20 replies and 216 views.
    Outbreak. Hmm. Seems like solid logic. I'll give it a try, thanks buddy.
  • AlphaPapaEcho's Avatar
    Today, 10:38 AM · 9 replies and 113 views.
    AlphaPapaEcho replied to a thread 5000 hours in Xbox One
  • Thatchinho's Avatar
    Today, 10:38 AM · 486 replies and 128498 views.
    There’s a guide on the Canonn site. There’s a link to it from the FP of the main Guardians thread. I’ve bug reported the new type is sites not appearing on the filter as I checked straight away after 3.0 dropped and I’m sure at that point they had started appearing via the filters once they’d been discovered. No response yet.
  • cmdr milesred's Avatar
    Today, 10:37 AM · 11 replies and 166 views.
    You do realize that the 3 passenger class ships are all about Luxury cabins, right? As for medium size passenger ships to use for economy, business or 1st class, something wrong with either the Python, AspX, DBX? The Python is a beautiful ship, and depending on tastes, so are the other 2. Beauty, after all is in the eye of the beholder. And these 3 ships can defend themselves better than the actual passenger ships as well. As for the credits for certain missions, keep on looking, you will find in numerous cases pay is dependent on cabin class. And the diff between Luxury and 1st class pay isn't big enough to choose buying a ship for just luxury vs a ship that can do all but luxury. I can't argue the point about using an actual freighter for cabins, but then I don't anyway, I use Conda, Vette, Cutter, Clipper, AspX, DbX. I do own the 3 actual passenger ships, but rarely use them, I don't see them as money makers, just as ships with a specific purpose, which is they can contain Luxury cabins, so...
  • WastedAlmond's Avatar
    Today, 10:37 AM · 3 replies and 56 views.
    I play private group often and I see the ones you mentioned quite often. The big three lurk in CZ zones, the chief hangs around there as well. Rarely they might appear in haz rez zones, and in imperial space I could've seen a pirate cutter in hazrez once. T10 is rarest but they still appear in CZ zones from time to time, occasionally one will try to interdict me in SC. All of these encounters are bots, since this PG is just a small group of friends bumbling around in our training sandbox. You've either had some truly special RNG rolls with ship spawns or have been looking in the wrong places.
  • The Chairmaker's Avatar
    Today, 10:37 AM · 20 replies and 216 views.
    Go to high population fed system in boom. Oh and make sure as many of the stations are fed controlled as possible. If you have independent stations then that seems to throw up the proto radiolic alloys and other such stuff. Now look for Combat aftermath, High grade emissions, and even encoded emissions sometimes drop lots of goodies.
  • TheGrimCorsair's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM · 23 replies and 350 views.
    FTFY. Anyway OP, if you're still undecided, give the 'Conda a try first. It won't delay you all that much on your way to the Cutter, and the buy-in's a bit less, besides. You can sell it for a loss it'll handily offset later if you decide you don't like it but would rather have or keep the Cutter.
  • Zaphod86's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM · 27 replies and 2043 views.
    Zaphod86 replied to a thread ACTIVE CG The Rekohu Project (Trade) in Community Goals
    Maybe i'm newish to community weeklys, but ... Items with garbage payout and no decent supply locations... Land on multiple planets jusr for 1 run? Bleh. Could use some 'source and deliver' missions or some paid delivery missions for some incentive. We did the goal at Hip 33368 and now the station is on the verge of being shutdown... Asteroid mining was more appealing. Lol
  • Dodger's Avatar
    Today, 10:34 AM · 72 replies and 4389 views.
    Да. Только зачем эти страдания если можно поставить гауссы + флак?
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