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  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 3:45 AM · 57 replies and 1490 views.
    I don't know about that. I'm pretty sure I've heard Sandro remark that they here happy that communities sprang up around the Powers "as they hoped". Which would seem to indicate that the competition and conflict was intended. Strategic analysis will come with any game that has sufficient depth. They must know that we figure stuff out. Look where they hide stuff - like the images in the audio, like the morse code in the static, like Dav's coded message at the end of a BGS livestream. I think the real problem for Frontier is that they thought it would be a "Light the blue touch paper and stand clear". But actually PowerPlay needs a producer to take the player actions and have that refelcted in the game, and also PowerPlay needs management and ongoing development. It's settled into a "late game Monopoly" session.
  • Rebel801's Avatar
    Today, 3:44 AM · 47 replies and 1105 views.
    Thats interesting, because I tried to improve my 48.5 5A FSD at Farseer with no result, so with my last 5 rolls, I headed over to see Elvira and picked up a 53.5% after 3 rolls. That was a few weeks ago now, so maybe something has changed since then. I blame the engineer cheaters - FD may have applied a nerf to stop them and everyone else getting decent rolls so they could not easily get their god ships back.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 1 replies and 21 views.
    Commodities are part of the $$$ reward. And what do you think the people that need Modular Terminals for Marco Qwent should do? ;)
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    What they said ^
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 462 replies and 16912 views.
    I think you're missing the gist entirely. I'm not making a simple IDS vs ADS argument. I am saying that the best scanner mechanic would be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT one with infinite discovery range (for sufficiently bright objects) that was manually operated and gave a level of details based on: 1) distance (physical angular resolution limits) 2) quality of equipment (speed and size based angular resolution limits) 3) skill - the ability to focus machinery like a camera and pick the optimal frequency ranges to match the signal emitted by a particular object This scanner should also work on any stars that were visible in your local sky.
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    No thanks, unless it's a toggle. When I'm mining, I usually have the cargo scoop open. But I don't want my speed limited to 40m/s.
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    Yes it is already a thing in game and has been since before launching
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 AM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    Doesn't deploying the cargo scoop already cap you at 50%(?) speed, the same as the landing gear?
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 AM · 462 replies and 16912 views.
    I'm not sure that your Scanning Limpet idea really counts as a 'trade off'. Firstly, you're giving the same infinite range functionality as the ADS, you're just making it take a longer time - so I'm not sure what that achieves. Secondly, either: you have a fixed number of limpets in which case I'd still have to fly to the distant star to collect my limpet, so why bother? Or: limpets are synthesizable and I send them out willy-nilly thereby making the whole process just a time sink. Unless I don't have horizons, in which case there is no trade off whatsoever and you're just gating exploration behind DLC, which seems mean. So, perhaps you'll be the one to tell my why having the IDS perform the partial scan some people seem so keen on, and leaving the ADS alone, is unacceptable.
  • DukeIronHand's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 AM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    I may be confused here but doesn't a deployed cargo scoop reduce you speed already?
  • Aussiedroid's Avatar
    Today, 3:38 AM
    Our landing gears when deployed reduce your speed and I wondered a little while back if that may be beneficial for Cargo Scoops as well. So, using the Target software on my Warthog I programmed it in to test it out. Result works really well for me personally, no overshooting cargo, no explosions, no dramas... and indirectly reminds me to retract. Most useful scenario I have found to be in ships, but same could be applied to SRV too (or optional toggle perhaps?). What would you think if Frontier added speed limiting to Cargo Scoop in ED? Would this be something you might like or would it just get in the way?
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  • Chrystoph's Avatar
    Today, 3:38 AM · 41 replies and 633 views.
    I refuse to believe you are that much of an airhead, Robert. When you bother to actually argue your points, you are too effective. It only underscores the fact that you are being intentionally obtuse in situations like this.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 7 replies and 121 views.
    Did a writeup of how to do that mission.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 106 replies and 4141 views.
    I think it was the chrome one. Anyway, for those who were wondering which paintjobs were affected, you can see from my previous post that there are 5 ship paintjobs that were updated. The only one I have is for the AspX, which is fine by me; that's the ship I fly 95% of the time.
  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 106 replies and 4141 views.
    I just logged in and had a look at an FDL in outfitting and as expected, no new 'free' paint jobs. Seems perfectly reasonable to me, we get new versions of what we already had. :)
  • BostromNZ's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 AM · 47 replies and 1105 views.
    At some point in time a little while ago, my rolls at Deciat turned to biowaste. It felt like roll after roll after roll was terrible to average. In the end I went Elvira and got some better rolls there. I've since been back and had one fairly decent roll but agreed that Felicity's RNGineering skills need some practice.
  • sb413197's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 AM · 166 replies and 5598 views.
    I can land faster than the docking computer (on planetary bases and outposts WAY faster) and the time while docking isn't adequate to do anything. I don't begrudge those that use it though.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 AM · 6 replies and 139 views.
    The only rings worth mining are Pristine Metallic (unless you're aiming for a specific item). They give the best commodities in the highest %. You can check in the planet description in the system map, if you have detailed info for that body.
  • Vikitzo's Avatar
    Today, 3:33 AM · 2 replies and 34 views.
    Vikitzo replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] Market network not updating. in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Same here. Was working a few days ago. I was actually working on unlocking Dweller's invite by selling stuff to black markets (as well as normal markets for Bruce Lee guy later on). I did manage to get 5 black markets, but after that, the stats for markets froze.
  • tylerav8r's Avatar
    Today, 3:33 AM
    So.. Got the game in January and now have a silly 2100 hrs into it (don't tell my wife!). Last month I took my asp out of the bubble so I could show my 10 year old some sights. We headed to the west rim and now are on are way to the ngc 6357 nebula in hopes that with the new scanner we may find a new guardian ruin. I would hate to waste his time. Do you guys (esp cannon) think there still might be undiscovered locations? Thanks! Cmdr McBride
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  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 3:33 AM · 20 replies and 180 views.
    Why is it that all of the depictions look like thier dog just died?
  • MadDogMurdock's Avatar
    Today, 3:32 AM · 462 replies and 16912 views.
    Probably not the first to say it but infinite ADS needs to go. Get rid of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced and just use the rating system that every other module uses. An A-rated Disco Scanner would still have a large range (somewhere in the 100-500k ls range), but what gets discovered would depend on how big/bright an object is and how far away it is. E.g. You might discover a secondary star 80,000ls away but not any planets around it. The trade off for nerfing the ADS would be Scanning Limpets. Fire off a limpet at a distant target and it would SC out there (faster than your ship) and perform a disco scan, returning the info to you. Then you decide if you want to go out there for detailed scans and limpet recovery.
  • Jmanis's Avatar
    Today, 3:31 AM · 12 replies and 270 views.
    Nothing to do with making ua bombing more difficult. The CG that ran to put these in the game went poorly, barely hit tier 4, with roughly 8 tiers available. Each tier increased the size of the available racks. One problem with the cg was the volumes. The goals were set for a typical A->B cargo haul, but instead of being able to load up instantly with a full hold of cargo... since the target cargo was meta alloys thou could only get two at a time, log out, log in, rinse, repeat, taking hours to fill one ship load. When the contributions barely made a pixel of progress, FD reduced the amounts of MAs required, but it was still grossly disproportionate. Tldr we could've had 16/32t bigger crcrs, possibly bigger, but the cg didn't get enough contribution.
  • Aussiedroid's Avatar
    Today, 3:31 AM · 106 replies and 4141 views.
    Thanks! Yeah definitely the right call to make. If I recall a while back there were some concerns over a colour change on the Chrome ones(?) which upset some. Or was it the Gold one, cant remember, anyways, no one can argue that here.
  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 3:27 AM · 106 replies and 4141 views.
    Check in outfitting, they would have been added automatically if you had them. They staggered the sending of the emails (it would appear), my paint job was there before I got the email.
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