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  • Major Klutz's Avatar
    Today, 6:10 AM · 1598 replies and 350879 views.
    Outstanding. Thanks for posting this. I got hit by the lightning a couple of times and the ships computer said "Taking Damage" but I didn't actually see any damage to hull or modules. If it did anything to the shields it was too small to notice. Spoiler Warning
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 6:10 AM · 97 replies and 1526 views.
    Sounds like most modern films. That or I'm becoming a "Get off my lawn!" guy.
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 6:10 AM · 1138 replies and 19296 views.
    FD has still seen direct value relative to the supply and demand of Elite as a game product when it was being sold. When it included exclusive access to the Cobra IV the base game and Horizons were being sold at full price, i.e., $60 USD for the base game and $45 USD for Horizons. At current prices buying Elite and Horizons is significantly discounted compared to what players originally paid for when the Cobra IV was included as exclusive content, i.e., FD drove sales of the game at that time for full price in part due to this exclusive content. That is the value attached to those original accounts that have exclusive content, same as how a kickstarter account with the exclusive discounted rebuys has additional value. The CG rewards were simply one example but are quite relevant as they are designed to drive participation in "group" content in Open and have remained consistent throughout much of Elite's gameplay. Those CGs are an in-game environment where risk is high (due to griefing) and reward...
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 2 replies and 29 views.
    FD certainly have the weirdest implementation of a Codex I have ever seen.
  • cometcruiser's Avatar
    Today, 6:06 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I remember posting months ago, claiming I was re-building all my parks, once 5 * and had the cash to close them demolish them and rebuild them to the highest standard. Well how things changed over time. All the new content since then has made re-building even more fun. Well apart from learning the hard way that re-building all my parks without Expedition, research and fossil centres was a bad idea. Because once the new DLC's came out I was suddenly aware that I needed all five islands to have the centres in place to get the unlocks. Oh well. So over time and enjoying each update and DLC, I have once again recently begun to re-build each park again. I don't want to dwell on the fact that I cant sandbox each island, so I will just say that re-building and operating each park has become easier with the new feeders and genes I can use. Plus each time I build, I get new ideas and am able to build better I...
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 6:05 AM · 9 replies and 214 views.
    That's pretty much the entire point of Twitch. South Park even did a whole episode on the phenomenon.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM · 1138 replies and 19296 views.
    Some want it but don't have it, this is not a tricky part of the debate. Why it should be made available is the important question. Or why not of course ;)
  • Kenpachi85's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 AM · 2 replies and 28 views.
    Kenpachi85 replied to a thread [3.3.04 - Horizons] Limpets destroyed my ship. in PlayStation 4 Bug Reports
    Damn that's a rough way to go sorry for your loss man hopefully you get fully reimbursed. Open a ticket by going to that link nuno posted I've had to a few times before and their usually pretty good about paying people back when stuff goes south like this. I've only had to have ship rebuys refunded though so not sure how they'll handle paying you back for the lost goods but they seem to usually try to make things right. I've been buzzed by my limpets before when either trying to low wake out or just from moving to a different spot in the ring at top speed and never knew they could cause this kind of damage that's pretty alarming.
  • Pokemeck's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 AM · 0 replies and 2 views.
    Just recently got back to Elite last week and decided to pick up void opal mining as it seems to be a cash cow...which it is. I'm currently able to make about 100 million an hour even with the whole blaster bug fixed. Figure I would give some not so obvious tips to those who are getting frustrated at not being as successful. First, and most important. Spend as much time as you need learning to recognize core asteroids. Core asteroids has a very unique looks. Far away, they are usually bright yellow. They glow yellow with dark black regions and occasionally green when you get closer. If they look just yellow when you get closer, then move on. They also usually come in one shape (at least ones in icy hot spots do). It looks kinda like a garlic glove. If it doesn't look like that, than unlikely a core. It took me a few hours to learn to recognize a core asteroid. Once you have that down, all you have to do is cruise and ignore everything except one that look like they have good potential. You should be...
  • killja's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 AM · 5 replies and 68 views.
    killja replied to a thread Open in Xbox One
    Yeah, I did that Hutton Run the other nighrt and all I got was a stupid mug.
  • Kenpachi85's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 3 replies and 58 views.
    Hopefully this isn't happening during all interdictions I can avoid assasination missions for now but if this happens all the time then moving around the bubble will be nearly impossible. Haven't been interdicted since the update dropped guess I'll find out later tonight.
  • Merkir's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 AM · 286 replies and 28017 views.
    Merkir replied to a thread [Distant Worlds II Event] Distant Worlds 2: Discovery Submissions in Distant Worlds II
    You're not alone. I also have no idea what's worthy. But it's great to be able to see the posts and excellent feedback here.
  • Alwayslate's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 AM · 2 replies and 40 views.
    I'll try to find out which system I've been to. Different systems at different time when I saw those status though.
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 37 replies and 545 views.
    Model: Lots of Cylons in this intro.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:36 AM · 1 replies and 15 views.
    Agony_Aunt replied to a thread Stuck in space?? in Exploration
    Refuel limpets. There is a group dedicated to rescuing people.
  • Attimus's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM · 3 replies and 58 views.
    i just made a thread about this too. started last night right?
  • Attimus's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 3 replies and 74 views.
    same here can confirm. SUBMITTING to someone interdicting u also causes a crash. how am i supposed todo my massacre mission now? need 46more targets and this system has no Res site
  • Astrophage's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 AM · 5093 replies and 430873 views.
    оффтоп: Слышал, что в Морре навели красоту, то ли на этом движке, то ли на другом. Если встречались, нормально сделано? Песочница классная, я там тоже был в своё время многократно почётным Нереварином. :cool::D Товарищ один удивлялся "окуда у тебя стока шмурдяка практически в начале игры" ответ мой был прост: "пешком хожу", а он на силтстрайдерах, вот и пропускал всё самое интересное )))
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